Japanese engineers have a working prototype of a Ball unit, compete with cannon and manipulators.


god I want to believe you


Is this even an opinion? Or is it true?


Not sure about the Ball but Japan does have prototype funnel missiles (minus the psycommu obviously): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63gqPvWbkMg


Lol that's from 14 years ago, by now they definitely have the Psycommu


The plastic pieces taste better than the stickers


Most underrated opinion here


The guntank is a great ms


The world still isn't ready for the power of Psycommu Guntank


0083 is a badass OVA. Gundam Age had the potential to be great but fell on it's face. Heero is literally the worst assassin ever.


Heero really is! He refuses or fails to assassinate most targets, and accidentally killed the completely wrong faction when trying to wipe out Oz leadership. Wu Fei, on the other hand, not only wipes out almost all his targets, but counterproductively kills a lot of people who probably didn't deserve it when he targets them due to his extreme philosophical sophistry and poor emotional intelligence and maturity. Ironically, Heero's failures make him a more empathetic and fully developed person that is able to side with former enemies and fight to preserve more lives. So being a worse assassin is the better path, here.


I always love that the Zero system made everyone go crazy except for Wufei who it seemed to straighten out. That boy was messed up.


IMO Wu Fei doesn't fully wise up until the end of Endless Waltz, which is quite frankly embarrassing.


If it weren't for the fact that Endless Waltz came out when it did, I would be convinced that Wufei's story was built around them coming up with the idea of having the Wing Zero fight the Altron first, then justifying it later. Sometimes, I still think that. Regardless, I love that movie and will die on that hill Edit: a word


It's kind of a weird movie, honestly, but at least it wraps up some threads from the series finale.


I still don't like Wufei.


I really think 0083 could have been a great movie. The show was just a little long for my tastes (*small* complaint as I know it's already short). I just think a high stakes movie length feature of a stolen gundam with a nuke and Zeon remnants would have been epic. A little training opener like we got and some character Dev on both sides, jump to the theft and immediate escape to space(less chasing them on earth), the reunion with Zeon forces, and the build to the epic showdown. But yeah... Loved 0083. (And 08th MS)


I agree with 0083 (except for the Nina not recognizing Gato at the start?). "Solomon, I have returned" is still, for me, the single most epic line delivered in the entire franchise.


Haman’s Neo Zeon mobile suit designs are one of the best aesthetic elements of the UC, like seeing the battlefield populated by psychedelic alien designs in neon colors is just damn gorgeous.


Yep. Reminds me of orchid mantises and other beautiful insects.


Lady une is a fantastic character with a real fucking arc with development and her rebellion absolutely slapped.


She’s absolutely one of the 3 best characters in Wing, alongside Zechs and Treize.


Any character that can headshot a dude falling out of an airplane that elegantly is inherently the best character in their media.


Absolutely. Love this character.


Zeonism is a ineherently flawed ideology. X is one of the best Gundams. G- actually captures the themes of Gundam in a quite good way, merely approaching from a different angle. Dom Trooper is the worst Dom variant. Ramba Ral had the best facial hair in the original series.


For a sec I thought you said Dom TROPEN was the worst variant, and I was gonna have to throw some fucking hands my man So far all correct. And to be clear though- by “Zeonism” do you mean the ideology preached by Zeon Zum Deikun *himself*, or what the Zabi family made it into and was perpetuated by later groups for legitimacy?


> X is one of the best Gundams. For clarification, you mean the show or the mobile suit? Either way I'm inclined to agree.


Number 5 deserves an award. Sadly I have none to share


I did it for you


Gracias, both of you.




Garrod Ran is the best protagonist. Has a charismatic personality, great development, and is an absolute badass throughout the show. Crystal Unicorn is by many, many magnitudes the most powerful Gundam within the main franchise; Dark History Turn A and the ELS Qan [T] are planetary threats, but Crystal boy is so ridiculously powerful he's been stated as a threat to space-time itself and the physical universe.


