Almost time... Favorite moments in GOW?

The whole bit where Kratos Gets The Blades of chaos from his home.


The whole bit where Kratos Gets The Blades of chaos from his home.


"you will always be a monster" "yes, but I am your monster no longer" chills, every time.


That was so well written. It's one of those gaming moments you'll remember.


I get chills every time I play through that part


I can hear the "Kratos....." "Zeus?" "Zeus!?" "my father..." "your father was Zeus?!"


“I’m dangling from the waist of the bloody Ghost of Sparta!”


Do NOT call me THAT.


“I’m dangling from the waist of the bloody Ghost of Sparta!” I didn´t get that, i got "that explains so much" "i knew you were greek, Athenas is a dead giveaway".


Considering how Tyr has some Greek stuff in his temple, he and Mimir probably knew about Kratos from legends or something


The hip not waist


Low-key it's when Kratos quotes Zeus before he kills Baldur.


Bro when he said it, I lost it. That shit was overly savage. Such a powerful statement in such few words. (For everyone who’s played GOW games in their entirety) I’d say my favorite moment though was when Kratos gave Atreus a drink of alchohol from Greece, and when he finally let lose and just says, “You are a God, Boy.”


What was the quote?? I can’t remember.


The cycle ends here


Oh ok ty


Must be better than this






No no no no no.


I had no idea


the cycle ends here we must be better than this


Zeus didn't say we must be better than this


I don't really quite get the metaphor behind it. Does this imply he has become like Zeus? Because I don't think that's ever the case. Or there's no deeper meaning behind it


This is how I interpreted it,Kratos sees his younger self in Baldur, Baldur is full of rage and upon killing Freya his path of vengeance could have continued same as Kratos,the quote's meaning is that the cycle of children killing their parents must come to an end which is why Kratos also said "we must be better",Zeus killed Kratos out of fear that one day he would stand against him,Kratos killed Baldur to ensure that nothing bad would come out of his path of vengeance again, that's how i interpret it at least.


“This path, vengeance, you will find no peace. I know.” That quote gave me chills the first time I played the game. I didn’t play the ones before but just from that line alone I knew who Kratos was and why he did what he did. Honestly it’s that whole fight. Because Kratos isn’t just fighting Baldr to kill him. He’s fighting not only to protect Freya, who doesn’t even want his help. But also to prevent Baldr from making the same mistake he did all those years ago. And it ends with probably my favorite line in game history “the cycle ends here. We must be better than this.”


i also loved the Atreus qte's in that fight, felt so natural, esspecially soon after Atreus being a gooser and getting cocky and over confident and out of control. felt like him amd Kratos were finally working suoer well together and i was so hyped everytime Atreus shot Baldr


When KRATOS kills the dragon and then it falls while he is there standing


That scene hit so perfectly!


Someone pointed out he actually slides a little bit to his left, so the dragon lands perfectly around him. Such a great detail. You can see it at the 1 minute mark in this vid: https://youtu.be/ALoSj55-t_4


GoW 1: when kratos killed Ares GoW 2: when he said "if all of Olympus will deny me my vengeance then all of Olympus with die" GoW 3: when he says "my vengeance ends now" GoW 4: when kratos gets his Blade of Chaos back GoW Ghost of Sparta: when kratos and demos fought one last time together against Thanatos GoW chains of Olympus: when kratos finally reunites with his daughter if only for a short time GoW ascension: when I beat the game so I wouldn't have to play it again




I agree with all of these. The scene where Kratos unleashes the full strength of his godly powers in GoS is my favorite in the series.


Deimos should’ve lived through that shit I got real life mad when he didn’t


I was as pissed as kratos when he died. It'd been so cool seeing him live and being atreus' uncle


Man I hope they find a way to bring him back Athena technically still here so anything possible


Well she's a goddess and her spirit is somehow alive. Hopefully they do bring him back because I'd love to see demos and atreus interacting with each other


It was so many moments where him and kratos could’ve said dad an uncle stuff planning ways to smash Baldur he would’ve for sure took freya as his ahh limitless shit


If I could revive anyone from GoW it'd be demos, easily


The interaction between baldur and kratos when they meet in the last boss fight




This cycle ends here . We must be better than this


-*snap*- _snow..._


No no no no no …. My boy .. my dear,sweet boy 😣😡


Yes! Would have loved to be in the mocap studio for that..


When we get the blades back. Also any mimir story


I kinda like all of Atreus' snide bs


Mimir saying "I'm dangling from the hip of the bloody ghost of Sparta!!" Plus just the whole conversation between the two when Mimir learns who Kratos really is.


“I am a god boy..”


