ZhongChi is fine, I just can't stand some people's hipocrisy.

ZhongChi is fine, I just can't stand some people's hipocrisy.


It's literally all because of height. It's like people bashing on Zhongli x Xiao even though Xiao is way closer to Zhongli's age than Childe. People wouldn't be saying that if Xiao is as tall as Childe.


How does a taller girl irritate anyone?


Taller girls are where it's at, my friend. Idk what peoples' problems are.


based is not enough of a compliment for you




I see,you are a person of culture


Of course


I think it goes like this: Taller = Older. Shorter = Younger.


Technically both of them are near the same height. She wore heels, remember?


It's moreso the problem that the shorter guys implies them being underrated, which really sucks tbh.


It would irritate you if you were the girl


Let me tell you from personal experience: That means nothing to anyone with common sense.


I think some of the issue is those adepti (Xiao, Ganyu) being more like kids to Zhongli (I think)


I guess so, but I just see it as a popular headcanon among the fandom. I feel like Zhongli always speaks of most characters like some elderly person looking at the younger generation, regardless of who it is like Ningguang or Keqing. Canonly, Xiao and Ganyu are just extremely loyal servents of Morax.


Very fair. I don't really hate any of the ships, but some of them I'm not even sure how they can happen But also fair, as I haven't gotten to read many of the stories since I'm new and am missing a lot of 5*




Well that’s because i dont ship zhongli x Xiao because they have a father and son relationship in my eyes but yeah as ling as both chars are legal i dont bash any ships


Yeah I was only talking about people bashing on the ship by treating this headcanon as a fact, not if they just view it personally like that. It just feels like the main reason why it's popular to headcanon Zhongli & Xiao or Beidou & Kazuha as a parent & child relationship is because of their height difference, since I can't see how their dynamic looks any different from other characters if you make them into similar height.


I agree with this. I don’t ship it but I respect this ship nevertheless.


I'm okay with all ships except those that involve the kids


To be fair… Xiaos age difference with Zhongli is still in the thousands…


i personally don’t like xiao x zhongli because i feel like they have a father and son bond


That's completely valid. I only meant to talk about people using it as a canon reason to bash on shippers instead of just not liking it because of this headcanon. I don't ship it either, but I personally don't see how they have much of a father and son bond if it's not for the height difference.


This could also be said when shipping Traveller with anyone except maybe one of the archons and Ganyu. The Traveller is 500 years old at least (idk if any age is mentioned prior to them arriving in Teyvat.)


The Travelers are probably the oldest beings in Teyvat (maybe even older than Teyvat itself), so shipping them with any character should be out of the question for someone who has a problem with age difference...


Fr they were there in Teyvat before the Khaenriah incident and had been traveling through other worlds before Teyvat!! Which means they’ve gotta be pretty damn old!


age of legal relationship is 18 >!I'm joking okay!<


They should be atleast 50,000 because of their connection to the flame chasers or fire moth




A Honkai impact 3rd organization


Oh, I see. Wait, they're connected?


There are hints that genshin is another universe from the imaginary tree from honkai impact 3rd Otto while viewing another universe sees dvalin in it and the k.k character talking in the description of both twins is confirmed to be one of the flame chasers from honkai impact


Thing is we cant be sure how old that is in ...traveler years or whatever the species is called. But Zhongli is old even iny god standards, pretty much the oldest alive


One of the gliders descriptions say the travelers have seen stars die so they r very very very old


Which is why it’s a stupid fucking reason to hate on a ship lol (minus the kids obviously)


You have to deal with a lot of ships when you're the captain of a fleet.


I don't see why age difference should matter so long as everyone involved is a mature and consenting adult.


