Happy 23rd Birthday to Fabio Vieira.

I still have hope he will come good, he will have the pre season this time to gel in


I still have hope he will come good, he will have the pre season this time to gel in


Hit the gym, learn from MØ and listen to Mikel


And eat all the meats Gaspar can grill.


Exactly! Can't write him off yet - I'm sure he'll come good.


Incoming “he needs to hit the gym” comments for the 28948484th time lmao


Remember when walcott bulked up one season then people blamed it for when he had a downturn in form?


Tbf, a lot of Walcott’s game in those days relied on his speed, and I can see bulking up being a contributing factor for his loss of pace. Can’t really blame people for seeing the connection That being said, his poor form was probably (definitely) more to do with his injuries


Get ready to hit the gym buddy


The hit gym comment loses all credibly when you look at guys like David Silva, Ozil, Santi, etc. If you can think quickly, speed and strength are completely secondary. Even jorginho is a good example of someone who is class while being slow and weak.


All of those players had strength. Strength != Big muscles. Especially in football. But you need to be able to back into your man and hold the ball without getting bowled over. You need to be able to go shoulder to shoulder and survive.


Bukayo Saka is the perfect example of this. He's not tiny, but he's certainly not built, but when was the last time you saw him get bodied off the ball for anything that wasn't (or should have been) a foul?


Saka is built as fuck. He has put on *a lot* of muscle since his breakthrough season.


hes also so much taller now, hes got an alphonso davies-esque athletic build




Lol cheers, my girlfriend constantly takes the piss out of my misuse of phrases


Jorginho can't do that tho


Yes he can. And when he can't, he's usually savvy enough to win a foul. He's also one of the most possession secure midfielders in the world. When you're that good at something, it can compensate for other shortcomings.


Sure, but your point was that you need strength as well. Jorginho hasn't really got that, he gets bundled off the ball in the same way Fabio does.


Jorginho is fine. He's no Partey but he can hold his own in duels. He's around average, or maybe slightly below. Fabio is a non-entity in duels. It is a foregone conclusion that he will not even contest because his body cannot handle the contact. Even if he can manage to get up to Jorginho level it will make a huge difference to his game.


Jorginho doesn’t. He knows how to use his body to protect the ball better. Vieiras lack of strength is compounded by the fact that he doesn’t know how to use his body to protect the ball. Silva, Ozil (less so) and especially Santi (who’s build is bulkier than Vieira even though he’s small) all knew how to protect the ball even though they weren’t the strongest. Bernardo Silva is another example, hardly the biggest or strongest but uses his low centre of gravity and body to protect the ball.


mesut ozil literally did bulk up in 14/15


All those guys had something special about them physically and technically, though. It remains to be seen if vieira has that quality. I do hope he gets more chances to prove himself next season.


I'm not giving up on him yet.


Same. I always look at City, and in particular Pep as an example of this scenario. When players arrive and need the best part of a season and a bit to truly settle and get going. Grealish looked awful up until this season, Ake felt like he could’ve left every summer. Even Bernardo silva took a while to become the magician he is now.


Fbref all-star


He came from Porto with a G/A of 23 I think? and he came on from the bench a lot. I am hopeful he’s gonna find his feet next season. Can’t wait!


He's a bit of a stat padder I think. You can tell he's drawn to setpieces and final balls. He ends up effectively CF when he plays in either 8 role.


Football at their level is all about stat padding. Fine margins and such. We got 100 goals this season in all competitions through DELIBERATELY making all our outfield players "stat padders" aka damn good goal contributors. No team in the league currently comes close to how the goals are spread out.With your reasoning, Saliba, Gabriel, Zinchenko, Partey etc are stat padders because they contributed similar G/A numbers and get most of them from set pieces and final balls. LOL.


Sometimes I forget how young he is. Next season is huge for him! Hope it's way better than it was this year


I hope Mrs Vieira takes him out for a very large meal tonight. 3 courses, cake and beers.


so what my friend, you think you’re the only fucking one who’s having a birthday?


23rd only? Wow


Get this man a protein shake an a gym pass.


23 going on 13 with that body.


We need him to eat the whole cake by himself


Happy Birthday to you Fabio


Prove em wrong Fabio. HBD young man.


He probably has one more season to bulk up and truly be ready for PL before he gets out of favor


Hope he gets a whey protein powder tiramisu for his birthday cake.


He should hit the gym. I wish he had the hunger of Bernardo Silva. He seems lethargic at times even though he is extremely talented.


Last season to prove.


Ya, because your takes are always the best. Like saying edu and arteta are destroying [arsenal](https://www.reddit.com/r/Gunners/comments/p2clhv/chris_wheatley_exclusive_arsenal_in_advanced/h8jatj1?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button).....


Get him a 32oz steak. He needs some meat in his system


Glass of milk and a cheese sandwich


Massive waste of money


Waste signing . We can’t keep signing players who can good in 2-3 years


like madrid with modric


Lol yes of course it’s a like to like comparison . Modric who killed in the Pl was a world class player before he joined Madrid.


and then madrid fans voted it the worst transfer


I will not be on the wrong side of history with this superstar, happy birthday


Happy birthday, im wishing you get gooder! Cheers fabio.