a nice wholesome moment went to shit, just like my artifacts




*DEF 9 -> 12*


***AGE 16 -> 18***


and then there is that one in a 1000 (artifacts with potential) that actually is as good as it looked when you got it


This is a really good example/representation of how things went there. Good thing my main reddit account isn't active there and only at the Memes subreddit. I'm following the main sub with this account mostly for the art.




>!“The Age of Consent in Japan is 13 years old”!< Official. I mean what the hell is wrong with this world today. 💀


While the federal age of consent in Japan is 13 years old, each prefecture can dictate their own age of consent similar to the states of the US. The prefectures have ages of consent ranging from 16-18. Tokyo's, for example, is 18 years old. Only in Japan's outlying territories of Okinotorishima and the Marcus Islands have the age of consent be 13 years old. Jesus, I have seen too many people try to say their favorite anime schoolgirl is legal, I have this shit memorized.


And even then 13 is only legal if the difference between the partners is only 1 year so 13 and 14 yo can fuck? But 13 and 15 is punished by law. Anyway thats still pretty fucked up and hope they will just get the age up to 18 just like most countries do


And then they turn it around and say 'who cares not like she's real anyways'. Then why did you make the argument in the first place???


It's legal if both the guy and the anime girl are both underage teens


>Only in Japan's outlying territories of Okinotorishima and the Marcus Islands have the age of consent be 13 years old. And, I've seen someone comment, "it's only thirteen because honestly, who's gonna set the new age of consent? the imaginary governor?"


It's only 13 as a sort of "Here's the lowest limit, each prefecture has its own. Any lower and we're bringing back the Hara Kiri culture especially for you"


Plus, the 13 one is with parental consent in theory iirc


They just keep pushing it and OP just keeps replying. the situation was getting worse and worse


Like many TV shows like Gravity Falls and The Owl House, the more the plot advances, the more fucked up and twisted the story is


Or a story about cute magical girls and a white space furret.


Man what a funny little show, I sure do hope it doesn't fill me with depression and existential dread by the end of it :)


Gee, I really like the yellow one. I can already tell these 12 episodes are gonna be real nice.


Ikr! The reveal that happened with her was really mindblowing!!


Yeah, real wild. >!okay i know we just messing around, but I read that and all I got were MagiReco flashbacks. Oh, why did they make her religious too?!<


Wdym, its such a cute and fluffy show. It's basically a yuri with slice of life theme.


Or a story about an otherworld traveler trying to find their sibling.


i’m 7 episodes in. wish me luck


Episode 8-12 is the greatest string of episodes in all of fiction


oh. well then. i’m excited


and then rebellion will hit very hard, not gonna give you any spoilers though hehe


I swear, that anime did more for veganism than PETA ever did.


Are we talking about Madoka magica? If soz how? Slightly confused


>!Kubey’s whole speech to madoka after sayaka’s death about what he does. Farming the emotions of young girls and exploiting them is similar to what we do to life stock. And he says something about he treats the girls Better than lifestock due to the fact they are still free!<


Don’t forget the part where livestock survive longer in captivity than out of captivity. >!I honestly don’t even consider Kubey to be in the wrong here. Based on Mami and Kyouko’s stories we can make a decent assumption that Kubey typically offers this deal to people near death.!<


Well... "surviving" and "living" are a bit different. If you're considering the majority of "farms" they don't really have a life at all. Of course there are more ethical farms but a lot of them aren't, which is the main thing vegans push, due to the unnecessary suffering. Unless you're talking about the show specifically, in which case, >!Overall, I think yes Kyuubey (if we can assume his race is just a hivemind of "him"s) WAS not in the wrong, though only generally. After all, his "captivity" has probably saved fucktons of more humans than has killed, considering he's been guiding them into the civilization they are now. But still, his main failing is his optimizing capitalist nature, where he really doesn't care about the suffering of the Magical Girls at all, and "lies" to them, careful to not lie explicitly so that he can claim a moral high ground. If he was willing to be just slightly less efficient, he could go for actual adults who genuinely choose to contract. Even just suicidal adults, right before they do it, would be more ethical. And it would actually save lives, and give them at least a little bit of happiness.!< >!Like, he knows what a contract is but somehow doesn't know (or simply ignores) the fact that by our standards minors legally can't consent to contracts. He's still extremely fucking predatory, even if he sometimes does more "altruistic" contracts like when saving a life.!<


fuck kyubey


Or a story about a British boy that later gets an adopted blond brother and how the story goes from vampires and magic sun breathing to a priest that wants to reset the god damn universe... and then another story begins with an American paraplegic horse jockey that wants to learn the secrets of spinning and find the holy corpse of Jesus Christ but later gets interrupted by the president of the USA


OP fucking started it too ..