Beidou and Kazuha give off more older sister and little brother vibes to me but whatever floats your boat


Personal opinion: I find shipping Archons/Travelers with anyone super weird. The relationship between Archons and mortals are kinda like parents and children. The Travelers probably look around Teyvat and only see a kindergarten class filled to the brim with toddlers eating crayons and sticking pens up their noses. Barbatos is, so far, the only Archon who takes mortals seriously and even he draws the line at friendship, which is extended to, like, one mortal every thousand years. But then, again, it's all just fictional characters so as long as you're not drawing blood over it ship anythlng and everything


This is the one reason why I respect Barbatos the most as an Archon. Silly as this may sound, he really does believe in Humanity - more than any other God out there. I wonder how a conversation between him and Dainsleif would go.


archon of freedom, i'm really fond of him for the same reason. as a khaenriah enjoyer, i liked his decision to let the people of mondstadt be. i also respect zhongli more now that he stepped down and the age of humanity started in liyue as well.


I think it's bc Barbatos is the only Archon who is more dependant on mortals, so he is naturally more biased towards them. Morax was an adepti, the Raiden Shogun was a human(?). They already existed in the world, they were already somewhat powerful (well, more powerful than a little wind elf who was used as a portable furnace in his youth), they didn't have to rely on mortals as heavily as Barbatos did so it was easier for them to write humans off as 'incapable'. Barbatos had to fight tooth and nail alongside humans to bring down a single god. He became powerful enough to win the Archon War *strictly* thanks to the faith humanity bestowed him. The rest of the Archons are young. Their source of power comes strictly from Celestia so of course they'll side with gods instead of mortals. I think he'd be mostly neutral to Dain. He seems to like Kaeya but dislike Albedo (if he doesn't taunt the person he's talking about or to, it's very likely that he dislikes them).


Just made me realize venti is literally a shounen protagonist. Started from the bottom and then became OP through the power of friendship (or faith in this case). Venti anime when?


Venti (drunk)- “Sometime the best way to rule *hic is to do none at all


Quick correction, but Raiden Ei was always a goddess. The rest u nailed ^^




It is said by Yae that the two twin gods, Beelzebul and Baal won the Archon war together and then proceed to rule over Inazuma. While i believe someone could say that they could just be ascended humans like Venessa and Guhua, every dialogue about Ei shows that she does not understand humanity on it's full like a former human being would do. She's also called "thunder incarnate", which would tie with the fact that pretty much every other archon that we have seen is some sort of divine elemental being. Also, i don't think many humans could actually survive a damn battle royale of gods that lasted centuries, so i'm 100% sure that both Raiden Ei and Raiden Makoto were born as divine beings.


>The relationship between Archons and mortals are kinda like parents and children That didn't stopped the greeks, lol.


Well, they're fictional characters so it really doesn't matter what people ship as long as it ain't like a actual child with an adult, shipping is (mostly) harmless and for fun, if people like the idea of Beidou and Kazuha possibly having more than a platonic relationship, let them. As long as they're not bothering anyone else or forcing their opinions down others throats, which is what toxic shippers do But my theory is: Beidou is apart of a popular ship (beiguang) and one thing I notice is that when ships become popular in fandom it becomes like, the standard ship for said characters; and a lot of the shippers can become quite possessive and act as if they have ownership of the characters, and because they don't like seeing one part of their ship being shipped with someone else, they retort to attacking other ships... and since Beiguang is a popular ship, (a lesbian one at that) there's gonna be some pushbacks on opposing ships But I feel nornal, mature shippers wouldn't care and move on about their day, but you'll def run into the toxic shipper who will say " you can't ship that because MY headcanon, and so forth. You just gotta learn to shut them out and just do you


Speaking facts.


Ganqing, Zhongchi, and any other ship with people who have a 100+ year age gap: OMG SO CUTE! Beizuha: But I thought Beidou was his lesbian mom?


Or worse, Zhongli and Hu Tao. That ship has always felt wrong.


I actually rarely see that Most Hu tao zhongli stuff is generally them in a father daughter like situation or hu tao doing a prank on him showing how much of a boomer zhongli is or hu tao acting as his wallet or bossing him around


It’s definitely not as common as other ships, but I still see it far too often and it’s just… eugh


Yea alot of people make cursed ships far too often which i will never understand tbh


I think you all missed the point of this post


I didn’t, I was just pointing out that this post doesn’t just apply to Zhongli + Childe. It also applies to a ton of these ships. It’s why I’m not really a fan of shipping for this game, it’s just a little fucked up most of the time. In comparison to Kazuha and Beidou, these other ships, specifically non-archon + archon ships, are very weird imo.


