Looking for seating advice.

Looking for seating advice.


You will enjoy them both but I’d go for the 25 yd line at row 50. You will see more of the game. That’s just my opinion. Also, don’t worry about parking just park in the neighborhoods with a clear exit to your destination after the game.


eh, paying $20 to park at the distillery is worth it, imo


Not a bad seat in the house! That being said, I’d probably take the 25 yard line. Corners are hard for me, unless you are RIGHT near the field.


Higher on the side will be better. That being said, it’s not a cliche when people say there isn’t a bad seat in the house. I think you’ll be surprised by how close to the field every seat is. I’ve also never gone to a game and said “gosh, I wish we had better seats.” Once you’re there, you forget all about your other options.


50 rows up may sound like a lot but literally there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Take the 25 yd line.


Anything in the lower bowl is fine. Actually you’ll have a better view 40+ rows up.


Side and 50 rows up is better in my opinion I don’t like corners and end zone seats.