*gasp* you a little trickster? Hmm? I'm just messin. I seriously love those little goofy quips. Reminds me of a really great grandpa.


Calling Loki a little trickster plus his delivery were perfect


I also liked his first scene when he says “now, what you did to his boys” he sounds like he’s mad and gives the feeling that shits gonna get more tense than it already is, but softens up and says “self defense”. Such a great performance


of course he means to betray me hei— *heimdall*


Don't know why but that was funny. Also when Thor is exactly behind him and he's startled.


“THOR! Get down here!” ##”All-father” “DONT DO THAT!” I like to think Thor does this just to fuck with Odin occasionally


And when he read Thors mind about what he was gonna do to him if he didn't let Atreus be.


Was really hoping one of the Aesir was going to put Heimdall in his place >!before Kratos squeezed the life out of him!<, unfortunately that's as close as Oodin came.


I mean thor sorta did by telling him to back off


My favorite part is when he calls Thor downstairs and he just APPEARS right behind Odin and scares the shit outta him


Loved this scene, had me dying for a few. “DONT DO THAT!!”


Hei- Looks around confused Heimdall


This got me more than it should have, I had to pause the game cuz of how much it made me laugh. I kinda wonder if that was improvised


He was tremendous. at first I I thought “eh.” but then very soon it clicked and by the end of the game I can’t imagine anyone else playing Odin. he was brilliant.


I had the same experience. Seemed kinda lackluster, but he really, REALLY killed the whole evil, conniving, master manipulator that he's known to be. This entire game has been the same way, too. Started off with a few disappointing changes, but as you go through it you realize how insanely good everything is. GoW 2018 has been my favorite G(ame)OAT, but Ragnarok is quickly surpassing it.


Dude when Atreus>!goes to Asgard!<, even I started to think maybe Odin isn't that bad after all. His act was so convincing. >!Even as Tyr, we had no suspicion because he kept mocking Odin to keep his act.!<


same, I really hated his performance at first since he felt like a car salesman in Kratos's house and not some wise god, but he grew on me. Like most said when you realize later that he's like that specifically to catch you off guard I was like "Oh you sneaky bastard."


I hated that the subtitles spoiled it for me about who he was but I was hooked from the start. I started flipping out about how he casually just went in there like it was his vacation home. Epic entrance. Now granted, the American accent and mannerisms were a bit odd but it fits him more with his persona compared to a Norse accent I guess. Really cool villain but I wish they had given him a bit of reasoning as to his purpose, like why did he want to see knowledge apart from him telling us why. Here the game could have shown his younger self seeking knowledge for a reason, maybe to save someone or something and getting his eye rekt over it.


Brilliantly written character. Perfectly cast, like almost the entire rest of the cast. He hid his menace and sheer lack of morality through such a well crafted veil, it was almost scary to realize when he was angry. Though my favorites would be Thor, Heimdall and Kratos. Those VAs took their lines to the next level.


Heimdall's portrayal was wonderful. I hated him, but it was wonderful


He reminded me of Hermes but less… pathetic I guess. Like Hermes was cocky but when he got caught he was pathetically begging for his life, meanwhile Heimdall was cocky and started having fun when he got hit.


Not to mention the way Kratos blows up his arm kinda mirroring cutting off Hermes' legs


Murdering Heimdall was so god damn satisfying. I thought I hated the pantheon in GOW3 but Heimdall was such an asshole


You see, everyone takes is easy on you because they are afraid of your father. I am not. That fat, drunken utter piece of trash!


Blowing off his arm with the spear was so fucking cool


That Heimdall fight, and the end of it, really reminded me of the Hermes fight.


Oh yeah good point!


Oh, is that your special move?


Every time I find myself seriously hating a character I gotta stop and tell myself that actor did an amazing job.


The writers, directors, and actors wanted you to hate that character, and god damnit they delivered it PERFECTLY.


Even though I hated him, later realising that was the point, mythology and prophecy both say Heimdall and Loki are mortal enemies and he will kill our boy. So it's apparent that we as the player have to hate him.


I always recognize people we hate. It takes a lot of skill to make play a character in a way that just makes you mad at his existence. Hate the character love the acting


I can’t believe Heimdall was voiced by the guy who voiced Nightwing in Arkham Knight. Such a brilliant contrast. It’s his Nightwing voice, he just adds 100 layers of asshole over it though.


