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This is the way




Buy when you are ready to buy, don't worry about the price. As they say, "*It is better to be one year too early than one second too late*."




I found a necklace at 12% over spot, is that good? I know you said don't worry about price but I just remembered lol


jewelry isn't recommended for saving, buy coins and ounces they're a better option


I've always herd that jewelry is a good option for when you are on the go. Moving internationally you wear your gold and there's no customs hassles (unless your jewelry is measure in kilos and not grams)


Yes! Don't be fooled by nominal confusion, since it matters how much do you have in grams or ounces, not how much it is worth right now.


Would it be better to buy by the ounce or what do people usually do? I’ve got quite a bit of silver now over the last year and half but haven’t dug into gold yet. Would it be better to buy an ounce or two per year or would it be better to buy 1/4 or 1/2 ounces? I think I know the answer to my own question since lower premiums are better but just wanted to see other opinions haha.


During any recession, people are usually struggling in some way - if you were struggling, you wouldn't exactly have money laying around to spend on gold lol. That's like saying should I wait for an invasion to buy ammo. So it is probably best to stock up before shit hits the fan.


On ammo? :-)




Poor people struggle during recession, people with savings and Money have opportunities


Yes. It sucks, but the majority of people are poor or middle class. They might have some savings, but not a ton.




Buy now, Gold isn't for speculation but for long term holding and wealth security. If you want to buy huge dips hoping for giant returns, there's better smarter investment strategies for that.


The best time to buy gold is always NOW.




I'm not sure what to expect if a market collapse takes gold down with it temporarily. In March 2020 gold recovered from the market crash within 2 weeks...how many people were actually able to put their hands on physical gold back then at normal premiums? I honestly don't know, but I suspect supply was tight, artificially so or not. I think March 2020 was a blip compared to what the overall market is looking at today after all the printing and insane military and foreign policy decisions we're strapped to, so while paper gold could easily see another flash dump in a market-wide collapse, I have my doubts about availability of the real stuff in such a situation. This is purely nothing more than my gut instinct.


There was little to no gold for sale during that time


Kinda what I figured


Buying some here.


DCA all the way up & down. Down 7% in my 403(b) & IRA alone, not accounting for the decrease in purchasing power of currency. HYS/CDs used to keep up with inflation but now can only get 1.5-2% on CDs. Instability has me shifting the majority of my liquidity to hedge against inflationary/recessionary concerns. Only keeping 6-10k in cash.


Same, I keep a small amount in cash


How are you hedging, if you don't mind? I haven't sold a lick of my longs...coal, uranium, oil, oil services, some GDX/GDXJ, but still sitting on more cash than comfortable with due to plain old dollar debasement. We have household expenses covered for probably a year but some of even that is screaming at us to put it somewhere.


I dont understand the bullish case for miners alongside diesel skyrocketing. Dump trucks and excavators use tons of diesel. Higher diesel prices means vastly less profits


Im buying now to preserve my purchasing power


recession -> yields (rates) go down -> gold goes up


Buying on dip


Consistency, bro… for me, alway a buy when gold is on the downside like now.


DCA my son




Always buy. Dollar cost average in and out of your positions. Timing is useless, you’ll always miss the boat or worse yet, you can’t get the funds there on time or there’s no supply. Only thing I say to avoid is to go all in positions and not having the discipline in always leaving a bit of cash.


DCA: Dollar Cost Average. Theory: Metals can only go up when we printed out trillions of dollars...


I am buying some fractional 1/10 & 1/4 but if I see a huge dip that’s when I scoop up the one ounce.


What huge dip. Gold’s supposed to keep pace with inflation. Right?


Honestly I’m thinking of selling all my Silver to buy Bitcoin, but I’ll keep my gold, as a hedge. I’m looking at silver all the silver I stacked, it’s so heavy to move and with these premiums I paid, the price would have to go up by a mile before I would even break even. Is silver a cult? Or is there hope? Will silver hit $800 like they say? Will the gold silver ratio return to old days ?


Silver def has a cult following with extreme views. Is your average close to spot? You can make back those premiums by selling on r/pmsforsale instead of to a coin shop


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You can even sell there directly for bitcoin.


$800? No way. Groceries and everything else would be giga-priced. I would be fine if all silver did was keep pace with inflation. Cheese-n-rice, I’d take thirty bucks!


