Old warmup > New "1v1" warmup

Old warmup > New "1v1" warmup


The real answer here is everyone gets to play fy_iceworld until the map actually starts.


Yes. Or poolday.


i like this idea


oooh yes pls


Match starts Players load the icewoeld during warmup Everyone connects , warmup ends Players load the actual map to be played We go back to the current warmup


Please no, my laptop already struggles to load maps that i hav to preload them


I feel u. Used to play on laptop and it was hell


do you load the 1v1 warmup? no, cause it's on the same map, you can find it by nocliping out of bounds. It would be the same thing, have iceworld somewhere far away ready for warmups, and the normal map as usual.


This is probably the only warmup that I'd look forward to participating in. With current warmups I just standby until they're over because they're a waste of time to me.


By far the best option


Threads like these pop up like once a week since they added the new warmup. Different people prefer different warmups, personally I never cared its just 1-2 minutes anyways which isn't enough to do anything useful.


I usually spent the whole warmup practicing my pistol to prepare for the first round. Did wonders to the beginning of the game.


That's a waste. I spent mine ranking up from silver to gold Nova


If you aren't opening up cases and trading weapons during warmup you aren't maximizing the time they gave you.


during warmup: shift+tab open browser reddit and make post about shitty warmup 1 v 1


Why use shift tab when you can just run csgo windowed 😎


Worse mouse response time + non adjustable resolution/stretching


Apparently my sarcasm didn’t land


There's too many people that would mean that haha


I genuinely thought it was so stupid it would be obvious, especially with the emoji. Probably should’ve used /s 🤷🏾


Fuck in game Valve monopoly money. I alt tab and do drop shipping #sidegigs and investing research #passiveincome during warmup. #RizeandGrind #Makeyourmoneyworkforyou Postgame I meditate in front of my Elon Musk shrine and thank him for the opportunity


Yeah well I’m not taking financial advice from a cloud9 fan /j


What do you mean, they obviously bought woxic at a non-inflated price and kept him for like 3 months since they couldn't afford paying him smh. It was a great investment all through xD


Fax, cloud9 practically saved the NA counter strike region, I can’t talk tho I’m from AU


Don't worry, esic and esl both definitely didn't have any hand in ruining the AU scene. They are the righteous authorities of the world.


Jordan did a great job of transitioning from Pro to Youtuber/streamer. He's the only one from any of the roster i even remember. That was a fantastic financial decision from him - so take the financial from him not me then. Tbh im lurking and no longer have any clue what any pro team's roster even looks like :D




Remember when all talk was on during warmup? I miss that so much :(


I don't care either except one small point. If it's going to be 1v1, then let me fight my teammates not just the enemy team. I want to shoot my boys/girls in the face in warm-up, and I think would make it more fun.


>1-2 minutes anyways which isn't enough to do anything useful. I beg to differ. Whether it's a tiny warmup for the weapon of YOUR choice or to play around with nades or paths on the map you're just about to play. The 1 on 1 usually has AFK people who gives you weapons you couldn't care less about. Valve just brings in shit we haven't asked for. Whether it's shit like this, adding skins in *competitive play* or disabling coms cross-teams instead of only making it opt-in. They should instead take care of shit like a player in one team connecting for a split of a second during warm-up and the game still continues! It ruins the game for everyone have 1 player missing.


Brings shit we haven't asked for? I guess you didnt read reddit during the old warmup, remember just because YOU have opinion about something it doesnt mean that everyone has the same opinion


Open mic during halftime and at the end of the match > any QoL change.


I’ll never forget the shit talking and Mic spams in the early days of the game. Such a great time


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mJfyTPDcV0](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mJfyTPDcV0) The olden days


God damn it, this made me cry :( I would play so much more csgo


those were the golden days of mm. good trust queue


Pure poetry, nostalgia, warm feelings in that special place... 🥰🥰


This made me smile so hard


agree, since they removed that, instead of teammates flaming the enemy together, now they just flame and tilt each other...