Hot take: it's beidou/ning shippers that are mad about kazuha and beidou


They’re like a bickering old couple


Ha jokes on u i dislike all ships.


Yes obviously paimon should be shipped with zhongli instead


She is probably older than him and is simply stuck in the form of a little floating child


They're cartoon characters, it's probably fine.


To me it's less about age and more about standing in a relationship. A romantic relationship is base one the fact that both people are on the same level and have something to offer to one another, if one of the two is to superior be it by autonomy or maturity then the relationship can become toxic really fast. But shipping is shipping and most character if not all character in genshin a cinnamon roll so I don't think there to mutch to worry about


Childe after stabbing someone - “I am the most UWU”


Ei after completely ignoring the Fatui's plot to destroy her nation and letting a senseless civil war continue - "Give me the sweets OwO"


The Traveler: Ei, merchants are getting bled dry, one of your commissions is corrupt, people are losing their ambitions and memories, and dozens are falling in battle due to a rebel war. Worst of all, the Fatui are behind it. Ei: I know, I'm fully aware of all of it. It doesn't matter to me UwU. Also Traveler: Oh no, the god of the land is dead and Fatui have summoned Osial to destroy the entire nation. We barely fought it off with the help of the Adepti and Ningguang throwing her entire house into the ocean. Zhongli: I know, I'm fully aware of all of it. I planned the whole thing with the Fatui UwU.


I mean, i think it's about whether or not they are adults than the age difference, as long as they both are adults it's fine


Kazuha is most likely old enough to drink though, he says something like all he needs is wine, swords and songs in one of his lines.


Kazuha and Beidou ship is just a mommy kink. I don't know why people get so mad about.


This is why Zhongli and Venti is better, they are only 4 thousand or so years apart.


I don't get shipping any of the game characters tbh


Just fan fiction / head cannon fun


I just find all the genshin characters hot and/or cute so I just want to see them together,thats my reason for shipping lol




Some people just really want romance in the story they read.


Honestly, I headcanon kazuha and beidou as having the same age. Kazuha says that he's older than he looks (and is at least 18 since he can drink), and considering how much younger than they look most other chars are, I wouldn't be surprised if beidou is in her very early 20s


...I honestly thought kazuha was in his very early twenties(around 21-23) because he was so mature...I didn't even fucking bat an eye(is that how you say it?) I just looked,thought " yeah that seems like a 20 year old " and didn't think about it loool


kazuha and beidou are damn cute together tho


And there's me who ships Kazuha with his friend.


Gay ship is fine. but gay ship fans mostly toxic, forcing their headcanon to everyone.


Who tf mad at kazuha x beidou Just be mad at all the ships


All ships are hella wierd. But I dont have the energy to be mad at them so just ignore




It's not because of height it's because they're gay. I have no problem with gay relationships but a lot of ships in genshin are forced like Chongyun and Xingqiu isn't as forced because come on there's somthing between them but ships like Zhongli and Childe is just there because "Two hot men kiss wow horni" It's more of a sexual thing than a ship.


I mean let's face it, "shippers" are predominantly female. And in most genres except shoujo males tend to have better characterization and writing behind them. (Also, yea, hot guys together am i rite?) It's not unreasonable to expect this particular outcome. As I side note, I have yet to see any notable pushback against Beidou x Kazuha. Unless OP means the downvoted comments under Beiguang posts saying something along the lines of "ew, beiguang bad, KazuBei is the best" which do get downvoted for a reason.


Zhongli and Childe started out as a crack ship (Childe being Zhongli's wallet), plus they did interact in the story. And shipping two attractive (physically and from a personality standpoint) is anything but new, you see it everywhere. I think it has more merit than just "two hot men kiss wow horni", simplifying it to just that feels petty. Also, not every romantic ship has to be sexual. Majority of them are and will be, but they don't have to.


