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If only we hadn’t been so complacent against the smaller teams…


History repeating itself :,). I just wanna make the pain go away.


This is the best game of the season so far!


Crackin result! #COYG #ohhhhtobeagooner


How Cedric doesn’t find the ball across to gabi is beyond me..


He is a shitty player


Arsenal of the last four games; wouldn’t want it any other way #COYG


For two players I normally slag off, I saw them playing at their level today and wish to give props to Xhaka for keeping his head and playing without fear and to Saka for playing mean. Coverboy needed the remember how he got there. Good to see some pride from him.


how good was that Xhaka nutmeg!


why aren't we memeing the fuck out of that! It was classic Xhaka, but it worked brilliantly! I remember thinking, "holy fuck, if we score here, that's some God tier shi---HOLY FUCK!!!"


I swear, if they make UCL, I'm buying his shirt


Was it two nutmegs before he passed it up? He opened up the whole pitch with that move and pass


I realize now the key to us winning is me not requesting off work to watch the match. I will be requesting overtime for the rest of the season.


This was the one game I hadn't watched in the last 4... I can't catch the Ars-Utd game either


That’s usually my story.


Tavares is such a weird player. Like he does silly mistakes and then puts in a really good shift. Good in offense but bad in defense


But he mis cue a shot Infront of goal into side net


I swear we should convert him to a Winger or something because he's be great at that. Super Saiyan to get up the pitch, Super Slow to get back to defend.


Almost like he is a 22 year old playing for a big club in his first year. I swear people here write him off like he is 29.


I swear, people here write off the god damn moon and sun after a bad spell. It’s completely shit to be around. Maybe I’m just old now at 35, but good lord. Celebrate the goods.


His tracking of runs and defence needs a lot to be desired but he gave it his all. He's got an engine on him.


He’s also 22. Hoping he can learn from Tierney Edit: Which is crazy considering Tierney is what, 23? What a wild team


For real. Brilliant at crossing, shit with short passes. Brilliant at getting past players, then just runs into a player. Enigma.


Brilliant at crossing? Are we watching the same player? So often he gets into good positions then gets caught between shooting and crossing. He's very Kola like to me.


Reminds me of a taller more powerful Walcott


There’s room for improvement, COYG


We have the best Mohamed in the league


They can keep their Egyptian King - we’ve got the Pharaoh 😍


Well this was a pleasant surprise. Game on!!!!


Losing to Southampton, Brighton, and Crystal Palace then pulling out a win against Chelsea is perhaps the most Arsenal thing ever


Scoring 4, when you couldn't even score 4 in your previous 5 matches is definitely the most Arsenal thing. Then, when we're starting to believe again, they'll throw it against an underperforming United.


The last 5 matches before this we scored two, 0 vs Liverpool 1 vs AV 0 vs CP 0 vs Southampton 1 vs Brighton And we double that against "the best keeper itw" England is red, London is red. What a week for big clubs scoring 4 on small clubs


Dropping 9 points and gaining your only 3 at Chelsea's backyard is not what I call a relaxing month. Still, I always enjoy a big win at our rivals. What a weird game.


Makes this win hard to enjoy. If we even got just 5 points we'd be level on points with Chelsea


Wonder why we played Sambi ahead of El Neny last few weeks


Sambi who is still raw but I think he's more of a progressive passer of the ball then Elneny, and we need that since Partey is injured and Xhaka was needed at LB. Though today, after 3 losses, the team needed shaking up to stem the rot.


Because Arteta wanted Sambi as Partey direct replacement in 433 system, bad idea. Single pivot is rare, even Rodri needs 2 seasons to become a starter.


Agreed, tossing a kid into a single pivot role was trial by fire. I think Elneny is very limited, but he’s at least going to commit very few mistakes and his recycling of the ball helps us keep the tempo of the game and manage them better. With creative players like Odegaard, Saka, and ESR, I’ll take a safe player who helps manage the game


And I think the assumption is that El Neny is leaving this summer, and they want to invest time and effort in Sambi since he's got a longer future with the club. But I've always liked El Neny, I think we should hold on to him.


I always thought he was better than Xhaka as well


Two different players. El Neny is the safer player, which I think lends to him being “better” in this team considering the creative players ahead of him. Xhaka is a really great player but his lapse in judgment every 3 games that costs us a goal or a red card really hurts us a lot. I feel like both are “net zero” players - El Neny doesn’t add much, while Xhaka adds a ton but also taketh away a ton


Elneny is much better at long balls, keeping movement flowing. Plus, just as you mentioned, he doesn’t see red like Xhaka, who has cost us many games previously due to his poor decision making and aggression.


