Entirely unsurprising.


I mean according to our beloved sub, Romeo Doubs should be WR2?


You misspelled WR1 of the whole league.


Lmfao WR2. As if. OROY


And 1st Non-QB MVP since AP obviously


OROY? Stop being a doubter...MVP


That’s taking into account the fact Watkins will be hurt for 14 games and Cobb won’t do much better


Not surprised that’s the initial depth chart, but I’m definitely curious as to how long it lasts. Watkins and Cobb could easily cede starting snaps pretty quickly.


Cobb is serviceable at best. Ik most of us have good views on him due to his history with us, but it is worrisome if he is wr 2 or 3 this year. Hope doubs/Watson has his snaps by week 2. Great vet but he’s a vet at wr


Doubs has been struggling with blocking, which Cobb and Watkins are both pretty good at, so that's definitely going to be one thing limiting his snaps on early downs until he cleans that up.


he was invisible in the playoffs.


My assumption on the depth chart (and 53 man roster): * WR1: Lazard * WR2: Cobb/Watkins * WR3: Cobb/Watkins * WR4: Romeo Doubs * WR5: Christian Watson * WR6: Amari Rodgers We'll carry 6 WRs. Amari has a big role on ST, and has shown up well in the pre-season/camp. Watson is a high draft pick, and Doubs has been making incredible plays all camp/pre-season. MAYBE we carry a 7th, but that player would have to play on teams. I don't think Winfree, Toure, etc. are known for STs, which is the problem.


I thought Toure has been taking some ST reps in practice? Honestly, I think we do keep 7 WRs just to have as many dart throws as possible at probably the weakest position group on the team.


Really, we may carry a 7th due to the unknown health of Cobb/Watkins. One of them is bound to go down due to a hamstring. We are deep at DL, LB (wow cannot believe I said that), and CB/Safety. If we do carry more, I’d likely guess it’s OL.


I think we've historically have had 9 OL on the final 53. The PUP status of Bakh and Jenkins shouldn't change that.


Theoretically we could probably get away with 8 on the active roster. If 3 o lineman go down in one game we'd be fucked. But we do have a lot of versatility with our o lineman, runyan, Tom ,nijman and of course Jenkins can all play 2 , 3 or in Jenkins case all 5 positions on the line in some cases


We should give Jenkins a shot at wr and te.


If we could just have a team with 51 elgton Jenkins that would be great. Gotta leave room on the 53 for jaire, and Rodgers,


Theoretically, if that were to happen, injure 4 in a game making us down a lineman, who do you think we would put in there? Kenny Clark or Mercedes Lewis? Or does long snapper count as an O-lineman on the roster or no?


I assume we would put big dog at tackle and line up another TE on that side every play.


The starters for CB/S are great, but our depth is bad. We could use a quality 4th CB. Maybe claim a S upgrade after final cuts as well


I agree that our DB depth could be better.


Jenkins off the pup


I could be wrong but I thought we can now keep 10 on the practice squad and it is somehow easier to activate guys from practice squad to regular roster. I bet we have 2 or 3 WRs on practice squad but only 6 on regular roster.


Practice squad has been expanded to 16


All three of the "fringe" guys have been taking ST reps in camp (Davis, Winfree, and Toure). From what I can tell Winfre has actually been getting the most first team opportunities on the blocking/coverage units. But there has been a ton of movement. Those three and Amari have been rotating in and out of different looks. [Seems like @JuMosq captured most of the units in the preseason game on twitter.](https://twitter.com/JuMosq/status/1558522143242985472/photo/1) And from PFF the snap breakdowns for the WRs: - Davis (6) - Amari (4) - Winfree (4) - Hyman (4) - Toure (6) Not a ton to distinguish there, and obviously different players playing at different times of the game.


Same. I was thinking 7 not because of depth but because of a mess. I dont think it will be Toure. I think they are just doing homework go see if he can flash on special teams to be the 7th. My money is on Winfree and Toure on practice squad. In the end who knows.


It's Winfree's third year here (and was the "training camp darling" in 2020 before his injury), so he could get the spot simply because he's more experienced in the system. In any case the competition for the last spot(s) seems to be pretty tight, so that's a good thing


Yea we should carry seven this year.


I would bet my aunts paunts Toure makes this roster. 7 WR


Winfree has been outperforming Rodgers as a WR but as you said Rodgers plays ST which probably gives him a leg up. Sucks for Winfree but he’ll get promoted from the practice squad eventually anyways . Cobb, Watson and Lazard will all miss games throughout the season as will some of the younger guys.