I read this as "I'm a good boy" and was trying to remember the time atreus praises himself then scratches himself behind the ear


Yep. One of my favorites


GoW1: final boss. Probably among my favorites in gaming in general. GoW2: I love almost everything about the game, but if I had to choose, the sisters of fate boss. Again, great boss action and just overall a badass part of the game in general. GoW3: Zeus fight. This franchise really nails the main bosses like no other tbh. GoW4: final Baldur fight. Everything about it. Kratos and Atreus making the most badass duo, the boss action, the cinematic… well everything, Baldur’s last words, “This path, vengeance. You will find no peace… I know.”, and Kratos bringing back one of my favorite lines; “The cycle ends here. We must be better than this.” Close second is when he gets the blades back. “I am your monster no longer” is probably my favorite video game line. Both these things are huge reasons for me saying GoW4 is a top 3 game of all time. Genuinely flawless imo and almost unrivaled. Favorite in the entire franchise? Gonna go with the final Baldur fight. Say what you want this is probably my favorite boss fight ever because of the reasons I already listed.


The Zeus Fight in 3 was testing my patience a little bit, even on Normal. It's satisfying, but like, I was with Kratos in this revenge rampage and I'm already here, I'm not gonna stop now!


Great reply!


Gow2 ending and when kratos meets calliope in elysium


I’m currently grinding my way through Niflheim. It’s definitely not that!


Probably Mimir saying “I’m dangling from the hip of the bloody Ghost of Sparta” it was so cool to hear someone call him that again and also someone in Midgard knowing of his legend.


Favorite casual moment; when you meet Mimir and ask why Bauldr hunts you. The build-up of hey you might get some answers to a nice joke dropped excellently, followed by Mimir hitting that spot Kratos doesn't like and subsequent decapitation. Favorite badass moment; killing the dragon in mountain. I heard of GoW prior to 2018 but never played them, so my only real idea of Kratos was what the game had shown me so far. Taking down that dragon just solidified him as one of my favorite protagonists (if you can call him one) and the additional moments were icing on the cake.


has to be when kratos and atreus tag teamed baldur. i was so hyped


when Kratos big-dicked the two sons of Thor so hard it changed the course of fate and scared one so bad he went crazy


Sorry for my question i only played gow 2018 >!But Zeus is the father of Kratos so Who is Odin and what the relation between them ?!<


Odin is the King of the Aesir (one tribe of norse gods). He is not related to Kratos. Although… Atreus is >!a new interpretation of Loki, where he’s the son of the giantess, Laufey and newly the Greek god of war, Kratos, instead of the Jötun, Farbauti. So in real Norse mythology, Loki is a pure-blooded Jötun, but he is also associated with the Aesir (Odin, his sons Thor and Baldur, grandsons Magni and Modi, etc), but in the game he’s something of an unkown since his story was rewritten, but it’s clear by the end of the game that he will be heavily involved in Ragnarök, much the way Loki is in the myths. Edit: In other words, Odin is, if anything, only related to Kratos by marriage, since both Odin and Laufey are descended of the same Jötun, Ymir!<


They have no connection. Kratos is, quite literally, a stranger in a foreign land and he is hunted by Baldur (on Odin's orders) because they think he is the last Giant of jötunheim on Midgard and they want to know from him how to reach the realm of the giants and, of course, kill him.


Yeah, I originally thought "I thought you would be bigger" "and here I thought your kind is supposed to be so enlightened, so much better than us" quotes by Baldur meant they new he was from Greece. But I was wrong, it was as you have stated in your post.


Such clever writing. It really takes a whole new meaning a second playthrough


>!Odin is the Allfather in Norway, where Kratos escaped to after the events of the Greek Saga. He has no relation to Kratos. Kratos’s entire goal was to be left alone in exile, but as you saw in the events of 2018, his wife had other plans. Now, Odin has taken notice of Kratos and likely has sent Thor to deal with him and Atreus!<


Poseidon's line at the start of GOW3 is one of my favourites in any media. ["You challenge me mortal? A God of Olympus?"](https://youtu.be/Tr4R-j3-oCo?t=16)


I *knew* someone else had that moment as their favorite, lol. It's such a well delivered quote, holy shit.


Rember to ask this question the day before release


I will. I know I jumped the gun but I just finished 2018.. again. I just have Kratos on the brain..


Getting the blades and ripping apart the cold boys


God of War: Ascension- The final hallucination before the final boss. God of War: Chains of Olympus- When Kratos reunited with Calliope in Elysium. God of War 1- When Kratos finally kills Ares. God of War: Ghost of Sparta- Kratos and Deimos teaming up against Thanatos. God of War 2- The epilogue where Kratos and the Titans storm Olympus. God of War 3- Kratos beating Zeus to death with his bare hands. God of War 4- Tie between final Baldur fight and Kratos getting his Blades of Chaos.


That segment in the final fight against Baldur where Kratos and Atreaus tag team him


In GoW 2018: The first Baldur fight, truly felt like two gods brawling it out, causing destructive shockwaves just by clutching hands with each other. In the entite series?: “You challenge me mortal, a GOD OF OLYMPUS?”


I love reaching Jotunheim and everything that happens there.