Holy shit I would absolutely love an open mic. That would get so damn toxic. I could already picture myself up 12-3 in a half, and giving super basic tips to people to make them very very angry


And it was amazing then you were losing half 3-12 and after sick comeback you just mic spammed "GG EZ NOT EVEN CLOSE" and there was just a dead silence from your opponents.


Or you could go 12-3 and then come back to 14-14 then win a round and get to 14-15 and then lose to a 1v5. *cough*


ok that’s ridiculous that would never happen


yeah, it would be funny if it happens in pro-plays, right?


Yeah. But that would never happen. Pro players are too good and never get nervous right at the end of a crazy match. Especially team liquid.


i told a random guy on my team to "unbind R", he went apeshit lmao


Bind w "+forward;reload" ;)


We were getting steamrolled by one guy in the enemy team, and during halftime he told us "guys, it's very simple, you go for a server, for example neogear, and practice. you back - hard" in deep russian accent. I don't remember ever getting as tilted as in that very moment.


that sounds great to be honest lol


I second this. I’m hard stuck in silver and trash talking is the funnest part.


the best era of cs...


I will never not upvote this


I hope you would upvote making it optional. I miss it. I've had many fun mid/end-game match coms. Just like I imagine not all your chats are toxic either? I've even had people give compliment, and some even sing! If you want zero interactions you can by disabling all enemy communication. This way they cannot flame you in chat either AND it doesn't remove the experience for us who do want it.


Only way for me to come back to csgo is open mic in halftime I want to scream and make cow sounds so my enemies know they are shit


That and all chat in casual. Idk how it was elsewhere, but in Aussie pubs it really was a pub, chatting shit, pretend commentators casting clutches. Talking about the news and shit going on. All that social aspect just totally gone


No? It was just complete ear rape and toxicity. Why would valve ever want to add that, it was horrible.


cl_mute_enemy_team 1


That’s fair but you can mute the enemy team and never hear enemies ever again. I can’t flick a toggle and bring back the social aspect of online games. Game devs always completely obliterating the social part of games for the sake of saving a few peoples ears from a small group of assholes. I was never really into comp csgo but I’d play casual everyday and just chat with people in all chat. Now it’s a ghost town and I only open the game to surf for an hour here or there. All because why? Some guy plays skrillex through his mic?


What? It was totally awesome!


They should make bigger area for 5v5 and buying any weapon. Most of the times in 1v1 your opponent is afk so you just sit there


I'm afk on purpose till the game starts.. it was fun for a week but not anymore..


I go afk so when I download a demo and watch highlights I don't have to watch my warm up kills


Shift+f2 then just fast forward


Or just click next round, it skips the entire warmup


> opponent is afk so you just sit there Even that yould be fixed by matching only players who move against each other. I also don't know why we don't get helmets; right know almost all weapons are one shots to head. One step to the right, click, repeat, ... Give us tasers, knifes only, more than one box to hide, whatever; just anything to make it interesting.


>opponent is afk so you just sit there People refuse to just let me sit afk during warmup. I like to look at my phone while waiting for the game to start. If someone runs up and headshots me I just repeatedly type kill in console so they don't get to have the satisfaction. Sometimes I even turn it into a race and try to hit enter at the last possible seconds so they think they have a chance at killing me


I like to bind it to a key then run at them and press it right as they’re about to kill me


This is a fantastic idea, just make it like that aim_redline dm map


Cache has the old warmup, and it's always a treat. Fuck the demoralizing 1v1's, there's already enough time in the match for me to get demoralized.


Ancient doesn't have the arenas either which is hilarious since its a valve map and just looks like they either abandoned the arenas again or forgot they exist and i don't know which one is worse.


Its a combination of that and that you cant add anything to ancient without reaching map limits. They really had to etch away at certain areas on dust just to get all 5 arenas in, meanwhile they would have to remove whole chunks of ancient just to get 1 arena in.


