Usually its the evening for me. At work im busy, and even though i had breakdowns there, i dont have them anymore. I try to stay at work as long as possible, sometimes i work 12-14 hours, just to keep busy. Its the time laying in bed, looking at Photos of us on my nightstand. I play Videos on my Phone, even when calling asleep, just to Not hear the silence. Its getting better, but once every now and then, it still catches up on me.


I was doing the same thing. Working as many hours as possible to avoid it. Sadly, ot closed at my place.


Evenings and nights... And that time already felt isolating due to an early sunset. I would often stay up late to play games online with my girlfriend and voice chat with her... With her gone it's become even worse.


I'm sorry for your loss. I know it's hard. I'm feeling the same thing. My mother passed last month and she had an apartment on the side of the house. So we would have dinner all the time. My girlfriend left me right when she went in the hospital, so it's just overwhelming sometimes. There's just no one to talk to at night. Hopefully, spring will bring in longer days and it won't feel so bad.


Ever since my 7yo passed after a car struck her I didn't feel anything for months. As the days go by it seems to get worse. I experience the same thing, I wake up feeling hope but the longer I'm awake the worse it gets. I feel it's because are minds have got some rest after thinking of tragedy and the longer are minds are awake we start to open up those horrible file cabinets in our heads and sometimes you dont even realize it. All I can recommend is keep yourself busy. Try to find a hobby if you can. It gets hard finding joy in life but it's possible. Good luck to all who experience those evening and night blues. You're not alone.


This!! I am experiencing the exact same thing. It is terrible when I wake up because it all comes crashing back to me (the loss was recent so I’m hoping this gets better with some time). Once I am up and moving, things are manageable for the most part but then right around 3:30/4pm I just get this terrible sinking feeling in my chest and it’s so hard to even function. I am sorry you are going through this too.


That is a bad time for me too


Nights for me. If I can’t distract myself I still - a year later - start feeling anxious and remembering different elements of the night I watched my dad die. Hugs to you.


For me it’s been afternoons. I used to fill the quiet of my afternoons by talking to my Dad. Now I don’t have him to talk to and the quiet is pretty deafening at times


Weirdly mornings are tough. I wake up anxious. My mom was such an active person and she always got up bright and early to start her day. When I was a kid I remember hearing her puttering around her house early and ready to get us kids up and going.


Start doing a hobby like painting or drawing. Learn the piano. Get creative I find it to help


All day is hard, but dinner time hits harder. My two little boys and I would facetime with my dad every night, either at dinner time or when they'd be in the bath. He was part of our nightly routine even though he wasn't physically here. Over a year since he's been gone and sitting down at our dinner table is an effort I have to make every night, otherwise we'd just eat at our coffee table, which we did about the first 7 months after his death. Once the kids go to bed, I just remember all of the I love you texts he'd send and saying how proud he was of how good of a mother I turned out to be. I miss him so much it hurts my heart and soul.