The virgin Bazinga: - is a mere regular student, boring - is handed his Gundam nearly on a platter all things considered, easy - gets super mode with no drawbacks or defined limits, weak and unoriginal - legit simps for a girl, miss me The THAD Garrod Ran: - steals a mobile suit IN OPERATION while on foot in first screen appearance, powerful - historically has done so before for profit, devious lick - is a beast and can survive on his own, and is *always* strapped, real G - physically does not tolerate thottery - obtains dusty Gundam from storage hangar, slaps shit up - doesn’t need to be a special boy newtype nonsense, proves anyone can change themselves - pursues a girl, but does not simp for her






Garrod holding the Colony Laser hostage to get back Tifa, and then double crossing them and blowing it up anyways when he gets what he wants will always stick with me as his quintessential badass moment.


Lalah while potentially interesting I'd introduced far too late and her existence does not deserve all the drama and weight it was given. If we got to know her earlier she would have been more impactful and as a result Four is a better version of her.


Mmm, probably the best take I've read in this thread. I was very confused by how important she was.


OZ grunts are top tier. Nina Purpleton was abducted and replaced by a Founder halfway through that show.


The Aries is a fantastic design, and I love how bad it sucks in-universe. Also, re: Nina, she *does* work for Anaheim, so it makes sense she'd be in bed with both sides.


I don't mean that she was literally in bed with both sides, I mean she absolutely lost her marbles


Nina and Gato were a thing... so she was in bed with both sides.


To the best of my knowledge she never banged Kou


*Sorts by controversial*


Mika's generally emotionless demeanor didn't make him cool. It made him unrelatable.


MS Igloo has some of the best depictions of mobile suit combat and anti mobile suit combat In the entirety of the U.C timeline


IGLOO did a thing I wasn't expecting at all. It made the Ball look cool.


My boi Shiro was doing that back in 08th MS Team.


Yeah gravity front is my favourite because it's not focused on feddies MS pilots but rather the actual grunt


Does this count as a hill to die on? That's just a fact. MS Igloo is an underrated gem!


The only bad thing about Igloo is the weird CGI that looks like an early XBOX/PS2 era cutscene. All of the combat is actually awesome and just the right amount of anime style over the top!


IGLOO, specifically the part following the Federation, also makes mobile suits feel terrifying, something often forgotten in other series.


Every UC faction except AEUG is evil, and even they commit several war crimes and morally questionable actions, only to ultimately fail in their goals of meaningful longterm EF reform.


Wait, League Militare is evil? When did that happen?


They did have an entire ship crewed by the youngest child soldiers in a franchise literally about child soldiers...


Seed was awesome


GN Drives are lazy story components: they do anything and everything because the plot requires them to.


Loved 00 but I can't really argue against this


I think it would’ve been more interesting if the Trans-Am system didn’t exist, and the rest of the world slowly caught up to GN drives. It becomes less of a plot device, and more of just really advanced technology.


100%. Trans-Am is just a cheap plot armor device, a get out of jail free card so that instead of becoming a more skilled pilot, you can cheat your way out of death :/ ... Unless you're Lockon lols


I still can't believe they pulled a Beerfest and just brought on Lockon's brother who looks exactly like him.


Hahaha right? And he JUST so happens to have the exact same skillset as his brother. Very lazy writing.


Wasn't it made clear that Lyle didn't have the same marksmanship prowess as Neil? Hence the emphasis on remote weaponry for long range saturation bombardment attacks in the Cherudim GNHW and Zabanya.


The way he dealt with his grief made it easier for him to be around people and work with them. See how he joined Katheron and was very attached to them, where his dead brother played a recording of talking girls to trick his companions into leaving him alone.


Unicorn and Narrative have the same problem, but with Psychoframes. CCA's mystical green space glitter worked because it happened right at the very end, and after Amuro had already earned the win. Unicorn abuses it so heavily that it feels like all the problems in the show are solved by Banagher screaming "THIS LIGHT IS WARM!" and then auto-winning with his omnipotent god mech


I could live with psycoframe paranormal activities up until the timey-whimey shenanigans…


Same honestly, in episode 7 it gets so ridiculous that I kind of checked out of the story Same thing happened with the 00 movie


So..... GN drives making Gundams fly, shoot mega beams that stretches for miles , (somehow) become lighter, gain durability, teleport in to another galaxy, and helping pilot become a next evolution of human race while also allowing telepathic communications for everyone and healing cancer is a lazy plot writing? (Jokes aside, I sorta laughed when a GN particle healed a disease)


No I still feel like the psycoframe has become a significantly lazier component than the GN drive. There’s a limit to what the drive could do in the anime, though I agree about it being a plot device. Now that I think about it, one could theoretically argue mecha are by themselves devices for plot, but I’m not a pendantic asshole so I’m not gonna say that in seriousness lmao


Nah, mecha *are* plot devices in Gundam: they're products of a military-industrial complex which also function as Kabuki theater costumes when crewed by the most emotive of us, the Newtypes.