I’m pretty sure Cache actually has the 1v1 arenas in the map but they just aren’t used for some reason. If I remember correctly they’re out of and below the map to the left if you’re in T spawn


Cache is good because as terrorist you can bring molotovs to ct spawn, die there a few times to drop the mollies. Then come back with ak and kevlar. Pick up the mollies as you use em and lock down the garage into a fire pit.




Getting spawnkilled by 3 enemies with autos was much more fun


100% prefer just running around the map & practicing the hard jumps


Gathering the worlds largest chicken herd, stacking both teams on each other’s head, repeatedly gooshing your mate with a Negev. So many more options as opposed to left/right + click


are you even warming up if you aren't spamming the negev into afk teammates heads


\+ Decoys for ultimate loudness


This is the experience I remember from old warmup. Entire team afk and my eardrums getting rocked by 5 enemy negev spawnkills.


For real. I used to practice the Mirage window to cat jump during warmup. It actually helped.


how about a new warmup thats just team death match before the comp match. fast pace and it solves being spawn trapped in old warmup.


Imagine on warmup, aim\_map, without rushing 5v5


The issue is that whilst 1v1 warmup is a good idea, as per usual Valve's implementation of it is terrible compared to the community alternatives that have been around for years.


I think they executed the idea pretty well I don't really have any problems with valve's 1v1 and there isn't something that makes me want to just say "1v1 Community servers are much better" could you point out some flaws so i can understand why people don't like it?


no proper ladder system or at least a randomizer, so you usually play against the same person the whole time (or nobody if you are unlucky) bad maps it boils down to literally 1 of 2 decisions: peek left or peek right skyboxes are very low, so you cant even jump on the highest boxes, which would give you at least some movement stuff to do. still a few bugs with the spawning system only basic weapons


Solution: M249 only in warmup with low gravity and high skyboxes.


Imagine flying scoutsman during warmup


It would be a whole new experience without the whole lobby spinning


Especially sucks if the enemy is afk so you literally can do nothing.


You can actually, type "kill" in console and it will probably match you to a different opponent


Also, let CT play vs CT. I wanna face my friends, it's funnier and it helps avoiding facing nobody for 3 minutes.


aside from the skyboxes all of that seems irrelevant, you don't need a ladder for the 1v1 warmup before a comp match, every 1v1 arena in community servers is basically peek left or right, and you can be spawned with any relevant weapon in the game.


In 1v1 servers you dont know exactly where the opponent spawns, so you cant just prefire one single angle.


In community most of the time there’s 2 sides they could have spawned at though, obstacles in the middle you can use to push and change your angle, most of them have an elevation option for each side too like a ramp or stairs It’s not massively different but a little goes a long way in a 1v1 map


> and you can be spawned with any relevant weapon in the game. Yeah, but an HE battle would be more fun


Disagree, ladder system/randomizer will ensure that you get put against the people that actually play (at least sometimes), any decent 1v1 server will have maps in which you have more then two boxes in front of you and more fun weapons will lead to more fun. For example where is the scout, different pistols with headarmour on/off, nades only etc. Just *some* creativity and changeup, there are so many options. The worst thing is that as with gungame, 1v1 has plenty of community plugins that went through many many years of finetuning and valve just decides to ignore all the good designdecisions made for them.


So are you talking about creating a new 1v1 arena game mode like how Retakes were added to the game or about the 1v1 warmups Valve implemented before comp matches?


there literally is a ladder system. havent you noticed that as you win each 1v1 you get put up against the person on the other team who is also winning more often? or do you just lose every single time


This is bullshit. I was 14-0 because my opponent was afk, there was a kid on the other team who was 11-0 because my teammate was afk. We didn't match up once, so explain how you think that works?


