s1mple performance in all CSGO majors

Sadly, s1mple will finish the last CSGO major with his lowest rating by far (at least 0.1 lower)

*Note that the first major he attended is using 1.0 rating


Sadly, s1mple will finish the last CSGO major with his lowest rating by far (at least 0.1 lower) *Note that the first major he attended is using 1.0 rating


Also, the last time s1mple had a lower rating than this major was during BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 (excluding showmatches). That was the last event Zeus played before retiring for good.


Ah, those were the days. Back when Blast had that 1v1 map to decide the 3rd place team And then GeT_RiGhT knifes Zeus on the 1v1 map on the last play of his career


Sorry what? I have no knowledge of this, please tell me more. Or if there is a clip somewhere


[I gotchu fam](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cfeg9MATXo)




Second this


Why is it using 1.0? Can’t it be recalculated into the new one?


Nah, they don’t have the data for the new metrics they added


As a rule of thumb +0.06 will be close.


disappeared when it mattered most


s1mple was already leveling up to s2mple confirmed


His performance on stockholm was unhuman. Wtf are these stats, lmao


i mean the whole team was living and breathing CS at Stockholm they were playing 18 hours of CS every day, they were destined to win that one, levels above everyone else


They haven't lost a single map on that major. 10 maps in a row straight towards the trophy. They were scary good.


There was no competition in tier 1 at that time + it was online era. Literally every tier 1 team except Gambit made roster changes at the end of 2022/start of 2023 and Navi immediately fell back to irrelevancy. People cope with how "the war killed navi era" but conveniently forgot that Navi sucked for several months before the war started.


All completely inaccurate


At the start of 2022: >FaZe: -olofmeister +ropz >Vitality: -shox -kyojin +dupreeh +magisk >Heroic: -refrezh +jabbi >G2: -amanek -nexa +monesy +aleksib >TL: -stewie2k -grim -fallen +osee +shox +n1tro >Ence -doto +maden >Furia: -vini +saffee >MOUZ: -ropz -bymas -nbk +torzi +jdc +xertion >NIP: -lnz -device +es3tag +brollan >BIG: -gade +faven >OG: -aleksib +nexa *"aLl cOmPlEtY iNaCcUrAtE!!1!"*


NaVi just changed their roster and were in growing pains before they reached their peak form at Stockholm. Then the Boombl4 scandal + the war killed navi era.


Navi completed 1 event at the start of February before Kato during which the invasion began.


IEM Katowice was basically their first big tournament in the year, and war started the day before quarters(or semis, i can't remember)with G2 Even like that they were like 2nd team in the world, right after Faze(2nd on major and 2nd in Cologne)


In avg 10 kills more than deaths on each map that would be 10 maps with scores like this 20:10 15:5 25:15 30:20 19:9 looks unreal


The guy REALLY wants his major


Not to downplay but every single NaVi player was lifegaming AND the only actual competition was G2 with amanek, nexa, jackz and Vitality with the washed up frenchies.


Not really a life game when you're just better than your competition and win almost everything for 5-6 months straight. I mean look at this https://i.imgur.com/zCbqMJE.png God I wish I could see where NaVi would be if the war and boombl4 situation didn't happen


Even Boombl4 was fragging like S1mple against Gambit in the semi All the tactics in the world can't stop a team with 5 monsters that can each destroy your whole team singlehandedly


Navi probably win 2 more majors they were coming into their dominant era for surr


Na'vi where just unbeatable at the end of 2021, I think if not for the war they would've continued dominating for quite a while.


>Not to downplay but every single NaVi player was lifegaming and? You're downplaying their victory by saying they were playing better? what?


No, because b1t was overperfoming and there was 0 competition, its not that they were "playing better".


Overperforming is still performing, you can't downplay someone playing good as a knock on the team. Makes no fucking sense wtf


>AND the only actual competion was G2 with amanek, nexa, jackz and Vitality Cope harder. That navi was the highest peak of any csgo team ever. Of course everyone else isnt competition


>That navi was the highest peak of any csgo team ever. Well that's a crazy statement to put out. They were dominant at that time, but of any csgo team ever? That's a very tough call...


The highest peak yes. Im not talking greatest team ever as early nip exists and prime astralis were the greatest team in comparison to their competition at the time


That roster had the undisputed #1 player and two riflers in top5 who, if not perfectly double peeked/popflashed, will consistently get multikills. I think they could've beat prime Astralis.


