They've released one new model in 6 years for thousand sons and you still can't get him separately outside of hexfire 5 months down the line either. Not without you guessed it... buying more tzaangors. I'm pretty sure at this point every thousand sons player has a minimum of 3 ahirmans, some terminators, 2 squad's of rubrics, some Sorcerers and 80 to 100 tzaangor models whether they like it or not.


GW seems to not give a fuck lately about making things available. It's been 3 years since Shadowspear and I still can't buy Obliterators separate. That means to finish my squad up to normal strength of 3, I have to buy an entire box of other crap I don't need.


That's some serious bullshit. You know they still haven't released 30k ahriman either? 6 years after he was released in the prospero burns box. Because fuck 30k players or 40k players looking for a cool sorcerer sculpt I guess?


I'm sure it's entirely an innocent oversight and not at all tied to trying to induce FOMO in the community to make sure every box sells well.


You can buy 30k ahriman in recastium for $8 Gws wants exclusive models? lol fuck that


Do I have to sacrifice my sprees to the gods so that I may forge with recastium?


Yea gw needs freaking years to do or change anything it sucks


The death guard have that issue as well, you can’t buy a lord of contagion or Malignant plaguecaster without buying extra models you don’t really need


Or the venomcrawler still only inside the start collecting kit


When dealing with that bullshit, recasters are your friends.


It's been about six years and I still can't buy AoS Khorgoraths. Some box set stuff just never goes individual.


Have you considered buying parted out boxes online like a sane rational person does?


Have you considered horrifyingly inflated prices or are you too rich to bother?


Parted out start collecting boxes are cheaper than whatever GW is going to charge for an individual kit. Obliterators are going to cost at least $60 a box if GW ever makes them an individual kit, there are ebay listing for $30 obliterators new on sprue right now. "I dont want all these extra useless units in a start collecting box!" "Buy an extra one online for significantly less" "reeeeeeeeee wHaT aRe YoU rIcH?" The absolute state of this sub.


Also notice printers


Hey now! I resemble that remark.


Theory: GW made a deal with Tzeentch, and in exchange for whatever they got of it, they got stuck with a machine that is constantly making tzaangors with no way to stop it, so they need to get rid of as many as possible or else literally all of the british isles will be drowned in a flood of plastic bits


And then some people are against recasters.


Stop trying to make Tzaangors appealing like Poxwalkers GW. It's not going to happen


Irony is that they did the opposite by dropping their stats and including a rule that disallows them from outnumbering space marine units now... which is a step in the right direction bringing focus back towards the point of thousand sons... but a massive fuck you to the people that either were forced to buy all the tzaangors or were running the thousand sons meta lists back in the day that required at least 30 to 60 tzaangors.


Poxwalkers got the same treatment along with cultists on restricting their numbers. Don't know about Tzaangors but Poxwalkers can still replenish their numbers and generate mortal wounds with a stratagem


Number of poxwalkers isn’t restricted that much. You can take 20 poxwalkers for each core infantry unit in your army, and it only takes 105 pts to get a five-man squad of plague marines. Possessed, blightlords, and deathshroud terminators are core infantry, too. I don’t think many DG lists have fewer than 3 core infantry units, which allows up to 60 poxwalkers.


I think u mean Pogwalkers


TIL tzaangors are a thing


To me it is especially funny as I have DG and TS. I love my poxwalkers, want a ton. They have some synergy and feel like a part of the army. Then there are tzaangors, vaguely thrown at the army. No specialist army to promote them, no synergies I can remember, one stratagem I see for them.


Sees tzaangors "I can't make a femboy out of that"- thousand sons fanbase.


I mean... you could try. But it ain't gonna look pretty.


He would make a handsome buff bird though 🤔


You absolutely can but there’s just not enough metal!


They can always [fuck](https://archiveofourown.org/works/33894283) the femboy tsons tho (nsfw, obviously)


10/10 for accuracy, I'll give you that!


I guess experience has made this painfully accurate...


The Tsons range really does feel strangely lacking. It seems like it was meant to be something bigger, and parts of it got scrapped.


Welcome back to CSM


Just like the actual Thousand Sons.


As an Ork player, I can relate to this... Please Gw, no more nobz. Stop putting them in every fucking bundle.


I love Nobz! They're more fun to paint and assemble them regular boys!


I cant wait for the next box set. I hear it's going to be Start Collecting: Ahriman.


Don’t let Vez near that Ahriman model.


Lost and the damnd / renegades & heretics arent playable anymore?!😱 i loved that u were able to create ur own mutants and use converted stuff from IG,.... made any chaos army more immersive and gave u as a chaosplayer a insane range of extra models


They are legends now, meaning they are not allowed in competitive play like tournaments (unless a tournament says otherwise but none do)


\*duolingo enters chat\*


it.s not ahriman. cause ahriman doesn't fuck tzaangor shamans


There’s so much potential for them. I hope the WE codex gets more new units than Tsons did on release.


As a recent R&H convert my self I support this message. Blast it!


I just want non-Chaos Renegades


You can always just run regular space marines as non-chaos renegades. Unless you want to run mortals with them. Then you're stuck with chaos.


There's never enough Ahrimans. You know, for stuff. ;)


But Tzangoors are cool ♡


Tzaangors are cool... But not when they're pushed into every single multi buy release.


Tzaangots are cool. Ts are cool. But i prefer dont mix those two


if only they were worth fielding