[Image] Compete against that!

[Image] Compete against that!


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Well this just makes me more depressed. You think I don't know that?!


You are 100% correct. I read it the same way. ❤️


Maybe just pick one and attack it. You don't have to attack all your enemies at once. Pick your battles.


knowing is not the same as being/doing. ​ do you think the greatest villains in history didn't know it was wrong to kill? You think Hitler was taught since youth that killing solves everything? You think war criminals and terrorists alike somehow learn a different set of morals than the neighbors and friends down the street who aren't war criminals and terrorists? They were evil because of their actions. ​ conversely, so many of us know that it's good to donate to the poor, sacrifice our time for good causes, and yet so few of us do. We admire and deeply idolize people who lead protests and speak out for climate change, and yet what they do, we can do as well. only we don't and thus we aren't. ​ Action always trumps thought/knowledge. The greatest man in the World could die a miserly loser because he never once acted upon his righteous thought.


So you feel hopeless when you read any and all of this? Do you really believe you have zero control over any of it? Take a tiny shot at one of these.


oh hey! its your ego talking


I recently felt like unhealthy food increase my productivity


Short term maybe, cos it provides additional stimulation, but long term it will be detrimental to productivity


Right, I think I’m a failure now. Hey, what type of motivation is this?!


Camon 😤 let’s grab a burger it’ll make us feel better


I don't understand people. If you already know that, why not choose to make changes? Your life is just the sum of all your choices, so it only makes sense to make good ones!


My mental health isn't great and I'm going to therapy. Thank you for your comment and your judgement of my life.


Feel you, brother. I have got mental health issues as well, schizophrenia, went through a psychosis in 2019, lost my job and went back to university. It sucks. With the pandemic going on, I didn't meet new people like I wanted to. But I know it gets better, because I don't feel the way I felt last year. I feel in control. I make changes to my life and torture myself with online school, because I know it gets better.


Your life is not the sum of all your choices. It is also the natural progression of your initial states and circumstances outside of your control. Your choices only come into play after (and are naturally affected by) those two things. This isn't to say you don't have free will, but saying "just make good choices 4head" is naive, stupid, and rude.


Just wanna say, you're getting downvoted but you're mostly right. Unless you have significant mental health challenges, everyone has the power to change something, even something super small.


Exactly! Of course there can be extenuating circumstances - mostly health issues - apparently I should've made a disclaimer for that lol. But ultimately, there are usually more wise/productive choices you can make to improve your life. Funny enough I saw a different post today that said how people shouldn't delete their post due to downvotes because it only feeds into heard mentality...and amen to that!




I don't lack creativity, I lack the skills to turn the things I create in my mind into art. I just wish I had more time to develop those skills


sounds like a lack of creativity with excuses


And your statement sounds like a lack of brain


I lack the will to do anything even things I'm really good at.


I would almost rephrase it as "ignoring your creativity" As a musician I know that creativity is a muscle you have to exercise. You can't pick up a guitar and immediately start creating riffs and improvising. You have to practice first.


Yeah, I'm not a natural creative, but recently I realized I haven't taken a picture in a few months and don't have the inspiration to finish a WIP crochet project asked by a family member. But I was recently inspired to start a new crochet project I suggested and it's definitely like working a sore muscle, haha.


However, it's something we can't touch, but we can concentrate on it


Theres a difference between being bad at coming up with ideas, and being bad at rating the ideas you come up with. I definitely fall squarely into the first category.


Yep that's so me. One (of many) examples: I'd like to write some poetry, but everytime I try I end up cringing and thinking it's awful or stupid, or thinking that writing poetry as a whole is dumb. Meanwhile, a couple of friends of mine, that aren't as problematic as me and that actually have some self-esteem in what they do and in who they are, frequently write and post poems on IG and and one of them even wrote a self published poems book! Why do I have to be like this :(


This...is not motivational at all.


This whole sub is just "bootstraps" with no context.


Right?? I just left the sub and I'm fully convinced it'll result in me feeling wayyyy more motivated 😂


I kept thinking, "No, I'm actually competing against the other people in the contest..."


Just got turned down for an entry level position because they were able to find a retiree with 30 years experience willing to work part time for a pay cut. Yeah no its still other people.


What do you do though?


Management. That job was for HR at a chemical plant.


Don't be discouraged. Every interview is experience you are gaining - keep at it, you got this.