Link of post please


here:D https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/vh91qv/my_friend_keeps_freezing_the_water_and_i_didnt/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Lmao the comments, "least romantic ayaka main". This community is wild I love it


I can’t find the post




any link to original post?




I think this is my favorite comment from a user. It nicely shows the before and after when the information was revealed. > I mean Try your shot whit her > Edit: DONT


I believe it's been removed pending a review by the mods there.


I mean, at least he’s not saying fuck it and pursuing her anyway. There’s a tiny ray of hope here.


It seems like his head is still screwed on at least. He knows it's a shitty situation and believes she deserves someone better. But holy shit the toxic positivity in that comment chain is awful.


He does not have his head screwed on, he's basically grooming her, he said he won't let anyone "steal her away" from him during the time he's waiting. Ew, creep


Not defending him in any way but where did he say that? I cant seem to find it in the pic


It's not in the pic, but in another comment. "I'm still thinking about it. But you do have a point ..ofc im not gonna be an idiot and let someone else nab her away from me. I'm her friend first and foremost and imma keep it that way, at least for now." https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/vh91qv/my_friend_keeps_freezing_the_water_and_i_didnt/id67u7l?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3 Treating her as if she's an object for someone else to "nab" smh


Yep I just saw it when I looked into the post. Big yikes


It could be something actually wholesome but the way their phrasing somethings is SUPER YIKES like damn...


Oof. 🔥🗑


Oh right. I fucking missed the 3rd pic. Scrolled fast to the bottom to see the fuck is happening. Thanks


The fact alone that he's, not only interested in someone underage, but willing to wait until they're of age is predatory.


I’m really hoping that he caught feels BEFORE finding out her age, and now is realizing he screwed up. (Just let me cling to my last shred of faith in humanity.)


That was your mistake, no more clinging and time to wake up to reality


ᴵ ᵐᵉᵃⁿ ʸᵒᵘ’ʳᵉ ᵖʳᵒᵇᵃᵇˡʸ ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵇᵘᵗ …shhhh


That's generally how these situations come to be online tbh, the dude in the screenshot 100% hasn't even talked to a girl IRL and lets those emotions of finally talking to one completely fuck with his morality to just stop talking to her. We can only hope the dude realizes how fucked up it is and breaks it off but the way he's talking on there I severely doubt it


The feels should go away when you realize it's a child.


Instead he’s grooming her waiting until it’s not statutory rape anymore and in the mean time he “won’t let anyone nab her.”


Look just because they're a Genshin Impact player, doesn't mean they're a pedo. Well yeah they're a pedo but not because they play Genshin! */j*


I play genshin and I'm barely attracted to anyone. What am I supposed to do ? (Aroace go brrr) Edit: For all the aroaces who see this edit, do you guys like Albedo too ? I've seen one a post saying all albedo mains were gay but apparently 80% of us were ace


Hey same! Aroaces unite 💪


Unite !! Also, who do you main ? :0


Childe, how bout you?


Hu Tao (But Barbara in domains, if that can reassure you c: )


yep! Albedo mains are very ace/aro. Guess we relate to his interest in science and chill and thoughtful personality. Plus, I've seen many AroAce Albedo headcanons and honestly, it all makes sense!


Indeed !! And I love lab coats for no reason


Yoo do you like science?


Well yes, why ?


It checks out


Sciencese really cool tho Most aroace do like them ?


You need to forget science and join the hive mind


I can't :( There is 97,6% chances (minimum) I have ADHD


M-Minimum?! We will stop you from joining the hive mind


It is too late I am already merging with it


Aroace gang!


Lessgooooo !! :D


Hello fellow aroace!


