0079 Series or Film Trilogy?

0079 Series or Film Trilogy?


If you want the full story, the series. If 6ou want the gist of it, with some changes that make it less super robot, films. I personally enjoy the films more, but the series is still fantastic.


Thanks everyone I’ll watch the series then the films for subsequent viewings


The series. It gives you better context on the characters and the pacing is much more fluid. Though, I do think Trilogy is worth watching especially for Encounters in Space alone.


Both. Series first, then movies.


as others have said, the series of course gives more content, but honestly i prefer the movies. while the series does offer \*more\*, in total, i find a lot of the elements in it actually more detracting from its core gundam-ness; and that's also what tomino set out to 'fix' in the movie trilogy. but also more importantly, i personally find the remastered audio design for the movies (came with their 2000 dvd release and thereafter iirc) to be so much more immersive, to such a degree that it really becomes the backbone of the story's 'real-robot'-ness for me. not to mention the new materials in the 2nd and especially 3rd movie. also, since i just finished watching Ideon a while ago and now half way through Xabungle, i find it to make much more sense in my head to think of the 0079 series as the 1st entry of Tomino's four experimental robot series before Z Gundam (Gundam -> Ideon -> Xabungle -> Dunbine), and the 0079 movie trilogy as the proper beginning of the Gundam series. also, you don't get the incredible Soldiers of Sorrow song in the original series.


Both are good. I’d say it depends on how much time you’ve got and if you like dubs or subs. The series is dubbed. The trilogy isn’t, unless you watch the VHS tapes with that terrible dub. The character development and some story elements are expanded upon in the Series also, but the Trilogy has improved pacing and some changes that make more sense in more of a real robot context. I would say for a first viewing, Trilogy and then If you want to expand on the characters more watch Gundam the Origin afterward.




Yeah, I’ll take the unpopular opinion here and say the Movies. The series has more content, but a lot of it feels superfluous. The movies have everything important, and they never let up, never get bogged down, and feel less like toy commercials chucking new product at you every couple weeks. The downsides to the movies are that it doesn’t have a lot of down time between plot arcs, so it feels a little hectic, and the characters occasionally feel like they’re pushed through their plots too rapidly. Those are both very fair criticisms, but the movies’ flaws are less detracting than the series’ flaws for me, and that makes it an easy call, though both are still excellent.