Two years ago when my mother was sick, I started taking care of her houseplants mostly a bunch of succulents. I even then got good at propagating, during one of my mom’s last doctor appointments she grabbed a whole chunk of a succulent from the waiting area outside and told me to try and make a display with it. Now two years after she passed I am an avid gardener and share fruits and veggies with friends. But it all started with me doing a morning ritual of checking the houseplants moisture levels, maintaining the orchids people sent after she had passed, and wandering the local botanical gardens looking for fallen succulent parts to plant around her house. Definitely very therapeutic, there’s something about dropping out of the thinking space and just doing something that brings beauty into the world.


Omg do you have any tips on orchid maintenance? I received one at the funeral home and I have a knack for not doing well with orchids. Gardening has always been therapeutic for my mental health. After my dad passed away, I would take one of the patio chairs and sit in the middle of the yard stare around and at the sky. Yesterday before the snow storm arrived today, I stared and starting to take down the dried vining vegetables from the fence and arch. Like beans, squash, cucumber, watermelon. It was distracting and good to take my emotions out on something. There’s always something relaxing about deheading flowers and collecting seeds. It took awhile to bring in but there are a lot of vegetables and potted flowers, hibiscus trees in the basement. My dad loved having them inside for winter.


For orchids, honestly less is more, they thrive off of neglect. Just try and get them in a good orchid bark mix and really 90% of the time they die due to root rot from overwatering


I took up embroidery and cross stitching after my dad died. It’s a great way to focus on something and keep dark thoughts out of my head. Love to you. ♥️


I found diamond painting and I am learning how to do my nails since my mama's passing. I have to say it helps.


I joined a local gym for their fitness classes. I found grieving was a little easier when I was around people that didn't know my story. I still break down everytime I drive home to an empty house.


Much love to you my friend. I understand what it's like to want to be around people who don't know everything that happened with mom.


I stopped all my hobbies when my mama died. I used to take ballroom classes and do lawn tennis. When she died, I can't stop crying while doing those things. Now, all I do is study since I'm a university student. But I have this feeling that I'm getting out of hand, all I do is study, eat, clean myself, clean the house, and repeat. To the point I'm always vomiting because of stress, I can't stop being busy. Or else I'll have time to think. And even if I'll have a second to think, my mind just plays picture of my mama. I've been like this for 2 years now. I'm so exhausted.


I used to paint the house we shared every time the whim took me. My mom was pretty supportive of my color choices (which I sometimes sprang on her after the fact). Maybe in the new year I'll start with some new paint for the bathroom. Hope it doesn't backfire. Her reactions were the whole point. I am proud of myself that last spring I completely reno'ed the back garden without her noticing. When she finally looked out the back door, she was so, so happy! She spent almost every warm day out there, drifting off in the summer afternoons with her book in her lap. She couldn't praise me enough for the job I did, even though it was only a few dumb bags of mulch.


I have lost both my parents in the last 10 years. I took piano lessons for many years in my youth but stopped before college. I did not play for more than 10 years but deep in my grief I started to play again. It reminded of when my parents used to come to my recitals. My dad was a violin prodigy and also played the piano. Something about relearning pieces I learned long ago helped soothe my broken heart. I am trying to get better and is a hobby I am loving every day. I agree, hobbies keep the mind busy. I also love planting and I have taken that up too while on maternity leave with my infant. Miss and love my parents very much.


Ive always had a bunch of hobbies I rotate through. Yesterday I opened my PC video game for a short while. It’s a game my husband started playing and I tried it a couple of weeks later with his encouragement when I said it looked interesting. We played together for the past 16 years. I thought something to keep my mind busy. Wasn’t expecting quest lines in the game to be a bit heartbreaking. The storyline in the new expansion pokes the feelings hard.


I haven’t played in years but yesterday I was thinking of taking up golf again because of my dad. A couple drove by the golf range we used to go to when I was young, and I felt sad and a little nostalgic. The other golf range is now something depressing - an Amazon warehouse.


Agreed. I have enjoyed crocheting for many years. After I lost my daughter a few months ago, at first I couldn't pick it up again. I couldn't focus. But finally, I decided to pick it up again and it's been such a nice distraction. I'm also trying to get back into writing. Both nice, productive outlets that serve as a brief distraction from dark thoughts.


i love poetry. i’m 16 and lost my mom a year ago. kinda cliche that i write morbid and dark poetry lol