Me too


I want to personally take kroenkes money and give nketiah a grand contract


Yeah, £1000 contract is about right.


This is one good performance, if he keep his spot in the team for the rest of the season I'd consider it


Give him lacazettes spot I don’t want him starting if he doesn’t see himself here in the near future. Eddie is still giving our club a chance unlike like lacazette so I think we should respect eddie the same


Laca has given a lot for this club. He was asked a question and answered it honestly. Nobody should have a problem with what he said.


I want to know what tournament we're in next year. If we're in Europa, Eddie is def good enough for early games, especially. If we somehow eke out CL, we need someone better.


Eddie may get better himself, he’s young.


We are certainly making the Amazon documentary interesting


I can smell my microwave popcorn already, it either end in a tragedy or a happy ending with a new contract to Eddie, hahah.


Keep up the momentum boys. Coaches has put Nuno to work extra hard this week and is evident in his game. There were still few mistakes but more game time should get him settled in.


Unfortunately he’s a bit dopey so as usual let’s a goal in because he’s switched off


Incredible win looking at the team I thought the worse but credit to arteta and the team what a performance.


My sentiments exactly. What a performance. Arteta really did his job after the consecutive losses. Nketiah, still not convinced but this was his best performance for us ever so I’m happy. Coyg. Let’s murder man united


Anybody watching the Sky coverage? Paul Merson is a joke. Makes it so obvious he’s a Chelsea fan. The replay of Saka ‘almost slipping’ and the fact he didn’t think it was a penalty… lol


>Paul Merson Er, he played over 300 games for Arsenal, in what world is he a Chelsea fan? He's just dumb.


He supported Chelsea as a kid. It's not overly surprising he still supports them, even if he did play for a rival team.


Err, just because you play for a club doesn’t mean you’re a fan of them. He has a box/season ticket at Chelsea and referred to them as ‘we’ on Sky last night - I also know people who have gone to speeches of his and spoke with him after, he’s a Chelsea fan.


It was the weakest pen I've seen in quite awhile and I've seen a dozen weak ones go against us tbh


Saka shithoused that pen. Pulled him through the box 😂


Agreed, but Mount should have been double yellowed out in the first half, so I'm ok taking this.


I'd have rather seen Mount justifiably debt off than get the weak penalty in extra time. Now we get to listen to the haters say "see it evens out"


After years of class football, I am here for the age of shithousery.


Honestly looked a clear penalty to me on every angle and replay that I saw. I’m a tad biased though lol


Azpi puts his arm around him for a second but then saka grabs his wrist and just drags him for the rest. It wouldn’t be given if saka didn’t do all that. Smartz


Hard man Cesar Azpilicueta should know far better than to grapple with an attacker in the box like that. He can’t have any complaints.


The man wrestles Unicorns, Azpi had no chance.


Huge win. Showing there is something to this team, and group of lads. Wins against United and West Ham and that would almost make up for the 3 losses on the spin


Not really. If we even got 5 points from those 3 losses which on and of itself would have been disappointing we'd be level on points with chelski. Now we need to win out.


My girl is mad at me cuz I was screaming too loud in the match who cares YA GUNNERS YA


You guys can have sarr lol


Why does Azpilicueta embarrass himself every time he plays against us? What a joke of a man looool


anyone see that tiff he had with the chelsea fan after full time? looked like he was going to have a go


get eddie on a podcast every week plz


wtf I wasn't expecting wins now


Yeah, in this run of games, this was the one I wasn't expecting any points from.


Focus against Man Utd and we good to go !


Immensely proud of the lads. Great win. The last 3 losses hurt a **lot** more. 6 points from the 9 dropped and we’d be above Chelsea. On the bright side, we’re truly still in the race. Shite have to play Pool away, we just need a result against Utd and them, and the rest are in our hands.


Eh, part of me believes we'd not have won this game had we won the other three. We love to do things the hard way


Ugh that sucks to realise...


All part of the plan, go on a losing streak ahead of the big fish and catch them by surprise. The Arsenal Way


Siri.. play ‘We Dem Boiz’




We worked hard and didn't give up, what more can you ask of them?


Horrible? We found a way to win… Would you rather us have pointless possession like against Southampton and Brighton and not score?


