Why doesn’t FA punish spurs for this?? Absolutely unheard of.


10 point deduction sounds about right to me


In all seriousness the club should be fined for failing to control their fans, and if it continues game(s) should be played behind closed doors.


I’m sure there are plenty of Spurs fans sickened this happened and wouldn’t be happy sharing a stadium with the perpetrators, too.




And show publicly that those fine goes into supporting the disabled


I’ll take things the FA would do if they actually cared for 100 Alex


Even better only disabled fans allowed into the stadium for free and free beer.


Nice edit 12 minutes ago. Very edgy. Don't worry /u/NoSleeperSeats90210 , you're here now


2 points seems about right karmically


Did I say 2? Better make it 3.


Excellent Road Trip reference


(•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)


3.5 and that’s the most I’ll go!


3 is enough for me


The FA is just as responsible for this IMHO. They purposefully moved this fixture from midseason to the end of the season for the sole purpose of creating a drama. They've thrown fuel on the flame at every turn including selecting a less-senior referee when all of them were available. Red cards, injuries, attacks and drama were exactly the FA's intention.


Frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if they love the resurgence in hooliganism. Just more attention on the sport. Just more mythologism to the international audience about the PL being “true” football.


Making light of this would look bad. Not acknowledging this is until it hits the news is how it would work. r/BBCNEWS, r/PremierLeague,




Why is a spurs fan posting on our sub? Mods (u/EFG) please ban this idiot.


But it did….


Fucking state of that fanbase. Seeing as he's an actual employee of the club, I hope they call it out.




Mate, your orcs attacked a club employee protecting DISABLED persons and you think your statement does anything but validate the idea. Fuck off back to your shit club’s sub.




Why are you here?




similar incident happened against west ham 3 or 4 years ago, very little to no reports for about 5 days.


I’d rather you go comment on Son’s elbow or leave.




Lol, why are you still here?




Lmao imagine using your free time in a rival’s sub. Couldn’t be me.


https://twitter.com/charles_watts/status/1525396748566413313?t=CEgbKjSu9Kd8WqrP1n_8AQ&s=19 This is a Tier 1 journalist, and has more detail on top of the original post, so looks like it did happen.


Lads I'm sorry, he may be a spurs fan commenting on our sub, but this report has very little credibility rn and misinformation is one of the only things worse than spurs. There's no proof for this whatsoever at the current time let's not get our pitchforks out just bc we want spurs = bad.


I agree with you, I don't see any credible sources reporting this.


Regardless of club this is sickening. Those people are the worst part of this sport, and I’m sure we all agree that if things were the other way around we’d be just as disgusted as humans


If it was an Arsenal fan I'd be ashamed and livid.


We all were when the Sikh man was attacked in the toilets months back, but the club also made a statement condemning it and I am confident they did everything in their power to ban the guilty parties.


Wonder if we'll see a statement from them, they were quick enough when they wanted to have a whinge over the postponement after all! This is so utterly shameful if it's true.


Hopefully in that case we don't try to justify it like this [twat](https://i.imgur.com/hsugNQX.jpg)


Absolute scum, sadly we’d probably have an idiot or two like that as well


Yeah. Sadly these low-lifes are in every club


> Tensions are high, people have been drinking Fucking Scum


Just when you believe this news might not be real, and this guy shows up.


I cam understand the whole "it's a derby" thing but that doesn't give them the right to start throwing hands with whoever they want.


Lacking brain cells


I posted about this a few days ago, it’s the worst ground to go to. Their fans are scum and the Police are shit.


leeds are generally worse but during derby days yeah it's the worst


I'm not even surprised. They're scum.


They are literally the dregs of society!


It's awful but let's not pretend like it's unique to them. NLD's get heated and there's plenty of idiots in both fan bases.


Who beats on the guy who's helping disabled fans? FIFA that's low.


Nah definitely pretty unique. He's a staff member helping disabled fans.