No he hasn't... Amari had undoubtably a better game in SF and has gotten way more praise. People need to stop with thinking Winfree has a shot at making the team unless we keep 7 WRs


Winfree has definitely gotten more praise. Rodgers specifically has praised him multiple times and he’s made more plays in training camp. Even in todays practice he made more plays at WR. But I agree Winfree is below Amari in the pecking order. He’s a 3rd pick and punt returner.


Never said Winfree hasn't gotten any praise, just that Amari has gotten more overall. Winfree is this years Kumerow for Rodgers except we have way more depth than we did when we had Kumerow. Winfree has the experience advantage is all he has which Rogders likes. Amari is performing just as well as a WR, ST aside, as Winfree and had a better game. Winfree overall isn't out performing anyone which isn't a knock on him. We actually have way better WR depth than people are knowledgeable enough to realize. Doubs shouldn't have came as a surprise to anyone. His film just screamed high ceiling potential. Watson film screams the same and once he's up to speed that'll be apparent. And Amari college film screams good potential as well and now that he's in shape he's showing that. And then obviously the three established vets that Rodgers mentioned Also where did you see that Winfree made more plays than Amari today? Or were you saying he made more plays in general like he's been doing?


I’m going by the practice reports from the training camp updates, Winfree caught a TD today and Rodgers didn’t do anything. Winfree has been making more plays as a WR throughout camp I’ve been following them everyday. Winfree seemed to get the nod over Rodgers in the preseason game too.


How amari have a better game when he ran the wrong route leading to an INT, and got more playing time because he played into the 4th quarter? He had one catch that was pretty decent for a td against third stringers? Juwann had more receptions and an acrobatic catch to save a INT and did it all in less snaps. Good thing amari had that kick return or else this would have been an absolute awful game


Toure is making the team


Cobb will only be in for 4-5 games anyway so can probably count him out early.


I really hope one of the rookies hit the ground running in the early season and emerge as a serious threat. If they are relying on Lazard it will be a long season.


I genuinely believe Lazard will shine as the number 1 WR. He won’t shine like Adams, but Lazard can make those one-on-one contested catches and is sneaky at getting open.


Looks like we got the first half of our WR depth chart, y'all


Please don't hate on me for this but I actually feel pretty confident in this order. Lazard isn't a traditional WR1 but I believe he has the skills to perform to a sufficiently high level in a structured multi threat system for the time being. Cobb may have left his prime well behind him but I still feel confident that he can perform to a sufficient level thanks to his connection with Rodgers and his playstyle which allow him to break plays. Watkins I am a little less confident due to health but when on the field he can for sure perform like a WR1 and as a WR2 I expect his reps to be somewhat more limited. This confidence is based on the hope that Watson eventually comes into his own to provide depth for Lazard and Watkins, Amari maintains his progress and takes some of the load off Cobb, Doubs provides immediate depth relief for rotation or injury (looking at Watkins), and we start utilising our backfield and tight ends a bit more with more use of classic of the Shanahan system designed plays.


I wouldn’t expect him to say anything else. Bukowksi did this whole “are we sure Sammy Watkins is making the team?” thing last week and I thought it was ridiculous. Of course he is, even if he’s fairly quiet in camp. Unless you’re extremely confident Watson and or Doubs is going to be a Jamar Chase/Justin Jefferson type of rookie, you can’t just casually offload experienced vets.


The craziest part is it’s not just Peter. The cap dude also questioned it, same with Kruse I believe. We have Lazard, Cobb and 2 rookies and these guys are seriously questioning if Watkins will make the team. It’s wild. Oh and Rodgers also personally recruited Watkins to Green Bay. WILD.


Watkins is easily the most talented veteran _receiver_ (as in, catching the ball) in the team, and he was a big part of the Chiefs' Superbowl run


But we’re gonna cut him apparently 😂


Bukowski is an idiot. How he continues to get engagement is beyond me


Ok Cobb is not a “premium slot receiver”. Rodgers refused to even throw to him against SF.


that's just rodgers showing up for his boy. cobb is nowhere near an elite player anymore. he's lost a step and then some.


He has the worst bunch of WRs out of all the elite QBs in the league imo Packers fans will run and make excuses and overrate the hell out of the WR core, but compare who Rodgers will be throwing to, to who the likes of Stafford, Brady, Allen, Wilson will be throwing to.




