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You say you hope he has better luck home. This is his home. This government sucks donkey balls.


He's been here for 30 years. Citizenship should be implied if someone has lived somewhere that long. I can stand the racism in this place


> I can stand the racism in this place I think you accidentally a word. At least, I hope you did.




Smirky Patel is the worst kind of cunt.


She is an insult to c#nts. C#nts are resilient and take a lot of beating in their stride.


I’m so ashamed of the people running our country and the nasty, divisive and heartless policies they are implementing.


This is like the opposite of when you see things that make you go “that’s restored my faith in humanity” I just feel empty and like the world is going to shit and there’s nothing I can do to stop it. Must remember tho: let this radicalise you, rather than lead you to despair. But for now; despair :(


To all the shitebags saying “ well sorry but Arthur broke the rules don’t understand why I’m being downvoted”, go and throw shite at the moon you heartless cunts Just because it’s the rule doesn’t mean it’s ok , there is a thousand things this government could be doing to make this island better rather than deport an older guy living a peaceful life


People who use the law as the basis for morality are some the biggest boot lickers on the face of the Earth. The fact that people will think any of this situation is ok because a group of pseudo-aristocrats placed in positions of power by a flawed democracy said so just demonstrates how little the general public actually thinks for themselves.


These are the people who would have participated in slavery and the holocaust. Just because it’s legal sure as shit doesn’t mean it’s right.


A former friend of mine said he didn't see Leonardo DiCaprio as the villain in Django Unchained because slavery was legal and as such he was just an ordinary businessman. That was definitely a wake up call for me.


Your "friend" sounds like a nut case


Following rules just because they’re the rules is no better a justification than that soldiers commit war crimes because they’re “just following orders”. Do what is right, not what you’re told is right.


There was a time when slavery was legal. Sending Jews to death camps was legal. Just because a government says it is legal does not make it right


Do you remember the brands + names of the bikes? You're in a good position to find the robbing bastards, I doubt they want to use them for exercise. I mean keeping an eye out for them being sold then deciding how to go about doing something about it.


"Drawbridge cunt". Best description ever.


Priti Patel is one of the worst cunts alive. Sorry for not being pleasant, but she is truly fucking awful.


She's a vicious, evil, racist witch. And we all know what we do to witches (insert Monty Python here)


Weigh them against ducks?


She's thick as fuck too. You know that saying "They can barely string a sentence together"? Priti Patel is the only person I've ever seen who that is literally true of.


Sure, but she is just the instrument wielding by the Tories.get rid of her and someone equally as loathsome will take her place.


Fuck Priti Patel


priti patel* She doesn't deserve capital letters


fuck patel, fuck torys 🖕🏼this man has never claimed anything and has paid his way so what should be the problem ? they should deport patel back to where her parents are from teach her a valid fucking lesson, he probably had his whole life set here just to be ripped away by that horrible bitch, btw im british and all my family are too but i find this absolutely disgusting, and to the people who took his last possesions he had to comfort him they deserve big jail time 👌🏻 why let him work here for 30 years paying tax to just deport him in his 60s. this is why torys will never ever get my vote 👎


Why is it important if he claimed benefits or not?


Because most people against immigrants claim that they use more benefits that "proper British folk" Which is complete bullshit, the worst benefit junkies are British born and bred...


Sad to see so many people don't realise that they have more in common with Arthur than anyone they have ever elected. Arthur is doing his best to survive, You are doing your best to survive. Politicians are rich. Only difference is Arthur has already seen the looting of his country to serve these cunts, we seem to be oblivious to it.


Fuck the government, fuck Priti Patel, fuck that sexually incontinent clown Johnson, fuck Raab's receding hairline, fuck the crusty old pricks that make up the Tory Party, fuck their voter base, fuck the police, fuck big business, and especially fuck the media that manufacture consent for the asset-stripping, joyless, work-til-you-drop drudgery that all of the above are forcing on us. And if you don't agree with this then fuck you too.


Fuck the Tories


Shitty Patel is the Shetland Pony of the Apocalypse.


I never understood people who celebrated thatchers death, thank you priti for making me understand


I’m so sorry. May their next shits be hedgehogs.


As an immigrant, I am ashamed that person has heritage from the same country as me. No racist words would come close to being as insulting as "you're from the same country as Priti patel".


Comment section full to the brim with Tory scum.