"Canon" does not matter to judging the quality of a story.


Turn A Gundam had no business being as good as it is. From the suit designs to the plot to the characters. All of it is fantastic. Mustached Gundam 4 lyfe EDIT: If you don’t like the Turn A suit designs, then you simply have bad taste. Syd Mead, one of the most famous designers and artists of all time, designed all the new suits for Turn A. Yes, the man who did a majority of the designs for Blade Runner , Tron, and ALIENS. LIKE COME ON. I understand if you say the plot Is a little slow at the beginning, but the designs are so different from the rest of the Gundam series, you gotta at least appreciate them. The WaDoms having the War of the Worlds vibe. The SUMO units. TURN X HAS AN ARTICLE IN CAR DESIGN NEWS. I simply will not accept Turn A Mobile suit design slander https://www.cardesignnews.com/designers/the-lasting-appeal-of-syd-meads-turn-x-gundam/39413.article


Hathaway's Flash is some of the best Gundam content we've had in Y E A R S.


Don't think anyone is really gonna be arguing this xd


Probably the coldest take in the whole thread, lol.


Yup flash and origins are the best thing we've had in over a decade


Marida Cruz didn’t deserve to die


I think you'll struggle to find anyone who thinks the opposite here or anywhere.


thats a fact not a opinion


That's what makes it a tragedy. And spoilers.


Wait , does anyone actually believe otherwise ?


G Gundam is the undisputed champion and deserves a HD remake.


Remake? Absolutely not, I don’t think anyone in the industry today has the ability to capture the charm of that lightening in a bottle show. A remaster though, I’d enjoy that. Maybe an ova or side story anime would be cool too.




1. Gundam Wing is good, actually 2. 0083 was awesome 3. Char, Amuro, and Lalah are having a polyamorous relationship in Newtype heaven 4. Gundam ZZ wasn't as bad as people think 5. G Gundam was way better than it had any right to be.


Okay so Char wanted Lalah as a mother, Amuro is married to Lalah in Newtype heaven and they adopted Char. Char calls Amuro Daddy.


🤣😂. I can dig it.


Thanks. I hate it.


G Gundam is something else man. I love it but I’ll be damned if it isn’t one wild ride from start to finish


So fucking wild and I love every minute of it.


Statue of Liberty cannon intensifies


I mostly agree with all of these


The base skeleton of Wing’s story is good, and with more detail in its actual execution, it would probably be one of the best in the franchise


I think aside from Heero using the Wing more often instead of trying to blow it up, they should've cut down a bit on the constant changing in factions. I know a lot of people here liked it, but it made the story a bit tougher to follow without changing the end message about conflict breeding more conflict etc etc. They also really should've included backstories prior to the OVAs. What I'm trying to say is that the manga adaptation showed how much better Wing could've been.


I do think that the constant changing in faction names was important to show that "destroy OZ" does not equal "peace." OZ is a symptom of the world's inherent drive towards conflict and greed, not the cause of it. We see that because of Romefeller, etc. One of my favorite things about Wing though is that the "bad guys" sort of win, in the end. White Fang's role as a heel in a war big enough to cause a popular demand for peace was totally successful, and Zechs and Treize each played their part in the farce excellently and achieved their goals.


Minovski Particles make you impotent 👎🏼


That mankind’s souls are weighed down by gravity.


Amazon shouldn't be the only place I buy gundam anime blu-rays


Rightstuf sells them too.


Flay is actually a very good character whose worst aspects just get overplayed at the beginning. She has one of the most interesting journeys and one of the most complete character arcs of any side character.


People don't seem to realise that Flay is meant to be despised for being manipulative and prejudiced. In that sense, she was written very well.


Hard agree. I know people who hated her so much that they didn't realize that Kira actually truly loves her, and I think that love adds a lot to him as a character.