Malik Taylor, Toure, Amari, Winfree probably fighting for 1 spot


Probably more like: Watkins, Lazard, and Cobb are the top three, obvious locks. Amari, Doubs, and Watson are in that second tier of locks. Winfree, Toure, and Davis are fighting for *maybe* one spot. Taylor and Hyman are likely not really in the conversation.


Toure and Davis will likely go onto the PS. Mostly gonna be a battle for whether any of the other three can land on the PS as well.


And honestly every year there is a training camp stud that makes it to the practice squad and becomes a contributor down the road. I wish that the players didn’t need to be cut to be designated for the practice squad. Kind of like the NBA and it’s G-League teams.


Davis just got injured so I think he's the perfect candidate for an IR stash. I don't think Amari is a lock, we've seen 3rd rounders get cut before their 2nd season (Khyri Thornton). I'd say Amari has a leg up on Winfree because of draft status alone but Winfree could easily leapfrog him and then amari is left fighting for a spot at WR7 against another position group.


Amari is a lock, I can't believe people still seriously don't think he is. He's the #1 PR guy. He has had a solid camp by all accounts. He made some nice plays in the first preseason game. He's in his second season. He works hard. Etc. Comparing him to someone like Thornton is just nonsensical. Thornton had no role and was just consistently terrible at everything. The dude played almost 200 snaps in his two preseasons with the Packers and recorded a whopping 0 sacks and 2 stops. Heflin, a fringe guy himself, just put that stat line up in 37 snaps in a single game this past week.


Not comparing the two, I said 3rd rounders being cut before their second season happens and gave an example of one that was cut by the Packers in recent history. He is not a lock, I can't believe people still seriously believe he is a lock. Winfree played in the 1st half of preseason over Amari and was pulled in the second half with all the starters. If that doesn't tell you there's competition for the 6th spot idk what will.


I think you’re reading way too much into playing time in the first pre season game.


Winfree was also ahead of amari last season, not just this preseason


We can cross Taylor off the list


LOL @ Cobb He had one good game last year. Also, he can't stay healthy. Once again, he missed games last year due to injuries. He's overrated and overpaid all because Rodgers is his pal.


Overrated sure but all he took a pay cut to be back here and all it took was a sixth round pick. He’s insanely cheap


Cheaper than developing a young guy? He's old AF and can't stay healthy.


We are developing young guys, but those take time and don’t grow on trees. Right now we are working with what we have. And what we have is Cobb. Cobb being on this team doesn’t hurt it at all. If he were getting paid a lot of money it would be different but he’s basically here for barely over a minimum


Cobb is also pretty clutch still. Like yeah he's not burning everyone but Rodgers likes to find him on important downs.


And even when Cobb missed time, his defacto replacement (role-wise) wasn't even a part of the offense


He won't be out there long as fragile as he is.


No doubt in my mind watching a game with you is a miserable experience.


And? A vet minimum with real experience is basically just a dart that you hope sticks, which is just like every other receiver on the roster sans Lazard. Getting super worked up over someone who barely makes any money and is capable of getting lucky and having a healthy season doesn’t make any sense. It’s a low risk, high reward move.


Cobb getting targets is a clear, bona fide example of opportunity cost


What, do you think Watson or doubs are going to be jamar chase 2? It’s worth a shot but making them WR1 out of the gate is a terrible idea. Cobb is getting targets because we actually don’t have anyone better at that spot until the rookies can prove otherwise.


32 is hardly “old AF”


He is 2 years older then davante Adams and a year younger then Julio Jones who everybody was begging the Packers to pick up. Obviously Cobb isn't Julio but the whole age thing is dumb.


You can honestly do worse at WR than Lazard/Cobb/Watkins and whoever impresses the most between Watson and Doubs. I'm optimistic they start really gelling by mid-season. edit: imagine getting downvoted for this in a packers subreddit


There’s definitely potential.


Which other team has a worse receiver group


The Bears


Jesus, I almost feel as though we’re phat at WR. Danny Davis isn’t even on the list - WI fans all know he’s good for 10-15 tds with Aaron Rodgers slinging the rock. Not even on the list. I feel good about our corps


I still think we sign another veteran who comes free. Too many injury prone guys and really there’s a lack of talent or experience from top to bottom.


Pretty much expected. I think there will probably be a lot of use with Aaron Jones as well. Probably a lot of check downs