Probably the “You are a god, boy” scene


CoO: Pushing Calliope Away GoW: Kratos jumping off the cliff GoS: “A Spartan never lets his back hit the ground. Right, brother?” GoW 2: Kratos stabbing Athena GoW 3: Kratos fighting off Fear with Hope GoW 4: “This path you walk, Vengeance, you will find no peace. I know.”


probably Baldur's last word being "snow" implifiying 2 things: he felt the snow which meant that he died happily he realized that Fimbulwinter is upon them


the first time kratos meets the world serpent 10/10


Every moment in GOW3 where Kratos gets to kill a God. It was just so badass seeing him go to town against the entire Greek Pantheon. In GOW, the peaceful interludes where Kratos and BOY listened to Mimir's stories. The Magni and Modi boss fight. That moment when Kratos and BOY tag teams Baldur. I can't wait for Ragnarok!


🤔 who didn’t kratos kill in Greek mythology?


“You’re Cracked you know that?”


When Mimir joins the gang


When Atreus and Kratos combo Baldur


One of my favorite moments is when they meet Mimir, Mimir sees right through Kratos trying to pose as a mortal and tells him straight what's up. Everything we need to know about Mimir's character is when we meet him. And he much prefers dangling over Kratos' hip than be in that tree another day


When you see the whole forest at the beginning of the game and the game music starts playing


When Kratos finally lets go of his past and says i have nothing to hide anymore


Probably the 2 fights with Baldur, the first one because it shows what Kratos can do while even holding back and the cutscenes with Baldur were amazing, especially when he said 'Before I kill you I want you to know something, I can't feel any of this!' and the final one had great cinematics and just showed how good of a duo Kratos and 'Boy' are. I also loved the fight with Magni and Modi because again it shows how good of a duo they are, since Kratos can focus Magni and Atreus can still damage Modi enough for Kratos to come finish him off when Magni is stunned Edit: Just remembered that the Magni and Modi fight also changed Magni and Modi's fate because they were meant to survive Ragnarök but Kratos killed Magni and Atreus killed Modi. Just shows how powerful these guys are


YOU'RE BOTH CRACKED! gets me literally every time


"watch your time boy" "there are consequences for killing a god!" "Zeus was your father? Well that explains a lot"


No one mentioning the thor stand off ffs Easily the silk jacket and mjolnir send goosebumps


can i just say the whole game?


When Kratos explains Atreus about the strength of using any weapon and the last scene where Kratos tells Atreus about his past after killing Baldur


The ending speech kratos gave Baldur is probably one of my favorite moments in gaming In general


Not from the game, but in the book it goes into great detail on what happened outside the light of Alfheim when kratos was in it I might just get the audiobook version of ragnarok if there’ll be one.


That seen


definitely the scene in which kratos gets his blades back.


Anything involving Mimir


I actually love the escape from Helheim because the giant bird in the background with no explanation is so awesome. It's just there, ominously.


When Kratos brings down Mjolnir on to the ice to break it and Mimir says "you´re cracked, tou know that?" and then when they are scaping Helheim and the ship is coming down Atreus says "i have a plan" and they jump while everything crumbles, once on the floor Mimir says "That was your plan!? You´re both cracked!" It was not only a funny bit and one that rewards the player for paying atention, it also makes you remember that Atreus is not Kratos son just by name, he is also a wildcard.


Bro this got me goosebumps when i was in that fuckin place i still rememberd it that was the day when i finally feel the god of war


At the end, Kratos says, “We must be better!”


Everytime the music kicks off in gow 2018


The last conversation between Baldur and Freya. It was heart breaking, and while you can't but sympathise with Baldur for being vengeful against his mother for making his life miserable, you feel for Freya who at the end of the day just wanted her son to live and is now looking for his love again. It was a very sad moment, especially because it had unfortunately no happy ending.


The last conversation between Baldur and Freya. It was heart breaking, and while you can't but sympathise with Baldur for being vengeful against his mother for making his life miserable, you feel for Freya who at the end of the day just wanted her son to live and is now looking for his love again. It was a very sad moment, especially because it had unfortunately no happy ending.


Thamur. Absolutely mind boggling and so so cool!


When Atreus calls the world serpent


Recently my fave is getting cussed out by a spectral squirrel in GOW 2018




Sindri willing to throw hands with Kratos was funny to watch




When Modi ambushes them in Tyr's temple, and Kratos rages out, walks through the lightning, takes the mace away, looks at it like it's a useless piece of shit, throws it away, and proceeds to knock Modi across the room with his bare hands.


"I have a plan! Jump!" - Atreus in Hel. I frikkin lost it. 😂😂


"You're *cracked!*" - Mimir


Almost?! Fam it's 3 months away 🤣


I know😂 But we closer every day. But yeah, it's still a ways off😂


Said every hour counts lol


Mine probably has to be that one scene where Atreus was talking about how no one cared about killing the gods, and kratos just went "Watch...your tone, BOY." Shit makes me feel like he was about to treat him like Kratos treated Poisoden in GoW 3 2nd favourite has to be from GoW 3, specifically the quote "The hands of death could not defeat me, the sisters of fate could not hold me, and you will not see the end of this day. I will have my revenge!" Made him sound hella badass, and I loved it.


When Kratos tells Atreus about his past


There's so many great moments, so it's hard to pick, but one that's on my mind right now, is when Kratos kills Magni. It's so gloriously brutal. He chops his face in two, pretty much.