The *entire* Astralis team was in the HLTV top 20 players for 2018 (and 4 of them were top 10 at that). I think you've forgotten just how utterly dominant they were - every single player on that team was a star in complimentary ways. Prime Navi vs. prime Astralis would be a fun match to see, but it's hard to see that going any other way than an Astralis victory since Astralis had both insane individual talent *and* unparalleled teamplay.


I am not sure if you can compare it like that, because, you know, the meta changes and then one strategy that worked very well in 2018 might just not work in 2021, even if you teleported the Prime 2018 Astralis team to 2021.


You could say that about a lot of teams if you look at them after the Astralis era. Prime Astralis didn't get their era because they had exceptionally good players, they got their era because they played CS on a whole other level. Now everyone in T1 plays the style of CS Astralis laid the foundation for. Of course Navi today would beat prime Astralis, Navi system is built upon everything that made prime Astralis successful. Pretty much every team in the top 10 right now could beat Prime Astralis. However, if you compare how dominant they were compared to their competitors at the time, then only 2012-2013 NIP comes close to (maybe even surpasses) the dominance Astralis had. Navi wouldn't even come close.


> Prime Astralis didn't get their era because they had exceptionally good players They absolutely did. All the players on the team in 2018 were some of the best with or without the system


Well, it depends on what we consider exceptionally good. With the exception of Device I wouldn't call any other prime Astralis members exceptionally good, at least when it comes to stats. The closest was Dupreeh and he was outside the top 10 players before their era started. The rest very much proved their "skill" when Astralis already started to dominate, at which point you're going to be a top player simply because you're in the most dominant team at that time. They're all good players, they're just not exceptionally good.


... who do you consider to be exceptionally good, really? s1mple/zywoo/niko/dev1ce tier players? because those two at their best were right below them when they individually peaked in 2018/2019 (and were top 20 players even before Astralis era started, dupreeh even climbed to top 10 in 2017) Astralis didn't achieve what they did just because they were ahead stylistically, they absolutely had expectional individuals because if it weren't so their dominance wouldn't last as long as it did - case in point Heroic, they play incredibly good CS but they lack the individuals to win trophies


Exceptionally good players are players who are capable of performing regardless of other members on the team. We know Device can. But where are the other Astralis members? None of them are even in discussion for being in the top 20. If they were exceptionally good, they'd still give out good performances. Where's the performance? As for anything else, I'm not even going to address it because if you think you can sum up what they did as "they were ahead stylistically" then you clearly have no idea what set Astralis apart from every other team during that period. Heroic is ahead stylistically, Astralis was playing chess while everyone else was still playing rock paper scissors. They're not the same scenario.


I really dont think so. Everyone knew that Navi with simple and electronic had highest potential, and I think this is time when it showed. Astralis were overall better and had longevity, but I also feel like this is peak of CSGO team at that point. Also i am a bit biased.


Biggest lie in the world astralis had every single player in the top 20 including their igl. Not to mention 4 majors 3 back to back.also reinvented the usage of utility. They also hold the record for hltv #1 team. Also where's navis grand slam? Oh wait... S1mple more like s0mple.


Not hard to look good playing 4v5 or 3v5 considering how every other team had washed players: Olofmeister, kyojin, misutaaa, shox, refrezh, amanek, jackz, stewie2k, fallen, grim, doto, acor etc. People just conveniently forgot how many washed players were replaced at the start of 2022.


Aint coping, its just facts, why do you think nearly every single tier 1 team made drastic changes ?


Because teams wanted to try and catch up with navi? Those teams looked shit only because they were being compared with any teams highest peak ever


You are downplaying because you’ve got a hateboner for s1mple (since he rivals ZywOo) and Na’Vi as a whole.


Maybe its downplaying but ur arguing with facts


No, because anyone can claim that “all the other teams were weak” during an ‘era’ for a certain team (Astralis, fnatic, Na’Vi, FaZe, etc). That’s why a team dominates during an era, because all the teams are “weak” compared to them. During the FaZe era, Na’Vi was the only competitor even close and that was with war and a stand in for SDY. If Vitality or Heroic win this major, people will say it’s an easier run, it’s always the same lmfao. The true fact is you’ve just got a hateboner for s1mple and don’t give him praise, but instead downplay what he does because he’s not ZywOo.


G2 without an awper and 2021 Vitality were not "weak" ? Cmon man


You're right, Navi was so good that a bunch of totally new rosters were formed in an attempt to bring them down.


wait, i thought this major everyone except like two teams is trash? and now stockholm as well?


That is not normally.


Crazy stats across the career with his worst being this major with 1.07 rating. Unbelieveable.