Hits me real hard. I’m letting my work ethic slip, I eat unhealthy food everyday, and I stopped learning new stuff. Basically, everything I used to do, I just stopped doing 😔 Maybe this is what I need to see as a wake-up call.


I'm the same!!! I'm thinking it's mine as well..


So I'm a procrastinating, egotistical, unhealthy, intellectually negligent, negatively behaving and uncreative person. How do you expect me to do anything but eat, sleep, poop and die?


I feel personally attacked


As many of these posts are more egocentrical gym bro positivity message, let me translate the message to be more motivating. You are the only one to be able to compete with. Wether X guy or X girl is one step ahead to you, it's their problem. If you are struggling with depression and haven't being able to get out of the bed and today you showered and cleaned your room. Congratulations, that's a great advance. You wanted to learn how to drive but failed on the first test? No problem, you now know at least the basic elements of driving, and so on.






this isn't as motivating as it is blaming me for my executive dysfunction and depression 😬 my dad thinks mental illnesses are fake and just alway said I was lazy and needed more discipline and never offered any help


I do get what this is saying and it motivates me to improve myself but competition definitely is other people and they are a drive to all these things aswell


no doubt


This post isn’t motivating, it’s mean and accusatory lmao. Show of hands, did this help motivate *anyone* here today?


A lot of people don’t need to be motivated, they need self awareness


Namely, people who make posts like this


This just sounds like more steps to being unkind to yourself. People are already their own biggest critic, why make it worse with advice like this?


Shittiest advice ever.


Depends on the context I guess. Personally, sure, always only compare your present self to past self. But in terms of living in our world...no. Our current system is designed to make us compete and take jobs/opportunities from eachother.


My competition also seems to be edgy pretend signs on the internet that still advocate one size fits all pseudo science approaches to life. How do people eat this trite shit up like it's their last meal?? 🙄


Yeah, I really do need to stop procrastinating... [Continues to scroll reddit homepage]


This didn't just attack me, it assassinated me!


Who does this motivate? This is just a list of things to feel guilty about.


This message me extremely anxious when I read it


This message is BS. Don’t turn your aggression against yourself, you would end up sick and depressed. Start with accepting yourself and your shortcomings, befriend yourself as is and then, start slowly by seeing what can be improved for the things that are important and can help you reach your goals and follow them one small step at a time. Screw competition and stop comparing yourself with others, just find what you love and keep doing it.


Well.... fuck....


But, competing against that would mean trying to beat it, like trying to break new records in ego, procrastination, etc etc. Im not sure you thought this one through.


fuck yeah.


"So I'm the problem?" "Always have been"


This made me more depressed thanks 🤣


I rather cope.


Try my finances and living paycheck to paycheck.


ahhh shut it


I am perfectly comfortable not being creative lol.


No, my competition is definitely other people


Wow, I suck.


I read this as a "You're worth nothing," kinda thing. Not motivational at all.


Rather than a competition, I like thinking of abstract things like the fear of failure or the belief of incapability as my nemisis... not myself or any other person. I also prefer thinking of these limiting beliefs as my personal demons or monsters which kind of gamifies it. But this is also interesting and valid!


Fuck that. Our competition is our heads vs. our parents vs. what the hell is going on in the world.


I don't think that's a clever way of seeing it


Anthony Bourdain said something similar *“I understand there’s a guy inside me who wants to lay in bed, smoke weed all day, and watch cartoons and old movies. My whole life is a series of stratagems to avoid, and outwit, that guy.”*


This seems awfully personal.


Hate this shit


The only thing more sure than death or taxes is someone shitting on a r/Getmotivated post that is perfectly fine in sentiment and pointing out every flaw in it.


i guess you are new here sir, i don't care about the comments now, i just laugh on them and be grateful that I am not having that mindset


Wait ..what? What are you talking about? If you understand what I am saying than that directly infers I am not new here. You know, because, I am commenting about an entire sub and what is a sure thing that always happens....your post doesn't even make any sense. Like....what?


Take LSD


True words. We have competition with own.


Yup 100%


That went frm zero to one hundred pretty fucking quickly


lame post.


I find this pretty unhelpful


This is supposed to be motivational? Fuck!


100% agree. Focus on what you can control vs what you cannot and you will improve.


This isn't motivational, I just feel insulted


Well screw you too!


