I genuinely couldn't care less what ad a youtuber runs cause I just skip them all


All hail sponsor block. All hail ublock origin.


uBlock Origin: * [Firefox](https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/) * [Chrome](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-origin/cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm) * * [Edge](https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/ublock-origin/odfafepnkmbhccpbejgmiehpchacaeak) * * [Opera](https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/ublock/) * \* Chrome based browsers are trying to get rid of ad blocking capabilities when manifest V3 will become mandatory in 2023. I suggest moving to [Firefox](https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/). ^^I ^^only ^^post ^^once ^^per ^^thread ^^unless ^^when ^^summoned.


Manifest V3?


It's some bullshit that's gonna limit adblockers to do fuck all for "sEcURitY", Firefox will also support V2 so adblockers will work like normal. Most browsers are all Chromium based so they are getting V3 forced


I watch Brandon Herrera and Unsub Podcast. I don’t go there for the good morals. I go there for cum


Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.




I’m not hip with the guntubers But now I’m intrigued


One of us! One of us! Now we this little group called The Offenders...


Realistically, you have to be pretty gullible to fall for the whole “my favorite celebrity endorses this product, so it *has* to be good.” Even the most common sponsors typically aren’t that great: Raycon earbuds are beat out by other similarly priced Bluetooth earphones, Magic Spoon is literally just expensive cereal, MeUndies are just expensive underwear (they are comfy tho), literally any of the meal subscription services (Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, etc.) lack both quantity of food and quality of ingredients, you’re better off getting an actual experienced therapist over paying for BetterHelp (although it’s a net positive to try and make therapy more accessible), Ridge wallets are nice, but are priced similarly to a high-end designer brand, and Honey rarely works on shopping websites these days, but at least this one is free. Manscaped seems alright, and I really don’t know enough about SimpliSafe to comment. It doesn’t seem like there’s a ton of oversight either, some of the best ad reads I’ve seen on YouTube are the ones where the content creator knows the product is shit, so they just subtly dog it the whole time.


Manscaped is a scam. They don't let you unsubscribe without going through a lot of hoops, and their "safe" lawnmower trimmer nearly flayed my balls. I had to threaten them with a lawsuit to get them to unsubscribe me and get my money back. The soap smells nice, though.


Safety razor never led me wrong in that department. Just make sure you slam a few so your hands are steady.


Huh, I unsubscribed without issue. I didn’t really want the subscription, just wanted a decent rechargeable trimmer. I canceled after my first delivery of replacement blades.


What kind of a refund is worth accidentally shearing your balls off? "Your testicles WILL survive the Manscaped experience or your money back! We call it the Happy Eunuch Guarantee and it's our promise to you!"


I dunno, seems like a decent lawsuit. One testicle for say a couple hundred grand? I got 2 kids, I'm 45 and I have a spare. I'd risk it, maybe.


We did Every Plate for a while and we're quite happy with it. My main complaints were: - repetitive recipes with only small variations - everything cooked with salt, pepper, and "a drizzle of oil" - very poorly written instructions For example, I have 5 different burger recipes that only carry slightly in what toppings they used. Many of the instructions are frustrating because I'll finish with Step 3, look at the instructions and it says "Step 4: While the vegetables are simmering, do these other steps …." FFS, apparently I was supposed to make a sauce while the veggies simmered, and now they're getting cold while I'm mixing.


Speaking as the husband of a culinary teacher, the recipe thing isn't really that different from even most professionally written recipes. As my wife always says, "I think it should be written in bold at the top of each recipe to read it all the way through before you start cooking". That way you are at least familiar with what's coming. I think the meal kits can be good for people who are still learning how to cook and to make meals, but once you know what you're doing, you can get much healthier, cheaper, and higher quality ingredients at the store. They certainly serve their place though. I definitely agree that their variety is sorely lacking, though partially I think that's because they are trying to keep the cost down while also appealing to a lot of people who are picky eaters (aka too spicy, too foreign, too hard, why are there tomatoes, etc.).


Yeah, it makes sense that professional recipes are written in the most efficient way, but these meal kits are often for novice cooks. Most people do steps in order. They do step 3, and then do step 4. They don't expect to do step 4 in the *middle* of step 3. It's a minor gripe, but if I were writing the instructions, I would arrange them a bit differently. IDK about higher quality, healthier ingredients. A zucchini is a zucchini, an onion is an onion. I doubt the veggies at the store are significantly higher quality than what came in the box. **Cheaper?** Definitely, but with a meal kit you're also paying for packing, deliver, a recipe, and convenience. My other complaint is that the Every Plate recipes don't list amounts, since everything in the kit is pre-measured. That makes it a little bit awkward to reuse the recipes with grocery store ingredients.