Wtaf wrong with England not just London. The man been paying he's way since the 90s and after 5 years your class a British citizen I swear? He didn't over stay the Goverment we have are disgraceful. And whoever robbed him was clearly inside job sorry it's sounds like it was. Bless he heart and the man is in he's 60s wow.


Also I’m pretty sure he’s entitled to apply for legal status because I read that stating in the country 20+ years may make you eligible for that.


I’m a fellow Hackney resident and cyclist. Is there anything we could do to build Arthur up a bike to take with him? I’ve got plenty of spare bits I’d happily donate. Also, fuck Priti Patel, fuck this country and its slow slide into fascism, and fuck the people who enable it. Solidarity with you and Arthur.


Shameful poor man I hate what this country has become




Fuck Priti Patel, fuck Boris Johnson, and fuck the Tories. Fuck them all. Pathetic cretins.


I was so sad reading this. It's horrible living in the UK with this nasty bunch of bastards in power. Can you set up a crowdfunding page to buy and send your friend a new bike at all? I'm more than happy to chip in if you do


Priti is an f star star cunt


I'm pretty sure she'd deport her own parents if bumbling Boris told her to


Most boring psycho.


I'm happy to chip in for a bike for Arthur


Same here. Crowdfund anyone?


Same here


Priti Patel is a disgraceful cunt.


Just like the previous generation to me celebrated the death of that cunt Thatcher I genuinely look forward to the day that Priti Patel’s has been put in the ground.


We'll piss on the cunts grave.


There’s quite a few of the current crop that are deserving


Not that Patel is worthy of one, but if there's a state funeral and a 21-gun salute for her, I hope they aim it at the coffin to make sure.


After nearly 30 years this probably is home. So sorry this happened to your friend. Priti Patel is the lowest form of life just like the rest of the party including the gibbering idiot prime minister.


putting this story aside I am not exaggerating when I say priti is easily the most evil person in England (still waiting to see what fucking slur miss Sultana used)


I think part of the reason she's such a bitch is that she wants to fit in with the rest of the Tories because she knows the majority of them look at her and a racial slur comes to mind. But she is a cunt of the first order regardless of her reasons


Exactly. She still wants to be one of them despite the fact that she knows full well that the typical Tory grandees despise her and her type, and that they treated her people like shit back in the day. She reminds me of Dennis Cooper in Goodness Gracious Me.


> I’m sorry Arthur. I hope you have better luck home. This *was* his home.


>Fuck you Priti fucking Patel, you drawbridge cunt I'm using that, cheers.


Imagine getting deported by the country that colonised your people for over 300 years. Such a shitty world we live in.


Or getting deported by someone who was an the child of immigrant who would today be deported by their own daughters rules. Priti Patel can go fuck off. I don’t wish harm on anyone but I would walk past her if she lay in the street.




I loved it when a man named Farage was proclaiming to be as British as beans on toast .... fucknozzle needs to check his family tree.


Remember, the last three Tory PMs have promised to help the poor and 'only just managing' yet have done precisely nothing. And yet many of those still believe their lies.


That's sad as fuck bro. Fuck patel the shit eating smirk wearing cunt. For someone who has immigrant parents, she makes me fucking sick. I bet she would deport them if she had the chance, but apparently her dad was a massive UKIP cunt from what I hear.


If people decide to vote these tory morons back in next time, i'll eat my local Conservative representative. After ALL of the fuck up's, surely they can't be voted in again. Can they? I feel like it needs to be one of those Anakin/padme memes now.


They’re in for life now I think. There’s basically no opposition.


Sadly I bet they will be, I have no faith in the common sense of the general public


Tory cunts fuck off.


Fuck the Nazi Patel. Bet she wakes up in the morning, screaming race hate at herself


Fuck all borders


Hey, post this on twitter, make a page or something please and people will rally around this, hopefully forcefully stopping the deportation. Odious.


*Sigh* I wish nothing but the best for Arthur. Priti Patel should have been fucking aborted.


Has he gone yet? Round up the community and when the authorities come to take him away, prevent them. It's worked before.


Yes please do! If you contact me I can put you in touch with others that are more than happy to provide support on these kind of things


I’m fully serous that I hope Patel feels pain everyday day. As a sufferer of chronic pain daily I would never wish this on anyone but her she deserves all of life’s misery’s death to the uk and screw Patel


Honestly what is wrong with this country


It is probably a shorter list to ask, what is right with the country.


Tory is a four letter word and its cunt. This shit makes me sick and I hope they don't remain in power. Fuck Patel too, she can get in the bin with Boris. Also, Boris looks like the type of guy that would eat a kebab out of a piss-soaked urinal so fuck him especially.