Lol there isn't something between Chongyun and Xingqiu, its just literally 2 close friends and one is a bit feminine that's forced by a horny community... tf do you mean there is something in there?


I’d argue that between the whole “Young and Hopelessly Smitten” thing and the thing where Chongyun overheats and gets nosebleeds when Xingqiu sings, they probably have the most subtext of any pair in the game that doesn’t involve the Traveller. Still not canon and totally arguable, but the devs definitely enjoy teasing the idea of them as a couple.


Maybe you're right. Maybe there isn't between them but I'm just saying it's more likely for friends to become lovers instead of a man using another guy for money because Childe wanted the Gnosis. btw why are people downvoting your opinion?


Because its offensive for them, since anything that's against shipping is considered homophobia and another 8 words that end with the same suffix. I had another comment and its the same thing, and I'm used to it and idc about them. I'll give you and the minority who actually use their brains some respect for responding with an opinion, and you had a good point. While the rest... keep downvoting and living in your small world, protect your wrong ideas and stay offended :v.


Exactly, i have nothing against them, but man, lesbians shippers are always the toxic ones. if you don't like their ship or when you ship their girl with a male character...get ready for the storm




This tbh


If I learned anything from twilight it's that relationships are okay if you look similar in age /s


ooh boy shipping drama. I dont like to see that side of the fandom but imo all ships are wierd. I don't wanna see characters I have respect for make out with each other, regardless of gender. As an Aro Ace, I dont get how anyone can see stuff in Genshin in a romantic light since everything is actually so platonic in the game. Shippers have a wild imagination ngl. Basic compliments and respect for each other? "OMG they flirting"! Witty banter? "OMG married couple talk"! Hanging out at a restaurant with a friend? "omg they are literally on a date"!! ""HolY sHIt Mihoyo lITerALLy mAdE ThIS ShiP cANon omg!!""


I'm pretty sure the first one is cause most of the fandom(that I've seen anyways) headcanons kazuha as beidou's adopted son(I like the headcanon it's cute)


Any ship bad, don't care about your headcanons


Ok, kazuha and beidou is weird because they have a more friend/adopted mother and son dynamic. That’s way weirder then the age thing for me, and why I’m fine with zhongli/childe and not beidou/kazuha


It's totally fine if that's your headcanon. The problem is some people with that headcanon go after shippers saying it's problematic and whatnot.


Definitely, though there are sometimes lines that are crossed with chatacters who are ACTUALLY family, canonically. As beidou and kazuha aren’t actually family, it’s not a ship that leaves a sour taste in my mouth and makes me want to rant about how bad it is to a friend


If both 18+ then it's fine, their choice


Me who supports travellers harem: ok 👍


And here I am, not shipping Kazuha with Beidou because I feel like they're both gay.


omg why do people ship straight men with other straight men


kazuha main here, I personally do not mind those ships but I do not like KazuhaxTomo. I do feel weird out with this ship because of one very important detail I do not like shipping dead people with people who are alive.


but the ship is about their relationship before tomo died?? are you implying that you just stop loving your closed ones once they die?


ZhongChi no fine. LumineChi fine


*Fun fact*: ship naming conventions almost always put the one who is more "dominant" as the first name in a portmanteau. So, yes, I agree, LumineChi *very fine*


I read the title at first and thought ZhongliChi was Zhongli x Qiqi


The main reason I don’t personally ship them is because I don’t see them being compatible, romantically at least. No hating, you do you, it’s just one of the reasons I don’t. The other being I’m a Beiguang fan. Just personal preference is how I feel