I agree. Add a little more depth to the angles, and also each 1v1 map should have a movement area/challenge you can mess around with if your opponent is afk


Map is boring and too small, And it's one tap with all guns.


No variation in map (could just be small in-theme changes), no gun preferences (maybe miss this), no ladder, can only play vs enemy. Fixing up even two of these would make it much more enjoyable.


It's not a 1v1 aim map. It's peek to the right/left and prefire. There is no skill involved just luck


> There is no skill involved just luck Yes, proper crosshair placements and peeks are 100% just luck.


How hard is it to place your crosshair in the warmup map


People don't even counterstrafe. They completely got around that part by crouch peeking instead of normal peeks


Except you spawn with your crosshair exactly at headshot level. As long as your enemy doesn't crouch, you can walk out and headshot them right away


Yeah I cannot believe they didn't use the arena system. Having to spend five minutes in an empty 1v1 area is a blast.


Would be preferable if you could choose.


1v1 arenas are depressing


Normal full map, ffa deathmatch, optional invulnerability and inability to do damage (these two only toggled together) and unlimited nades, except flashes.


how on earth is that gonna be viable in the couple of minutes before everyone connects? If there are 4 people in the server waiting for everyone else to join, ffa is dumb for that, you'll spend the whole time trying to find people to kill.


Warmup servers close areas off if theres not many people


Not really, but you can add bots and also go mid.


Yea this gets said all the time, its was a huge deal when it was first implemented. I dont care for 1v1 either, I just afk and scroll IG now


Disagree. Being shot when you spawn or more importantly running out of money during warmup sucked However they could also improve the current one. If they expanded on the aimmap idea and simply made a larger map that contained all 10 players at once it would be better IMO


I think you should at least be able to duel your teammates as well rather than some afk dude


Why isn't there an opt in opt out option?


I just wish the 1v1 arenas were tied down to being before comp only. Why is that not a gamemode? I feel like it'd be super fun to have those as a standalone gamemode to be played but instead I have to use community servers for that


Why not both? Just add a little archway/steps behind each spawn that leads into darkness and teleports you back into the main map.


In my opinion they should just make good use of the 1v1 maps and put them in their own game mode.


They could've used retakes as well.


I just want to get to the game, in old warmup I usually go somewhere no one goes and afk, in new warmup I had to mute because of the constant headshot sound when I afk.


I used the old warmup to throw one or two Nades to see if I remember the lineup correctly. the new warmup is useless because your are alone, your opponent is afk or you do the same aim duels over and over again. It's nice that the weapons change but the arena is so boring and spawning without an opponent is so depressing. They should add some Bots that fill the empty spots.


The old old warmup where you could talk the opposing team was even better. Also halftime and postgame


It's shitty mainly to the map layout, the entire thing is just a crosshair positioning and counter-strafe battle, no challenge at all, other 1v1 layouts have tons of positioning options and there's an actual battle


I only play once a week, so I miss being able to see if I remember smoke line ups


Been saying this since the day they released 1v1. Miss the good old meme friendly warmup full of negevs and autos. Nowadays you have some try hard kid or an afk so I usually just afk until start


I like to shoot my afk friend in the head with a negev what can I say


I hate being the only one to not 1v1 when they hadn’t connected. Or they just afk Just make it optional or get rid of it completely.




I used to burn myself with molotov. My way of a "warmup"


This new warm up doesn't have teammates shooting a Negev at my head, though. That's a big deal.


I miss mics during warmup and half time tbh. Some fucking hilarious shit ensued from that. Could just be the aussie server that did that tho.