Didn't buy it because of any ad, but I do have a purple mattress and I remember they used to do a lot of advertising on YouTube for a while. I also have some KAK industries parts for one of my ARs, and I like it. Honestly I think people should treat sponsorships like any form of commercial, and do your own research before you buy it.


I'm with you on KAK. I've used there stuff on a couple of my AR builds, and they seem sufficiently robust, no issues so far. Sometimes a price tag is just a price tag, and doesn't denote quality (either high or low)


Grip6 belts are good. I’ve seen some YouTubers advertise for them. Either way, that’s been my only belt for over 5 years now.


Manscaped products are the shit, but their sub service has major scam energy


Honey is the only one I use and it's actually somewhat useful. Since it's a add on, it's never in my face, and I saved me some money. Not much, but it still helps.


There are a lot of scams out there these days. Lots of ways to lose money, but did you know investing in Gold is one of the best ways to make your money grow? That's why id like to thank today's sponsor, Acre of Gold... Acre is a new precious metal brand aiming to help consumers have an easier and more engaging experience with precious metals. We think the way people buy Gold today, from visiting older e-commerce sites to literally going to pawn stores, can not only be improved, but be more affordable. To that end, we’ve introduced our industry-first Gold subscription that let’s consumers buy Gold for a small monthly fee and after some accumulation, have our Acre-branded Gold delivered discreetly and directly to your doorstep. Use today's code 'not a scam' for a free sticker when you spend as little as $999. Its fast and easy, and we thank them. Now back to the shitposting...


LEGO are unironically a better investment than gold if you know what you're doing.


I keep harming my investment by taking my Lego out of the box and then throwing out the box... but I enjoy that harm to my investment and it is worth the cost.


If you want to feel less bad buy less collectible sets. Town and Barbie are basically trash for value.


I could, but I don't want to.


Any sets that are limited runs & Star Wars sets with clone troopers. People like to army build, and they’ll spend a shit ton to do it.


I doubt LEGOs would hold any value in a SHTF situation, all the collectors would be in dead or hiding. That’s why I’m investing in fleshlights and other sex toys, when the world collapses there will be few to none wanting collectible toys, but everyone will want a break from reality. Stonks.


I think you underestimate the escapism value of building a totally sweet space ship or maybe even a pre-apocalypse town center.


The Clone Wars Ashoka Tano Minifigure was like $250 on some sites.


Wait till you hear about beanie babies!


Speaking of sponsors, let me take a few minutes to talk to you about a website called Killshare. Have you ever wanted to learn how to violate international law or commit violence against civilian targets? Well you can, by taking classes online at killshare.com, which are taught by the CIA and have their own clandestine training camps. Heck, I learned how to perform guerilla warfare and stage a coup the RIGHT way, by using Killshare. So what are you waiting around for? There are DOZENS of online courses that you can take ranging from mortar attacks, all the way to suicide bombing! Be sure to check for my referral link in the description after watching this video for a FREE week trial courtesy of Killshare! It’s thanks to them I can provide ordnance to you guys as often as I do, so I thank Killshare for sponsoring this video. Now, back to the ongoing conflict.


Silver ends the fed.


The heavy and moldable silver. . . For legal reasons, that was a joke.


Fuck me, I read that in Brandon's voice and I swear I can watch the video in my head. . .


lol, nice shitposting


This is by far the best comment I've seen on this or any sub.... you sir I salute you lmfao


Did people actually believe you could buy a title for one foot of land? I thought that was pretty obviously a joke certificate for donating to, essentially, a tree farm?


What do you mean I don't get to serve the King in the House of Lords?! Seriously though, I thought it was really obvious they would send you a gag gift and plant some trees. Are they not actually planting trees?


>Are they not actually planting trees? Wouldn’t surprise me if their not, the foot square plots are technically sold (as is legal under Scottish/British) law to multiple people and land is expensive. As a UK resident I expect the news (even the small, shitty, ad filled local papers) would have been running stories on a company “buying up half of Scotland in a bid to recreate the Caledonian forest” through selling novelty titles.