Do you not understand the concept of my comment or you too young to understand that shit , you think whu man utd spurs are gonna gift us 3 goals? Even newcastle away is though fixture


It’s almost like you think every game will be the same, how long have you watched football? Last week we had loads of chances and no goals. This week we had the goals and not as many chances. You’re also forgetting Chelsea scored a deflected goal of their own. We played the European champions away from home and found a way to win. Result > Performance


Start Elneny and Nketiah from now on and we'll get top 4 as simple as that!




Love this club.


Couldn’t pinpoint a player who didn’t play well for us today. Really happy for Nketiah too, finally gets 2 games and gets 2 goals 🤷🏼‍♂️ Trust the process.


Pyramid Pirlo was great today,


What a game, lads


Lukaku is Finnish


He’s definitely Belgian


Wdym? I thought he was Belgian /s


xhaka and elneny put a shift in


Nuno Tavares does his best Andre Santos impression every time he steps on the pitch lol


3-4-3 gives Xhaka the freedom to move forward, and Elneny is a doing a very decent job. But Nuno still looks very shaky.




Legends will know this was posted as 2-3 and not 4


Letttts goooo! Shoutout to all the people who were at work watching the game. I was sweating from my palms more than the lads on the pitch! Lets just hope they can take it and run with it.


I don't want to be negative after such a great win, but I feel this result makes the last three harder to swallow. If we'd even won two of the three we'd be sitting in third place. Regardless, great result today.


You and Tottenham always show up for the big games and bottle the easier ones


This was always the way. Pain.


A Liverpool fan here to say I’m glad you won and I hope you get 3rd over Chelsea… could happen


don't need your hope mate. you better save that for the title run. reckon city have it.


Probably, both teams easily win the last stretch but Everton’s shown us City aren’t immutable to bottom table team upsets (*even if the ref doesn’t see it that way), and obviously neither are we


Probably, both teams easily win the last stretch but Everton’s shown us City aren’t immutable to bottom table team upsets (*even if the ref doesn’t see it that way), and obviously neither are we


My whole family support Liverpool, I've always had a soft spot for them, delighted to see you back on top.* Of football, not the table. Rooting for you though.


It's genuinely a lot to swallow. Like wtf, how have we lost those last few games and yet run over Chelsea. What the fuck.


I know it's a meme at this stage, but it's a very Arsenal thing to do. I wouldn't be surprised if we gift UTD a win on Saturday to appease the football gods.


Eddie can claim striker spot at Arsenal


Eddie needs to work on his link up play.




Why are we like this?


Life would be boring if we won all the time


This man is accurate with a hammer.


As if we'd ever want to be something stupid like The Invincibles


What do you guys say about the penalty? Yes Saka pulls Azpilicueta down with him, but Azpilicueta is the one who doesn't give a shit about the ball to begin with and only tries to stop Saka with his arms. So for me it's a soft pen, but it's still a pen since the wanker is breaking the rules to keep Saka away from the ball.


Saka is learning the dark arts. Long may it continue


Also am glad that Azpi got punished. Man actually makes me hate him


I just hate the fact that this is the second time against Chelsea that we are easily cruising and then given a free pass from VAR. That's all the neutral fans want. Now no one is talking about the should-have-been red cards at all. We are always shown as the villains.


Would Saka be able to get a yellow but still call it a pen?


No because Saka isn't breaking any rules, it's not a dive for me.


I think it's hilarious, and I'm totally comfortable with cheating a pen to secure a win at Stamford Bridge. By any mean necessary


It really was a unbelievable way to kill the game. Saka is evolving his psychological game.


By any means necessary is possibility the best response I've seen so far


Not a pen, but yeah, we were due to some luck, even though we would've probably won anyway.


I wish we used that one up v Spurs instead


I think I wouldn't give a pen, but you're right that Azpi isn't innocent there like the commentators (at least the ones I was listening to) implied.


After the amount of times we’ve been fucked over with pens, we deserved one of these to go our way


WTF IS THIS SCORELINE? I had zero hope lol, not even 1%. Kudos to the fans who saw this live :)


Ian Wright playing up top for us today. Man if only we had at least drawn against any of the last three.


This! I had the same thought man. Second goal in particular (after jumping around yelling) my first thought was "damn that young man reminds me of Wrighty".


Big win!!! Hopefully we can take it to United on the weekend but for now up the cannon #COYG


Btw, why was the stadium so empty? Have Chelsea fans just been a Russian Psy-Op this whole time?