This is awful. Terrible. Fucking scum.


There’s a reason that even the likes of west ham, Chelsea and the rest hate them


Most hated team in London 100%


Millwall in shambles.


nah they're not hated anymore really. historically. especially in the prem for obvious reasons. most people who watch the prem dont even know shit about millwall cos they've never seen them.


I'm not sure that's true in London, but in general you're right - Millwall don't have a profile anymore


I've been to Zampa Rd, it's not a bad ground. And they're creeping up the championship table. If someone came along and put proper money in they'd be competing for promotion in a few years.


No way, that's gotta be Chelsea.


Maybe it's an age thing? When I was growing up Chelsea were in the second division and were nothing. Most of my age group still hate Tottenham more than Chelsea. But I would understand for some people Chelsea have taken top spot :).


Absolutely disgusting. I really can’t understand how anyone could go to a football match, and want to physically harm someone simply because of the club that they support or work for. We’re rivals, not enemies. There’s no excuse for behaving like that anywhere. I hope that Luke is better soon.


Scum club, scum fans and of course this hasn't been reported anywhere


Wonder why


Spurs fans are the worst fans in the fucking league - absolute scum of the earth.




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Are we allowed to post this on the spurs sub to see what they think of this


99.9% of them would be upset about it just like this sub was upset about the attack on the Sikh guy or, which happens less now, the anti-Semitism that comes up when Spurs play. Racism and violence aren't a Spurs problem. It's a football problem and a social problem. We're not going to get anywhere if we don't confront that fact. Remember the Spurs fans applauded Saka in a pre-season friendly after the racist abuse he got on Twitter. Most football fans are not cunts and we should unite against the ones that are rather than assume it's a club vs club problem.


>Remember the Spurs fans applauded Saka in a pre-season friendly after the racist abuse he got on Twitter. They did, and now they boo him.


They boo him now because he is an Arsenal player just as we boo their players. Not because he's black or was the target of racist abuse. The applause was a one-time act of respect to the higher issue. The rest of the time they boo.


I get what you're saying, but it was pretty clear that Saka took the majority of their attention. That, alongside the tweets about singing that he 'let the country down', gave me a different impression.


Spurs need a point deduction as a penalty for this. Absolutely unacceptable behaviour.


They wouldn't give a points deduction for some scum fans doing this. As much as I hate Tottenham they can't control their arsehole fans doing this. They should absolutely be condemning this and trying to find the perpetrators though.


Speaking as an ArseHole fan, don't lump us in with these cunts.


Flair checks out


At the very least a match behind closed doors


I don't care if these are Tottenham, Chelsea, Watford or Forest Green fans. Fuck these people.


These are the same people calling themselves England fans. They are amongst us everywhere. Fuck these guys.


Think that's a bit of a reach there mate. I call myself an England fan, but don't go around twatting people at matches. But I agree with the sentiment of saying fuck those guys.


I also call myself a big England fan too mate, we weren't causing havoc in Wembley were we though. These guys are what puts the stigma on me and you is what I mean


Ah, right, I get what you're saying! Aye, it's always the case - a few idiots tarnish the whole crowd with their actions. This matter needs more attention mind, there's no excuse for the behaviour at the match, especially against club employees. And whether the text message calling for violence was "real" or not, there were rumblings in advance and seemingly nothing was done to prevent this. Unacceptable and hopefully measures are taken to prevent this happening again.


100% agree mate I just don't know what can be done. People just do what the fuck they want and always have a shit excuse


If I’m understanding this story correctly, this is completely unacceptable and I don’t understand how huge punishments aren’t coming down. The scum attacked this guy while he was with disabled people, and they got caught in the crossfire? How is this not a bigger story?