Trees for the Future has a running count of trees they've planted with funding from Established Titles. https://trees.org/sponsor/established-titles/


Except they don't even do *that.* All you're doing is paying them $50 to send you a PDF you could make for free in five minutes. Fuck me, I just should set up a business where I sell "titles" like that for $25 and be up front that all they're getting is a PDF emailed to them and that it's a fake.


Just sell Europeans copies of the constitution and tell them they too can have a piece of freedom for $50.


This guy may be onto something big here..


I'll take my royalties in the form of both alcohol and ammunition.


Yeah I didn't look into the knife one and just what was on offer and how things were explained but anybody that fell for the lordship thing, well, I hear you can actually buy your own African kingdom from this Nigerian prince guy.


I mean the Titles thing was an obvious gimmick. If you really thought buying a foot of land would make you minor nobility idk what to tell you. What happened with the Kamakoto knives? Did they just suck or was there dishonesty in the advertising beyond exaggerated quality? And was there anything else besides those 2? Genuinely curious since those are what I have seen referenced


Can’t speak to any other companies but kamakoto from both a business perspective and knife perspective aren’t who they say they are, they’re owned by the same parent company who owns both established titles and dealdash, based entirely out of Hong Kong, their knives are cheap assembly line punch outs with shit materials but a shiny finish and a box. Shadiversity did a good video on them, I forget who did the video I saw on Established Titles but I’m sure you could find it pretty easy.


The Shadiversity review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpRNqZJPPBk




Shadiversity did a video on them. Kamikoto sent him free knives for an ad, so he bought some like we would and compared them. The influencer free set were relatively nice and the consumer grade ones he paid money for were absolute dog shit. Also, the same company owns both Kamikoto and Establsihed Titles. Also also, ET claims to plant a tree/donate to charity with the funds and does neither.


Always have liked Shad. He was actually talking about some 2A stuff and gun tube a while ago on Friday Night Tights which was a pleasant surprise


IIRC, his preferred content (medieval weaponry) gets hit in the same way as gun vids on youtube because of how shite the youtube system and moderators are.


Trees for the Future has a running count of trees they've planted with funding from Established Titles. https://trees.org/sponsor/established-titles/ Copied from above comment so at least it is out there again. I had the idea and concept, but at least donations are public. Now how much percent is donated is up for grabs though


Kamakoto knives are just very sharpened low quality metal knives.


This is the equivalent of buying a gas station knife and being surprised it’s a pile of shit.


I don't know, I've got a gas station knife that's lasted me for years. A far better value than anything that runs in YouTube ads. . .


If your stupid enough to fall for it you deserve to lose your money. There is zero excuse not to do your own research before buying a product. You dont just drop $10,000 on a used car because some guy said "trust me bro its the best." I dont know what else you want. Your either going to get free content with shitty sponserships, or your going to have to pay $20+ a month to see that content. Look at Admin results. Still a relatively small guntuber, do you really think he has $500 a week to drop on just ammo to make a video? No if he did he wouldnt be making youtube videos. Everything costs money and sense youtube has the "short form" video market basically monopolized guntubers have to play by there rules or not play at all. Sorry you dont like it but like i said on your last shit for brains post about this just tap the right side of your screen 3 or 6 times and enjoy your free content. Crying about where they get there money from isnt going to change the fact it costs fuck tons of money and man hours to make.


That's why I looked into them months back and found out they were a scam, and I've been telling everyone that will listen. Same thing with Manscaped. They're a shitty scam, too.


I dont like that they all have to deal with shitty companies and sponsors, its annoying skipping through the same raid ad, or dude bag, established titles, man scaped, O Light for the really low tier ones, and the litany of other ones. But they gotta make there money somehow and youtube isnt paying out and oydsee and rumble arent in a postion to compete with youtube large scale yet. It sucks, but its either shit sponsors or no content.


Well its 2022 and they are gun channels. I think we all know theres not a plethora of companies out there willing to associate themselves with "aSsAuLt wEaPoNs"


Oooooor, there is this brand new thing called Patreon. That way you know your money is going to the tuber you like and not some shitty scam.


Good luck convincing 2 million people to pay for content they get for free.


I mean, they're trying to convince 2 million people to buy into scams, and the fact that the advertisers keep paying them means that enough people are paying into it to make it worthwhile.


I for one will pay for high quality documentary level stuff like forgotten weapons, drachinifel, greg's airplanes and automobiles, but not for memes and gun shitposting, the latter category I believe is not supported to be serious enough that it would be harmed by scam adds...


