One stupid question every day until there's a dedicated megathread

One stupid question every day until there's a dedicated megathread


Not possible. Bennett does not exist in your party and even if you did give it to him albedo has extracted the essence from the sword making it safe to use


Even with the corrupt essence extracted, Benny managed to stab himself in the foot with this sword when he dropped it after he was attacked by angry cows. Yes the mystical cows that we never see out to pasture, but whose milk we gladly consume. Somehow they were spooked by the wolves we never see again after Razor's quest and ran Benny over. The poor boy was doted on by Barbara, Fischl who came by, and Razor who was very apologetic and fed him free hash browns and meat. Benny did not choke on the hash browns.


New headcanon. Also new subheadcanon: Razor makes hashbrowns in paw shapes because they can be eaten in parts so Bennett doesn’t choke.


Bennett hold harbinger of dawn on his gatcha art


LMAO. So, are those few people (including me) the only ones who know about the most ridiculous weapon description?


Bennett will destroy Mondstadt instead of Albedo then reveal that he is the human manifestation of Durin and then have a 1v1 fight to the death with Venti


This seems like a weirdly passive-aggressive way of asking for a questions megathread for the sub. Either make a dedicated post about the topic to encourage people to discuss it or send a DM to the subreddit mod to suggest it. I actually agree that a questions megathread could be really good, your method is just a bit over the top.




Fair enough. I still however think that this series of passive aggressive question posts is over the top. This sub has only one mod and it's grown quite a lot recently. If I were them I'd feel a bit attacked if I saw your posts and I think it'd be nicer to just get in touch with them directly to a) suggest it to them and see what they say b) ask if they would like some help and c) maybe encourage them to bring on some additional mods. What you're doing here isn't particularly helpful.


I didn't realize there was a single moderator. I thought this was an abandoned sub.


You can check who the mods are in each subreddit's sidebar, and in the case of multiple mods there's an option to send a group DM to all of them. In any case, I wouldn't consider the sub to be abandoned though it does appear that it's not their top priority anymore. I have occasionally seen some posts being removed and things like that. If it truly was abandoned, reddit does have processes to recover those subs. But as that's not really the case, getting in touch with them directly would be the better option.


It would be a double negative resulting in Bennett henceforth living a life of great fortune and limitless luck