Bukayo Saka has equalled Sadio Mane's and Leroy Sane's highest G/A seasons in the Premier League at 21 years of age.

Nice. Very nice. Now let's see what other record our star boy needs to target.


Nice. Very nice. Now let's see what other record our star boy needs to target.


My god Mané even has a watermark


EPL winning streak




Thing about mane was he wasnt necessarily high volume but guy was a nightmare and an absolute big game player. Saka is as well but idt he’s quite at prime mane level yet


The main difference in their abilities is speed. I'd go as far as to say Saka is a better player technically speaking, Mane just had pace in abundance and was maybe a little more prolific.


Saka is no slouch though he runs 35-36 kph. mane is just quicker/ probably hs better acceleration because according to google manes top speed has only been 32kmph


Mane is a physical beast, Saka is also one but he is still growing.


I have never seen Saka run that fast, and surely that can't be accurate for Mane? What sources are you referencing? Kinda need the stats to come from the same source as well as being credible.


https://www.arsenal.com/news/statsports-verdict-our-stars-qatar Here’s for mane: https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/clubs/players/250061119--sadio-mane/statistics/ sakas top speed surprised me too but I remember seeing this when we lost out on mudryk and realized it would be okay since kiwior Tierney and Saka are all around his speed


what the hell, Tierney is that damn fast? I never see him as the quickest guy in the team


Its really hard to see on the pitch because to the players its obvious when theyre losing a footrace and will defer to another defensive position if possible.


There was one point yesterday where Kiwior sprinted back after a set piece for us broke down, and he was keeping pace with Adama Traore


Yep up until this transfer window he was our fastest but kiwior broke all the records I think I remember an interview when Auba was still here with Auba saying Tierney was actually faster than him but he thought he could beat him if he were younger https://dailypost.ng/2021/11/03/epl-aubameyang-names-two-arsenal-players-faster-than-him/ https://www.sportbible.com/football/arsenal-signing-jakub-kiwior-records-fan-reaction-856154-20230202


What does "prolific" mean in this context? Seeing as Saka is 4-5 years younger than Mane was when he moved to Liverpool. And his output this season has been similar. Maybe "clinical" is the word you're looking for? Which I might agree. He was a good finisher.


Is prolific and clinical not the same thing? But yes that is what I meant.


No. Prolific means your raw output is really high. "Clinical" in this context means being very efficient, i.e. scores most of the chances he gets, which might not be a lot, so the output can be less. As an example, Eduardo was a really clinical striker for us, even though he never got to really show his promise. But if you gave him with a sniff of goal, you could bank on it. I'd love if we could unearth someone like that again.


Honestly I read this and remembered Mane scored 22 goals in 2019 when he won the joint golden boot but I just checked and he only got 1 assist that season which is extremely surprising honestly


So glad he signed a new contract. I hope his faith in the club is rewarded with trophies.


Starboy ✨


His goal today was just poetry. Made it himself and so well taken.


it's interesting that his abilities and skills change with time. He's getting taller. His moves are visibly different to Saka we loved when he first started under Emery.


The fucking goal today was clinical. Loved seeing that.


Wouldn't Sane have been around the same age when he did that?


Sane was electric


I truly believe that next season will be looked back on as “something to behold”


Difference is Mane will turn up in the biggest games, Sane was no better than Saka that's for sure, hopefully our Starboy improves the way he manages games and get proper rotation in the summer


Nice but numbers could've been so much better. He got 2 G/A in the last 9 games, so he had 23 G/A in 29 games.


Well Arteta did come out and say he's been carrying a knock the last few weeks.


Mane? he arrived in 2014 and he is from April, 1992