People are allowed to feel uncomfortable with age gaps, but that doesn’t mean people who ship adults with age gaps are bad, or that the ships are bad. Honestly, it all comes down to personal opinion, and your opinions aren’t fact. When it comes to people being fine with ZhongChi but disliking Kazuha and Beidou, it’s almost always because people headcanon Kazuha and Beidou as having a family dynamic, which is a headcanon that I share. That, or a lot of shippers are actually inherently *personally* uncomfortable with age gaps but when the characters in question are two gay guys suddenly it’s okay! (Which is something I’ve noticed as a gay guy who ships ZhongChi. Yes we exist.) I personally view characters like Beidou, Ningguang, and Childe being around 30+ or in their late 20s at youngest. And I think that characters like Kazuha and the Traveler being in their early to mid 20s… meanwhile Zhongli is obviously a god of 6000 years who clearly hasn’t had anyone to talk to in that time considering how much he rambles about random things. When it comes to shipping age gaps characters, for me it’s all about the portrayal and whether or not it’s portrayed as an older character taking advantage of a vulnerable barely-an-adult-by-age character as some people seem to enjoy, but that’s a personal opinion. Some people will disagree I can’t take that away from them. I’m the case of ZhongChi, they not only canonically share mutual respect (voice-lines indicate they go out for tea often), but also share similar maturity (Aside from his murderers tendencies Childe has a lot on his plate as a Harbinger looking after his siblings), intelligence, etc. So for me, I’m comfortable with the ship and enjoy it. At the end of the day, ship want you want as long as it’s legal, but don’t harass others for feeling comfortable/uncomfortable with things you personally headcanon one way or another. Wow I rambled there.


I bash both cuz they both shit


young adult x 6000+ year old dragon pretending to be a human 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


Anyone who wants to ship characters should just make sure they're both adults/capable of making a responsible decision, end of story. In game the only children are Diona, Klee (she's probably really old, but she has the mental capacity of a 4 year old) , Qiqi (same reasons as Klee) and Sayu (questionable but is probably anywhere between 11-13 given her mindset), everyone else ought to be around 17-18, and the taller ones in their 20s, with Lisa the oldest human (Klee accidentally calls her obachan instead of oneesan, aunt instead of big sister so that's where I got the idea that Lisa is the oldest), so I really don't see why anyone has a problem with Kazuha x Beidou 😆 Even Teucer and Klee is fine they're both kids and into mass murdering devices, have a sociopathic family member, they will get on fine (though I'm worried about Teucer getting killed accidentally).


I think as a general rule, shipping in Genshin isn’t great. There’s no set ages, and many characters have lived thousands of years, and whether you like it or not, they will have a different level of maturity than a character that’s lived for 18 years. Hell, even the difference between 25 & 18 is absolutely massive in my experience. There’s also the power complex ships, and those completely negate any kind of “they’re both adults so it’s fine” - The Zhongli and Hu Tao ship is a good example. Also, you mentioned shipping Klee with teucer and I dunno. I don’t think shipping characters that are quite clearly young children is ok. Even though it’s fictional. I get your point, but it’s a little flawed.


Hmm true I understand what you're saying. Imagine Hu Tao and Zhongli, the grandpa has lived through so much, he can easily manipulate her if he wants 🤢🤢🤢 Can't imagine a horny Zhongli and I don't wanna. Also I think I understood the whole situation differently. Thinking someone is cute together is very different from what shipping is, isn't it? It's more hard core. I just realized, imagine people drawing Klee and Teucer together kissing or whatever 🤢🤢🤢 That's totally not what I meant, it's more like how you see two kids playing in a park and think they're cute 😆 In real life none of these couples could be seen as healthy, except a very few. Like you mentioned, 18 and 25 yr old dating is actually quite weird when I think about it 🙈 but then the next point one could make is that these are only fictional. But allowing problematic things to go on even in fictional settings doesn't seem like the best thing to do. Thanks for your perspective! Much appreciated.




klee is literally a child , where does it say she is old in age


She's not a mortal child, she's an elf, like Alice they live very long lives, and since we don't know exactly when she was born, she might as well be 30 years already, but like I said she's a child because mentally she's a child and will probably remain that way until way later. Imagine an 80 year old Jean still chasing around the same sized Klee, lol


thats the most dumb thing i have heard , you dont have any proof klee is that old and just because she is an elf you think she is 30+ when elf could be just people who dont age after a certain time and if i am not wrong jean has mentioned having taken care of baby klee when she was young


Based on other series and games, elves age normally until full maturity, then it starts slowing down. You’re right.