They have always been like that. When I was young.I think I was 16 and my mate was 15. So 83. We went to a game over there. We only lived a few miles away in Stoke Newington. We thought let's just walk down the Seven Sisters and jump on a bus. As we got near The Bull we noticed all their firm was there. We didn't think anything of it. We were nothing to do with that, they won't bother us. WRONG! They totally terroized us. Gave us a right slap and one bloke even pulled a knife out. Wtf! These we're grown men. I've absolutely hated them since.


Is there any evidence for this besides a tweet?


I'm going to go with bullshit on this one. Give me a remotely reputable source and I might change my mind.


Ban Spurs fan from the Emirates from now on. Makes sense, no?


Spurs fans are literally trash of the earth


So people are routinely seriously injured and the police just ignore it ?


If you watch mo haiders (ex aftv) review of the match he posts some of the footage with one of out blind fans being harassed, not sure if this guy was in there too


Is there an official source on this because there's a conspicuous lack of detail and I feel like it's something we'd have heard more about.


Is this legit or is it fitting our narrative of "spurs bad"


Spurs fans here. Plenty of us are disgusted and embarrassed by low life degenerate assholes like these. It’s fucking terrible and I would hope the club do somthing to acknowledge and denounce such unacceptable behavior. It’s absolutely not okay. I also want to say, please don’t lump us all in. I have plenty of arsenal supporting friends, and as much shit as we talk, we’re still friends first. We love the same game. The same sport. The same heros. Honestly the language and attitude on Reddit (our sub, and yours) is so full of actual hate. Calling eachother scum of the earth and generalizing as well at vilifying eachother. I hope in the spirit of getting away from behavior like this, we can all try to be a little more human to eachother. As a die hard spurs supporter I’m sorry this has happened and I find it truly sickening. Cowards.


Well said.


It's not real.


The mods are supposed to be in touch with Arsenal social media people. They need to verify this or take it down please. If it’s true, it’s truly disgusting and Spurs need to be sanctioned for failing to control their fans.


Has been confirmed by journalist, this attempt to suggest this is disinformation is bollocks


i have no doubt Luke could pummel any of the fat mongs 1 on 1


Not to be that guy, but is this true?


It doesnt look it, its spelt by a 10 year old & zero mention of it anywhere (and not even a link to the twitter...). Good old fashioned pitch forks for no reason


My sentiments exactly


Unfortunately, I can’t say Arsenal Fans are immune to this. After the NLD we hosted, I saw a terrified old lady accosted by one of our guys. Luckily the police got to that one pretty quickly, but violent fans need to be banned from both clubs.


Rather than dehumanising “them” and making the problem worse (by potentially encouraging retaliatory violence) we just gotta recognise is a few shit S***s fans


There are many reasons to dislike Spurs!


Imagine beating the shit out of someone who is helping disabled people. That’s legit scumbag behavior.


That happened


I've met Luke. Lovely fella, but he is so passionate about his job and only wants to help people. Can't believe any idiot would do this to such a great guy


I’ve never been one to actually hate rival supporters or fans. I’m a Yankees fan and have always had good interactions with Red Sox fans, friendly shit talk and all. But god dammit every time I see something like this it makes me despise anyone who wears a Spurs kit more and more. I live in the US and for some reason we have an inordinate amount of shit supporters in my city. I pretty much never say anything to them when I pass them but I’m starting to rethink my policy.


As a Sox fan, the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, at its worst, is still one that is built on respect and is played out on the field. There have been shameful incidents (Sox fans are known for being belligerent and bigoted, Yankees fans have tossed dangerous rubbish onto the field more than a few times over the last several seasons), but this is *not* accepted behavior and is rightfully called out whenever it happens. Yesterday in Dallas, we had a Spurs fan who sat himself in the middle of the Arsenal crowd and started antagonizing our fans when they took the lead. There were other Spurs fans in the bar at the time, and while we shouted back and forth, it was just the usual bantz. This guy was intentionally riling up our supporters and a fight could have broken out. I do not understand what emboldens them to be scummy. For contrast, I watched the Iron Bowl turn ugly over the last 15 years or so (people have been shot, iconic trees have been poisoned, etc.) and I'm starting to have the same feelings toward Spurs fans that I have toward the worst Bama fans out there, and I don't even know why they got ugly too. Not all Spurs fans and not all Bama fans are shitheads, but *too many* of them are to make me feel like it's not being properly called out or discouraged.