Hey !! :D






I'm probably aroace and Albedo is my man




Only ace, but Albedo is one of my most wanted characters at the moment.


You will get him as soon as possible :D


I’m an AroAce Kazuha main, but Albedo is probably my favorite character aside from him. I even have a cosplay I’m waiting to trot out an upcoming con. I *may* have also ordered cardigans themed off both of them for my birthday last year. Me? Fitting to type? *It’s more likely than you think.*


Oh my lord don’t call me out


Aroace here who wants to be an Albedo main but got Diluc instead :'D


Ouchie :( You will get him on his next run !!


> Aroace The what now?


aromantic+asexual, it's where you have no romantic or sexual attraction to anyone


Aromantic and asexual (Not aromatic, no spices) Basically feeling little to no romantic and sexual attraction


You right, I'm also ace and I main Albedo.


Aroace here! I main Kazuha, but I really like Albedo! He's a super fun character, and is an amazing support.


Both are really cool and I use them a lot :D


(possible aroace but not sure) Albedo is neat ngl interesting lore and personality he is a fun character (My real favorite is diluc tho funnily he is also apparently popular with ace and [lesbians] from what i've heard)


*smirks in aego ace*




Any aro bros? Ya I got albedo by accident in his first banner but I don’t regret it


I'm 100% ace but unsure where on the aro spectrum. Hlad you like him !!


Hell yeah, not aro but ace and Albedo main here


Neat !! :D


Wow, i'm straight and like Albedo, now i kinda feel out of place


Nah People who like Albedo are all homies, no matter the orientation or anything


Not aro but ace. And Albedo is my fav of all times. (apparently we really are all aces)


They are absolutely NOT a P3do Court adjourned (I explained in my other comment why)


Real pedo don’t play games. They stalk children. Speaking of reality here.


Hey just because I can't afford a good pc doesn't mean I don't play games. Gosh people can be so shallow-minded sometimes... /s just in case...




I gave an upvote to that post, saw the comments, instant upvote retraction.


Same and I was waiting for a post like this reading that post and comments was a wild ride from aww cute to uh ah I'm leaving


I wonder how many people do up vote retraction in general. Sometimes I see a post with a similar vibe, but the post still has many votes.


Idk how but apparently my grandparents have a 25 year difference in age, i didnt have the courage to ask when they got together


Do it. Don't be scared. Bask in the Glorious knowledge




I dunno how to react to this. This is weird on so many levels.


This is the proper reaction. We don't know anything about the relationship other than the fact that 6 year gap is uncommon and thus should not judge. There are many examples of people with 6+ year gaps who have great relationships. The objectifying can easily be hormones acting out and does not give us anything definitive. If this is an online relationship, the girl may not even have divulged any actual private information or met the guy irl. If she decides the guy isn't worth it, breaking contact should be much easier. People who scream grooming and abusive relationship really need to calm down and stop assuming that love can't exist. Edit: LOL! Thanks to whoever reported my account for psyc help. Appreciate the concern but I think I'm fine.


Nah, fuck that shit, I am judging, I am judging the shit out of it, call me Judy because I ain't going to stop judging.


Easy way to show people you're a jerk


Don't care, still judging.


Hol up


This aint exclusive to genshin lol in fact the genshin fandoms is usually just memeing


It's wild how the Genshin community gained that reputation when all but like 4 characters are 18+


To be fair, I’m pretty certain that a lot of the teenage models like Hu Tao, Xiangling, Xingqiu etc aren’t 18. They look more around 14-16 age range. Still, though. It’s stupid to think that anyone who plays a game with underaged characters are pedos


bodies are hard to say, but it makes sense that hu tao is at least 18, considering she owns a business


Diona is like 11 and she's a bartender, being a kid doesn't stop anyone in teyvat from getting a job.


I think Fischl is the only one that is up in the air, the others were confirmed to be young adults


sorry but there is absolutely NO WAY Xiangling and barbara are adults lmfao


Tbh, their body models are the exact same as Mona and Ganyu. So we can only judge them based on their personality.


I’d say there’s a chance they actually are


it went from amazing to shit, much alike my artifact rolls


mine just goes from shit to shit


this hurts my brain


Yeah I know what the centerpeiece here is but how do you freeze the water so it does a heart?