Yeah I would have loved to see her character developed more with the dropped PR Strike Rouge plot.


FUCKING YES. FINALLY. I thought I was alone.


08th MS Team felt like a huge missed potential after the 6th episode and I'm still not sure why it's extremely beloved. Though the director dying in a car accident during production was out of everyone's control and I still think it's a decent watch regardless.


I think it's beloved because, for all that missed potential, the first 3/4 of it still provide a uniquely "grunts-eye view" of mobile suit warfare. For those who enjoy the grittier side of Gundam, it scratches an itch in something no other OVA or series really does. Also because Norris Packard. But yeah, it's not 10/10 perfect literally flawless masterpiece. I still love it.


Honestly, I gotta give huge props in the 2nd half for making Norris Packard a huge badass and I love his Gouf Custom. Plus, you did point out some of the big strengths that the show from the lack of newtype magic that people love or hate and the unique perspective of not following elite soldiers that mostly succeed in that role.


8MST in concept is absolutely perfect. In execution, it fails to live up to a lot of its promises. It’s presented as being the most grounded, yet Shiro’s feats (such as the Ball victory over an advanced Zaku, dodging that one shot and taking no damage) pretty much match traditional Newtype plot armor, and the body count is much smaller than even the more idealistic space-magic-centric shows. And the idea of it just being about common grunts falls short when they still have to deal with a grand malicious villain and a big super weapon. It still has so many other great elements and I love the show for what it is, but I can’t help but feel that it fails at living up to its biggest selling points.


> being the most grounded I see what you did there.


It was, I honestly think it would be better without the romance too.


It's highly possible the romance was always planned since day 1 because Aina does appear here and there during the first half.


1. Quess Payara is the worst. The. Worst. 2. Banagher actually isn't that bad as a protagonist.


I always thought I hated Banagher but when I saw him at the end of Narrative I was so hype!


Yeah. Also the Sliver Bullet Suppressor is pretty awesome.


Number 1 one hundred percent agree. I just watch char's counterattack for the first time and hated her. I enjoy the movie but hated quess Number 2 Banagher is a good protag. At first I didn't like him but he grows on you.


Banagher grows as a character in general. He just starts out with whiney bitch disease. I hated the shit out of his stupid friends from school, though, or at least the girl one. I honestly don’t care enough to remember her name.


Just have to remember that they're teenagers. Of course they're stupid and whiney. It would be weird if they weren't.


Who saw their entire class get beamed on


No, Quess was severely, severely neglected by her father in everything possible but material. She was so starved for love and attention that she attempted to latch onto every male >!(Hathaway, though it was more him to her, Gyunei, but he rebuffed her)!< she encountered in CCA. >!Even Nanai was intrigued/surprised at Quess' desire to stay by Chars' side pretty much at all times!<. Her fighting for Neo-Zeon had nothing to do with allegiance, but her seeing Char as a father figure and him being willing to fulfill that role (to his own agenda). Shit him and Quess reek so bad of Char's Deleted Affair


I don't think they said she's terribly written, I think they just meant they just hate Quess' guts. No different from Flay, who was practically designed to be hateable while tragic.


Yazan is a top 5 UC pilot and Delaz Zeon is the most successful iteration of Zeon


Delaz Zeon didn't accomplish anything except for empowering the Titans. If you measure success by goals achieved for your people instead of by enemies killed, it isn't successful at all


Finally, Yazan getting the respect he deserves


Yazan is basically one of the only antagonists to survive the shows and continue on to live a full life too


G Gundam was awesome. Ramba Ral would've ended the OYW with Dom's.


- Banagher is a decent protagonist - The first half of SEED Destiny actually is okay, plot-wise, and Shinn's decent as a main character - 0083 had some genuinely endearing scenes, but was ultimately flawed considering its conclusion - There needs to be more female lead protagonists


IBO ending is great. Edit: Julieta’s Trophy is the Best version of Barbatos.


I really don't get all the hate for IBO in general and it's ending in particular.


I don't actually hate IBO and very much enjoy parts of it, but at the end of the day I watch Gundam to enjoy myself, and I don't enjoy being sad lol


That is entirely fair.