We can rewrite merry Christmas Maggie thatcher for her.


"Merry Christmas, pratty Patel."


*shitti Patel.


No of course you are not wrong. You are wrong for doubting your correct opinion though (even for one second).




Honestly, they are not the brightest bulbs if their solution/care to "being stigmatized for being working class" is "become middle class" rather than "fight stigmatization of working class people". But anyways, fuck tories


Absolutely 100% correct you are. Those houses were built and paid for by taxpayers and these people made a killing on the back of it. And that evil cow Thatcher ring fenced the money made from selling the property so councils couldn’t build more social housing to replace the lost stock. This is why we are suffering such a massive housing crisis.


thatcher was one of the worst things that ever happened to the uk, the witch might be dead but her bullshit ways lived on


Is *that* how it happened? I’m over in New Zealand where obviously we have some pretty strong British roots but one thing I’ve never understood is working class Tory loyalty. Convincing people that they are so much better off now that they have a mortgage makes a lot of sense.


Reminder not to confuse the marxist "middle class" and the liberal definition. Liberal class definitions steer people away from the socialist definitions and thus class-consciousness. [Class is defined by our relationship to the means of production. Learn more here.](https://www.reddit.com/r/socialism/wiki/class) *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/GreenAndPleasant) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Make Britain Great Again! /s Seiously, my fellow Brits, do you really want to be like the USA? 'Cos that's how you start to become like the USA, with its poorly-designed national security & immigration theater policies issued to satisfy delusional pearl-clutchers & corrupt political asshats. Old article still relevant today "A lot of it is also immigration theater, it's about looking tough, appeasing those who say it's out of control by demonstrating your failure to control it, because that's somehow supposed to make them feel better," said Alison Harvey, legal director of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association, an organization of lawyers who try and insure a just immigration system." [https://pulitzercenter.org/stories/immigration-theater-failed-asylum-seekers-under-britains-new-policy](https://pulitzercenter.org/stories/immigration-theater-failed-asylum-seekers-under-britains-new-policy)


Some absolute fucking weapons in here man. Go lick some boots and have done with it.


I find it so hard to grasp that people can have the energy to want to find people, who have done nothing wrong, to kick out of the country. I don’t understand what the benefit is. We should 100% just have amnesties and award citizenship.


It's all slight of hand mate. During the worst of Austerity it was blame the the poor, sick & disabled to give the people someone to blame. Now it's back to immigrants. Same old cycle of distraction as perfected by the Tories.


Because it helps people in power distract the masses from the actual problems that exist which would lead to them voting them out. Tell poor people it’s other poor people who are the problem and you get to keep the wealthy wealthy.


every time I look at a thread here it's like the comments have been invaded by fucking r/europe and r/unitedkingdom


If you can walk round the street and ask the community if this guy is a part of it then why rip up that community. Why target guys like this when we have child rapists who can’t get deported because they have a family or a girlfriend. His community is his family. This smacks of the police trying to get numbers for some government quota. Easy pickings. Same with crime figures. Try to get them round after a burglary..no chance. Catch a load of kids with some weed in a spate of stop and search…easy. All policing should be targeted on the ground for the Benefit of the community. This isn’t a Benefit and the answer would seem to be make him legal to allow him to provide more benefits to his local and wife community.


Any chance for criminal justice on the thieves? Did the area have cctv and are you planning on a police report? Seems like the only chance of some sort of solace in this situation even though i don’t particularly like the police


Police? You mean blue nonce *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/GreenAndPleasant) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Lol good bot


Peak Tory Britain. Not enough cops to keep people safe from getting robbed in the street. But definitely enough to deport a hard working peaceful man.


Illegal immigration should have a squatter rights style rule attached to it. If they don’t catch you after a set amount of time, you can stay


Right? That's some serious skill


Hide and seek challenge.


Has he contacted an NGO, some good charities out there that can refer cases like his to law firms that may be able to help him out


That's a shitty thing to happen, poor bloke.


Jesus Christ do not sort by new


Please, make sure he has a way to contact you so you can send some bikes to Barbados. He deserves them more than any Tory.


In my old gym we had bikes getting stolen. Until someone noticed white Ford Transit van often showing up driving around and leaving with two blokes inside. They caught them after reporting it 200 times over the weeks giving Police reg number. They were stopped at the car park and van had 10+ bikes inside. 2 months later white van started showing up again. Amazing work.


