Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! So their FM Billo calls Modi the butcher of Gujarat and next month they want to have peace talks? Can't even trust these snakes anymore. They'll say something and then do something totally opposite and contradictory. Besides, the Pak PM has no power to direct the foreign policy. When someone from the military establishment, for e.g. the ISI chief says so, maybe we can consider it to the least.


4 wars, these Pakis are still trying to push that Kargil war wasn't an India Pak war.


Lol, it took 11 years for them to finally officially [admit](https://www.telegraphindia.com/india/pak-army-admits-kargil-role-martyrs-turn-troops/cid/461514) their role in the Kargil War, in 2010. Such is the level of their plausible deniability. Also, the narrative of Nawaz Sharif being betrayed by Musharraf, was debunked by the tapes intercepted by the R&AW: >In the last week of May, 1999, Musharraf had been to Beijing. He was in daily telephonic contact with Lt.Gen.Mohammad Aziz, the CGS, in Rawalpindi from his hotel room in Beijing. All these conversations were intercepted by the R&AW. The government of Atal Behari Vajpayee decided to release to the media the transcripts of two of these tapes. >A careful examination of the tapes as released by the Vajpayee Government would indicate the following: >Musharraf launched the operation without taking the clearance of Nawaz and without the knowledge of most of the senior officers. >When the Indian Army hit back and the IAF went into action, he lost his nerve and informed firstly Nawaz and then other senior officers and the Foreign Office. >Instead of rebuking Musharraf for launching the operation without his clearance and asking him to stop it, Nawaz *went along* with it *hoping* that the operation would succeed. When it did not, he flew to the US and sought the US assistance in bringing the fighting to a halt. >It is clear that neither Musharraf nor Nawaz nor Kiani is telling the whole truth. Each is telling only a part of the truth which, they think, would serve their purpose. https://www.outlookindia.com/website/story/whos-telling-the-truth/237597/


There's a small grave not far from the Dras memorial where India buried Pakistani soldiers who's bodies the Pak Army refused to take back in order to claim lower casualties. Pakistani retellings also try to reduce the fight from 48 peaks to 7 peaks in an attempt to make it seem like their loss was not as widespread as it actually was. They also push the narrative that 5000 brave Pakistani Infantry held off against 30,000 Indian soldiers on the peaks. In reality, the Pakistani army artillery divisions provided a lot of cover to the Northern LI, much like how the bulk of India's 30,000 was also artillery and support. The entire war, after the initial unopposed occupation, was a circus from the Pakistani end. So to preserve the image of their Army as competent, they have to make even more embarrassing excuses like attributing it to a breakdown of political machinery.


They will never learn a lesson and India should never forget history.


He spewed venom in that interview itself, don't think after these kind of nonsense human rights violation statements we will agree to any sort of peace talks.


Bench players talking like starters, I hate it.


This comment has so much depth damn.


Aatmi mulk can remain our enemy, they want peace only because they've lost their capability to inflict harm, but the intent remains just as toxic. Watch the interview, it was as insincere as he could manage.




I feel the same way, but please express your comment in a more well-mannered way. Abusing is not conductive to any discussion in this sub.


सड्डा कुत्ता कुत्ता , त्वाडा कुत्ता Tommy? हरियाणा के लोग मर जाये?




> I feel the same way, but please express your comment in a more well-mannered way. Abusing is not conductive to any discussion in this sub.


You think they would have learned after 93,000 surrendered. But no!


Lol no they didn't they just switched to terrorism once they knew they couldn't win wars with India


If they want peace talks, make them give up something. Maybe make them admit Jammu and Kashmir is our land on the international stage or make them terminate all projects with China immediately. India is a realistic country! I wish for peace with Pakistan, but the Pakistani politicians today are not the one who would honor any peace deals


First, a news opinion piece in a mainstream Pakistani news outlet praising India's development and now this, something awful is cooking behind the closed door in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Every single time they have sent an offer to talk things out they have backstabbed us with some kind of terror attack. The current administration should have extreme caution in the near to medium term as they have faced terror attacks like Uri and Pulwama both after Pakistan extended an olive branch towards New Delhi.


Obviously a sincere offer this time. Not like it literally overlooks the last war imposed on India by Pakistan.


>sincere offer No I think it is just a poltical statement, otherwise he would have taken a milder tone. Yet here he repeats the same rhetoric about human rights that Imran used to bring up. Besides Indian stance has always been very clear that third party mediation is no welcome so I don't know why he even bothered asking UAE/Saudi for mediation, he should have made the peace talks appeal directly to Modi.


I think it's their military sending feelers to gauge Indian opinion on the matter, and sending it through the top post in the puppet govt to make it look sincere. A realistic clear-headed Indian govt should rebuff such attempts but I'm not entirely convinced that that's what we'll do. Our national leaders have a very poor record for falling for such tricks everytime.


Why now?


Well the PM can call for things all he wants but everyone knows that until the army agrees with him it's not like anything will happen


No thanks! They suddenly learnt a lesson after their economy imploded, multiple attacks by Taliban, an indifferent sugar daddy china & internal political instability. They are just trying to cover their ass by keeping India engaged in talks so that it doesn't become another security threat. I feel the Govt of India should play hardball. These criminals can never be trusted!