He went to Valorant and slowly lost relevance there. Streams sometimes to maybe 50ish people.


He was on a dysfunctional/underperforming T1 team at the beginning of valorant. He largely faded away. Still plays some but no indication that he has interest in competing. T1 never looked particularly good under his IGLing.


I think he got rich from all the crypto he got from gambling sponsorships and retired


he lost to glaaawks and retired.


In subtLe he became known as one of the most toxic IGL's. T1 used him to signal Riot Games they were interested in a franchising(partnership) spot for Valorant. Looking back, individually he gave up on competitive gaming back in January of 2015.


Dazed last played for T1 over a year and a half before partnerships (he joined t1 several months after release of the game - October 2020, he left June 2021). His time on T1 was in no way a signal that they were interested in it considering the timeline.


Considering they literally cycled through the entirety of the IBP lineup and made a stink about brax joining before the game came out we can take a guess they were cynically postering for a spot in the inevitable league/partnership.


Seems a lot more likely that they were simply trying to make a splash by appealing to the most common base of players and develop brand appeal in NA. It worked. They had a bunch of hype that quickly died out with their dysfunctional/underperforming team. I really don't think they were posturing for their Korean partnership slot by adding dazed.


Okay, you can definitely feel that way


afaik him and david denis didnt get along because david denis had no idea how to properly coach and was previous performance coach. they cut dazed because of this while t1 looked pretty good, improving, etc. then t1 cut david denis like 8 months later after they realized how bad he was as coach. they didnt use him as a franchising spot at all, that wasn't even a thing at the time.


Was also wondering this as I haven’t noticed him live recently either. Would love to see him start talking about or playing some CS again


Last time I can remember, he was into working out and improving his health. He looks much more leaner in one of the photos he posted but I cant remember when exactly. I kinda like his CSGO Road to Global series. He really had one of the best insights in the game.


Him and Blu were the shit. Bestest duo


I heard some kinda myth that he's still upset about the time when his team lost to GLaWKs!!!


I just want to see him stream and pug with Moe, Tarik, ocean etc. Was peak CSGO content on Twitch back in the day.


It would be kinda epic if major vans were revoked for the new game…steel and swag especially would be fun to watch them compete in tier 2 likely they’re washed by now. Dazed included


This is just bait to get a ton of Reddit gold like the last time this got ask.




This is a (I thought) fairly famous thing from 4 years ago. A guy asked this question and randomly got dozens of Reddit gold along with many of the comments. Was at one point the most gilded post on Reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/9uxvz0/what_is_dazed_and_azk_doing_these_days/