Also, idk about Baby Klee, if Jean has ever seen a baby form of her, but Alice left Mondstadt three years ago, and judging from her mindset and voiclines, she's the youngest among all the children, even Qiqi can articulate much more complex emotions than she can. She legit talks like a 3-4 year old. That and the reason that she may not be from Teyvat makes it likely that biologically she's much older, just like MC.


Her parent lived there and you whole comment just points out to her being biologically very young


Sorry by youngest of the four children, I meant mentally young. Like how she talks in third person all the time, and says things only a very young child would say, and that too not for long. Also I don't think there's any information regarding Alice originating from Mondstadt, she lived there for some time yes, but it can't be said how long ago she had arrived (assuming she came from another place), could be even just a couple of years before. Assuming Klee is 6 year old normally aging elf, let's say we've been in Teyvat for a year, so when we first met her she was 5, three years prior her mom left, so she was 2 when she did. But there are so many voicelines indicating that Klee was able to understand stuff like making explosives, the names of the Knights etc before her mom left, so she can't be so young, a 2 year old doesn't have that kinda faculties. Only thing I can think of is that Klee ages very very slowly and she's been 5-6 for a very long time now. And I also can't think that she is anywhere over 6 (which is also very high imo) if she's aging normally, kids generally don't speak or behave like that 😆😆😆


if she has the mentality of a child then there is a 99% chance that she is a child unless she is qiqi who is a zombie and you finding reason about why klee could be older sounds very pedophilic like if she old why does she talk like a child or even listen to jean a girl younger then her or to not understand why her using explosive is bad


Oh my gosh, how did you bring pedophilia into this? I clearly mentioned that she IS a child, just because an Elf is older than a human doesn't make the elf not a child if she is one, I'm not interested in shipping Klee with anyone 🙉🙉🙉 In mortal years she may very well be older, just like Qiqi but for all purposes they are kids. You're not understanding what I'm trying to say. She's aging, but very slowly, that's why she's so childish. Like her biological clock is just very different compared to humans, just like say butterflies, dogs, trees, turtles or fantasy races. If you've read Lord of the Rings, a Hobbit is considered an adult only at 51. Same way Klee maybe be 30 years old but she's still a child, in fact the most childlike character. Qiqi probably died at 8-9, and was resurrected, so she just lives on forever. Qiqi has stopped aging all together. In contrast Klee is very very slowly aging. Maybe her race lives for 9000 years and only when you reach 1000 years you have the maturity of a teen, who knows? If you see Alice, she's also very immature, but she has already given birth to a kid, making it seem like she's just a young woman, but remember Alice knows Rhinedottir? Who possibly created Durin? THE DURIN which attacked 500 years ago? This just makes sense if Klee is also some kind of adeptus/god who lives a very very long life and is not even from Teyvat. It's confirmed several times that Alice can travel between worlds just like MC, she may as well not belong in Teyvat all together and probably ages slowly. TL;DR: KLEE IS A BABY, just not a mortal baby, and also a very old baby 😆 BUT SHE IS A BABY


i am calling you a pedo because you are making reason of why a child could be older when there is no in game info about it or reason , there is no mention klee race ages slowly outside of klee mom being very old and young looking when its nothing unique being that there are many character who are very old and still young looking and alice being from other world doesnt mean she ages slowly when there have been character who have travelled in other world and didnt have aging slowly ( the twins probably dont even age anymore if they really are from fire moth which can explain that ability) so unless you have a clear in game fact about her aging slowly then your whole theory is very nill


Also, that mentality of a child that she has, no normal child would have it, they quickly grow out of it, unlike Klee who as we know is know 4-5 years older since her mom left her and is still behaving like she did long ago. Unless you're suggesting mental retardation, 4-6 year olds are already in school, stop calling themselves in third person and understand actions and consequences, etc.