Alright can we all agree that in this major there was a ton of stat padding by him? He was a god in the previous majors for sure but specifically this one. Especially that liquid match, my man was going at it in those exits when they were down massively


it has a direct correlation with their weight gain, i swear the chubbier perfecto/electronic/s1mple got the less agile they became in game


that’s why zywho is the best in the game the only one to beat the scales


hes nerfing himself, he knows skinny zywoo would make it unfair to the other teams




Notably zywoo has gotten thinner over the years


And he's only gotten better. Coincidence?


Majin Woo


Fatzera and fatniko beg to differ


fatniko was only better at awping and bunnyhop, thinzera was better at stealing paychecks LUL


Professional paycheck stealer for team Faze Clan.


when they lost boombl4 they had to split the kg's somehow


mcdonalds brain rot got him. unlucky


too much mass to flick fast enough I guess


S1mple's worst event performance since Dreamhack Open Tours 2017 (1.01) and worst in a big event since IEM Katowice 2017 (0.99)


What about BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019? 1.06 rating.


You're right, I didn't catch that. Definitely still the worst big event rating since 2017.


I hope he can reach his level again, because at his best there is no one more electric to watch in all of counter strike. But his recent performance isn’t just a blip. It’s reflective of a continued downtrend that has been happening for a year. I think him winning the 2022 player of the year made people retcon that year as if he was still at his peak. The fact is, he won that because of his performances in the first half of the year and ZywOo being comparatively poor - it was basically a wrap by June. But anyone that has watched closely could tell you that s1mple hasn’t been at a Godlike level since early 2022, and hasn’t been at his peak since like mid-to-late 2021.


Still, fall 2017 - spring 2022 is a hell of a long time to be dominant. You gotta wonder if finally winning a major + seeing his home country get invaded could have cost him some of his fire to play Makes me want to cherish every amazing Zywoo performance because he could drop off any moment.


the guy has been grinding so much. some burnout was likely to happen at some point.


plus the invasion... that would make anyone in his position take a step back and smell the roses


You didn't need to watch closely to see s1mple's downfall, you can see it in NaVi's results and his performances all the time, even if you only browse hltv match pages and do not watch actual games.


Sure, but even when his stats were still elite level (at times this year, at times last year) he just wasn't close to the same player we saw previously. You'd get people saying 'he still got a 1.2x rating so you can't say it wasn't a great tournament' but to people that watched the games it was more clear.


I agree with this. The way he gets the kills is very important aswell in determining his actual skill. There is a difference in jumping around, hitting the most insane flicks and just holding an angle and baiting your teammates. In both cases you might get 25 kills, but one is more impressive than the other (exaggerating here, it's just an example)


Probably not a coincidence that this started early 2022. The question is if thing will get back to where they were for him before that fateful February…


no, he doesnt have it anymore. he became more rational player, and way less impulsive. he making predictable in-game desicions wtf. i dont see how its possible now to return to his prime mindset tbh


God becomes human- inevitably.


Yes, it's like the war made him mature quickly and now he plays like an older player. He used to make insane agro plays like BOROS does, but now you just don't see those anymore.


he is also the "experienced guy" in a team, he has some extra responsibilities for young players. while before his only job was to kill


Around the time when s1mple was playing for Liquid, I had the feeling that s1mple was the best in the world, but during that time, people mainly disagreed with me, saying it was coldzera. But I knew s1mple was better than cold. I'm saying this to say that I'm not opposed to s1mple. I was one of the biggest s1mple fans, but yes, I agree with you. The same way that I noticed that s1mple was the best player before most people realized, I can also say that I noticed s1mple declining in performance for probably atleast 1 year.


“There is no one more electric to watch in all of counter strike.” Uhhh zywoo is objectively better and more fun to watch. The likelihood of a crazy zywoo play is 50/50. S1mple maybe 20/80. Zywoo is a far better player currently. Obviously not overall, but currently yes. I say this as a massive s1mple plan because I *remember* those crazy plays he made regularly.


Did you not read the first half of their sentence or did you ignore it on purpose just to argue?


He edited.


No I didn't. I edited a spelling mistake (their -> there), nothing else.


Stockholm really was stupid as for how good he was, I remember b1t having a 1.4 rating coming into the final and even that wasn't enough to pass him. There's a lot of recency bias with Zywoo being so freakishly good this year, but we have to remember these highs he had when starting to replace the GOAT


NaVi really should give s1mple some time off before CS2 starts. I've never seen him so exhausted man... impact of the war really messed him and navi up.