Actress that plays Freya should be nominated and she isn’t


IKR! I was sure she'll win best performance in Game awards and she isn't even nominated. I hope BAFTA nominates her.


Everyone was perfect but I particularly enjoyed Sindri, Odin and Angrboda.


Sindri had the most massive impact. Pun intended.


I was honestly terrified by him in the end


He wasn’t playing around especially when he said “us Dwarves cleaning up after you giants as usual”


It's kinda a fucked up thing to say. It's HIS fault that the giants went (almost) extinct. He made the hammer that led to the murder of the giants and he says the dwarves are cleaning up after giants? The giants were the ones to build the vulnerability in the wall and made the situations to fix everything. They saved everyone at Ragnarok too. It wasn't the giants who caused the death of brok it was him for reopening realm travel for Atreus and kratos that lead to this.


Seeing him all disheveled and grief stricken towards the end vs his normal clean, anxious self was quite the portrayal.


You hit it right on the hammer


I adore Angrboda's voice, especially when she's calling out in the jotun language. Great range.


I gotta be honest that mission (lost sanctuary) let me down hard. I mean if I played it in any other game, I'd have been interested. But to start off so strong with Thor and Odin entrance and then end up picking berries on a yellow cow for 2 hours with a girl who keeps telling Atreus she will show him what he keeps asking for over and over again, made me want to jump off the Jotunheim peaks. Kitchen grandma battle and wolf race was good at least. Apart from that the game is solid. Quelled my Anger boda from meeting Angrboda


Sindri was really immersive


I was expecting Odin to be incredible, and he was. Sindri has really taken me by surprise. I enjoyed him in the first game, but he was a fun extra character and little else. He steals every scene imaginable in ragnarok.


Yeah, he wouldn't be out of place in something like The Sopranos. Steals every scene he's in, marvelous performance.


He was part of the main cast for The West Wing. He was very, very good there.


He was a narcissistic psychopath, the All-Father?


All Fucker\*


Really enjoy the knowledge seeker portrayal


He was PHENOMENAL. At first I was skeptical but man did he crush it!


Yeah I didn’t want to be a killjoy pre-release, but I had doubts he’d be able to pull it off. He absolutely knocked this role out of the park.


He’s my favorite portrayal of Odin. He really nails pulling off being a scheming backstabbing liar who pretends to have your best interest at heart. At times, he comes off as genuinely chill to the point that he feels like that one cool grandpa, however, it’s all feeding into his act when the reality is that he’s a knowledge hungry sociopath who only cares about himself. My favorite line from him without a doubt is: “Is that true Loki, you a little trickster, nah just messing with you.” Honorable mention is when he called Mimir a silver tongued little shit.


Really enjoyed when Brok called him all-fucker


That was Mimir who called him that during the last fight, unless I missed where Brok said it?


Mimir did but Brok said it earlier. Even in the fight Mimir says that was for Brok.


Ah damn, wish I could see a clip where Brok says it. Didn't realize I'd miss his creative speaking and presence so much.


I believe he asks Atreus what he was going to Asgard to see the All-Fucker for but I might be wrong.


You're not wrong, I remember Brok saying it for sure.


Brok says that when kratos is travelling in the realm between realms right after the 1st Thor fight


>!Brok says it early on at least once, Mimir calls Odin that in the final fight, and he mentions Brok just after!<


Mimir literally says “that one is for Brok” after delivering that line. It was 100% Brok who calls him that early in the game.


It's really fitting considering Odin has pretty much fucked everything up haha


The entire time in God of War 2018 we all hear from Mimir is that he is a mad god, and he’s deranged and psychopathic. His entire demeanor to Atreus is very friendly but it’s just a ruse. I almost was fooled myself.


That's how you know the writing did its job


The writers that last seasons of Game of Thrones deserved.


I 100% recommend American Gods if you love an Odin like this. Either the book or the show. Preferably both.


