Hi thanks for reply, I shipped to the 'correctly gjven' address. The problem here is the address given was wrong, and this address matches the address on paypal address. In other words, both the addresses given by the buyer are incorrect, which is where the item is shipped to, hence the shitshow that ensued. Thanks for the idea on getting in touch with grailed /usps, I might just try that!


contact us over at [email protected] so we can investigate this further for you


Had a similar thing happen to me. Package got returned to me because name on package (that they provided me) didn't match any address records. Grailed just had me refund after it was returned to me, and have them buy it again (I told buyer nah cause it took a lot of time and they weren't willing to pay the shipping again). Pain in the balls and you lose out on money and a sale, post gets removed.


Hi there, maybe you can solve it by resenting it and letting him pay through PayPal for the shipping. Same happened to me recently and solved it that way