Is this a serious q? Coz they can’t sell tickets because they are dropping in blood money- so it’s season ticket holders only.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Worked out nicely for us, felt like a home game.


It really did!


Wow! I need a moment to process what I've just witnessed.


Wtf was cedric in today? Man was tearing down the right like prime CR7....


*Arteta subbing out Emile for Cedric*. Gooners: oh no a defensive sub… Prime CedricRonaldo7: I’m attacker, yes.




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I work at a university and was sitting in a hallway watching. I may have freaked out some students with my muted but aggressive fist pumps at FT...


Lol nice


After the first 20 mins I decided to skip class for the day and I am happy it was 100% worth it! Spooked some kids in the library as well


Classic Arsenal Moment


Inclusion of Elneny and Nke changed the momentum


Saka at RWB was amazing. What a player we have on our hands!


He basically just played RW, not really RWB at all.


I think at the start he was RWB, but you're probably right that he was RW for the vast majority of the match.


Sweet sweet win.


Arteta got his team selection right tonight , I just wish he would’ve taken a risk and mixed it up earlier


I just want blitz start against United, the players the stadium and everyone on the same energy.


Elneny, Xhaka and Nketiah were absolutely class tonight.


Pyramid Pirlo at it again


Let’s gooooo get fucked Chelsea


Really satisfying post this one


Come on you fucking gunners!!!! Hale end only seriously be steezing out and fuck Chelsea, fuck Chelsea and lastly fuck Chelsea! Saka and Emile smith roooowe


What a fantastic result! A fitting tribute to the great Steve Rowley! That was absolutely vital, in a match where very few gave Arsenal a chance. I have to say, that was one of the worst refereeing performances I have seen. The standard of officiating in this country is disgraceful, and they should be made to answer for a display like that. A massive result, after a disappointing run of games. It takes a great deal of character to come back in that way. They need to take this and keep pushing until the end of the season. It isn’t over.


I'd take beating Chel$ea, Manu and Shit and losing the 3 we just lost all day every day


Not sure if saka was getting the English star boy treatment on the pen but Mount certainly got it. Two borderline reds catching our players studs up, so confident moss wouldn’t do anything he told Tavares to get the f* up, ridiculous


Moss is like that pal. Feel gabby helped the pen call also.




Very unrelated, but I just watched some footage from the concentration camps Serbians were putting Albanians in, and I feel like I understand the spark of rage that Xhaka has inside him better.


There is a reason people from certain ethnic backgrounds are more hot-headed than others. I would know because I'm also from one, but I do think Xhaka is just very prone to ignoring all sense of logic and sometimes shoots himself in the foot with his lack of self-control.


I'm Polish, and I can still feel the cultural aftershocks of the holocaust, so I can only imagine what an impact having those experiences in your lifetime would do. Especially if you know people who went through it.


Yep, spot on.


On paper, this was easily the toughest match for the rest of our season since March. How did we win?


Elneny. I want someone to make a compilation of what Elneny did today!


Best Egyptian player in the league. Or the world.


Ramadan Elneny is a masterclass.


Grit, a bunch of luck, and a sprinkle of artetaball


all about the process....


The way we lost those three cakewalks


We had 3 shots on target tonight and 4 goals. Pretty much the opposite of the last 3 games.


Typical arsenal Innit


Imagine if we didn’t piss away the last three games… 66 points 😫


You just know eventually it will be down to the NLD


LET'S FKN GOOOOO! Glad to see some of the boys on the bench get a chance to shine tonight. Elneny and Eddie, this was yours!


Funny thing: I played an Arsenal career mode game at Chelsea before the game today. Ironically, I won 4-2😂


amazing. now play again against united and win 7-1 please


Now play Man U in career mode and win please


I’ll aim for a 6-0 win 😈😂


8 - 0 Would be satisfying. I was 11 when Man U beat us. That pain stayed with me for months. I failed to go to school for that next week. I was too embarrassed.


Thank you


Lol you predicted it mate


I need play Fifa before every Arsenal game now 😂


Now bring that performance against Maguire and scoring shouldn't be too hard.


Inb4 De Gea has the game of his life


Against us again


Azpilicueta has always been one of the biggest jerks in PL, shows it again and again. He and Alonso has always been the big wanker-bros of PL. They show exactly what chelski stands for = nothing. Oil money can buy you a lot(of titles), but they could never buy you class.