“Has anyone ever worshipped you? Prayed to you? CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT KIND OF LOVE?” That scene with Odin in Svartlfheim is so good


I really love Neil Gaiman's American gods, because in that, Odin is a bitter con man angry that he's been forgotten by the modern world. So the GOW Odin very much was channelling that and boosted by Schiff's perfect performance. That rant you mentioned is definitely a perfect scene, because it perfectly encapsulates Odin's obsession with worship, his rage at not being worshipped and also his utter terror that it might slip away at any second.


Hi. You just mentioned *American Gods* by Neil Gaiman. I've found an audiobook of that novel on YouTube. You can listen to it here: [YouTube | American Gods Full Audiobook - Neil Gaiman](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_VW8Y7H0_k) *I'm a bot that searches YouTube for science fiction and fantasy audiobooks.* *** [^(Source Code)](https://capybasilisk.com/posts/2020/04/speculative-fiction-bot/) ^| [^(Feedback)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=Capybasilisk&subject=Robot) ^| [^(Programmer)](https://www.reddit.com/u/capybasilisk) ^| ^(Downvote To Remove) ^| ^(Version 1.4.0) ^| ^(Support Robot Rights!)


Good bot.


Odin in American Gods was much better cast and played, by a LONG way. IMHO.


I love that line too, but I also find it kinda funny considering that the Spartans worshiped him in GOW2


In Brazil his voice actor was the same one for Freeza!


"MIMIR! Eu sei que você tá aí, seu velho malandro!" Na hora imaginei um tio sem vergonha que é gentil pra todo mundo, mas só quer dinheiro emprestado.


Just saw the new black panther movie. And he's playing the secretary of state, and I just told my buddy: look, that's Odin. He was very confused lol


I didn't recognize him at all. I'll make sure to look for him when the movie comes to Disney+.


The very same day I watched the movie was the same day I got the game and just from watching a couple of clips of GoWR, I knew that old man in the beginning of the movie looked familiar lol


Very charismatic Odin he portrayed, I’m disappointed we didn’t get to spend more time in Asgard and he got so little screen time.


I loved that he wasn’t too different from his character on Ballers.


I think it was combination of the clothes he was wearing and the little cabin he stays in but he gave off major hippie cult leader vibes for me. Overly nice and affectionate to the people near him but a huge dick to people already in his gravitational pull. Especially Thor lmao


Honestly Schiff was excellent for this role. Ever since Toby Zeigler he's sold that quiet, unassuming but intense passion incredibly well. He was great for the whole "ultimate chessplayer" vibe they had for the guy. Quiet power and all that. Then again I'm a huge West Wing fan, and I couldn't help but think he was channeling that role a lot, so maybe I'm biased.


Eric Williams was a huge West Wing fan, and that's mainly why they wanted him. Hilariously, Schiff knows nothing about video games and doesn't remotely care about the medium, but his son was a giant God of war fan, and immediately told his dad he had to play whatever role he was offered. The son prepared Schiff a two page summary of the 2018 game, so Schiff agreed to do Odin based on that.


Ya he did a fantastic job


Odin is just Steve Jobs of Norse Mythology in this game.


He wasn’t in the movie for very long but he was in Wakanda Forever. Must be a good week for Mr Schiff


My personal favourites were Brok and Sindri but Odin was up there for sure


FR FR id have to remind myself who he was playing cuz he did it so good thered be times I liked Odin


"Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches. While others act, he plans. And when they finally rest… he strikes."- quote from the movie Vice to describe Dick Cheney, but also fits Schiff's Odin well (not trying to get political).


Yeah he owned it. Best performance in the game in my opinion. He should win the BAFTA.


I’d say he is my favorite performance as well. As soon as he walked into kratos house and started talking I knew then he was amazing. One of my favorite characters too


He really had me thinking he wasn’t half bad for a second!


"I didn't want to do this. I did NOT want to do this" *did it anyway*


Surtr also had a brief but amazing performance. The sadness in his voice and his tone were impeccable.


Yeah! I really loved how nice he seemed, albeit kinda of seeing everything from above almost. Him laughing and saying “this is gonna hurt” more to himself, plus “it’s pretty good” we’re delivered perfectly


Very casual about you sticking blades charged with primordial fire into his lover’s heart


That's just Dr. Glassman's final form.