I'll start a petition to keep the 1v1 warmup then. Much better than what we had before, now I actually warm up my aim before the match


I never warm up during 1v1 because either the guy is afk, or he just doesnt spawn in until the end of the warm up time, and im not gonna run around this claustrophobically small map and do nothing, so i end up scrolling reddit until the game starts every time. Besides, its wayyy too short a time to warm up so i always do it beforehand anyways


So because a few people afk, you afk too? You don't see how that is part of the problem? Anyways, usually 3 guys are not afk, so it's still more actual warmup than we had before. Valve could implement some kind of command to leave the 1v1 arenas and go to the regular map if you wish, so it would be a win win for everyone. I just don't want to go back to the way it was before, which was just a waste of time. What's the point of walking around the map aimlessly?


When in my comment did i say a “few”? I quite clearly insinuated that majority of players are afk or join late. 1v1 is ass in every way The point is you still get to warm up your aim just in a better way, with different angles, but you also get to warm up your movement, plus so many fun things can be done. Edit: i get the downvotes, i just reacted to his first sentence, rubbed me the wrong way


Yeah you're not warming up your aim lol. Warming up your aim is objectively better before the new warmup


Strafing and taping heads/controlling spray on actual enemies. How is that not a warmup?


pressing left or right and pressing M1 once on a vertically aligned target isn't a warmup


Cute that you think that Valve gives a shit about player feedback to the point where not only would there be a petition, but that Valve would listen to that petition.


The counter argument being that people don't want to get spawn killed by negevs is one of the shittest things you'll see. Being able to throw nades and run around the map is 1000x better than killing an AFK guy or having no opponent


You had invincibility for a few seconds so you buy an awp and he won't be back for another 30 or so seconds and if you want to be afk that's enough time to find a random corner to hid in.


Absolutely not


No please don't. This is much better. In the old ones you spent 45 second just running somewhere and then spawnkilling (or getting spawnkilled). Completely pointless. With the new ones even if the enemy doesn't move you can still test spraying, flicking which is much more useful. Oh and how you guys are able to play without cl_mute_enemy_team 1 is completely foreign to me :D


Gettin your ass kicked in 1v1?


One of the worst things in the game indeed. Valve just don't care about the game at all


It should be opt in / out. Sometimes I want to practice smokes, sometimes I want to warm up my aim.


in this episode of "csgo community wants feature for years and then when they finally get it they complain about it"


no one asked for the 1v1 arenas lol they just randomly added them


It’s almost as if the feature wasn’t implemented in a particularly good way, despite countless people suggesting very basic fixes and improvements.


Practice nades? Thats not the point of the warmup


No, this warmup is way better


Tbh I prefer the 1v1 because I think it's a better warmup for aim. I hate needing to walk a bunch to find people, and if you're unlucky enough to have a long timer then often times you run out of money well before the warmup ends leading to a minute plus of getting trapped in spawn. The only real issue I have with the 1v1 warmup is the spawning system, largely because it doesn't seem to account for AFK players. There's also the weird issue of players spawning in without a reset, but it's minor enough that I don't really think it should be a priority. It's just a weird/slightly annoying quirk imo. I do agree with the sentiment that the maps could be a bit better (especially the mirage one, so awkward), but given the system is only meant for a 1-4 minute warmup I think a lot of traditional 1v1 maps would be too large. You'd only end up taking a few duels as opposed to many, which I think defeats the purpose of a warmup.


also its great for ironing out the first round stutters to be able to go around the map in warmup....


Yeh, how am i supposed to learn nade lineups now :(


Not a problem on hostage maps :)


New warmup maps with multiple possible spawns.


And why can't we get 1v1 when searching for a game instead as well? That could be nice.


Idk I really like this change.


Get rid of warmups. If you want to warmup do it on your own time?


1v1 does indeed suck. Its not fun or very useful for warmup. 90% of the time your either stomping the other guy or getting stomped. While the original warmup wasnt good either, the solution was always either make it deathmath or add barriers around the spawns to prevent spawn camping. What people had been requesting for years was an ability to practice grenades without having to keep going back to spawn and get them. What they really should do is just get rid the arenas. They arnt sustainable or fun. In order to make them fun they have to be bigger, but you cant make them bigger because you need 5 of them and that eats into map limits. Ancient doesnt have any because it has no space left in its asset limits, its a miracle they ever got the dust2 arenas working. Future Valve maps are unlikely to have any either. Just have the regular warmup as deathmatch, give players a practice option that makes them invulnerable and unable to deal damage, but gives them infinite ammo so they can practice grenades and spray patterns.