What’s wrong with Olight? I get they’re a bit expensive but they market their stuff as premium and do loads of limited release stuff that’s all very high quality. I own at least 4 of their products some older that 4 years working mint with very little signs of wear and I don’t treat em nice!


From what I’ve heard they get hotter than satans nutsack and explode


Actually can confirm they get warm, but I promise they do not explode haha. I’ve left one on max brightness until it’s died several times stuck to my hood/wheel well working on my car. Any high lumen light gets quite hot I feel for how small most olights are they actually displace their heat pretty well.I’ve had shit 500 lumen lights that get equally as hot. Don’t believe everything you hear I think people knock olight because of the price tag. I’ve also dropped every olight product I’ve owned and they’re extremely durable with just minor paint chips. I keep buying their stuff for a reason. Side not they run sales regularly through their website and I only buy during those times. It puts their product on the same price level as others with similar specs, but you get that name brand/warranty. Mine have been submerged in water as well. I honestly wouldn’t even be mad if one of my products from them did die/explode because of how rough I am on them, yet they all still live.


What’s wrong with Manscaped? I’ve found their trimmer to be exactly as advertised


They advertise it as totally safe to use on your junk. The first time I used it as intended, it cut into my ballsack and started flying the skin off it. I, of course, took pictures as legal evidence. They're also super shady with their subscription service, and I wasn't able to cancel it until I contacted them directly.


Huh, I’ve tried to cut myself and couldn’t.


OP must have been someone who got scammed lol


frfr OP thought he could be a real lord.


Nah, I'm not that retarded


I mean the only justification I know of is that a lot of the scam sponsors also make the creators sign contracts that they have to do the ads… Also no Guntubers don’t care about you, and most of them just like money.


Oh I'm aware that most don't care and are only in it for the money, I just like pointing out the hypocrisy.


It’s beating a dead horse at this point lol they are doing it for 1 of 2 reasons… either contractual obligation or they don’t care. I don’t plan on buying stuff from their ads so all it affects me with is that I have to hit the skip forward button.


So the fact that some of these people have not problem with knowing promoting scams doesn't effect how you look at their reviews? As it it doesn't throw any doubt on what they're saying is truthful?


I don’t watch them for education or to hear them spout some truthful shit, I watch because some of them do funny shit. Sounds like you might have been worshipping them a little too much, don’t buy the scams if you don’t want to I know I’m not gonna buy them. So me still watching their content while they are getting paid by the sponsor for me watching means that sponsor is losing money.


Well, all reviews are to be taken with a pinch of salt, but that said they make their name on the quality of the reviews, and if they are full of shit that will get them eventually, as to the adds, I don't think we are expected to take them seriously


Hey its the dude who doesn't know what a scam is


I run ad block and skip in-video ads. It ain’t that deep folks.


You guys are watching the ads? I just skip through them. Youtube is free, the ads are the product, I work quite hard to avoid them.


I just think it's funny when the search bar on a youtube video shows the "most watched" parts when you hover over it, and there's a flat line where the ad plays followed by a huge bump where people clicked to skip the ad.


The free market is doing free market things, if you don’t like it feel free to offer those YouTubers more money to promote your product!


I don't have a product to promote. Just find it funny that the gun community expects people to be morally good, then gives a pass to the big names when they aren't.


Morality is entirely subjective


I have to have threshold of things I care about. The ads that are run on some YouTubers channel fall below that threshold. Not saying that practice is right it’s just I don’t care.


I'm ok with them getting a paycheck, I need to be the one to look at what I'm buying, as I am the only person responsible for my positive or negative choices.


Dang, OP mad lol I feel like if most of these content creators could get endorsed by exclusively credible sponsors they would, but at the end of the day they have a business to run if they want to make a living on making content. If you're truly that upset about it don't support the content? No one is forcing you to watch nor endorse the products they show.


Everyone keeps saying mad, but not even close. I just like pointing out the blatant hypocrisy that is rife in the 2A community.


Or you could just leave the 2A community, if the hypocrisy is so bad.


No I will never leave I want to make the community better


The community's just fine bro. We'd be better off without a few divisive assholes, tho. Kinda like "Republicans voting for gun control. That's you, pal


I just ignore the ads and watch the rest


Makes it hard to trust a review when people are pushing scams, at least for me 🤷🏼‍♂️


Fair enough


Sssoooo...if you don't trust them, why you watching?