I think the main issue isn’t IBO’s ending and more how it gets there. IBO’s S2 villains suck flat out (with the exception of Gaelio and Rustal). The show feels more like Tekkaden dropping the ball over and over because the plot needs them to lose rather than the villains actually outplaying them. The only time that the villains felt like they outplayed the heroes is when Rustal false flags a dainsleif attack to justify his own use of them. Beyond that, it feels more like the villains are getting lucky the heroes are stupid now rather than them being an actual match for them. Even in Gaelio and McGillis’s final fight, McGillis fucks around instead of taking Rustal out immediately and then Gaelio gets his ass beat for 10 minutes before pulling a win out of nowhere somehow.


IBO didn't have a traditional hero's victory, and that rustled people's jimmies.


It did….people just didn’t catch on that the main characters weren’t the heroes anymore ;)


Yep and when I realized that I got a whole new appreciation for the show.


The ending itself was fine, just didn't like the 10 or so episodes before it.


Gundam ZZ is peak Gundam Gundam Wing as a Gundam show is terrible, but as a show on its own, is actually decent. Same goes for Cosmic Era. I would die for a full 0079 the origin remake. Gundam needs more adult main characters, like Shiro Amanda, Io Flemming, Amuro/Char during CCA...


Definitely that last point. You don't need to be a teen to hate war while fighting in one.


I will die alongside you comrade for a full 0079 origin remake . IMO the best telling of the original story


Shiro Amanda lol.


Alright fine, I'll plant the flag on this hill. Nina Purpleton was only just as bad as Kou and Gato by the end of the series. It wasn't her getting written badly that ruined the show, it was a group effort of the three characters acting crazy.


They should have kept duo as the main protagonist in wing and gundam wing is secretly genius and we should have gotten more of the main characters backstories Yes I have watched endless waltz


The manga for Gundam the Origin is great; it's my favorite take on the OYW. But the OVA? It's created so much confusion for newbies trying to get into the Universal Century (no, you should not watch it before the original TV series/movie trilogy), I think it's caused more harm than good.


How about the 3 Tomino novels? Compared to the Origins manga.


I'm not familiar with it enough to make an informed opinion on it. Like, I tried reading the Del Rey releases back when I was in middle school, and it didn't hold my attention enough to keep reading. But I wouldn't take that personal account at face value because: 1. I appreciate reading literature more than I did back then, simply because I'm not forced to do it anymore. The problem now is just finding the time. 2. I believe the current release you can find now has a revised translation, one without Sha's and Zak's and Jabrow's and Jion's, etc.


Thanks I will look into it. I deeply enjoyed Origin and I’m looking into an even more detailed description of the events and characters.


I'm reading the Origin manga right now and it's soooo great. I love the OYW and this is the best take on it yet. There have been sequences that made my jaw drop to the floor.


Grunts are actually better than other more Distinct mobile suits


Custom Wing Zero flapping it's wing in space is useless


Gundam Seed is a good show, Destiny had potential. The Federation is the better faction in the UC Timeline Sayla needed more screen time Unicorn Gundam’s plot should splinter off to make either a new canon or a UC alt canon where the Laplace incident forces the Feds to reform


Advance of Zeta is far too easily forgotten and far and away has the best mechanical design of any piece of gundam media. If given a proper animated adaptation, it can easily become one of the best parts of the UC.


Hard agree. Piggybacking on this, I honestly think AoZ deserves an anime adaptation more than Crossbone Gundam.


Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny are easily some of the best AUs, while they do have some pretty big problems in general, the amount of straight up pure expanse and effort put into developing its world and characters, even if in a decadent way, is just unmatched by any other Gundam Universe bar UC Maybe a personal opinion, but i think that both shows still have some pretty good moments overall, things like: break the world, Freedom's first launch, the first destruction of ORB, The entire Stella arc in SD, and of course, Shinn vs Kira, i think are some of the best sequences in the entire Gundam franchise, both by thematic coesion and straight up being enjoyable moments that make you root for the characters involved I honestly think that the biggest problem in the shows is SD ending so badly, if it didn't end with the shitfest that was Shinn becoming a villain, then the shows would have been much more appreciated, of course, while there are some other things that are divisive, mainly many of the Villains and some of the protagonists themselves (Shinn, Kira, Cagalli, Lacus...), the problems never become overwhelming and we never got to the point where it becomes just bad on all fronts, like in IBO or the borefest that is 00


Zeta even though it is my favorite series is nowhere near the best series as many people believe, I find there are many flaws in the writing and points in the series where different directions that would have been more interesting to the narrative could’ve taken place. Oh, and Char’s reasoning (whatever it is I don’t remember) for doing half of the crap he did in CCA makes no sense and him dropping asteroids like the Zabis and their supporters makes him a hypocrite.