Ofc we don't have proof, I just mentioned she probably may be much older than what she looks like, oh my gosh, calm down 😆 I'm not gonna ship Klee with Childe 😆😆😆


In fact even Klee's race is not mentioned in game, I'm just assuming she's an elf from her ears.


Somewhat similar to Ganyu and Xiao, but it's heavily hinted that Alice is not from this world, just like us, so Klee probably ages differently. That's why Ganyu and Xiao are still considered adults, they're not just biologically adults, but mentally too. Klee on the other hand looks and behaves like a child, but since we don't know her origins, she may be in the form for decades too, who knows.


tbh any genshin gay ships sucks. call me homophic i dont care, i just hate seeing these 2 dudes who i have respect for make out with each other. its weird and disgusting. same with yuri ships. but not as bad as gay yaoi ships




Okay, homophic.


what the fuck


Based lmao


Based human being


No see, Zhongli and Childe are copy paste pretty boys. It’s okay if it’s like my yaois😍😍😍


I feel like this is very genuine and honestly I feel like shipping either is fine(?) but the actual issue with age differences is not raw numbers lol


Same energy when people ship Edward Cullen with Bella Swan.


Kazuha is under Beidou's command though, you got some questionable dynamics there. And Kazuha looks like a teen due to similar height with other teens, even though he talks like he isn't, so it's a little sketch. While Childe and Zhongli are both visually adults.


i agree with the 1st part but i gotta say, just because he's short doesn't mean it's sketchy, he's still very visibly an adult but then again i headcanon beidou as the most powerful lesbian of the sea so yk, to me she would at most be an agressive wingman for kazuha


Maturity with age helping you determine how much the character is capable of understanding their own limits and such. Klee might very well be over 18 years old since she's an elf and I'm pretty sure age works differently for them, right ? But heck no it's not cause she's over 18 years old that she can consent, she's clearly a child from her behaviour and appearance. Venti might look like he's 15, but we know from the lore that he's like 6000+ years old, went to freaking war and is a GOD. With that knowledge, we can assume he's extremely capable of consenting and inversely, a human of any age might not be able to truly consent with such a difference of life experience, no matter their age. Obviously appearance is usually a big give away to how mature someone is, but in the case of anime/genshin impact where you have literal gods that can assume any appearance they want, you gotta take in account how much life experience and maturity they have canonically. Idk, I hate minors being shipped with adults because of the huge power inbalance and how fragile a minor's mind is, I remember how impressionable and fragile I was as a kid and it boils my blood to think about someone risking to damage something as precious as a child's mind. But yeah if an anime character looks like a child but has the mind of a mature adult... sure, you do you but I will glare at you like the nuns glare at Viktor in the Church.


I just stay away from shipping in general. Because in reality, a ship is a ship. You can ship whoever you want as long as you don't be a dick about it. The only time I've ever seen Kazuha and Beidou get dumped on is usually in the comments with downvotes. Other than that everyone is usually indifferent. Tumblr is a different story on the matter of ships but I'm not going there with my point. And then you have the people that get pissy and try to push their headcanons on everyone as canon. Pretty sure most of the stuff in Genshin is Ambiguous friendships for everyone. It adds fuel to the shipping fire.


Wait…. Kazuha is actually not adopted by Beidou?


People who ship anyone are just toxic when it come to sharing it with community


Bruh no ship is fine, since the shippers enforce it on others and then call you names when you don't like it. I once said that Barbara and Jean is pure fucking disgusting and I got called homophobic, sexist, misogynistic and a bad human being. So yeah, shipping is for weirdos imo






You know there's a difference between people who behave like spoiled children and actual mature people, right? Having one bad interaction doesn't mean the entirety of people who ship is bad. People should be allowed to have their own opinions and be respected for it, just ignore the ones that are clearly acting like whiny crybabies. It's that simple.


