Which other collaboration events would you like to see?

Which other collaboration events would you like to see?


Obligatory Jojo mention. I want a SSR unit Jotaro and Jolyne! Jujutsu Kaisen would also be fun, I just want them all to be happy for a bit in this weird, colorful fantasy world where no one can really die That easily.


Double unit brothers!


Why not. Disgaea.


Disgaea collab with Lowain bros. main cast for maximum craziness.


Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier (what a mouthful) Story can practically write itself. Haken and crew get on another Gate, which is connected to a Gate in GBFverse. Have the Endless Frontier antagonists hatch a plan to steal Primal Beasts for some reason. Resolve conflict somehow, get Haken/Aschen dual unit at the end of event.


Honestly I would love it if it was just Axel and Alifmi again, since they're pretty much like Danchou and Lyria that their souls are bonded. Though this would be challenging as the VA for Alifimi passed away a few years ago. Find out that the Einst are still around and managed to sneak into the world of GBF and have it corrupt a primal(imagine a Baha Einst while A World So Close, Yet So Far plays). Still wouldn't mind the base cast though. Be fun hearing potential interaction between Frontier characters with GBF characters. Suzuka with Yuel/Societte Robomi or Shiro/Nicholas and Achen. ​ Just give us an SRW collab(just something to help celebrate SRW turning 30)




Another Princess Connect or any Fire Emblem collab would be neat. FLB on the gourmet guild girls would be pretty cool. (Cygames just give me FLB Pecorine)


SMTV where we fight SMT Angels with Granblue Angels cause it would just be funny to me


It reminds me of a game that had collaboration with SMT, the SMT characters were extremely confused when they saw the heroine who accompanies the protagonist because she is a happy girl who is a goddess and it doesn't fit the image of what a god is to them


insert Renaissance angel vs Biblical angel meme


That would be quite a mess since Archangels are actually nice in GBF and Lucifer is a good guy.


Nah if anything the only difference would be GBF Lucifer didn't disregard his Angel Status and raise a demon army, both Lucis refused to abandon humanity/skydwellers to oblivion


Lucifer is usually a pretty chill dude in the SMT series. The only exception is SMT4 where he's kind of a jerk. The rest of the angels are almost universally sketchy at minimum and outright monsters usually though


I've always wanted to see a collab between GBF and Trails in the Sky!


A Certain Magical Index I think would be the dream collab. Playable R Tier Toma who can dispel every buff on the target at once Dark Sarunon Style but doesn't really have anything else worth mentioning in his kit, and is naturally immune to all buffs as a passive.


R Saten who has Level Upper as a skill that gives her (low tier) SSR stats and kit for a few turns but then dies or at least get stun debuff.


SSSSR Accelerator who is immune to all attacks, instant kills everything, but is only usable in Trial Battles. He joins the crew as the resident mathematician. Never joins in any fights.


Shaman king some time this year


Oooh this would be the perfect time for that collab


Madoka Mágica?




I'd delete all my savefiles for Kaine or Zero.


U do realize that Zero’s line would probably get all censored, right?


U do realize that Zero’s line would probably get all censored, right?


U do realize that Zero’s line would probably get all censored, right?


ANY of arcsys fighters, blazblue, guilty gear, under night, etc


Hatsune Miku


you speak the language of the gods


Girls Frontline! I want more gun characters.


Devil May Cry please


Yakuza mostly cause i would love to see Ichiban react to being in a real RPG setting


Ichiban would be perfect, and make Kiryu a summon that buffs so he doesnt have to hurt women.


Fire Emblem


Yakuza I want Kazuma Kiryu to meet Yuisis and discuss their ideals. Also so we can swing a bike around as a weapon.


His ougi would be the same as the Love Live idols', except Baka Mitai.


Monster hunter


My friends and I agree strongly agree


Elmelaura auto include.


It will never happen ever, but Black Rock Shooter. The benefit of BRS is that she doesn’t have one specific story, so GBF could do practically whatever with a collab involving her.


Oh man imagine if we could get this to happen. That’d be amazing.


Nihon Falcom’s Trails series would be lovely. Doubt it would ever happen though unfortunately. Would love a final fantasy collab.




I would love that. If it happened ever I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a hajimari type experience. Falcom loves Juna and Rean.


What a weird way to write Crossbell... Just kidding, I'd be stoked regardless.


Fate Priconne part 2 Madoka Magica Persona 3 (who doesnt want Sariel playable? i' ll schlap you)


Arknights Maybe a trio unit of Doctor/Amiya/Kaltsit


Mandatory NieR:Automata collab. Aside from that, there's always the possibility of another popular anime, like they did with demon slayer. Final Fantasy could be nice, but picking the representatives would be a nightmare. There's a bunch of vtubers that play gbf also, some of them are even friends with the VAs. A collab with Hololive or Nijisanji would be neat.