I don’t know why people are so hard on the police. Every time I’ve been a victim of crime, they’ve given me a crime reference number. /s


Police? You mean blue nonce *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/GreenAndPleasant) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Good bot


Check out @antiraids on Twitter. There have been a few occasions that these deportations have been stopped. We need to let them know that when they come for one of us they come for all of us!


His home is in the UK, and fuck Patel for making it otherwise


That makes my heart break!!!


Early 90s, shit that's a lifetime ago, what is he expected to do in Barbados, his whole life is here.


I don’t think I’ve ever despised a woman as much as I do Priti Patel, cunt is an accurate and pretty nice way of describing her I hope the day she dies is celebrated more than Thatcher finally kicking the bucket was


Imagine if it happened to end up being the same date. Time to declare a national holiday!


Patel is pure evil. Worst of the lot imo. I fear for my family and for the whole of the uk. Stay safe out there guys.


I’m really sorry they did that to Arthur and I’m really sorry that this shower of assholes are picking on people who chose to make this place their home. At the risk of sounding like a fucking millennial, have you considered starting a gofundme page to raise money for replacement bikes for him? I’ll donate. P.S. my uncle came here in the ‘50s from Jamaica and he was treated like shit here too. You’d think things would have changed by now, but we English are a bit slow.


Fuck the Tories! Patel is a right old cunt.


Priti Evil


She's only the current face of the beast. This has been a government policy for a long time.


She is still evil Idc how long the policy has been a thing for


But he could have TakeN tHeir JobS! ... It makes me ashamed to be British, seeing examples of crass bigotry, racism, snobbery and basically being a complete cunt. I really hope Arthur gets a better life- no thanks to our shitty Government who are being dicks to get the terminally-racist-S\*n-Reader demographic.


What the actual fuck


Just to let you know that community has a say in these matters and if you feel strongly, protest like they did [here in Glasgow.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenmure_Street_protests) ​ If the community wants a person to stay the government has no right to say otherwise. ​ Edit: [The Glasgow Girls](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasgow_Girls_(activists)) is another well known inspiring true story of teenage girls fighting their friends deportation and ultimately succeeding.


I've been reading some books on psychopathy recently and I think Priti is a textbook example of one.


One of the the biggest fucking atrocities here is that Barbados was still part of the commonwealth until 2 years ago. England OWNED that country and when he came here still had to apply for a visa.


We need to remove the concept of nations.


Fuck you tory cunts. Especially the working class ones willing to be financially fucked if it means you get to watch foreigners get it too


The cost of living crisis that the government has helped exacerbate, coupled with a decade of surpressed wages and unchecked rent rises, is going to drive more instances of crime. It's going to be dangerous out there for the next 12 months I think.


So fucking pointless. This is really not a case for "rules are rules". Pathetic.


start a petition to get his deportation cancelled!!! *edit* the more the days pass, the more im ashamed to call myself British. wtf is going on?.


This shit makes me so sad. I live in the US and similar thing happened w/ my friend's mom while ICE raids were used political spectacle under Trump - targeting people who have been living in a country for 25 years. She was sent back to Jamaica and my friend had to move back home to take care of his sister (who was 17 and just had a kid). Sorry, to jump into yr UK sub - but christ, this one really shows how similar the US and UK are as much as both sides don't want to admit.


This isn't a UK-US similarity, this is consistent lack of due to care and fariness when dealing with these sort of cases, and happens everywhere. I haven't heard of a single country that deals with immigration where people weren't mistreated due to their status.




One of the best descriptions of that unspeakable woman I’ve seen


Drawbridge cunt - inspired language


Can we get Arthur some bikes please? OP started a fire, let’s go!


I hate the immigration laws of this country. Poor Arthur, I wish him the best.


Same in Sweden. Hard-working people or even just decent, educated people are getting deported for something stupid, while rapists, murderers and other pieces of shit can stay.


Getting deported for no reason actually. Just to fill a quota. And actual criminals stay because of the legal system or can't deported back cause the origin country won't take their criminals back.