The VA really did sell the "all controlling crazy lunatic hidden under a veil of lies" part of Odin


I was a bit unconvinced by the first scene. A little jarring for me as it was not what I expected. But the second time he appeared, he had me hooked. Really commands the scene whenever he appears. And actually does seem like the character we hear Mimir talk about in the first game. Glad they went with this take on the character.


He did such a good job, sometimes I would forget that Odin was really an asshole and not a nice guy.


I was properly gobsmacked when I first saw and heard him. I was all ‘…is that Richard Schiff?!’


He’s not an angry, strong boi like Zeus was, he’s just a slimy but also funny grandpa and I love it.


Hes good I just kind of didn't like some of the dialogue like "my Ex" lol


Definitely didn’t like that line specifically


I loved this character and ngl I was a fan until he killed Thor


"Three against one eh-?"


He hit that perfect balance of going back and forth between endearing and total fucking sleaze without either ever feeling out of character. Great multi-layered performance.


They way he yells at Thor like he was an employee and not a son. Muah superb.


The whole time playing I was like, "Boy! Don't you ever f**king fall for his lies" he's menacingly scary behind his veil.


I love his body language in his debut scene, how he just marches in without being invited, acts like he owns the place, drinks both cups of mead and immediately throws Thor's sons under the bus. Then for hilarious measure, he gives Atreus money to pay for the broken roof.


I love there version of Midgard. When I climbed the Wall I was expecting a Marvel looking city and it was a regular looking town.


Completely agreed, he did spectacularly well. Not to downplay him or anyone but god damn all the actors put so much work in for their scenes and it really showed just watching cutscenes and dialogue play out, there was so much emotion in many scenes


I guess imma just be the one to say it he was a very very believable Odin just like Zeus Corey burton I however…wanted to see Odin get cut up like onion 🤷🏽‍♂️


I wished he sounded a little more Nordic tho


Nobody in this game sounds nordic lol, nobody sounds greek in the first series either.


I thought the portrayal and casting for Odin was by far the weakest and most disappointing thing in the entire game. Right up to the last moments.


Bummer, he was my favorite portrayal and the most surprising imo!


People have to remember the actor portrays the story he is given so performance wise Richard did great he’s a really good actor I love him in the good doctor and once I heard he was playing Odin I was really excited I seen him in the first appearance and I haven’t seen Odin since yet as I’m not far into the game but can’t wait to see Richard as Odin again in the game




Welcome to disagree obviously, but as a long time norse mythology enthusiast - I felt it was the worst portrayal of Odin and his character I have seen in modern media so far. Really really disappointed.


maybe santa monica wanted to give something new instead of zeus v2


I think people who didn’t like Odin’s portrayal just wanted a Zeus copy/paste imo. This is much more interesting


I don’t think anyone wanted Zeus 2, actually. Zeus and Odin and completely different characters. But this was not Odin.


It absolutely was Odin actually. God of magic (look at his boss fight), god of knowledge (look at the atreus missions), king of the aesir (obvious), overall this more strategic, knowledge hungry Odin is much more interesting than another Skyfather who looks the same and has the same motivations as Zeus.


Odin isn’t a god of magic. That was very much Freya. He was a god of war, god of the slain. The “high one”. The “terrible one”. The father of runes. The king of the wild hunt. The hanged god. A master of disguise. Not Italian American mafia grandpa. EDIT: Imagine getting downvoted when you are factually correct 😂😂


Odin is definitely a god of magic, that is a title he shares with Freya. We see that in game. He is not God of war in game, although we see he is a brilliant manipulator and strategist. Also if you saw Italian mobster that’s on you because i got none of that lol.


No he wasn’t. The game isn’t a primary source either. You are just agreeing with my statement that this is a bad portrayal of Othin.


You could also call me a norse mythology "enthusiast" but i tought this portrayal was great. A self centered grandiose always stabbing everyone in the back personality wich he 100% was. Just a bit more modern speech. Idno if it is a plus but im also from Iceland lmao


Who’s your dream casting for the role? Just curious


I haven’t really thought about who exactly I would have picked. But someone like Mads Mikkelsen who has a much darker (and more authentically Nordic vs American) tone would give the character much more gravitas. But I also think that the character should have presented himself as heavily robed at first - and less eager to give away his real form. Just wasn’t right in many ways for Odin.


