Mix the hobby with a busy adult life and compulsive buyer syndrome and there you go. Edit: All those replies made me laugh out loud! If it makes you feel better, I am talking from experience. Pretty sure my backlog is small compared to other fellow enthusiasts: 1 mg still in the process of being assembled, another mg waiting, 5 hg waiting as well and 1 hg coming home next week.


*Report Post*: I’m in this post and I don’t like it.




I don't like being called out like this.


How can you see me from so far away?


^(sniping us in the feels)


My life. Just now reported on the internet. Smh


How fucking dare you. Don’t judge me like that.


I feel attacked. Lol


I have 10 hg kits unbuilt... But there are other kits that just went on sale


At least @ me next time, damn.


Yeah, my backlog has been like 40 strong for a year or three. I have like 5 works in progress, and it feels like I’ve bought two for every 1 I’ve completed. I really like my HobbyTown. It’s slowed down a bit lately though. I have some pbandai preorders I’m waiting on but not much else to look forward too. Also, secret Santas have padded the backlog as well.


I have 4 backlogged and 2 Pre-ordered... Might make it 3. Send help.


Rookie numbers, my friend.


But I just started... I've bought 8 in a span of 2 weeks... This is practically what life will be like in a not so distant future.


I've told you these things in private. How dare you.


I have a HG Helios and HG Jesta just chilling. Havent had tge drive to build anything in recent months. Too busy with no childcare and 1 car between the wife and I.


Yup. I’ve actually buckled down the hatches and won’t get anything new until I complete a few more builds. Which sucks because p ban just put up an absolute banger yesterday and the last time! Not to mention all the restocks of classics like the o and mg gouf 2.0. It’s killing me because I know I’m going to get gouged when I go to get them later.


You may as well just buy the p ban and then buckle down for sure after that, that’s what I do.


This is what I do *every time*.


I say uh I say I resemble that remark


I just choose not to think about the numbers...


I have a HG Helios and HG Jesta just chilling. Havent had the drive to build anything in recent months. Too busy with no childcare and 1 car between the wife and I.


HG Command Qant, LiveLancer Heaven, Barbataurus and RG Wing Zero... 😂😆😂 Work doesn't allow me. 😭


Oh my backlog is over 100+, most are in storage, just the ones I have got over the last few years are at home with more on the way! . . . Started backlogging in the late 80's, back then you had to put more work into kits making it easier to start racking up a pile.


impulse buy a shit ton of models, suddenly fill up your schedule until it's about to overflow for a few weeks, then impulse buy some more models after that. If you did it right, you should now have around 10-20 models in your backlog you can pick from when you have nothing better to do.


Amateurs. Come talk to me when you backlog is 50+...


that's an inevitability. once you fill your schedule once, it's never empty again. he'll just keep buying models and filling his schedule


And then you’ll feel too bad about the mountain of kits you have stashed in your closet so your daughter doesn’t see it and make fun of you, so you switch over to 40k for a bit until you do the exact same thing with that hobby, then you start tackling the gunpla projects you thought of 4 years ago instead. Rinse. Repeat.


I feel attacked


Hello I'm here for the backlog support group.


Hi, my name is u/PhDBaron, I have 58 kits in my backlog.


2 MG, 10+ HG, 4 RGs. At least.


Haha! Get married and have kids........worked for me 😞


Me, too. The neat part was how they opened a model shop specializing in gunpla just down the street from where i work about 2 days before my first was born. I buy a lot of kits, but i have no opportunity to build any of them. I think I've built maybe 10 high grades and 2 master grades in the past 4 years when i used to do that many in a slow month before having kids.


You know, the funny thing is they are still pleasing just sitting in the box. Like I know I will get to them eventually but can just enjoy the amazing artwork until then. I just started my MG Fazz ver ka that I bought a year ago.......no regrets waiting for it.


This, right here.




Start sanding, scribing and painting them that will make you take longer per kit and thus start collecting lol


And potentially burn out and leave the kit unfinished for an indefinite amount of time until you remember it


By having money


So, I’m a stay at home dad. My mom takes my daughter Tuesdays & wednesdays. Those are my decompress days. If I have a Gundam, it gets finished in those two days. I’ve only built an HG & an RG so far, so I’m gonna expand out to an MG next to see if I can’t extend the fun. But yeah bro. I hear you. Box in hand means robot on the display case soon.


Have multiple hobbies and it happens the fastest. Currently haven’t built anything in like 3 weeks cause I’m nuzlockeing pokemon rom hacks in my free time right now.