Universal Century Gundam with Amuro and Char.


Nobody has said it yet, so I will represent these people: Senki Zesshou Symphogear!! Let's GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


VA-11 Hall-A collab with Jill being a strictly buffer character like Korwa.


i mean, we've already had one Persona and two Tales collabs, lol at this point, i'm not sure what i'd request for a collab, ahahaha...


Rather than any franchise in particular, I'd like to see the writing teams play to their strengths, so give the writer behind the Robomi events the chance to do an over-the-top Robomi + Kamen Riden team-up event. Maybe get Ladiva in on it, since she clearly knows how to deliver a flying kick. Now something much less plausible? Yggdra Union, because I'd love to see some of those character designs in the Granblue style. Oh, or Monster Hunter, with a new class and a dozen or so CCWs to grind out by playing the event.


It's so weird to me that, while I've always wanted it, a Mushoku Tensei collab would actually be relatively possible now that the anime exists. And if you've been a fan of Mushoku Tensei since before the anime you probably have a good idea of how implausible that seemed. Elsewise, I still think a RPG Maker Horror collection mass collab would be amazing, albeit a total nightmare to collect licenses for. But I mean, come on, Witch's House summon that throws random debuffs around but always tries to land Lethal Hit? Ib, Gary, Mary unit that has to manage blue and red petal stacks that get consumed by yellow skills? There's so much they could do and I'd be so down for the nostalgia trip. Unfortunately, may as well be impossible. Lastly, although it's another one on the fence, I kind of want an Epic Seven collab. It's kind of a weird one, but I feel like there's a lot of really random overlaps with settings and I feel like a collaboration could just be really fun. "Oh, so I see your fantasy world setting has interdimensional beings, otherworldly invaders, and inexplicably advanced mechs and technologies too."


Summer Illnott is basically Seaside Bellona lul


Extremely unlikely, due to it being Italian, but a Winx Club collab would make me very happy. Preferably using one of its older art styles. Another Cardcaptor Sakura collab would be nice, so she can get a better SSR. FGO, with Arash as one of the playable units. Best FGO boy deserves more love.


Rozen Maiden


Dragalia lost


Symphogear will collab with anything except GBF at this point..


playable Hibiki/Chris/Tsubasa would be awesome


why? may i know the reason?


I was mostly kidding, but XDU has recently had a bunch of collabs, often with franchises you wouldn't expect in a gacha game. Off the top of my head, we've gotten nanoha, tales of something, and revue starlight. We also got a (2nd or rerun, I forgot) Godzilla collab, Kiramager, Saint Seiya, and the female wrestling company bushiroad recently acquired, of all things. In other games, revue starlight relive (x2) and the higurashi gacha have gotten collabs with XDU. I have said in the past that I would quit XDU the day granblue gets a symphogear collab, but that day doesn't look like it's coming anytime soon.


I can’t believe Cygames hasn’t done an Arksys collab yet.


One Piece: Zoro vs Okto LET'S GO!!


All these neat ideas and the next collab is (probably) going to be Cinderella Girls again. Deremas is turning 10 this year so at least they'll have a good excuse this time. It's even happening during the usual November-December collab time. I'm decently excited to see what they'll do but I'm fairly certain that not a lot of people share in my hype. Other than that, I'm also excited for an eventual UmaMusume cross-promo.


Jujutsu Kaisen could easily be a new high budget collab event. FFXIV seems like it's an easy fit for crossover lore and similarities between eikons/primal beasts and Erune/Miqote. And Re: Zero has a collab with so many other mobile games, it's surprising we don't have one as well.


Give me a Hololive collab where we have holo fantasy in an actual fantasy world.


I would really like a Library of Ruina collab with the Patron Librarians as the event characters. The only issue would be the fact there's 10 Patron Librarians+Angela, so that would mean inevitably mean multi-character units, which is a bit ehhh... However, the Librarians themselves are really great characters, and it would be interesting to see how they react to being in a place that's far more pleasant than the City.


Dragalia Lost: NOT SURE.. because nintendo is the boss the CYGAme help nintendo to run it. Zombieland saga idol, world flipper, Uma, shadowverse are definitely actual cousin so you do not actually need to pay for the patents to use those characters. Who needed to pay for lovelive/[email protected] when you get zombie girl or uma to be our annual idol collab event.


gawr gura


YES, a Hololive event would be great since Subaru loves GBF especially!


With fate stay night


A Ranma 1/2 or Sailor Moon collab would be amazing.


Guilty Gear I want Sol, Ky and Dizzy as the recruitable characters. EDIT: Also, another Samurai Shodown collab. Solely for Iroha. Her in a Granblue art style is going to be great.


Full Metal Alchemist. They got the whole portal thing down and could be an easy excuse to end up in another world.


