The Mattress That Wouldn't Leave My Truck




I think of a lot of "how do they afford that?" questioning can be answered by "they're bad with money." lol Lorelai is truly my Taurus sister, spending that monthly income on bills, food and shoes with little left for saving for a rainy day. 😅 Also, although she's scrappy and living her faux working class dream, she still has that wealthy safety net mindset she grew up with, so it doesn't surprise me she kind of subconsciously treats income as allowance. I also love that episode. Luke just effortlessly filling that Dad role is so cute.


hahahaha right! and same for Luke!


I assumed that as more people showed up, they started paying for the deliveries. And food prices were also more reasonable then. But I also liked that whole episode.


same!! it was a nice thing Lorelai did. I would've done the same.


I love it too- such a fun episode! One thing to consider with the money is that it’s a lot easier to have a few hundred dollars to splurge on food on a single day vs tens of thousands of dollars on house repairs. It’s a little like how you can be homeless but still able to afford a cell phone


They may be broke for a lot of things, but they always set aside money for food. I can’t speak from experience, but I’ve noticed when people have a lower budget, they sacrifice on some things so that they always have money for food if that makes sense. Also: someone please correct me if I’m wrong or speaking out of turn. Edit to add: Oh yeah and inflation is a price of shit, so prices back then were probably a lot more reasonable than they are know lol