are there any AUs I should watch?

are there any AUs I should watch?


I mean, if you like Gundam why not watch them all?


Just please for your sanity skip AGE unless your a complete Gundam nut like me.


AGE isn’t bad. It’s just rushed.


Yes. I really like some of its ideas but it just has too many problems for me.


G, Wing, and X all connect to Turn A If you are a fan of UC, I'd check out AGE and Seed as they're re imaginings of the original series.


Depends on your preferences. Different AUs cater to different tastes. They're all Gundam, but they focus on different aspects and contain different themes.


00 and IBO are great imo!


Turn A, X, and G


if you like super robot instead of real robot, G If you like intervention(or technically terrorism in cases), and OP titular suits relative to who they fight against 00, Wing If you want a retake of Mobile Suit Gundam: Seed, Age If you want Mad Max: X If you want a low class rising up story: IBO If you like peak tomino charaacter development and writing: Turn A If you like to see what happens when tomino gets less time on a series than he should: G in Reconguista


00 and IBO are great modern picks. Seed's not bad, but Seed Destiny is a trainwreck. Wing didn't age well, but it's what got me into Gundam 20 something years ago, so it's relative. G is fun one. Couldn't get into X or Turn A, but the designs are sweet.


I've watched IBO and 00, they were both quite good. Seed is pretty popular as well.