The voice actor curse that we should have known.

This time Suletta will break the curse, no man or Gundam is going to steal her wife!!!


This time Suletta will break the curse, no man or Gundam is going to steal her wife!!!


Monkey's paw: A random Earthling comes out of nowhere and shoot Miorine because the person assume she was responsible for the attacks.


Suletta: (drops space colonies onto Earth to avenge Mio) Suletta then revives Mio with the GUND and enjoys her happy ending.


Miorine terrified by Suletta's actions. She tries to move, but only to realize many of her body parts are replaced by GUND. Then she fell onto the floor and went into a coma.


Wakes up as a Gundam with Suletta inside her proclaiming that “she’ll never leave her side.” Miorine screams, but due to not reaching Permet 8, no one is ever able to hear her cries.


Also Suletta: Ah! I’m inside Miorine-san!


Jesus Christ you guys have no f chills... But i kinda like this fan made story ngl.


Turn into a Gundam and rescue Miorine to reflect Utena's ending.


No but I am totally on board with the one eyed Miorine theories. Give my girl an eyepatch- just wanna see sumthing


I'm going to find you if Mio dies the Lafter-way. >!this is a joke!<


Everybody: Euphy is Lacus. She definetly survives! Okouchi Ichiro *writing Code Geass script*: Guess what? He-he...


Monkey paw: Chu Chu rizz


Especially because she's not a blue hair character


Ichigo's English voice actress is Renee Costa in G-Witch, and her husband is Martin Upmont.


Meanwhile Lucy Edgerunner was split into JPN Norea and ENG Sophie.


why does aoi yuuki always has that weird character with either trauma a drak past a weird love interest or some weird personality or just the tree for a certain spider and now that i think about it wasn't she als the voice for spider gwen?? that women is scary


I think that after voicing Madoka in Madoka Magica she decided she was done taking normal roles and just wanted to go apeshit, and I respect that


yeah have you seen here speed at singing and speaking she is a beast when speed speaking and singing kumoko show me that and it scares me


Aoi Yukinis just very good at voicing emotions beyond sad or happy. Also she likes being the osne that gives out the spanking.


Aoi Yuuki has *crazy* range.


I think I'm the only one who remembers this show, but her performance as Suishou in *Granbelm* was absolutely unhinged. Spends the first half of the season as a secondary antagonist with a really carefree tone, but when her ulterior motive and identity get revealed, she swaps over seamlessly to the most sinister villainous monologue you've ever heard in your life in the span of a sentence. Phenomenal VA work!


The worst one off gotta be Sayu


Why is Maki mug half transparent half not? And how come I have watched all three shows shown here.


Haven’t watched Darling in The Franx,too many people said the ending is disappointing to the point that I gave up watching it. Even tho I know I’d probably like most of it because of 02 alone


It started off promising but it ended really bad, really after Ep 15 they should've canned it. Also they fridged all the gay characters, like really disappointing.


I wouldn't necessarily call it disappointing, but it did leave a bit of a taste that something was missing. There's a YouTube video that goes into details but I think that it wasn't a bad perse. It definitely could've had better execution though.


It's pretty good, a different take to the different stories with TRIGGER


Nah don't watch it. There's plenty of other mech shows you're better off watching. I absolutely regret being invested in that show when it first came out. Any other trigger show is more entertaining, even if I sometimes get annoyed at their rule of cool in favor of meaningful plot development at times.


Isn't it a glass mug?


A double bottomed insulated cup, but those usually don’t have handles since you know, insulated so you can already hold the exterior quite comfortably.


Kana Ichinose: making a career out of getting cucked.


She gets the girl in FFXIV at least.


She does, she does. (Here come the they're just friends people who never played FF8)


I never finished the game, which character was it again lol


Shadowbringers expansion, character named Ryne, a lovely girl


What's worse is that Suletta's English and Japanese VA both got death threats


Death threats for what?


- The Japanese VA got threats because of that scene from Darling in the Franxx - English VA got hating tweets (mixed in with death threats) just because she wasn't "accurately portrayed Shit like this makes me hate Twitter


Yikes... how much of a loser one have to be to send a death threat over a voice work?


It’s the same people saying that any criticism of WFM = Homophobia. Voice actress of lesbian character isn’t lesbian? Better send her death threats!


That's not really the reason why people were upset. I'm not sure if there were actual death threats being made (everybody always somehow gets that in twitter), but obviously it's not right if they did and nobody should get death threats for voice work. The people who were upset (including one of the VAs, Alenjandro Saab) was raising awareness for hiring poc VAs for poc characters, as simple as that. There's more push for US dubs to consider diverse casts since it's a much bigger melting pot than Japan. Nobody was mad that a lesbian character was being voiced by a straight VA or anything like that (especially when we don't even know the sexuality of the VAs). You're just making up people to get mad at now.


That’s even worse than getting upset over their sexuality There hasn’t been a single character who has had their race, culture, or anything similar be verbally confirmed or defined at any point in the show. It’s also who knows how many years in the future, but clearly far enough ahead where humanity would be a giant genetic melting pot. The people we’re talking about are the only ones looking for things to get upset about. If it was something like Miles Morales being voiced by a white VA then sure, but talking about it in reference to WFM is a joke


At least Ichigo got together with Goro though. They were cute.


Nah, most disgusting case of "pair the spares" in anime history. What was the message, that if you wait her out the girl will fall to you eventually? Them ending no more than friends, each at peace with the fact they weren't their love's first choice, and happy with the romantic solitude that choice brought them, would have been a much more mature message. Nishigori turned his back on it for what, to throw "best boy Goro" a W he didn't even need?


Darling in franx was just a fucking mess. Looked like they were trying to be deep but then it's really just about procreation and obviously you gotta pair up the spares because everyone needs to be paired to be happy for some reason. I mean I guess the whole crux of the show is force pairing kids until they can pilot the sex robots, so it checks out. The 'genderless pilots' in the 2nd cour was handled weird too and the way they handled that one girl (forgot her name) lesbian crush on Ichigo was very clumsy and just looked like they were trying to say "See sex doesn't work between women, they can't pilot the doggy style sex robot". Weebs will say only the ending was bad but that bad ending was built from badly written build ups that could've been interesting (unfortunately).


> The 'genderless pilots' in the 2nd cour was handled weird too and **the way they handled that one girl (forgot her name) lesbian crush on Ichigo was very clumsy** and just looked they were trying to say "See sex doesn't work between women, they can't pilot the doggy style sex robot". > > I remember someone (Director or VA) said that she was going to do something important later only for her to literally do nothing outside of getting injured so hard and getting bedridden on the hospital beside getting paired with that girl who was the original partner of the MC Also an example of a show dropping the ball hard on the second half


Yeah in the end, it was just weeb bait what with Zero-Two's "darling" schtick.


100% all of this. I only stayed because Mika Nakashima did the OP, but that was one of the all time wasted watches in my over 2 decades of watching anime.


So that means Suletta will end up with someone else instead of Miorine? Or will she finally break the NTR curse?!


Guel gonna eat his W confirmed.




What are the first 2 shows


Darling in the franxx and love is war




"*Well at least it can’t get any worse*" -A boi with a red brick fused to his back


Emmet from the lego movie?


"*Yes*" -Heavy from TF2


and to think, when s1 ep 1 aired, i thought “she finally won”


Luckily Suletta’s story in Witch From Mercury is all about how she breaks curses, to the disbelief of everyone around her.


Meanwhile, Norea knows that being meguca is suffering (could hear it in ep 19 too)


Miomio has more flags... and not the good ones :(.


No no no no no Wait wait wait wait wait