"Shitgibbons that voted for them"... Shitgammons more like


Despite spending their days complaining about woke culture and crybaby leftists, the English are a very sensitive people. [Many consider any reference to their complexion an act of racism.](https://i.imgur.com/euWMhUg.png) Consider using the more inclusive term 'flag nonce' in future. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/GreenAndPleasant) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Priti “cuntychops” Patel, what an absolute git, I only can hope one day she (it) burns in hell for the atrocities she’s overseen 🖕🏻


From the U.S. but I'm sorry my guy, hopefully Arthur has an easy life and it's utter bullshit what has happened to him. It's like when the U.S. deports Mexican kids who have been here for seventeen/eighteen years. Barbados is probably not even close to the same country it was when he left and he'll have a harder time readjusting. Best of luck Arthur, I hope you see the support and live well, and I hope you get a nice cruiser and can continue to enjoy biking...




This country needs a new government pronto. I’ll take a Labour/Lib Dem coalition over this shower of dicks.


Getting rid of the Tories for Tory lite and Tory lighter is unfortunately the only option, which is shite since none of the above are remotely credible candidates to run government.


Drop a go fund me for Arthur


Immigration is not the problem, it was never the problem. I wish I was religious as I could be safe in fact these cunts will burn in hell or reincarnate in to a gentital crab.


Every time I see a decent bicycle locked up in London, I think the owner hasn't yet awakened to the reality of this city that locks are completely useless and it will be stolen sooner or later. My new Trek bike was taken the second night, had three locks on it outside my friend's flat on the third floor of a block of flats.


A friend of mine has taken to defacing his own bikes whenever he's bought one as it makes it slightly less desirable and worth next to nothing. He had a merida tfs 500 pinched from outside a pub on a bike rack, cut the lock etc and away it went.. (he actually found someone riding it a week later and got it back) After that he scratched off a lot of the paint and then spray painted it to look ugly and nobody tried to take it after that and he had that bike for 3 years or so? Then he had another one after that, a Giant? But yeah, he didn't waste any time making that thing look visibly grotesque... And yeah, nobody has tried to take it (apparently) Obviously this wouldn't have worked in the OP's friends case sadly.. But with possessions in London, you gotta make them look less desirable I guess?


try to make sure he sees this, cheers good man


How long has he been living here? He might be allowed to stay if it's been over 10 years.


If he has lived in the UK for 20 yeara,he can apply for his legal right to stay.


The fact that Priti Patel is a immigrant herself makes the irony even better


Daughter of immigrants right?


I hate this country.


He is home already.


When I moved here, ok maybe things weren’t great - but I thought - wow, how lucky am I to be in a country where you can, like, feel nice. Circa 2007. Have freedom. People respect you. How amazing. Best possible place out of this whole fucked up world - proud to live here, excited to grow up and do things. Punk. Music. Camden. The Brits! Equality! Diversity! I learned about Victorian England and it terrified me(more than communism and WW2 to be honest because it was - for *money*) but - I thought, wow, they will never let those things come back, it’s all history. Such exploitation, by the ones in power, the few, of so many, *surely* won’t happen again. And then the tories, bit by bit, implemented their plans with the luck of the recession and poisoned the people and the people were like “yes this is the stuff” and each time I thought “okay this is it right? they won’t win again, like come on” Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Such childish thoughts. I can’t believe I get to personally experience such a rotting of a nation that I did truly consider to be Great Britain. Now I’m just ashamed to live here. I can’t help but always suspect anyone I meet that they voted them in. I can’t cope with seeing the Union Jack on anything and to remember I’m part of such a fucking dystopia and so aware of everything that’s wrong and there’s nothing I can do, cause I can’t even vote. I speak to my family back home and it’s hard to try and explain to them that this “great country” is poorer than them. That here, things are now the same - if not *worse*, than they were post-communism. But by *choice* of the people, not because of war and it’s consequences. Do you ever just sit there and feel torn between wanting to be sick and wanting to cry? It’s hard to just get through the day without multiple times trying not to fall into a deep dark hole of helpless despair that, to be honest, is pointless. Thank god I know how to survive in such hard times. Thank god communism prepared me for this. Maybe one day that great country will come back. Maybe one day people will wake up again and remember how good they had it and that it’s completely up to them to stop this countrywide abuse and robbery.


If it helps at all, I was born here and despise what this country has become. And I’ve always hated the Union flag, the same flag that was used to create an empire and to peddle dope.


As a brit, born an bred, let me tell you, I can not wait to leave this country. I nearly did 10 years ago and I fell in love and the only thing keeping me here... is love. I'll leave one day though and I promise I'll never look back. I'm absolutely ashamed of what we have become as a country, I'm genuine fearful for my kids and grandkids to be future. If anything though, the fact that's there is a resurgence just goes to show it never really went away in the first place. My generation got our voices heard in the 90s but we were drowned out again by the boomer generation in current times as they got older and are voting in the clowns who run the show now. Hopefully my kids generation will get there voices heard like mine did but then keep shouting once they've been heard. My generation got heard and then sat back and enjoyed the party, we should have kept them on their toes but we didn't. That's how we ended up with Blair leading us into an illegal war, we drank the kool aid.


