The Pixel 7 has a single tap to wake but nothing to sleep. I really wish Google would address this as double tap to both sleep and wake really are quite useful.


You can download an app named Screen Off, then set quick tap to open that app, you can double tap the back of the phone to sleep.


I just press my power button briefly to set my 4a5G Android 13 to sleep.


Yes my S20 has it and it's a must for me. Sad pixel lacks this feature. Stops me from buying this otherwise beauty of a phone


Is this one single feature enough to not?


I mean, the front facing camera lacking autofocus is the reason I'm straying away from pixel. Everyone has different needs and priorities I don't think it's fair to judge their decision to use a different phone just because you don't agree.


Lawnchair launcher has this feature.


You know there are 3rd party apps/launchers to make it work, right? That's what's great about the pixel, not that it can do everything out of the box, but that it's essentially a blank canvas to do what you want with


I agree because the power button on my Pixel 2 XL is fucked up and doesn't work properly.


I'm using a nova launcher with double tap to sleep


Didn't know I could do this, ty


I'm concerned about the Accessibility permissions this requires. Would grant Nova permission to view all content on screen.


Nova staff here. It only uses Accessibility to carry out button presses (things like the power button for sleep as stated, opening the recent apps menu, etc). It doesn't record your screen content in any way.


Thank you for the response. Didn't mean to imply Nova snoops. Granting it Accessibility permissions mean it can (not saying it would) read all content on screen. Is my understanding correct?


If you grant an app full control in the Accessibility settings page then yes, in theory it could read screen content. This is intended more for actual screen readers and those with low vision and any app misusing it would quickly be kicked off the store.


Is there any way to not grant Nova full control in Accessibility settings (I don't see any partial control option there) and yet make the double tap to lock the screen gesture work?


Sadly not. I don't believe Android makes it possible to apply a specific set of accessibility permissions to apps (or for apps to only request specific permissions). It's either all or nothing.


This is the way


Oh shit I was using nova on my S10 but decided to switch to stock on my P7 to try it out. Didn't realize that's why double tap doesn't work now !


Power off with Double Tap is such a useful feature and Pixels might be the only ones that do not have it. Also I wish it would be Double Tap for waking the screen too, since with just Single Tap screen wakes all the time by just holding the phone, putting it in the pocket and so on. So for now, have to rely on 3rd party apps for this.


Double tap to sleep would have been great. I don’t want to use nova launcher to get it.




I'm using a 3rd party app - "screen lock" .. As someone, if not most has mentioned, I hope Google will look into adding the tap twice to lock feature.


Single tap wake is there.. no shortcut for sleep though, don't know what's the real reason Google hasn't implemented it


I have double tap to sleep using nova launcher. Single tap to wake is there from factory, but unfortunately quite a pain as the display will continously turn on when you hold the phone. Double tap to wake was flawless on my oneplus.


https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.davidcstudio.mylock It's a decent solution you can place the widgets across your home screen in blank spaces and double tap to lock


What's the difference between pressing a screen off button or the power button? Seems like a mundane request.


My phones are pretty big.. it makes the whole one handed use of the phone much simpler. It's a must feature for me ever since LG introduced the feature.


I agree. Double tap to sleep seems like it would cause a lot of false positives. Hitting the power button is the easy and simple solve.


how do you press a power button with 1 finger? it's not the same.


Huh? How do you press the power button with more than one finger???


Less wear and tear on the physical button and when I'm holding my phone I often don't have a finger right on the power button but can double tap on the screen easily. The much more baffling design decision by Google is single instead of double tap to wake (at least give me the option) and I'm still getting annoyed by accidentally waking the phone, but tap to sleep is really neat after getting used to it.


Beyond wear and tear, it's just easier, especially if you aren't holding your phone. I actually rarely use the power button anymore.


i really wish they can add a tap home screen to sleep. 😔


I use aosp mods works great


What's aosp mods?


I only get the phantom taps feature.