Step 1. Become a software engineer as a DINK so you have stupid disposable income Step 2. Buy Step 3. ??? Step 4. Giant backlog


Break a pair of nippers and wait to have the money for godhands


Keep building and buying. Eventually, one (I won't say which) will outpace the other. \*stares at his 100+ backlog*


have a massive stack of unbuilt gunpla in storage that u will build its like sorting through documents u do it one at a time but instead of a stack of paper its a stack of unbuilt gunpla


I used to wonder about that too when I was younger. It’s a combination of working a full time job, and probably a side gig, and having to adult during the weekends, and living far from hobby shops so you have to always ordered ahead. Also sometimes putting on Netflix or playing a game is far more enticing than building gunpla, because at this point you’re sanding and panel lining and building gunpla becomes a more lengthy process.


Fucking this. This right here.


When I started the hobby less then 8 months ago I said the same thing... ​ ​ ​ ​ I am now about 18 deep in backlog. I was warned, but I didnt listen


Easy. Develop depression and bad spending habits


This too.


It's the easiest recipe for a big backlog


Whenever I try to collect some I always finish it by the end of the month. I don't know why but having a backlogs means something to do , is there a tactic to this?


I used to wonder the same thing. I would buy a few, then build 'em right away. The backlog comes in once you start customizing while thinking of new projects at the same time.


That happens when you don't actually paint it or sand the nub marks......


Well gotta invest in enamel paint then can't do airbrushes due to how my room is structured


Don't go with enamel. I'd recommend either Tamiya Acrylics or Mr. Color lacquers. Mr. Color is hard to find in most hobby shops but Tamiya is fairly easy to find in a model car/armor store


Well where I'm from even Tamiya is scarce can't even find a single panel line accent black without hearing wait till next month


Hehe don't really trust my couriers since there are many reports of mishandling of parcels.


It doesn't have to be enamel paint if you want to hand brush. I've had a better time with acrylic paint for hand brushing. Acrylics are water based.


I see this is more help then the group before since I prefer recommendations from people who have experienced it.


It doesn't have to be enamel paint if you want to hand brush. I've had a better time with acrylic paint for hand brushing. Acrylics are water based.


It's just getting the kits you want and plan on building in the future. A lot of the times the kits I want are scarcely reprinted and sell out quick, so if I see a listing then I buy it knowing that I'll eventually get to it. Particularly true with PBandai since they're preorders that come 4-6 months later.


I'm not to deep in the bunny hole yet I usually just buy what ever looks cool oh yeah I'm a Mecha guy not a genuine Gundam fan anything robot that I build is gonna be fun imo.


That's exactly how it should be done heh. You just become aware of more kits that look cool as you're exposed to more builds, and so that'll just lead to you buying them when you come across one.


There is, spend the time to paint it and sand the nub marks lol you'll find that it takes longer


Oh that sucks


I whas wondering the same when i started Until i bought more and more each month and had fewer time building it and a few that are waiting on other kits for kitbashing


If you’re like me, you get them, procrastinate, also say “Man I can’t wait to build this” everyday other day, and like 2 months later you start one leg. It took me about 3-4 months to start on my RG Hi-Nu.


It just make sense to buy even if you haven't finish the ones before. Sometimes its not even possible to buy a kit near msrp anymore(even in Asia). So if you have the chance of a kit or must haves( RG Sazabi, Hi Nu, Nu Gundam) definitely buy, it save you money in the long run. Not to mention inflation and currency changes lol.


I asked the same thing. As a 16 year old, I didn't even know how having a backlog was possible. I was basically like: "Backlogs? HA impossible, just build them lmao." Now on the present day, I wake up staring at 3 unbuilt kits and dying inside because I can't build them yet because I am so busy. And then wanting to buy more kits but having no time to build them.


Impulse buy then procrastinate after getting excited to build them and then have after two or three years you might have a small fortune of a back log I currently have the two biggest kits I’ve owned waiting on me a mg virtue and a hg Penelope/IX with effect parts which is bigger than my pg strike perfect strike


Buy a shit ton of kids at once: Instant backlog


"over here officer."


Buy a shit ton of gunpla and lose interest until it mentally drifts you


when you’re jus collecting, it’s easy not to get a backlog since you can finish a hg build in an hour or 2 (sometimes less) but when you start customizing and painting that’s when you start to build a backlog, idk about anyone else but sometimes I look at mine and I have a voice in my head telling me open it but I know I’ve got other stuff I’m still working on, and over time it piles up even though you’re not really buying that much


Just buy a shit ton of kits and not have the time to build them. Next thing you know, you’ll have the backlog the size of a small gunpla shop.


Buying more kits than you can build


Have you tried playing Warhammer 40k?


Spend the time to fully finish and paint the kit which will take longer instead of OOBing it.


With a credit card that had a high dollar limit


Buy a bunch of kit in the most busy time if yours


Oh that's easy. You buy with the intention to build, then other stuff comes up and before you know it your boxes are catching dust. Take me for example, got 5 MG's lined up and gonna buy an HG tomorrow... wife's pissed I build a backlog, but I got 3 weeks off next month and plan to build some stuff then. P.S: also got Lego's in backlog: Mandalorian's Razor Crest, Mando's helmet, Luke's X-Wing Helmet and the Lars family kitchen (free Lego gift).


