FURIA vs OG / IEM Dallas 2023 - Group A Upper Bracket Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion

FURIA 🇧🇷 14-16 🇪🇺 OG

Inferno: 14-16



Map picks:

Nuke X
X Ancient
X Mirage
Vertigo X
Anubis X
X Overpass


Inferno Stats:

Team T CT Total
🇧🇷 FURIA 4 10 14
🇪🇺 OG 11 5 16


Team K-D ADR KAST Rating
🇧🇷 KSCERATO 21-22 89.5 80.0% 1.15
🇧🇷 yuurih 17-16 64.2 66.7% 1.01
🇧🇷 arT 17-21 60.7 53.3% 0.87
🇧🇷 saffee 13-20 53.0 60.0% 0.82
🇧🇷 drop 11-17 43.7 56.7% 0.65
🇪🇺 OG
🇮🇱 flameZ 26-20 87.4 73.3% 1.30
🇷🇴 regali 15-10 56.0 90.0% 1.15
🇩🇰 niko 19-15 70.8 80.0% 1.12
🇨🇿 NEOFRAG 19-18 76.3 73.3% 1.08
🇵🇱 F1KU 17-18 64.3 76.7% 0.99

Inferno detailed stats and VOD


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Wow, no one deserved to win that game


Hte game were one side is "I don't want to win" and the team was "I want to lose"


When teams are bad you base it off who has the cutest roster, so OG deserved it.


regali and flamez 🥰


What happens when you add f1ku to the mix? It spells disaster for furia at Dallas.




I think you can sum up most competitive matches this year like this


drop has the CEO's nudes for sure


He is the brazilian Nifty


lmfao that would explain it


I miss vini on this team :(


How the fuck has drop been in FURIA for almost 2 years now, his parents must he holding FURIA's owners hostage at this point. Has consistently been the worst player in this team


My boy Vini died for this. Much better support than no angle drop.


I usually hate finger-pointing to a single player because teams rarely fail due to one person, but drop has got to go. Not getting a single frag in round 22 (?) and playing that angle is the kind of shit that tilts the whole team.


I concur, drop is just a liability in this team. I dont know what he is even doing at times.


FlameZ deserves a better team than this. That T side was rough


2 stand ins, its not his real team tbh


1*, Nexa ain't comming back and niko as been playing with them for far too long to just be a regular stand in.


Thats true!


round 30, 2v2, I see saffee behind coffins smoke with deagle and think "please don't do cadian-esque solo push, please wait for teammate" and what does he do? spam smoke with deagle and get instantly deleted by flameZ.


Saffee and drop are terrible. Neither should be a furia player after this event.




Letting go of vini is turning out to be a huge fuck up, drop loses so many rounds, the only good event he had is rio major, other than that he is ass Saffee also sucks, he gets way too many leg shots and can’t hit any high diff shots, but nothing they could have done with hen1 leaving EDIT Just saw art post game interview, changes are definitely happening They tried more set strats this half year and it just doesn’t suit them, especially art who is either the most or second most important player in their old style in this one he’s clearly frustrared Could be art is on the way out of they go all in on more default cs, that would be sad cuz they had such a fun approach to the game


Hen1 leaving Furia is one of the biggest what-ifs I have. That lineup was so fire to watch.


Same man, was a huge fan of that lineup, hen1 also brought hype some of the guys on this team are too quiet… he was the right amount of aggro and could clutch better than saffee which is the one redeeming factor he has so really he is a downgrade on all levels I just wanna get the break over with, this team needs a change asap. Rio major killed vp furia and mouz lol


I just don't know which changes could be made. Hen1 is not on his prime anymore, Zevy has potential but he's been underwhelming when facing Tier 1 opposition and History needs even more time. Feels like we don't have a Tier 1 awper anymore. Then there's drop. I guess there's plenty of possibilities here, so this is the easiest one to solve. Also, should Furia keep arT? We also don't have many good IGL's out there, maybe biguzera


Keep arT as an entry and add biguzera for drop, can't be worse than what they are doing right now


Just had a similar thought as well, if art accepts yet another change this could be interesting On paper would be the best team Brazil can put up basically


I still think that hen1 is better than saffee but I doubt he's coming back. Unfortunately our region doesn't have strong awpers at the moment.


https://twitter.com/foxer_jj/status/1663277147744509957?s=46&t=8PavIZRVWn1BTJKzaDUQgQ Furia is targeting FalleN lmao


I really wanna see art as dedicated entry and second caller, if they’re gonna go more default then get him some proven calling help The eye test art is a good shooter, wins duels despite being thrown into bad engagements all the time The only question i guess is will art accept another role change


Keep in mind that was all online. But yes would have love to see that translated to LAN


What a shitshow of a match ahah


Drop with one of the worst maps I’ve ever seen a pro player play. Genuinely fucking awful. This guy is an absolute disgrace. I’ve seen silvers make fewer stupid mistakes. Terrible fucking player. Saffee wasn’t much better either, both players combine for negative IQ. Kick them immediately after the event I’m tired.


Drop choosing to stand out in the open while soloing B in the dying seconds of the round, rather than hide in a corner and try to shoot the planter very likely cost Furia the whole map. I dont know what he was thinking going for the hero double kill.


>I dont know what he was thinking he wasn't


Round 30 is a microcosm of why this team sucks. Drop and Saffee you make it a 1v1 at least!!!!


Whats worse, drop standing in the open on B site with 10 seconds left or KSCERATO killing 2 in the last round while he hides in a corner and never attempts to trade? Genuinely infuriating.


That round when he was standing open was so frustrating. How can pro player be that stupid? literally any other position in site wins them round. He has 0 game awerness


They’d have gotten to site with 5 seconds left. He just has to hide and kill the bomb player and the round is done. It’s baffling.


I wanted it to work because the furia 4th rifler/support slot has always been a mess since honda but holy fuck man, this team needs at least 2 changes, not even including new coach. It's time.


Please give me Gamerlegion, Monte or Apeks. Anything other than this


While OG was really trying to throw, it looked like drop really wanted Furia to lose on CT. He just got caught out so many times. That play of him just standing in the middle of the bomb site with 10 seconds left and dying cost them the game.


[https://clips.twitch.tv/SingleCheerfulEggMVGame-9uNezu0Pr99pkJZr](https://clips.twitch.tv/SingleCheerfulEggMVGame-9uNezu0Pr99pkJZr) Drop mistake where there was 12 seconds left to delay the bomb plant, all he had to do was hide


Great comeback by kscerato. I think he was 3-11 at some point


Saffee and drop need to go. Free KSCERATO.


I feel for KSCERATO man. Consistently top fragging and winning rounds for the team just for them to lose the game. I think he need to consider moving to another team albeit international if he want to achieve more success.


standard Drop game


Furia try to get t sides challenge (impossible)


Junior to Furia?


Honestly the easiest and most impactful change furia could do is - drop + hardzao. Has to be easier to get hardzao versus biguzera. Hardzao frags and can support unlike drop.


OGs dominance begins


My Furia game was like never and loses as usually


I had a brain aneurysm reading this


So what’s the difference between this tournament vs Paris?


So far it looks like no team even wants to be here except nouns


It's genuinely baffling for ESL to hold an event like this right after the major. Like you said, none of the teams look like they want to be here.


Man Furia needs a change, they are wasting Yurih and Kcerato prime, when they start to fall off this team is going nowhere.


drop and saffee are so fucking bad my god


Drop drop