Ohhh they’re bringing back sdBB??? They’re the best…


They never left. Just relegated to P-Bandai/The Gundam Base exclusives.


Definitely buying that to go with my Nu FF SD


Whats the differenxe between SDEX, SDBB, and SDCS? Is one better quality than the other?


From my limited understanding of the SD line, SDCS kits feature an inner frame to give the kit more articulation, SDBB are just "standard" SD kits, and SDEX kits are unique where some weapons and accessories are compatible with HG kits.


SDEX kits are also generally the cheapest of the kits, and it shows. Just about all of them (except the recent SDEX Aerial) have hollow gaps on the back of some parts (like the legs), and they're all full of color-correcting stickers. SDCS kits are on the opposite end and have really good color separation most of the time, usually on par with HG's from just a few years ago.


Main line is actually called BB Senshi (and not SD or SDBB) officially. Though the fandom just generally uses "SD" to refer for simplicity. 1987-2018 BB Senshi (Bullet Ball Warior in english) - originally got its name from the first six kits which came with spring-loaded bazookas that fired plastic 6 mm BB pellets. Mainline numbered releases stopped in 2018 and got replaced by SDCS (not counting non-numbered exclusives like Ff Sazabi above) 2015 SDEX (SD Ex-Standard) - Initially released exclusively for sale outside of Japan in late 2015 with more basic construction (less parts, resulting in hollow parts and color inaccuracy and lots of stickers) 2018 SDCS (SD Gundam Cross Silhouette) - New mainline replacing BB Senshi since 2018, called SDCS because of the gimmick of having "SD" Frame, which features proportions inspired by Super Gachapon World: SD Gundam X, or a taller 9.5 cm "CS" frame with proportions inspired by SD Gundam G Generation Genesis.


[bulletball bulletball bulletball that's a bulletball!](https://i.redd.it/6s15w6llk2361.png) /r/bulletballmemes


Priced at 1980 Yen. [Source from Bandai-Spirits Youtube Channel](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB6EiIGO264)


So between this and SDCS, is SDEX officially dead again? Because boy do I hope so.