Meme fodder I run a meme page and host a podcast, kinda have to stay in the loop.


Hmmmmmm...so who's the bigger POS; 1. A YouTuber who originates actual content, and accepts funds from advertisers, or 2. Some lazy SOB who is so unoriginal he has to cruise the internet, looking for shit to make fun of?


It's an equal evil


Now that sir, is hypocrisy.


At least their getting by on their own merits. Not just being a dick.


So what you're saying is.. you're just as bad, but somehow have the right to criticize others?


Pretty sure OP just sour grapes cuz other ppl are making money.


Is the Sonoroan Desert institute a scam? Cause gunsmithing is my fallback career.


I'd say it isn't although if you can get an apprenticeship with a gunsmith then you would probably be better off doing that. I completed schooling for them in a year and learned quite a lot and they do send things to your home to complete like checkering and hydro dipping but I think getting experience on a lathe is a bit better if you can get it.


I've heard mixed things, but I have no idea. I do know a lot of guys and gals that went to traditional gunsmithing schools, or apprenticed under a smith that say SDI and Penn Foster are jokes though.


Someone hurt you real bad cus you were a fool and didn’t do your research. Now you are taking it out on us instead of admitting that you bought something cus herrera said something lol


Or y'know, just shut the fuck up and let them get there paychecks to support their families because YouTube fucking despises guntubers and are never monetized 🙃 They don't force you to buy shit dumbfuck, it takes two seconds to skip the ad read and enjoy the FREE content that they don't get paid for. They need the merch and ads for revenue. YOU, inconsiderate, narcissistic, entitled sounding prick.


OP’s a bitch. He’s jealous that someone can make a living off guns while he’s posting on Reddit for free.


Username checks out


Wow, you really like to simp for minor celebrities that don't give 2 fucks about you. Thanks for proving my point about hypocrisy


Oh no. People didn’t agree with me, better post another meme to mock them for having the wrong opinion


Oh no! I didn't like the OP's opinion in a meme! Better leave a comment mocking them for having the wrong opinion.


This would make sense except he had to double down after getting butt hurt on the first post


I'm not even butthurt, I just like pointing out the hypocrisy


Thou dost protest too much


I don’t really care, I usually just skip the ads anyhow


If you’re not doing any research on what you’re supporting or purchasing outside of what your favorite YouTuber suggests to you then I don’t know what to tell you. It’s also a bit of a stretch to call the knife situation a a scam. They’re mid grade knives charged for premium prices. Gas stations do this with all your beverages and food, movie theaters do it with your popcorn and candy, and most all big box stores do this with most everything they stock. It’s on you to find the best price and the best item for your value, just like every other purchase you make in life. If you pay $1000 for a $200 knife set then that’s on you, and if anything I more than support it because these peoples gross over spending has now supplied many of my favorite YouTubers with advertising income to keep them doing what they’re doing. The fact that the title tree place doesn’t actually reserve 1 plot and tree per purchase is definitely a bit of false advertising, although it’s in the fine print. They should be a bit more honest about it in general just supporting the planting of forests and not be so specific about a 1 square foot plot. But once again, this was a gag gift and it always has been. People enjoy it and YouTubers get paid for it. Good on them.


I mean, I think they know we know it's shit, but they get money and we skip the bullshit adds... It's not like I care about a gun YouTuber opinion on kitchen knifes (or any of the other shit over there) ...


I use adblock anyways so it'd be hypocritical of me to criticize youtubers for their sponsors while I contribute nothing but a miniscule boost in the algorithm.


Sounds like somebody is the new lord of a square foot of land


No, lol I'm retarded, but I'm not that retarded.


Before seeing more of the comments have you heard of RAID shadow legends! It’s the best game that you’ll never play!!


Raid ads make me wanna throw myself off a bridge


They’re paying 20k a month for those ads. I say get the bag. I’m not watching the ad either way.


I don't give two squirts off piss what ad anyone runs. And if you bought a plot of land you're a fucking retard.


Wait, people actually buy stuff that YouTubers are paid to advertise?


You guys actually dont skip sponsership ads?


OP, you bought an established title, didn’t you.


I did not. I do retarded things like buying broken P7s because they're cheap and trying to fix them.


I violate community guidelines.




Sounds like someone's butthurt they fell for a scam...


Nah, I'm retarded, but I'm not that retarded. I just like pointing out the blatantly hypocrisy in the 2A community.