Yeah exactly. I think NAVI as a whole team need to get some better team psychology experts in to help and assist them. This whole year, NAVI seemed to just look fucking exhausted and stressed out during all of their games, even during the ones they were winning.I feel like its a combination of the war, pressure from the community and expectations to do crazy performance and I think a big addition is probably the toxic environment that is the NAVI team. There has been a bunch of clips where the team is clearly very confrontational with each other. According to sdy from a while back, where he said the team is very toxic (mostly s1mple and Blade, coach) and even gave him depression for a while during his tenure with the team. Some clips to note would be that post Anubis game clip between Monte and NAVI where we can see the coach giving out to perfect and then s1mple getting up to give out to b1t/electronic. There was also another clip a while back during an OT on overpass against Heroic where electronic allegedly shouted at npl after a really embarassing and choatic round loss. They need to tackle the mental game here imo. s1mple could easily come back to being a dominant player with some of the best accompanying players if they calm the nerves, fix their anger problems and get back to not letting some lost rounds get to them, but right now, I seriously don't see that happening for the foreseeable future because this major loss is seriously bad IMO. They went from being one of the biggest names in csgo to not even qualifying for the major playoffs. Judging from how they've been taking their last few losses, this will probably affect them real bad.


You could see how he fell off after the war started. Still the CS goat.


Or the teams just got better?


I would say he fell off based on eye test due to him not hitting some sitters and also not hitting as many flicks as before


Tbf it's like his personality is slowly going backwards to the carefree ass he used to be. You see him mald at his teamplayers here and there now, which you definitely do not see anyone do on stage whatsoever. s1mple has done it two or three times now in recent times. If he can't control himself publicly like that, then imagine what he's like backstage and in private?


Teams got better after the war started?


People will clown him for this major, but the stats speak for him, he is undoubtedly the GOAT. Sucks he did this bad in the last CSGO major, but we shall see if he can keep his insanity up in CS2.


Seeing this just makes me mad that Navi had to go out before playoffs. They should have beat Monte at 2-1, Navi what have you done.


Sad that the last major he can’t even make the playoffs, but he is still the goat


Regardless of his lacklustre performance this major and the hate coming from fans. He is the GOAT and always will be of CS:GO.






It is entirely possible that Valve screws the pooch with CS 2 and everyone keeps playing CS:GO. That's happened once before. Then, Zywoo has a chance


Man no one will play CSGO when CS2 is out because it will completly replace it


CSGO as a game won't exist anymore cs2 is like when u update cs now


what an end of an era.. GOAT!


Its crazy how good he was a couple years ago - i hate to say hes "dropped off" because hes still top 5 in the world but it just seems that after boomage left and the war hes lost a lot of motivation


Slowly falling down past 4 majors


*past 2, trying to insinuate he was falling down in Antwerp, as if anyone not named s1mple could mimic that 1.47 major performance, is disingenuous


It was a bit hard watching him at times during his event. His sprays were off, his AWP shots weren't hitting, everything just looked off. He's clearly declined a bit and even though he's still one of the best in the world I think his days of being #1 might be behind us.


hltv still showcasing older navi line ups as majority ukrainian, wtf, thought we were past that


I don't care what anyone says but 2018 s1mple was prime s1mple. He has been amazing ever since (and the best player in the world) but nobody comes close to 2018 s1mple. Not even s1mple


It’s their playstyle as a team have problems. The slow trading info game just don’t work. Of course the rating start plummeting.


Still can’t believe that 2016 was so fast after 2014 (lmao). Feels like tons of things happened during that time


it felt like a LONG time that simple was not on NaVi. Seeing this is kinda crazy and.. i am old..


2021 was the year for s1mple, sucks he didn't make it to the playoffs of the final major. The Greatest Player to ever play Counter-Strike.


Everything went downhill after the war


still the GOAT


-s1mple +sdy


Why would sdy downgrade?




His rating even got boosted because of kills he got when liquid was chasing him down on inferno.


Thats not how rating works.


Pretty sure it is. Kills and multi-kills are both great ways to bring your rating up, and I don't think they take a situation like that into account when considering the kills.


It is though.




Seems so currently, but also could be a small dip in form.


26 years old, not too young but not too old. Still have a chance to make champions if switch off his role of sniper or his skills and reflect comes back.


He’s somehow called the GOAT but doesn’t have more majors in his resume


I don't get it either


He has amazing individual accomplishments but yea. He should have more majors in his resume no real excuse.


aw sweet a new hltv screenshot! my favorite format of high quality post!




There could be a weight correlation


s1mple will definitely remain in the history of CS. A legendary player!