I completely agree with your char point. In Zeta he was the best character and actually made sense. Then CCA happened. Then origin happened. I'm honestly not a fan of the way they are portraying Char these days.


Origin gets a pass because it’s an alternative Char, but I could see how a younger more brash and ambitious bloodthirsty man could grow older and wiser into Quattro. CCA Char, I still don’t know who he is or what happened to him to make him that way.


I think my flair fits real well here


Victory Gundam was fucking AWESOME, a one of a kind show that combined the absolute brutality of war with the only UC show protagonist you don’t want to punch in the face and a unique blend of surreal comedy from the creator going insane.


Victory Gundam is a good show. Yes it's very weird sometimes, but it's still enjoyable and it gets a bad rep because Tomino hates it.


Gundam SEED has one of the more interesting explanations as to why Gundams are overpowered: they were initiallY meant as dumbed down mobile suits to enable natural human beings to pilot an MS. But in the hands of genetically modified coordinators, they became OP.


ZZ is great, fantastic even. Along with that Roux and Elle are probably the best female characters in UC, and Judau is the best protagonist.


I agree except I would add Haman to that list, and also I still like Kamille better than Judau but only by a bit. However, if we include AU’s then my absolute favorite main protagonist is Garrod, who is basically a Judau clone.


Heero Yuy isn't a great character in any way.


I kinda disagree. He shows the most personal growth of all the Gundam pilots except for perhaps Trowa and Zechs. He's just such a melodramatically flawed character from the moment he debuts that he can be hard to take seriously at times. Now if you want a truly terrible character that hardly sees any growth, Wu Fei is your man.


UGH! I forgot about Wu.


If you forgot about him, then he wasn’t really important


That Gundam Unicorn is god tier. I love nearly everything about that series


With a stellar character like Marida Cruz in it, who can disagree?


Beautiful animation, *killer* soundtrack, awesome Mobile Suits, epic fights, and interesting story? What could be better?


The universe is a new environment, which will compel mankind to change. If the first stage in mankind’s evolution was his evolution from an ape to a human, and the second stage was was his breakthrough from feudalism to the rational science of the Renaissance, then the third will be his transformation into a new type of human, a man with profound sensitivity and insight and a far greater awareness of the vastness of time and space. The transition to Newtypes will be a natural one. The act of walking increased man’s range of movement and helped the concept of tribe and nation-state to develop. Powered vehicles expanded man’s awareness to a global level. And now civilization is advancing into outer space. By living and working in space, man’s consciousness will will transcend the boundaries of Earth and become truly universal. The vastness of space will be “home”. And as man’s consciousness expands, he will begin to tap the unutilized portions of his cerebrum- the over half of his brain cells unused since time immemorial, the enormous untapped mental reserves given by God precisely for the new environment of space- that will act as the trigger. O people of space! Now is the time to awaken! To realize your latent potential! We are at the dawn of a transformation of mankind. A true enlightenment of the human race. And we may finally be poised, ready to transcend what has always been thought the impossible- infinite space, and time itself. This is no idle dream. To live in a new universe, man must transcend the psychological limitations of his old environment! It is the height of arrogance for those who remain on Earth to look up at the heavens and believe they can continue to rule over all its inhabitants. It is true that we- the space colonists- were largely shipped from Earth against our will as a population-control measure. But now we are developing a new identity and awareness. We are a new people. We live, eat, and sleep among the stars. We live in infinite space, and we will have access to infinite energy until the sun burns out fifty billion years from now. Our consciousness will expand, and infinite space will be our true home. God has given us the stars to live among. We are the people of the universe. We have struggled to survive in a harsh environment, and new generations of colonists testify to our success. Now, when we gaze back at Earth, we see a sacred blue and green orb- the cradle of civilization and a sacred home that we must eternally preserve and protect. Our new consciousness as a people of the universe tells us that Earth was not created to be abused and polluted by a few members of an elite, privileged class. Men and women who have never been into outer space still believe Earth belongs to them and still continue rape and plunder it, but their time has passed. Earth must be preserved as the sacred homeland of all mankind. It does not belong solely to an Earthbound elite! By continuing to dream of controlling all of mankind, they forever deny mankind its true destiny. Autonomy for the Sides, sovereignty for the colonists, does not simply mean a revolt against sovereignty on Earth. It means that every human should move into space, that the government of the Earth and the area around it should be placed in the hands of an alliance of all Sides, and that the Earth itself should be preserved and protected as the sacred birthplace of all mankind. It is easy to expand the numbers of colonies required to accomplish this. In ancient times the Christians fought bloody battles for control over the birthplace of their religion, but there is no need for humanity to repeat this mistake over Earth