Imagine being the vampire cunt that sets rules that wouldn’t even let her own parents into the country


I am proud and always will be proud that I have never and will never put my vote for a Tory. Despicable people. It happens every time, the working class get sick of labour and think oh maybe the Tories have changed and actually will care about the working class now. People are so easy to forget. I personally hope the country never see’s a Tory government again. (And no I’m not saying labour is the answer either)


Priti Patel, described by Alexi Sayle as someone who would unplug your life support machine so she could charge her phone.


No wonder why the commonwealth countries are leaving and becoming republics.


If he has proof of living in the UK for 20 years I think he can apply for settlement. https://www.westkinassociates.com/overstayers-20-year-long-residence/ I am sure there could be a route for him to remain in the UK, just need some investigation.


Some bellends in here.


This is fucking disgraceful and makes me ashamed to call myself British. Fuck you Priti. And a curse on those people who stole Arthur’s bikes


The best part of that woman dripped down her mothers' thigh.


That is a legendary insult thank you


He needs to talk to a solicitor ASAP, they can help him!


Gofundme for him to get some bikes back home?


bruh out here ruining our names by being a bitch :'( (talking about priti patel)


Could you maybe sort a go fund me as you know him and post a link so we can all help this man?


>Fuck you, whoever you are, for robbing a decent man in his 60’s of some of his last possessions in a time of despair. Fuck you Priti fucking Patel, you drawbridge cunt, and fuck every single one of the people who voted these shitgibbons into office. Mate, I get your frustration, but this is to deaf ears, I mean go say it on twitter or something where there is just a tiny chance she may see this. She deserves it. This place is essentially an echo camber where nothing amounts other than getting the news. Venting here is fine, but I think exposure is more important.


Yeah you’re preaching to the converted. Tweet about it


That’s fucking sad dude. Do you happen to work at rockstone?


Why can’t he apply to stay?


Too bad he wasn't an ex-KGB agent lining the pockets of the Tories, then he'd get automatic citizenship and seat in the Lords.


Damn what a story man. Thanks for posting. Hmm I was around dalston Friday afternoon but don’t remember seeing anything dodgy……hope they get caught.


Oh my god that’s bloody awful. Yep, fuck them, all of them. Makes me so mad.


You should try a whip around to raise some money to help authur replace his bike, I'd donate. my heart hurts for him.


Sorry to hear about that, I hope your friend is okay, unfortunately there will be future Tory governments but hopefully we can get them out in the next election. We just need some actually progressive policies from starmer.


I hate to burst your bubble, but Starmer is as much a a tory as anyone on the bench opposite to him, even Amgela Raynor is is enjoying those elite bonuses you get from being a politician! All the English parties are disgusting tbh


From Starmer? Why would you think that would ever happen?


@visibleotter, do the man a gofundme.


Fuck them indeed. Fuck all of them. Might I just say that "shitgibbons" is one of the best ways I have seen them described!


This is why there's going to be an amnesty on undocumented immigrants. Even Borisconi is in favour. Though he's busy with his ew Canadian mistress atm.


If he came here in the 90s then he can legally apply for indefinite leave to remain


There should be an amnesty for Arthur and everyone like him. OP - has he had decent advice from CAB or other advice centre? I don't know enough about it but Barbados is / was part of the Commonwealth so maybe there are avenues open to him?? There are several villains in this story though - * bike thieves * Whoever grassed him up (because someone did) * Evil Patel Sorry Arthur that you have been treated this way.


Had this exact convo two nights ago, it is a myth that everyone comes over illegally for a free council house & benefits. What they really want is a national insurance number


Been here 30 years and being deported?.. How does that work..


Feel really sorry for Arthur, if what you say is true about him working the entire time he was here and never claiming benefits then that should be an essential part of an asylum claim, Arthur sounds like the kind of asylum seeker we need, a net contributor and not a drain. Maybe I'm wrong but does 4 yrs of continuous legal employment and life in the UK not grant the right to stay? I could be way off on that but I thought that was the rule 🤷🏼‍♀️


That's not what "asylum" means. Asylum seekers are refugees. Immigrants are not.