What do you think would be better?


In our source stories, he was a god of war and god of the slain. He was a relentless knowledge seeker. He was a master of disguise. That last bit is so key to this too - he would have never just walked into a room with strangers, especially enemies, undisguised. In the Wagner ring cycle he always wore a cloak and a hat. We never got any of this. The havamal is a whole book of writings from Othin and simple (and very well known) verses from that outline ideologies such as “never leave home without a weapon”. He should have had his spear by his side at all times. Othin should have been a dark and mysterious character with a booming voice and commanding presence. A true danger to even consider crossing at any time. What we got was American grandpa. Even shows which are questionable in authenticity, such as Vikings, nailed most of this down early when he shows up. It was just bad design and casting by SSM for what was the main villain in the game, where there was so much opportunity for more!


marvel fan boy?


No. Practicing Norse pagan for over 20 years.


I think the acting was really good, but I thought the character model didn’t do it justice. At first I though it was Schiff who was meh, but actually I wanted to see a different physical portrayal. In my mind he looks something like [this](https://64-media-tumblr-com.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/w820/s/64.media.tumblr.com/002c6ca361447aac4b17c8ec4a5a45c4/0ea2973e7c64b12d-e6/s640x960/2691c5202413a6c22ff6e63baa368f13c1e8beb7.png) but 20 years older.


Spoiler tag PLEASE


I had no idea he was playing Odin but it’s crazy how close his character model looks like him. I recognized him as the guy from Jurassic Park lol.


They really got Dick Schiff to play Odin. Glorious.


Was not the version I was expecting but it was absolutely amazing, definitely a high light of the game


Really did a great job.


Hes excellent, character, design and voice, but all I can think about are soyjack memes


FUCK, spoilers….


Great cast but I cant stop thinking hes Dr Glassman and a kind old man.


Why isn't this marked as spoiler?


I love Odin in Ragnarok, to me he spiritually feels like a manager at Denny’s that’s so over his employee’s bullshit despite the fact that he’s causing that bullshit.


My favorite Odin from now on


I've been watching The Good Doctor for the last several months and when I first heard him speak I was like "I know this voice!" I had to pause the game and ponder. After a few minutes I realized it was Dr. Glassman! My gf was watching me play too and we both started laughing so hard at the idea of Odin telling Shaun to shut up.




Ima be honest odins kindness to Atreus even had me fooled for a bit


Schiff was really good at playing a creepy old man who grooms kids into doing what he wants. While also playing a dude I’d be best mates with and get a pint with at the pub


Team Toby!


We're not gonna talk about his Old man scream at the end


this particular shot, I liked it better in the trailer where he's hidden in the shadows, but i think that's unrealistic considering how bright it's outside. I haven't beaten the game yet,>! just beat Heimdall!<, but I'm still waiting on him to show his evil side. >!Worst I've seen of him is still the stern talking he gives Atreus after he releases Garm and the sorta decisive voice with which he tells Atreus to leave the mask and sword.!< But that's just more credit to how they wrote his character. Schiff is undoubtedly incredible, but the writing makes him such a nuanced character that you can't quite tell whether it's all "bollocks" or if some of it is genuine.


I'm so glad they didn't just make him another Zeus but instead a manipulative smooth talker


Absolute masterclass.


Crazy seeing Richard Schiff as a doctor father figure in The Good Doctor to seeing him as Odin. I just got to Svartalfheim so I only saw Odin’s first scene. Holy smokes I can’t wait to play more!!


I think my favourite moment in the entire game is when Mimir calls him the "all-fucker" and he sounds actually very offended with a "what... what did you just call me?"


Was pleasantly surprised recognizing him in Wakanda Forever


Love the drastic difference between him and Zeus, I mean they're both tyrants but Odin doesn't take himself seriously at all, he manipulates people by directly appealing to their wants and perceived flaws and the like


Come on man, spoilers please, wanted to find out what he looked like by playing the game myself :(


This confirms that the God Of War series was all just a prequel to The Good Doctor


Every time he was on screen I said “God, he’s so good!”


You know what’s crazy playing god of war and seeing Odin then going to see black Panther wakanda forever and seeing the voice actor on screen


Not at all what I expected but I was blown away. The calm sociopathic tone of his voice. Just amazing.