I've been wanting a My Hero Academia collab ever since Kolulu described her body hardening power as a non-magical "body quirk" that she was born with in her introductory fate mission. There's so much they could do with this premise. Granblue characters getting fun hero costume skins. Kolulu attending hero school classes and bonding with Eri over their tragic pasts. The Cypher Rangers forming their own hero agency. Bakugo and Clarisse competing over exploding things. Soriz trying to teach Mineta how to be a manly pervert. Grimnir deciding to become the #1 hero in the world but the villains never let him finish his hero speeches.


Hololive. It would be cool to see some of the fantasy powers they have come out.


A3! If only because I think having Greeja and Lyria interacting with Sakuya would be S-tier heartwarming. Honorable mentions: Symphogear and Naruto(or Boruto I suppose)


Itaru's KoTR game might look like FGO, but I just can see him playing GBF too on the side!! him dropping references about how grueling GW grinding (maybe he's crewmates with Banri?) would be hilarious, I just can see him breaking GBF's fourth wall.


Itaru and Banri are def GW kings lol




Tower of God and Chainsaw Man. I don't know a thing about CM yet but the characters seem really interesting.


Thunderbolt Fantasy has a lot of potential, and I'm jealous it gets to collab with Fate instead of us.


Konosuba would be awesome. Since they just announced another anime.


It really wouldn't make any sense, but ever since hearing that Amazon bought the US distribution rights, I've been in the mood for all things Evangelion.


Dragalia Lost. Come on Cygames. Let DL be a proper member of the family.


Touhou. Units could be: Reimu and Marisa, Remilia and Flandre, and maybe Suika or Alice. Cirno could be a summon lol Also, Azur Lane. Would love to have characters like Belfast and Laffey in gbf, and the shipgirl versions of Zeta, Anila and Makira in AL


Zombieland saga. Ssr maimai when?


I would like them to do a collaboration with their own damn characters that have been forgotten for fucking years.


Epic Seven.


Garfield Kart


Tales of Berseria, Persona 1 2 3 4 (a rerun of 5 too i missed that), Tales of Arise(in sept when the game Is out), Rising of the shield Hero, Nier universe, RWBY....... I can go on a lot


What about final fantasy (not 7)


I will mention a game I recently played and enjoyed(last year, haha), Celestian Tales. The story of the game was pretty cool and the characters were pretty likable and would be pretty good. SSR Dark Isaac would be very cool Oh, and I can easily suggest that series for fans of traditional old school turn based RPG games, gameplay is fun and the story is very good(although it involves politics as well).


Project sekai because i still wanna see 25ji miku in the gbf style


jujutsu kaisen and chainsaw man pls


halo infinite


FLB priconne and new charas, Rezero, Elaina from Majo no Tabitabi, Guilty Gear, Fire Force, Yggdra Union, Advance Wars 2 lol.




If Cygames continues to have a good relationship with Ark System Works, I'd be all for a Guilty Gear Strive collab down the line. My only demand from that collab would be for songs from GGSTs soundtrack to cut in on ougi/summon.


I just want more Tales side story in here, Cygames. It would be fun if we can get Zestiria/Berseria crew up here sighs


I'd love a Kamen Rider or Super Sentai crossover. Even though we'd probably just get Zyuranger, like always...


Muv Luv Alternative or anything Gundam would be pretty sick


Kumoko, bakarina and rezero of recent ones. Of old ones, yuyu hakusho would be cool


Violet Evergarden. I don't care if Violet's ougi doesn't deal damage.


I don't think gbf will have a collaboration ever again. cygames clearly said they will be focusing on events/side stories. This means main story and collabs will come to a grinding halt. Anyways, if by some miracle gbf gets a collab, I want it to be re zero when it's 3rd season airs


I have a ton of options, but I have my main one; Dragalia Lost. Come on Cygames!


2014 - 1 (idols) 2015 - 12 (idols repeated a bunch, tales, street fighter) 2016 - 8 (slayers, more idols, more tales, more street fighter, plus Sakura wars, I don't think I even counted the weird space invader stuff) 2017 - 5 (only one idol, rest new like samurai Shodown, attack on Titan, Cardcaptor, token ranbu) 2018 - 5 (Conan, Persona, precure, idols, priconne) 2019 - 3 (geass, idols, gachapin) 2020 - 3 (idols, shadowverse, demon slayer) 2021 - 1 if you count bobobobo, I didn't count earlier April fools ones but this was more of a collab


I'd love another Demon Slayer event to give us the rest of the Hashira or at least a few more. A Gyomei on my Earth team (especially for this event) would... *rock.* It would be kind of fun to have a Tales of Arise collaboration event sometime in the next few months, given the previous Tales events. Super unlikely as the manga is done but... Haikyuu would be *super friggin' fun* if they can make it work.