Asking the real questions here..




I thought he waits for her to turn adult and I was already grossed out but if he's waiting for her to turn legal in a sense of age of consent...




same, that's what I was thinking too, but apparently he is more of a creep in nowadays standards because he might be manipulating her during the time.




I actually don't think age difference is that big of a deal, maybe because I am from asia? Maybe it's the western culture I don't know.




In my country we are more concern about underage sex or anything related. You know in Japan and China we are not that open to these stuff lol. So we usually have a relatively healthly relationships (most of the time), thus we are not that concerned about age thingy, at least that's what I think ...


Just because something used to be normalized doesn't mean it was good. A lot of toxic relationship tropes were (and still are) romanticized. I remember student-teacher shoujo manga tropes were popular when I was a kid/teen, doesn't make it good. Also, on screen/on pages this kind of relationship can look pretty and pure but real life doesn't work that way.


At least he won't gonna do anything while she's underage...that's a plus...


i just wanna know how they made that heart


At least bro is self aware


Nah 🗿


> I'm still thinking about it. But you do have a point ..ofc im not gonna be an idiot and let someone else nab her away from me. I'm her friend first and foremost and imma keep it that way, at least for now. Holy fuck, that's a massive red flag right there


Zoomer goblins don't have any RL friends whose younger sister could have a crush on them so I doubt they could relate


naa I can’t wTf is this ahahaAh


I have a friend that started dating when she was 14/15 and there was a 9 years age difference... And no, they don't play genshin. To each their own I guess, they're still together and kinda happy.


My friend who I read this post to: "A warrior's greatest weapon...is patience." Me: "Wait. Hold up..." Him: "Exactly"


Well, I think at least the guy didn't pursue it yet. It will be a problem if he went with it.


A lot of kids play this game and once I realize someone is underage I stop talking to them if they're too young (like 16 and younger) or flirt with me. I mean a literal kid has no business hanging out with a strange adult on the internet no matter how trustworthy the adult is.


The real problem is Nowdays you can't even be friend with someone online unless others will call you a pedo. I am a 23 guy, but i have some underage friends. Met the dudes online and they saw i was being an ok guy to talk to and comes to me when they feel sad. I try to help them everyway i can, like a big brother. But there were plenty of people that assumed i was being a pedo to them while all we did was talking and giving them advice or help them with their HW. People needs to be careful when talking online, but not assume others are weird. I give the guy in the screen the benefit of the doubt and wont assume he meant to be he sexual about it, but just being afraid to look weird by others. Maybe what he feels might be love, but not in a relationship way




Same. But i am not a kind of person that cares about the other's people age. These people i know told me their age way after we've known each other lmao I know i am not the only one which this happens sometimes


I remember during a genshin event I got chatting with a girl and the talk was quite friendly but the first thing I thought was: "Wait a minute, she might be underage." So I decided to cut the chat there There might be coincidences but when a dude like this is already aware of the age and is possessive it's definitely a creep.


I mean whats their actual ages? If its something like 16 and 22, it sounds wierd but as OP said he will wait 2 years so it would be 18 and 24, which is fine, atleast in our country and also that the OP isn't pushing either, rather said she deserves someone else and he admitted he is dense You guys just find problems in everything and make it look bigger, just cuz a girl showed a heart sign to a guy who happens to be 6 years older than her, it doesn't means they are in a relationship or whatever, it can be platonic too and that the guy also said if the girl actually likes him, he will wait 2 or more years until he is legally allowed to be in a relationship with her Now if it was something like 10 years difference or 12 years difference, it would be a huge problem that the guy is admitting he wants to be in a relationship with that girl, but its 6 years difference, which is completely normal where i live and my parents are 8 years apart and my sister and her husband is 7 years apart too (mostly cuz in our culture we believe that it takes more time for a guy to mature to a state where he can take care of a family than a girl needs, so atleast the age gap is >5 years, also yeah my other sister (both are my own sisters) married a guy of same age, only 5 months of difference, and i can say things didn't go well...)