I mean, I can't prove that I had many interactions. Usually the same experience. So I won't bother trying to cut the good apples from a bad tree. I'll trash talk every shipper I see, because how disgusting and down bad they are. Until they prove to be normal human beings


You realise by trash talking them you're no better than them, right? Don't generalise people and don't stoop down to their level by being equally as unpleasant as them. We already have enough awful people in the world, we don't need more.


I do realize, but I enjoy it. Bring out people's insecurities and what they fear to the public when they talk shit. Call me homophobic because Xingqiu and Chongyun aren't a couple, and I'll bring how sad and lonely you are. Maybe I'm a bad person, but not for me lol


Don't see how the two are connected, but sure. Is there a shipper club that only allows sad and lonely people that I missed? Pretty sure that's not how that works.


Oh my gosh 🙈 I don't like it when people ship siblings. There's also Diluc and Kaeya 🤢 And the worst is Possibly Diluc and Diona 🤮


Diluc and Kaeya aren't BLOOD BROTHERS though, Kaeya was adopted amigo :/


True but maybe since I'm Asian, sibling bonds are considered nearly holy, even if they are adopted/half/sworn etc., and it's so difficult for me to understand why people would ship them both 🙈 Legit if someone calls me older sister once I will take care of them as an older sister no matter who they are 🙈 But that's just me :')


I don't ship them but I have read that the concept of sworn brothers in chinese media is often used to avoid censorship but still show their deep bond, it's apparantly a pretty popular trope over there


Ohhh????? Wow interesting 😱 Makes sense too, in some languages, sister and brother is used between husband/wives so it neednt always be in a family context


kazuha is beidou are canon


what? proof??


The issue with shipping kazuha with Beidou is that she's his mom, and I'm not okay with that


that, my friend, is a headcanon and its totally fine if that's your headcanon,but! forcing headcanons onto others is not cool! complete nono! if you see any ships you don't like that are in the legal range just block the poster and move on and don't make comments like this on said posts I hope this helped you dude


It was a joke. People ship whoever they want, I don't really care.


ah sorry,im a bit tired so I didn't recognize it :(


Here me out... Deku x Almight. Edit: I forgot people need /s


no I won't hear you out are you comparing this to something orr? I've been scrolling so long I kind of forgot what the post is


That is a nonce excuse.


How could Beidou be a nonce when the lad talks about drinking wine bruh


It's the same as saying that QiQi is legal because she is 600+ years old


Noboby is saying that though? My point is Kazuha is a mature adult just like Beidou, so them having a relationship is nothing wrong, just like Zhongli and Childe. QiQi obviously doesn't have the same level of maturity hence she was never in the discussion.


It's a nonce excuse, you can say a 16 year old is mature enough but he/she is still a 16 year old


Where is it stated that Kazuha is 16?


Don’t you know that age depends on your height? It’s common knowledge that short people don’t exist irl.


*Angry short person noises* ^(oh cool I reaffirmed a stereotype)


Just get taller 4head.


Notice how they're not replying anymore 👀👀


dude just got rekt


SOO THATS HOW DUMB PEOPLE GET OUT OF ANG SITUATION damn they really got destroyed lmao


It's a nonce excuse


Ah yes because height = age.


Dude, if Inazuma is anything more like Japan, then the legal age for someone to drink there is atleast between 18~20. Kazuha talks about drinking wine, is a damn samurai and lives with pirates. Where in God's green Earth does this screams "minor" to you?


You had to think for 5 hrs to reply?


Kazuha's been stated to drink multiple times. Why, pray tell, would he be drinking if he was 16?


Well, in many places over the globe the legal drinking age is 16, however kazuha is probably in his early twenties in my opinion.


Shit anyone with anyone(except the kids)


I'm pretty sure their difference is more than 10. Kazuha looks 18-21 while Beidou is easily somewhere around 40


And when people ship Eren and Mikasa, but they have a problem with Diluc and Kaeya


Isn’t it only being past the age of consent that matters? So like, only shipping the children is weird? Idk I don’t ship


they talked like 5 times what its like saying you ship eula and the other lawrence guy