I always preferred the old warmups because I didn’t care for warming up in the beginning, I just hopped around the map and dicked around. If I wanted to go in a 1v1 server I’d do that to warmup, I came to this map to play the map. Now I just tab out for the warmup and tab back whenever the game actually starts


I used to practice the map with the old warmup, so rust takes longer to knock off.


I honestly feel like the really brief time you get in warmup isn't really enough to warmup. I liked just fucking around on the map before the game started. I'm usually able to get the other person in my 1v1 arena to fuck around with me, but there isn't really much to do since the arenas are so basic.


personally i love the 1v1 warmup, so much better than spawnkilling or being spawnkilled in warmup. also allows me to display my dominance before the match even starts


> or practice nades on the actual dust2 map itself. 100% agreed. This new warmup mode feels restrictive. I get in game, have second doubts about a smoke lineup I want to use, and do I get to practice it immediately? Nope, I have a shoddy aim duel with some random mf instead


I like new warmup. Sue me.


I play slay the spire in warmup.


true, but valve dont care about what people like


it was funnier than 5 minutes killing afk's for sure.


both are trash, pre game "practice" is just bullshit people say, if they actually cared, they would practice offline with nade trajectories. I used to just either hide and afk or just alt tab to not hear the Negev dinks. On the new one I just alt tab so I don't hear the enemy killing me over and over which is basically Negev dinks


could not agree more, dont even have the option to practice smokes anymore. Also, why the hell do i have to warm up with a gun im never going to buy like the famas? let me choose my weapon to warmup with


I just realized that I actually has never warmed up before in any match. I just think about the game and jump straight into competitive. On the old warmup I used to throw smokes though


I feel like an Arena style 1v1 would be much better. As most of the time either you get paired with someone who is either AFK or just destroys you every time you peak. So you could actually get practice against different people instead of just playing the same person for 5 minuets


I usually use it to check if my microphone works


This combined with 16k money after dying everytime in warmup would be great. Earlier you lost all the money spent after every respawn in warmup.


the new warmup is so much better


1vs1 is annoying - just get your opponent to knife fight with you is much more fun 👍


What if the warm up would be a hub where you can join different minigames you could do while the game is starting. Like running around the map in godmode, the new and the old warmups, maybe like parkour or something, but I'm most likely overthinking


I like the 1v1 better.


Play Cache, run around with scout trying to no scope head shot people, that’s my ideal warmup


Also when I lose a couple 1v1s in a row my confidence is already low when the game starts. I know that's a me-problem but still, never happened in old warmup


Warmup should be quick, 5 secondes and reset so you can actually pratice your aim. And the invulnerability in dm is just frustrating and totaly useless.


I wish I could opt out of warmup with a CVAR or something.


What annoys me is that they just plopped it into the game in a shitty state and never touched it again. So many small tweaks could make it a useful warmup, things that could be done in less than a day.


I miss being able to sit on spawn afk while my teammates unloaded 300 Negev bullets into my head


If this thread is the petition, let me be a signatory to it. I'd rather just go to an MGE server if I wanted to MGE someone over and over.


I hate the new one. I play the less popular maps and i hate when someone says "first time on this map" at least with the old way they had they layout even if they didnt know the angles. Now they know nothing.


All I ever used to see was “we need a 1v1 warmups” and now that we have it all I see is take it back to how it used to be. Like what the hell everyone wonders why they don’t ever add anything to the game all people do is bitch and complain about it.


But getting negev spammed at spawn aint nice tho. But i know during old warm ups sometimes i learn new smokes or mollys haha