Trent needs to grow up man, how long is this guy going to be 23? Taking the piss


I think they should make it so a player can only win YPOTY x amount of years after their senior debut, will prevent situations like these where a 23-24 year old who's played like 4 or 5 full seasons wins because they're obviously better than the other nominees


While yeah, they're still in the age range where they're YPOTY eligible. They should probably drop the age of the reward to 21-22 at this rate


The PFA Young player of the year has changed its criteria in that regard. Players have to be 21 or under as of July 1 immediately preceding the start of the season So by their criteria, I think only Saka, Foden, Gallagher and Mitchell would qualify from this list The PFA awards are the main ones anyway. These PL ones are alright too but I think the PFA awards have the higher prestige


Yeah that sounds better imo


If they're obviously better then they deserve to win lol, it's young player of the year and they're the best young player.


Yeah but the definition of young player is too expansive. It should be U22 at least


it's U23 cos that's the age limit for PL2. Makes sense to me. People's perception of a young player is skewed cos of some amazing young talents, 23 is young.


I agree but that's a completely different proposition to what the guy above was saying.


Yeah it would solve the problem but be really unfair to someone makes his debut at 16 but can't qualify for the award at 20 even if he's by far the best young player


Exactly what I'm thinking. You made your debut at 16 in the 90th minute of a league cup game, went on loan/back to the academy for a few years then had a world class season at 21? Sorry mate, you're out.


How about x amount of years after your first full season? Maybe define full seasons as a season with at least 10 or 15 starts


Full season in which league? Does Ligue 1 count? League 2?


Should be allowed only once


Yup. After your first nomination that's it. Or at most, you have 1 season after your first nomination where you're eligible. Saka will be eligible until 2025/2026 I think. A good half a decade after he played a European final and like his 6th full season in the PL


I dont like the nomination deal, should be restricted only if you win


Tbf nomination somewhat makes sense, because if you’ve been nominated then you’re firmly established in that season. Nobody gets nominated off of 250 mins, you require a proper role in a team and from that point you’re no longer a breakout star as it were But also you’d run out of young talents within about 3 years, and from that point the average quality of each intake would drop. It’s an interesting one, trent is by far the best player here, yet he’s also by far the most experienced. He has 4 seasons of first team football under his belt, including 2 cl finals, 1 pl, league + fa cup finals etc. it’s not right for him to not win it, but it’s also a bit unfair on everyone else


Ramsdale had an incredible first half to the season where he was looking like an absolute revelation, but if we're being honest his standard has dipped since then and he's probably not award worthy. But if we can get him back to his best he'll be incredible.


He definitely has conceded more lately. I just love his energy on the field and leadership. I think he’s a one in a million player, but still in the making


Defense has gone to shit with injuries, not Ramsdale's fault bar 1 or 2 goals.


I think he's been to blame for more than 1 or 2, but you are right he is dealing with a much worse defense. that said, his distribution has been very hit or miss since his injury, whereas before it was sensational.


Ronaldo goal was his fault. He seems more hesitant now compared to the start of the season


That was definitely on white/Gabriel no way should they have let him through


Sure they let him through but ramsdale would’ve gotten there had he not hesitated. He hesitates for crosses a lot more now


Hesitated because Gabriel/white 100% should’ve gotten to the ball and there was no reason to think they wouldn’t


That back 5 was impregnable


His distribution is the only thing I'd fault him for, our defense has gone down a LOT since Tierney and tomi went down. If you're making a case for signing of the season he'd probably be up there as well.


Ramsdale has conceded more goals (14) than saves (12) made since the start of April. He's not good enough and should have been dropped long ago. He's dropped many points for the team. What else do you expect when you have a goal keeper who does [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxVAi0-QWFy0Sg0gaUa3meLtZWfEVfA7G3) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxc6qq5W-XoWIjs5kGV89BBaoj6iZRK5tT) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxpcvOmDkdToiMoDNyLLI2G2IrrqcuwzXW) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxELjrEAUQ4TVGIMFQk9RKwokA6nJRijQe) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxnqfPty6s2nN4RHIyOeDj1YIJHAOPASFi) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxGNP2xGPGKaMGKXvuAGncvnn2LU01lRTA) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxR5OOsS8kH_ZdoA2vSD2FS3GXkpDMWgYi) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxBewtMNqzxLMqB6EXKlyjhrmmW1rF_-6D) and [this](https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx2rGvRbBeF9E4t51kHDawzd-MD6A4t79G)


Ramsdale has conceded more goals (14) than saves (12) made since the start of April. He's not good enough and should have been dropped long ago. He's dropped many points for the team. What else do you expect when you have a goal keeper who does [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxVAi0-QWFy0Sg0gaUa3meLtZWfEVfA7G3) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxc6qq5W-XoWIjs5kGV89BBaoj6iZRK5tT) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxpcvOmDkdToiMoDNyLLI2G2IrrqcuwzXW) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxELjrEAUQ4TVGIMFQk9RKwokA6nJRijQe) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxnqfPty6s2nN4RHIyOeDj1YIJHAOPASFi) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxGNP2xGPGKaMGKXvuAGncvnn2LU01lRTA) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxR5OOsS8kH_ZdoA2vSD2FS3GXkpDMWgYi) [this](https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxBewtMNqzxLMqB6EXKlyjhrmmW1rF_-6D) and [this](https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx2rGvRbBeF9E4t51kHDawzd-MD6A4t79G)


We know they’ll give it to Foden


Seeing as Trent is nominated for this then for me it should be him. Much, so much more impactful and important to his team


Go forth my boy saka!


