I graphed my progression on the season ticket waiting list since 2007. Assuming the trendline holds, I will get my tickets in... 2066!

I graphed my progression on the season ticket waiting list since 2007. Assuming the trendline holds, I will get my tickets in... 2066!


I put both my son and daughter on the Packers Season Ticket waiting list when they were born, in 1986 and 1988. They were both offered the Gold package when the south end zone wall was completed (2013? 2014?), I had my daughter accept those but had my son hold out for the Green package. He got those last year, so it was about an additional 7 year wait, but now we have 4 tickets to the Gold package, and 4 tickets to the Green package. GO PACK GO


My dad got on the list in 1974. His number came up in 2017.


2017 is when I got on the list….


your grandkids will thank you


Finally found a group of people that will be happy if Rodgers doesn't come back. Season ticket wait list progression will speed up rapidly.


Well put mr AJDillonsMiddleLeg.


Im not so sure. Unless they actively cancel/step out of line. They will be on it. The number of new applicants will likely decrease however.


There’s been a wait list since 1960 and only grew during the dark ages. I don’t know how much faster it will speed up. Especially since you can sell tickets for double what you pay.


You can only sell them for double if the team is winning.


I thank the lord every year my dad has the gold package at least. Good luck man… ill see you there in 2066.


Gold package owner here too. Blessed.


My family has 10 seats together with the gold package I’m so lucky


Lmao nice man! Will you still be alive? Lol, that's in a longtime.


I'll be in my upper 70s by then. It'll be close...


Lmao I'll be 65. Better late than never though. Life expectancy will be much higher in the 2060s too. Something to look forward to for sure.


Have to build an inheritance somehow


The crooked part of the line in 2013 is the end zone expansion. The waiting list dropped by 5000.


Can you explain why enlarging the endzone cuts off season ticket waiting spots? Serious question, I don't understand the correlation.


They didn't expand the end zone itself, they added more seats in a section above the end zone. More seats = more people get tickets.


Ahh, yes this makes more sense than what I had in mind lol Thanks for the explanation.


UK fan here ..whilst won't ever get a season ticket . My dream is to come over and watch a game . How easy is it to get a ticket for a single game


It's easy enough, depending on the game. It'll be more difficult for some games, like if we're playing the Vikings or Bears, but you can usually find tickets from people re-selling on StubHub and similar sites.


I never bought a ticket at the printed price, but I've always been able to buy a ticket. EventUSA is affiliated and you can usually get a ticket+hotel package. It won't be cheap, but it won't be more than like the plane ticket to Wisconsin (unless you want a fancy box seat but if it's your only game, I'd say sit on the bleachers with the crowd).


By this math it’ll be 75 years until I get my tickets.


I got put on the list when I was born in 1997. Hopefully I get them before 60.


I had to wait until 1955. Ugh.


What's the wait list looking like now adays?


My friend just got some. He signed up in 1980.


Oh no. That's brutal to hear


How do you see what number you are in line?


Every year the Packers send out a post card so you can update your contact info. Your number, or place in line, is on that card. You can also call the ticket office and ask them your spot.


I’m 10k ahead of you 😝


As a non-american Packers fan, this just doesn’t make any sense to me. I actually googled “what are season tickets waiting lines”, but I still can’t understand. US is a weird country haha.


How did you make this? I have the last ten years worth of cards mailed and would like to do the same.


I used [Google Sheets](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/). It's similar to Excel - just list the years and numbers, highlight the cells, and click the "insert chart" button.


Cool. Thanks.


I made a spreadsheet tracker to teach your wait list trajectory based on prior data. See below: (https://drive.google.com/file/d/15gRlSedFooVnbIuIBvN0ZbYSpaGWbZlg/view)


Just got Green golden ticket from Willy Wonka after 32 year wait. I had a graph as well. Lol. It was pretty predictable.




What number are you on the list? Curious if my place in line is close to yours....


I'm just under 60k


Darn. Im #70,011. Im 53 right now........ I'll only be 100 when I get my season tickets!


Put my kids on the list shortly after they were born. The are 129xxx.


I think i’ll be 91


So season ticket holders only? Or like, can I find a ticket on stubhub if I want to see a game? I know Packers games are highly sought after, but what are my chances of seeing a single game?


You can buy single game resale tickets any time through Ticketmaster or probably other sites. If you want season tickets, you should have signed up 40 years ago.


Not looking for season tickets, just want to see my first game


That should be easy enough!


This post is about season tickets, individual games you could buy immediately.


I've used Eventusa a couple of times before I got season tickets. There were no issues. https://www.eventusa.com/game-tickets/


If Rodgers is gone you’ll get them in 2023.


I’m in the same boat. Maybe my grandkids will be able to enjoy them.


If Mark murphy keeps it up you may move up a bunch in the next couple years


You made the mistake of assuming early dropoffs of high numbers will be consistent as you approach 1 in line. Once you get to 1000 in priority the rate slows dramatically and you can sit there for years.


So last year I got my postcard and a letter stating that after over 30 years I needed to be ready to finally pay for 4 season tix. I put a little money in Dogecoin and watched it explode and here we are a year later. I call Packers and ask about the tix and they said I did not move up enough (#5xx last year) But then he said, I don't have your number yet but you are very close so be ready. I looked at my Dogecoin, decided I will be a fricken legend to be able to spend $1k on a joke coin and then be able to use that to pay the PSL and Season tickets and have enough to maybe do some other things....32 years on the list and a funny investment is going to pay for my tix....lololololololol.