Danny & MP both count as summons, so taking them down properly does proc on-death artifacts. However, I have not tested whether their disappearance during the mech skill also counts. Noxia's ghost disappearing at the end of battle still procs the 1st aid kit, so death isn't necessarily the only trigger. I don't have MPT built, but it would be worth testing.


I was playing around with it a little, seemed a slight dmg boost but need more testing šŸ¤”


Iā€™m pretty sure the AI of all the 3 characters are grouped under the same hero name. So I doubt that they would count as a fainted ally


I guess you could be right there šŸ¤” Just a thought really as if you play Mad Panda in story, they have their own health bars pop up. Similar to Noxia with her summon and Ara with her Tentacles šŸ˜…


Should be easy enough to confirm, no? Grab artifact benefit -> go into battle and watch below their hp bar to see if a new atk buff pops up when they jump in their mech -> ??? -> profit Just unequip everyone else's weapons, use 3 tank heroes to live long, and give mpt a weak weapon if they kill too fast. Read everyone's abilties to make so no other buffs apply randomly in battle.