Surely it can only be between Saka and TAA seeing as they made the main list as well?


Didnt Fabregas win it one year with Ronaldo taking best player. Despite the fact they had both been nominated for both awards


Mount and Rice too


Yet it's probably gonna end up being foden because for some reason he's so loved (I find him overrated and annoying)


He's an exceptional talent, let's be honest here.


Your two opinions are not mutually exclusive:)


Something about him really just irks me. Maybe it's bc it seems like he gets so much more love from the media (especially last year) just because he plays for city


His shit hair cut


Go to Greater Manchester, half the lads have the same haircut


Lmfao. I recently watched an interview with him and Grealish, and Jack was asked, “Who’s got the best hair on the team?” To which he wryly replied something like, “Oh, it’s gotta be me innit… Certainly not you 😏” And Foden tried to play it off, but he actually seemed kinda miffed/hurt. “I just try to keep it simple (etc.)” Funny exchange; they’re clearly mates, but I’m sure Phil gets his fair share of shit for that cut he keeps


Mate, we have Saka. He’s hyped to the moon in England. If Saka played for City or Liverpool or United, the hype would be monumental.


I guess as an outsider (American) the hype for foden seems way more visible, idk. No denying he's a great talent though


Any English player will always get more attention than non English players, that's just how the league works. But I'd absolutely love to have him at Arsenal.


I Agee he is and he doesn’t annoy me I quite like him, but for this season he definitely doesn’t deserve ypoty. He’s probably only going to win it based on his name


Foden is fucking amazing lmao


Lol I love Aaron but he definitely doesn't deserve to be featured in this


Idk how it’s not Öde or ESR instead


Trent's had a good season, but not significantly better stats-wise than their title-winning season, when he won this award. He's still great, but I think his quality relative to his age is a bit less impressive now. Foden's technically excellent but with how much Pep is able to rotate, he's not a crucial member of the squad in the same way as some of the others are. City's depth shouldn't count against him but I think it will. A player outside the big 6 hasn't won it for 12 years, so I suspect Palace are out of it unfortunately. Both had good seasons though. Mount's best season in a Chelsea shirt in terms of both goals and assists. If he helps Chelsea to win the FA cup then he could be in with a shout. Ramsdale started very well but has dropped off. A keeper's never won this either AFAIK Declan Rice is incredibly good and has been so important to West Ham's last 2 successful seasons. Like Trent, his age relative the rest might count against him. Saka is matching Mount for goals. Fewer assists, but Chelsea bought a 100m striker and we didn't. My heart says Saka, but my head says either Mount or Rice depending how the FA cup goes. I think Saka is a stronger shout for next year.


But unfair to hold TAA against his best season. Think he's been brilliant


Trent's performances last season should be irrelevant. It is not most improved player of the season, it's best young player of the season. Why should Trent be held against his own standards when his current level is still ahead of the competition? Same thing that happened to Messi, they're victims of their own success.


It's always going to be judged relatively. I didn't say it was "most improved", it's about their quality relative to their age. If it was purely about the best player in absolute terms then the oldest nominees would win disproportionately often, which is counter-productive for an award designed to celebrate young players. For this award to mean anything, age needs to be a relevant factor. Trent was better relative to his 21 years than he is to his 23 years. To some degree that's reflected in his market value.


Lol what's your point about the 100m striker in regards to Mount's assists? Lukaku has been shit so this means nothing


Yeah, maybe. I'd already rambled long enough by that point but suffices to say that he's still been better than anyone playing number 9 in an Arsenal shirt. Him and Havertz have more goals between them than Auba, Laca and Eddie do.


Trent’s previous performances have no relevance to this, he’s comfortable the best player here and should definitely win this. I agree with foden, but mount is quite a ‘stat padder’ and everyone seems to recognise it, so while he had more G/A than saka, it’s less impressive and I wouldn’t say he’s been better than saka this season. Rice definitely isn’t more important to West Ham than saka is to us. Without rice West Ham are substantially worse, but so are we without saka.


This award should go to debutees imo. None of these players are breakout young players apart from Gallagher maybe.


I’d give it to Trent easily.


Could legit get given to anyone that isn’t Mitchell


Where tf is ESR


When was the last time he started a game?


Mount will win it and it is honestly probably deserving. He's had a fine season even if I cannot STAND his rat face and attitude, and wish the club he plays for would sink into the earth never to be seen again


Saka might have a chance here!


Well deserved they have been great proud to call them ours.


Wait, Ramsdale's eligible?


First all English shortlist ever?


Only two of these players were also nominated for player of the season. 👀


Gotta be Foden, Rice, Mount or Saka. Probably Foden for me.


TAA or Saka the only acceptable choices here surely.


Saka should win for sure.


Going to go to Foden but proud of our boys for even making the shortlist


Gallagher tapping the palace badge is just so cringe