G Gundam was fun and deserves a reboot/ sequel


The early series should be MUCH more easily accessible than it is. The OG Mobile Suit Gundam finally got to Crunchyroll, but before that it was unavailable, and Mobile Suit Zeta and ZZ are still basically nowhere. You can find the newer series easily, but the older ones, you either have to buy the Blu-ray’s (which are insanely expensive) or join the pirates life.


Ramba Ral and Norris Packard are the best characters


Anavel Gato was the protagonist all along


Seed and even Destiny remain one of my favorite shows, flaws and all.


The 00 intro song ash like snow is the best intro song for any anime ever.


*Daybreak’s Bell has entered the chat*


Not an opinion I was expecting to see here, but one I very much agree with. Well, ok, maybe not best intro *ever* IMO, but it's certainly up there, and is clearly above pretty much every other gundam OP.


SEED is a good show and Kira is one of the best protagonists the franchise has. It's a moving story about a pacifist trying to hold onto his ideals in the middle of a war while fighting his best friend who's on the opposite side. In the end, he realizes that he has to fight to protect the ones he loves and stop those who continue the war and the cycle of violence it brings with it.




Awakening of the Trailblazer is actually good.


*AGE* ain't that bad.


Thank you I thought I was alone on this. The show isn't incredible but it's not as bad as people say it is


Zeon is nothing but a glorified cult to the Zabis which got out of hand, and continued to wreak havoc across space for decades. Any hope they had for any actual help died when they gassed the colonies, or even before hand when Casval's dad was killed. They helped advanced technology like space travel, and maybe colony construction due to mobile suits but even as disgustingly corrupt, and unfit as the earth federation is, not including the titans in this as they're despotic as shit, and actual mass murderers, they're still a better alternative.


IBO was predictable.


Mobile suit cockpits should have locks.


ZZ is a good show


Goodbye post Karma but.... 08th MS Team's battles that we all look back at nostalgically are fucking shit. Particularly the Gouf Fight. You got veteran pilots missing shots on a non moving target, failure to cooperate and failure to use the terrain they knew about, Its honestly a slow and plodding and contrived battle that slapped when we were all dumb kids but if you watch it without that nostalgia now you're just like "Why is everyone shit?" . Still my favorite MS designs though...


People can like any show they want, even if you think it’s made badly, and you don’t have to try to convince them that it sucks every time they say they like it. I hope that’s not a wild take here but on twitter where I spend most of my time it sure seems to be.


A newly formed, but strongly held opinion: After War Gundam X is the absolute best AU, and has no business being so overshadowed.




I enjoyed it.


I’ll agree to that. Rarely, most things are not perfect, but the two series were mighty entertaining


Reconguista in G is the best series


This comment needs more attention. I’ve never seen it but no one talks about. Crap I own the Blu-ray and am still sitting on it.


Gundam Seed has the best soundtrack in all of Gundam


Unicorn is one of the best Gundam shows


ZZ Gundam is good actually; Maybe even better than Zeta, it just has a rough start. And Judau is the best UC protagonist.


G reco was pretty good


That Gundam Seed is top tier.


Two things. Tallgeese and it's line are perfect. Second. If I had a space colony to drop I would drop it on Celestial Being twice just so I don't have to hear someone say Celestial Being again.