Did anyone else feel sorta «mafia vibes» from Odin by the way he was talking/acting? A viking mafia without the NY accent :)


I was to be honest a tad disappointed when I realized Odin wouldn't be depicted as this powerhouse, I had the same problem alot of people had with Thor just with Odin. The MCU version became the image of norse odin for me.... Happy to say I'm still playing the game and have yet to see all his scenes but I love Odin here. Especially how he always wears his coat like a mafia boss.


I haven’t finished the story, but if I have to fight him I want him to medically explain how he’s gonna try to kill me. Just as a little nod to his character’s medical knowledge in “The Good Doctor”. Richard did AMAZING in this role for the game and I look forward to seeing him in screen for the rest of the story! Good Doctor is a great show by the way. Not perfectly accurate to real life science, but better than most other shows get.


I know him as Harper Dearing from NCIS. REALLY cool too see him shift gears for Odin. I was surprised at how many of the actors I knew.


My favorite part was how he didn’t drop the act until the very last second, he shows a crack when he >!kills thor!< but goes right back to it and doesn’t drop the act until he’s defeated and Atreus asks him to stop, the only time he’s honest with you is when he says “I will never stop”


I avoided almost everything to do with the game until the trailer was released because I didn’t want anything accidentally spoiled for me, so I didn’t realize Richard was playing Odin until I heard his voice in the trailer. I had fallen completely in love with him years earlier watching The West Wing, and he’s genuinely one of my favorite actors of all time. He’s absolutely brilliant in everything he does, so when I heard his voice in the trailer, my first thought (after I stopped freaking out lmao) was that he was going to knock this role right out of the park and straight into orbit, and I was right. He did. I was fully prepared to hate Odin (given that we’d had a whole other game hearing all about how evil and monstrous he was), but Richard’s performance honestly only made me love him. He made me laugh in pretty much every scene, and the stillness and softness and the charisma he brought to Odin was absolutely mesmerizing to watch. Which, of course, is the point. Odin’s whole thing is to draw you in and put you off your guard so even though you know he’s probably manipulating you, you can never quite tell when or to what end. He was just absolutely brilliant.


Thanks for the fucking spoiler tag cock bite!


This happens very very early on, if this much bothers you, you shouldn't be in the sub.


I left


No you're still here


No this is Patrick


Leave the sub if you don't want spoilers, buddy. Also this happens within the first hour, and it reveals nothing about the story


Just did.


1. We already knew Odin was going to be in the game 2. This is only a photo of him, from which no crucial story spoilers can be spotted 3. It's from like the first 15 minutes of the game 4. If scared of spoilers, leave the sub (I did this, joined after completing the game, can recommend)


No shit, bet you’re going to tell me Thor is in it too and they fight. now I know who was in the doorway from the trailer. That’s a spoiler. I’m out of here


Bruh literally how dumb do you have to be to not know it was Odin in the doorway in the trailer :D


His image was black silhouette, could be anyone just like those who had theories that it was Atreaus from the future or “whoever blew the horn” I welcome the negative karma, oh no my fake Reddit point 😭 it means nothing to me!


Odin kills Dumbledore


That’s the best thing I’ve heard. Have an upvote


I kinda wish he was more intimidating before knowing how he was going to be portrayed. His performance was great and he did a fantastic job. But what I wished was a very intimidating Odin who wasn’t afraid to show his strength and just beat the shit out of people.


I thought he sounded like jeff goldblum lol


I haven’t played yet, is this the actual character design? It looks just like Richard Schiff.


That's the case for most of the characters. Thor looks like a fatter Ryan Hurst, Kratos looks like Chris Judge covered in ash with a thick beard, Atreus looks like Sunny Suljic with a few scars and shorter hair, etc.


Sometimes they take liberties, I’m just checking. Thanks, man.


Yeah when he first shows up it's like "Well, Ruchard Schiff has arrived." I was not really feeling it at that point.


The way he was able to >!stab Thor and immediately go back to his "let me convince you" voice was seriously amazing. !< Only thing I'd say against it is >!how silly that "AAAUUUGHHH" sounded when Atreus breaks the mask.!<