6 years difference as adults is normal. _As adults_, once both parties are over the age of 18. 6 years between teenagers and adults is not normal. They are either 14-20 or 16-22. That is not normal. Ofc you can have platonic friends of different age ranges but people are looking at this from the relationship POV hence the responses. And also OPs comments just dug himself into a hole


Yeah I was about to say. As adults, there have been even wider age gaps. See Leonardo DiCaprio.


My thoughts exactly. Right now it may not look good but as people get older age differences also starts having less impact.


Yeah sure, but the point of this is to shine a light on the fact that it's a 6 year age gap at a YOUNG AGE. The issue is precisely with how young one of the individuals is.


Idk what's up with this way of thinking that 18 is the magic age where you go from an unlewdable pure innocent creature that needs protection from evil adults to suddenly being able to be sexualised to oblivion. The guy is doing the responsible thing.


I mean thats what our society made us believe And its also the reason why some people die laughing when they see the number 69 and proceed to say "nice" Similarly the number 18 make you go from "YOU ARE A FCKING P3DOPHILE" to "I will allow it"


If it's about the number 18 specifically it's because of California and Hollywood. In most places in the world, including most of USA, it's somewhere between 14 and 16. But still, you need to put the an arbitrary border _somewhere_. You'll never segregate out all the people that are not mentally ready for sex so you have to get the border somewhere. If it's too low, you're putting children in the way of predators, if it's too high you're blocking mentally ready people from having consensual sex for no reason. The is no golden mean here so you may as well just choose a number that the least people protest about. Polish government recently wanted to raise the age from 15 to 16 but in the end decided against that as public was complaining that it's too high. On the other hand in Japan there was recently a public proposal to raise the age from 13 to 16 across the country as people view 13 as too low.


Yeah, I feel the people here are being a bit too quick to vilify this guy. I have no idea how "*if* she still likes me *when she turns 18*" equates to "grooming her and claiming her as my 'property' "


The guy said in a comment "ofc im not gonna be an idiot and let someone else nab her away from me." That sounds like he's claiming her as property imo. https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/vh91qv/my_friend_keeps_freezing_the_water_and_i_didnt/id67u7l?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3


That’s a massive red flag, OP of that post is a certified creep


Okay, that does sound a little hokey, but I'm still willing to give the benefit of the doubt and say hes just overprotective.


Sometimes, you wonder if people online know what grooming is by definition. Considering that it’s generally done with the intention(key word here) of committing an offense or for manipulation which generally just doesn’t result in good things as people know. In any case, no idea if the OP knows the person irl nor if it’s purely an online thing. Not to mention, people just tend to be prejudice and jump to conclusions when they don’t have the full context. Tho seeing the actual thread for myself, can’t exactly say that it’s grooming seeing as there is literally no information on the history of the relationship given(as it should be cause that’s their prerogative to share). Tho I’ll just give a link to the [grooming process](https://safechild.org/understanding-grooming/) since some just don’t know how it normally works. Oh I should probably clarify that I don’t mean to imply that you don’t know what it is u/winterdragon2004 since idk you and therefore dunno what you know and don’t know


Mans really outed himself just like that lmfao


Okay at least they arent bookin it to get her and actually is like saying she should get someone else


What in the fuck


Genshin moment 😳


Really? I thought we were over this already


your pfp fits your comment


I don't see anything wrong with this he literally said he wanted her to find someone better


Yk what? As long as it leads to the correct answer then the solution don’t matter


P\*tang ina...


Dawg, wtf


Man, I just saw the OG post a few hours ago, wtf is this escalation of events hahahaha.


the poster sounds 12 too. no way yall are in your 20s talking like that tf 😭


She is more likely a 40 year old dude so most likely legal.


At least he didnt go for it


At least OP knows its wrong and is willing to wait


Respect to OP though for not fucking around with that. But he should’ve just stopped replying


Wait you guys are actually pedos? I thought it was a joke


That's no genshin gf. That's a 40 y.o neckbeard posing as one.


That’s a nice theory. Why don’t you back it up with a source?


Is it really that big of a deal tho? Isn't it normal in the past that you gotta wait till your partner being an adult?


OP just said they wont so I guess it's not that bad. Why the girl did that tho... that's so awkward to confess to a 22yo when ur 16.


Teenagers are young and dumb and can be easily infatuated


I mean, does a heart *have* to be romantic? *Could have been platonic, y'know?*