More money, obviously.


Buy some files for your nibs sticking out


Step 1: walk into store Step 2: oh my god, 40% model kits? I better buy three model kits at once, spending more money than I would have buying just one at normal price!


For best results, get distracted by project after project in multiple hobbies. for instance, just the tip of my Iceburg... Make and paint a Custom gundam, that uses, Saturnix, Jupitive, Marsfour, Veetwo and some misc parts. Build and and paint a Hygogg. Make a Gundam Diorama with LED lights and at least 6 Mobile Suits that includes a second Hygogg Finish multiple JRPGs Finish a Imperial Knight and Start working on Pan Oceana minis. The list goes on for a while... like I'll be here for the next few months typing kind of while.


Well, life got in the way for me for like 15+ years so mine were in storage. Now that the kids are grown up I have time again and have worked my way through those old kits. But I found out kits go out of print so I buy anything that looks interesting to me before the price goes up. I'm up to 10 or 15 RGs and HGs in the backlog right now. And life still gets in the way sometimes. Maybe I have to spend my day off fixing the wash machine or doing yard work instead of working on that sweet HG Gundam. Or this week I had foot surgery so I have to be reclined all week and can't work at my craft table.


“Ooh, that kit looks fun. I’ll build it later.” “Ooh, these are back in stock, I’ve been meaning to check out that line.” “My favorite Mech anime just got a new line of kits in, let me just preorder those…” “Saw these at Target, need em for a Kitbash.” “This was ON SALE- can’t believe I got these for like 10 bucks!” “Why am I out of closet space?”


1) get into hobby during college summer break 2) "hey this is cool" build them as you get them 3) "I should try painting my own custom" put off one kit for a little bit 4) get to senior year, get really busy and stressed 5) order cool looking gunpla 'for later' 6) college absolutely makes sure at best a simple HG takes a week if you if you panel line/take good care of nubs 7) fuck, backlog


First you go to your first hobby store and buy your first kit build it with some simple tools and think that was fun I think it’ll look cooler with the black lines like what the guys on r/gunpla do. So you go back to the hobby store and you browse around looking for a way to fill in those lines on your first kit but then as you browse you seen more gunpla different models different grades and then you see it. The most bad ass looking kit and it’s real grade a kit that has been posted on this sub so many times that you think “I’ll build that next but I’m not fully ready to honor it and give it the rightful treatment” so you think to yourself I’ll practice on a few more entry kits. You then buy 1 more kit that looks complex and think “I’m going to get this and the panel line marker and next time I come back I’ll get the super amazing bad ass kit.” The next time you come back to the store the kit you wanted is gone somebody has already purchased it and you say to yourself “next time I’ll buy it so no else beats me to it.” This where it starts… at least that’s how I amassed my backlog.


Cool stuff gets released faster than I can build. I am a slow builder, I sharpen v-fins, I remove nubs and flash and sand everything, paint the details, apply waterslides, and topcoat. I sometimes take older kits that I didn’t finish to my current standard and redo them, like I’m doing with my IBO collection now. Some P Bandai re-releases dropped recently so I jumped on those, the RG GaoGaiGar is preordered, the new Gespenst looks cool, want that, ordered, need the new IBO Valkyria frame kit, ordered that. Basically that’s the stream of consciousness of how it goes.


Buy 5 kits build 2 start the third then let it ait for a month cuz life and buy another 2 while the third is still wip and you have no idea when you will havw the time to resume building.


I'm new and bought 3 RGs in one go because kits sell out easily until they get reprinted again in my country


By having depression, never fails.


Buy more than you can build in any timely manner...


Y’all have a life?


All it took was for me to get a job. Went from being able to build whenever I felt to only getting a couple hours a day, five of out of seven days a week. The other two days are spent sleeping...


Just don't be poor like me. You'll get bunch of backlogs immediately.


Easy, order like four online, forget about them, order four more, forget about those, watch them all show up in the same week, get overwhelmed, procrastinate, get all of them done over the course of 8 months, cry and say you'll never do that again ........... Then repeat


You don’t want one. Buy a decent airbrush and a compressor instead. Source: someone with heavy fomo who has more kits in boxes than on display and can’t make them look anywhere near how I want them to.


Be like me and get addicted to things with innerframe and buy in bulk while being lazy lol


Get kits you want but not have time for them. Then when you do have time, you progress very slowly because youre busy denubbing, painting, detailing, and many other time consuming processes.


How big does your backlog have to be before you achieve singularity? I’m concerned.


Hold my beer. I started building Gunpla in January and my backlog is triple digits. I use a randomizer app to tell me what to build next because I can't remember all my kits.


What model is that?


it sneaks up on you, trust me. I used to think “how the hell do people get backlogs, just finish your kits”. boy i was so innocent🥲


It's depression for me