I feel motivated to die now


Maybe later


It hurts because I am procrastinating by reading this.


Damn this got me.




But hate and blame other people much easier then hate yourself. Let me think about it for a minute. Nope, still prefer to blame others.


yes! except for the part about the unhealthy food. fuck that, tasty shit's tasty.


I will today


That's the worst part. It feels like an extra personal moral failing. I'm not a failure because of external circumstances. I'm smart and very capable. I'd I could just manage my impulses and stop hating myself so much I could be pretty impressive. But I won't. And that's just completely on me.


Trust me bitch, I know my fucking enemy 😔


Hey, you hurt my feelings!


And your obsession of checking reddit every 10 minutes Back away meme And your obsession of communicating with memes...


This is Lewis Howes' tweet.


"You don't do the right thing because you should, you do the right thing because you love yourself" -Dr. Daniel Amen I highly reccomend going to YouTube and riding "Daniel Amen: ON How To Improve Your Mood | ON Purpose Podcast Ep. 13"


And other people. Because f- those guys...


grant me power, not to be superior to my brothers, but to defeat my greatest enemy....myself.


The excessive time time on reddit ?


I understand this as celebrating other's success instead of letting it fuel jealousy or dissatisfaction with your current situation. Sometimes friends will tell me about the accomplishments, and I'll feel happy for them, but also condemn myself for being so far behind. In those moments it's tempting to look to those with success as a reason for your place in life, but sometimes it comes down to the things in this post.


Ah shit they coming after my food again. 😦


Well. Now that this is reconfirming my self-hate I’ll go crawl back under my rock...


Yup I already knew that. Except my younger brother is making about 10x my salary he is 23 I’m 27. I feel like I have done well for myself, I am not wanting for anything. And I am proud of him succeeding. But now I do feel like it’s a competition. I feel pathetic, but not because I am pathetic. But the need to compete as to who is better. Why am I competing? Why am I basing my self worth on how much money my younger brother makes? This is stupid


No it's definitely other people


What do they mean by "the knowledge you neglect"




You must show this [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGPlr9LEDfc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGPlr9LEDfc)


Damn, I’ve always known this personally and really was sad at myself for the feelings of jealousy I would have towards others close to me and their success at times, even when I knew I loved them very much and was happy for them. Personally, this message is actually really uplifting because what this means is that I can actually fight that feeling of jealousy and not that it is part of who I am. I can fight procrastination and the other unproductive and undisciplined aspects of my life. If that means I’ll also find myself feeling less negative things in general too then easy sell.


It’s really difficult, though, but I’ll keep trying to do my best.


This is pretty circumstantial


“The unhealthy food you’re consuming” Me: ah shit *continues eating M&Ms*


You don't tell me what to do! .. ;)


Got to be a more motivated slave for the Corporate masters! Take your empty platitudes and not basic human rights and healthcare.




Sometimes we need a good 'enemy', whatever that may be, to stoke the fire.


I came to reddit to laugh not to get attacked


Thanks, I hate it #ADHD


"The problem isn't the world, it's you" Okay lol.


Daaaamn, Im fucking losing then..


Wow this really works! It’s so stupid my sadness went away!


Please dont give me more reasons to put myself down.


Your competition are people like OP who want you to believe that YOU and the neglect and abuse and trauma you've experienced are the reason there is inequity in the world.




It's true. All of it.


I have no motivation for anything anymore. Just another cog in the wheel making some fat rich guy richer and fatter.


But I’m too lazy


This is depressing


Your competition is you, you fat stupid lazy unimaginative bastard!


Stop yelling at me!


Right after I tackle the depression you gave me


Get motivated with a nice strong dose of self hate. I swear to god so many of the posts that get popular here are the product of broken people.


Correct. At some point, it just becomes boring and unproductive comparing yourself to another person instead of yourself. You could look up to someone and try to emulate them but not feel bad because you aren't them. Try to be YOUR best self. You'll develop self-esteem and won't care if someone is better or worse.


Jesus, why don't you just murder me instead...


Truth is like poetry. And most people fucking hate poetry.


Oooft - that spoke to me like a slap in the face. Very true. I’ve been wallowing.


If there weren't other people then I wouldn't need to compete in the first place.


But I’m a competitive eater.


Thanks for telling me I’m utterly worthless 👍


Yeeey finally some actual wisdom that isn’t feel goody bullshit designed to keep me where I am