One of the only times I’ve said something to a Spurs supporter was a pretty funny exchange. I was in a bar and a guy with a Spurs kit on was being asked about it by the bartender. I heard the guy say it’s a Tottenham kit so I turned around to see him. I thought I’d talk some friendly shit and said “oh no” in a joking manner. He looked at me funny so I mentioned I was an Arsenal supporter. Boy, did his demeanour change real fucking quick. He started interrogation me on where I grew up and how I could be an Arsenal supporter if I don’t even grow up in North London, blah, blah, blah. I did not expect this to turn into a whole heated exchange, especially since I live in a state known for its non confrontational people. I just wanted to enjoy my drink so I just responded with, “because Arsenal wins trophies.” That guy always sticks with me whenever I picture Spurs supporters. A bunch of babies who can’t take some friendly banter but will antagonise rival supporters like the guy you mentioned, or physically assault them like in the original post. Just a bunch of fucking twats.


As a Bo Sox/Arsenal fan, I've been to both Yankee Stadium and White Hart Lane. Only for one was I told not to wear anything Red and was held 30 minutes after the game ended for "our safety". Also, only one had a half-mile line of cops 2 deep on horseback separating the two entrances. That said, in college, I did have a blind drunk yankee fan try to fight me after Aaron Boone's ALCS game 7 walkoff because I was walking back to my dorm with my sox hat on. I told him "you guys won!" and this wave of realization poured over him.


My dad got into a pretty heated exchange with another fan at Yankees Stadium. Only us Yankees fans could get into fights with each other at a game lmao


I'm transplanted in Long Island and its so funny that the average Mets fan is just beaten down and self deprecating and recently the average Yankee fan is just so mad about the state of the team. I appreciate fans holding their teams to a high standard but worship of those 90's teams is much like how older Gooners have the impossible standard set by the Invincibles. I dont think those days are ever coming back for either franchise, talking once in a lifetime teams.


I dont think this is real mate...


Has this been corroborated anywhere? Seems like a lot of bullshit to be honest.


Disgusting but not surprising.


Typical spurs.


That’s absolutely disgusting. Glad it sounds like everyone is ok


spurs honestly quite often such scummy pieces of shit. grown men stuck with the brains of 12 year old bullies.


this is partly on Conte




This kind of behavior does not shock me from spurs fans. Some of the absolute worst fans in the prem.




Steady on lad...


Karma will do what karma does. Don’t be surprised if Shit loses this weekend at home.


I wish a millennium of mediocrity upon these sad pathetic inbred cunts


Never known a single spud who wasn't a bellend so this doesn't surprise me tbh. They were so juiced up for this game, this was bigger than the CL final for them


Of all staff members you attack its the guy who helps those who need it man... you cant be less classy than that.


I’ve always disliked Tottenham, there’s something very rotten about their culture, not to mention the absurd amount of jealousy amongst their supporters. Absolute shambles of a club.


this is horrific. how is it not headline news?? get it out there!!!!


Hate to be that guy, but wonder why henious actions by this club with its affiliations isn't highlighted by the media ......


Kane and Son rest of season suspension seems like an ample punishment.


Why has there been no mention of this by the club, or any other official source?


This is like, BLATANT misinformation. Mods what are y’all doing?


It appears like you've never commented here before. Why suddenly now?


Super weird that you cared enough to check lmao I was scrolling my feed and read this and it sounded sketchy so I did research and I cannot believe people actually think this is real. It fired me up so much that I had to say something


It’s now been confirmed by respected journalists so…


Stay classy, Tottenham


Did we not learn anything from Mexican soccer's shenanigans. Better to get a grip on it early