I mean they do need to make money somehow


Got it, so actively helping people get scammed is acceptable then.


No but considering that A most people don’t buy from these adds without checking the company out first and B many companies won’t advertise with gun YouTubers means that they have to get creative. Just do your own research before you buy


What do you do for work ? Or do you not even work ?


Its nit just 2a a automotive creator I watch re uploaded on of his videos without the sponsored segment form one of the scam sponsors.


I'm aware, I was just keeping it gun related since this is r/gunmemes. That and there is slightly more hypocrisy of on it when it comes from GunTube


👍. Can you explain how people found out these are scam companies? I'm out of the loop


Most people found out through a couple of videos that got posted about the subject on YouTube




To be fair, manscaped stuff is actually pretty decent, and their underwear is insane, makes you feel like silk of the gods is caressing your balls, and I'm very happy with my purchase Though, a LOT of the others, are just outright bad, but I'm still happy that they're getting money in a world where YouTube runs ads to get themselves revenue, but demonetizes the channel so that youtube gets 100% of that revenue


Manscaped is so good, their trimmer nearly skinned my ballsack clean! And their shorts are so good, it crushed my balls over the course of a day. Their value is so good, I literally couldn't *not* pay them, even when I needed their mandatory subscription fee to pay rent! Fuck Manscaped. They're a scam, too. But at least they send you *something* for what you're paying them.


I mean, I've never had those issues, but fair enough, I never said no one had issues, just that my anecdotal experience was a good one You also don't need the subscription, it's far from mandatory so not sure why you're here to lie when you can just say their product is shit compared to your trimmer that cost twice the amount


The subscription was a "complimentary" part of the package without the option to decline, and did not have any options to get out of outside contacting them directly. And the trimmer I have cost less than their shitty lawnmower did and hasn't sliced my sack open like theirs did. But keep calling me a fucking liar.


You can literally cancel the subscription the minute after you order But yeah presenting it as if you can't get the product unless you are subscribed in a "mandatory" subscription certainly isn't twisting the facts at all lol Liar liar pants on fire!!!!


I couldn't cancel it months later, much less right after. There was nothing on the website that would let me. But thanks for outing yourself as a Manscaped simp.


I mean, I had literally 0 issues But thats okay, our experiences don't have to be identical I'm far from a simp, their product works for me and that's literally all I commented on Do you have nothing better to do? I currently don't, but I'm about to, so hope you have a good day, you sound like you need it


I never listen to ads anyway unless it's a game then I might try it out.


established titles- advertising that you can legally change your name to lord if you buy their product. Me who knows you can do that without buying their product


Looking at you SDI


Gonna make another post about this? Let it be dude, on a planet of 8 billion people not everybody is gonna agree on everything. If it bothers you that much, don’t watch them.


I don't expect content creators or anyone to be moral, I only expectation for 2A creators is "don't infringe or support infringements on other people's rights"


Guns, knives and crossbows are my three favorite interests. Being somewhat of a knife guy, I cringe every time I see another youtuber touting kamikoto knives. I was immediately suspicious of that knife company, after seeing them sponsor a number of prominent youtubers. Before you buy those kamikoto scams, watch [this.](https://youtu.be/OpRNqZJPPBk)


Third button. "Youtube being god awful about monetization practices and simi-forcing the hand because otherwise the video will make literally no money in 0.001 seconds after being posted due to instant demonetization."


If someone asked me to justify it, this is how I would do it. If I'm that YouTuber come a fast commercials for the obvious scams that they do knowing that my audience can surely not be dumb enough to actually pay for that shit. If they are, a fool and his money are soon parted, I suppose. That YouTuber then takes the money he gets from those assholes trying to scam people and us as viewers can just get past Those ads in the videos so it doesn't really matter if they are there because we have the fast forward button. All we have to do is put in the slightest amount of effort to completely work around this problem. Also, aren't there only like three or four Second Amendment channels that anybody actually watches anymore?


Counter argument: Count on the fact that your fan base isn't a total group of morons and researches your sponsorships themselves. I love Brandon Herrera's reaction to the whole established titles thing. I do like that once he realized that they were straight up lying to customers he stopped accepting sponsorships from them, but I'll paraphrase a quote from him and say that if you really thought buying a 1sq ft of dirt in Scotland bought you a Royal title, you're a fucking moron. Actually, I think he went a step further and said you're straight up retarded


They have to make money and you'd have to be an absolute troglodyte to fall for that shit