RevSync - Convert your Twitter followers to Ghost members!

RevSync - Convert your Twitter followers to Ghost members!


This is great. Just got it to try out. How long of a delay is there between a user signing up to the Revue newsletter and it syncing to Ghost?


Price is $89 or $49 for early birds for anyone else who is curious.


David, Thanks alot for such service. I have a couple of questions which I would appreciate their clarifications please: I was wonder if such a move would affect your newsletter performance metrics such as deliverability, open rate, bounce rate, etc. The thing is when a person clicks subscribe on Twitter, they are accepting the Revue one, and if they subscribe through Ghost directly, then need to confirm through email once the link is sent to them. but if they do that through the Redirection from Revue to Ghost, what happens basically is like you manually added them to your Ghost subscribers list, which could be bad for your newsletter performance. After Signing up. The Twitter badge changes from Subscribe to Read on Twitter, taking the subscriber to the Revue. Is there a way around that? Thanks in advance