Silver is the most manipulated because of its current low value the paper to real physical silver ratio is about 300:1 gold is just over 100. I believe there is only about 70,000,000 ounces of silver available to buy , that’s not a lot in a population of 6.8 billion people. Most gold is still around silver is used up by industry but because of the manipulation silver to gold ratio will not improve until the reality of shortage bs demand for physical delivery is revealed, at that point it will skyrocket but what the timeframe for this is I don’t know but it will happen before I die , my pension depends on it 😂


Silver doens't seem like a "cult" because it has real fundamentals that point to value. It's widely used industrially, and for what it's used for there are often no replacements. Between industrial and collector demand there is less being mined than being bought, and to top it off every year it becomes hard to mine for silver, spot price now is near mining cost for most miners (and inflation is making mining more expensive over time as well). There are a lot of things with great fundamental value now that are being sold off as people panic and just want cash... even when cash is slowly dying too. As for going silver to Bitcoin, I think the lower people think silver might go, is still higher than the lower people think Bitcoin might go. It would make sense maybe to spread around assets but don't go all in on one.


Silver is a cult. Alongside everything you said, it looks like stainless steel. No distinction to it anymore


This is silly. There was a time when meteoric iron was worth more than gold. That was the time of the pharaohs. How many has the technology to make steel. Silver is not manufactured. It is an element. Copper is a cost savings alternative to silver. Silver is a cost savings alternative to gold. Steel is not comparable.


Silver and gold were originally valued for their unique beauty. Silver now has no unique beauty


This is false. Beauty isn’t a property. It is a subjective opinion. Gold and silver were valued prior to the industrial era, because of scarcity, and the lack of reactivity. The lack of reactivity is the property that makes these metals beautiful. It is the same property that we value in modern industry.


Beauty is a culmination of properties, and is largely objective. Most people can agree when a substance (or woman) is beautiful. They agreed gold is beautiful thousands of years ago Lack of reactivity is one reason of many that gold is beautiful Scarcity does not give any substance value. This is a bitcoiner misnomer. My poo poo is also relatively scarce yet has no value


You just repeated what I said but changed the words. When you create something from gold or silver it remains unchanged for all of time. When you use steel or something else it will corrode. Scarcity absolutely gives value. This is no misnomer. I’m not going to argue market fundamentals with you. You are going to tell me silver has no unique beauty, and then in the next sentence try to argue scarcity doesn’t impact value. Explain to me how unique beauty is different than scarcity?


Silver corrodes/tarnishes, unlike gold Silver does not remain unchanged for all of time. It changes quite easily in fact Scarcity does not give items a price . Demand does Scarcity does not give an item value. Utility does


Definition of supply and demand : the amount of goods and services that are available for people to buy compared to the amount of goods and services that people want to buy If less of a product than the public wants is produced, the law of supply and demand says that more can be charged for the product.


Clearly you missed the part about supply in economics class.


And, again you are in error. I did not say silver does not corrode. I stated that silver is resistant to corrosion. Scientist rank silver in the group ofunteactive metals with gold. It is however not a Nobel metal. As previously stated tarnish can be easily polished off.


Polishing removes fine detail


Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, chromium, zinc, and other silver-lookalike metals can also be polished. In the 1800's silver's uniqueness with regard to beauty was lost. "Coincidentally" this is also when the gold Silver ratio permanently fell off a cliff


Your point is true, but scarcity indicates that supply is low in relation to demand. so, scarcity and demand kinda go hand in hand.


Scarcity does not indicate that a substance has any demand whatsoever. My poop is extremely scarce for someone in China, yet there is zero demand for it.


I'm done buying, but if I weren't I'd be waiting until end of year


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If you're waiting, you are doing it wrong. Your money is worth less every day. Under 2k is the dip.


Yup. That old saying "Money in the bank" has a different meaning now.


Except that if you held dollars you could buy more gold this year than you could last year.


Yeah always stack up on Gold. Keep a personal repository.




I have some gold already just bought some silver as I think it’s a little low relatively speaking. I’ll be buying more gold in the event of a significant dip


I have plenty of physical for now. What I am doing is I have puts on QQQ. Gold will/is crashing along with the market. I will sell those puts once I feel Gold has fallen too far and move all of that money into gold/silver miners to ride up the coming rally. Most likely I will sell those once i see mania in the market and then buy puts on GLD. I will never sell my physical because its my insurance.


ye but it has high premiums


I bought some now and hoping to sell some things to have more cash on hand to buy more if the prices drop


The second


I’m young and handsome so I’m in it for the long haul. I’m buying now.




This isn’t low prices . Look at pre 2000 prices. https://www.macrotrends.net/1333/historical-gold-prices-100-year-chart


If you could eat gold and it could shit eggs, I would...so instead I bought chickens...


It’s impossible to time the bottom. You have to buy all the way down


We are waiting for the WWIII to grab our shovels and go out there to claim it!