Source: [Team China](https://twitter.com/Hoyoverse_Leak/status/1595417133835784193?t=dewEZOtipXtlZgZaiLPEjQ&s=19)


This is probably tied to the Tatarasuna/ Raiden Gokaden incident. The 2.6 event was limited so the first time it is permanently talked about is Kazuha Story Quest.


It's probably for people who missed Irodori, just let to know about this part of Scara's past.


I will never understand why Mihoyo puts important lore in limited events. Seriously. 1.1 with the whole fake sky thing. 2.3 with Albedo confirming he's a homunculus and the fact that he has a prototype clone roaming around. 2.6 with the entire history of Inazuma's bladesmith clans and their connection with Scara. This is FOMO for lore enjoyers


2.3 also confirmed that Gold and Rhinedottir are the same person. Before that it was just kind of inferred.


2.3 confirmed and showed us so many things Rhinedottir = Gold. Meaning she is the reason behind Khaenri'ah's destruction Albedo is indeed younger than Khaenri'ah's cataclysm, so he doesn't know shit The star on Albedos's neck is supposed to be symbolic of his perfection. That he is the perfect being. Subject 2's lack of birthmark is meant to be symbolic of his imperfection. Rhinedottir fed Subject 2 to Durin (his brother). Wtf. That's next level shitty mom Subject 2 wants to replace Albedo and take over his life The event finished on a cliffhanger. Because we don't know where Subject 2 is and what he's doing. Heck, the last dialogue was pretty sus as well. Because Albedo was apparently "pranking us" by hiding his birthmark and then revealing it. As if he already didn't explain to us its significance in recognizing him.


The star is actually a symbol of imperfection, and is why the imposter didn’t have it. The imposter saw it as an imperfection and therefore didn’t copy it, according to Albedo in that event.


Oh right yea actually. But it's that small imperfection that made Albedo the successful experiment. Something something you can't have perfection without imperfection.


Albedo is the perfect being but not a perfect human. How does this work.


Humans are naturally imperfect. Albedo is Rhinedottir's best creation because he mimics the perfect human. The perfect human is imperfect by nature.


He’s the “perfect imperfect human.” Humans are imperfect. If Albedo had been “perfect” as a human, he would have been unlike them. Therefore, he’s a “perfect” being because he can perfectly emulate the “imperfections” of humans.


Tbh I wouldn’t even mind the Albedo stuff being event locked if they made the Albedo event an annual thing and recapped the previous events at the start or something. Dain basically pops up once a year in a permanent quest to drop lore and leave, so we could do similar for Albedo LOL


The issue is dain quests are permanent while albedo’s are temporary. As a person who started in 2.5 and missed out both albedo’s events , i had to watch those on youtube which definitely wasn’t as good as doing the quests myself😔


It's implied that the Albedo changed the prototype's form to look like that boy's father. The father probably died long ago as we've seen his notes, and all the clone wanted was to have a life. Now it lived that Man's life under the pretense of amnesia.


Well Joel's father could very well be a whopperflower or whatever clone that Subject 2 learned to create. But Albedo's inner monologue during the last cutscene really made it clear that if he were in Subject 2's shoes...he would've killed him, killed the Traveler and replaced him, and took his life so *"he too can experience the joy of being brought into the world."* Albedo is saying this. He said these steps. Verrryyy not a subtle way of telling us that that is exactly what Subject 2 wants to do to him


Killing them was just means to an end, he wants to "experience the joy of being brought into the world", this is his ultimate goal. That line for me represents Albedo emphatizing with him, which is why Albedo would ultimately help his brother and give him a place to live rather than put him down. It's him being a better person than his mother. Also the father showing up out of nowhere with Albedo while we don't know the destiny of Subject 2 is a pretty on the face.


Perhaps As I said, the event ended with a cliffhanger. We haven't got any explanations or confirmations, just hints


Albedo is the ultimate lifeform Hope we get Susbedo as a playable character


fake sky just appeared in the archon quest. so no one is missing out on that anymore, just the fact that scara knows


Don't forget the Enkanomiya event. That's where we got the whole Light/Human/Dark realm thing and the Vishap lore.


Yeah I remember when hyv were like “you can recognise vishaps because they have snake-like pupils” in their human form and then made like 4 other different characters with snake-like pupils. Yeah Chongyun is no longer human he is a dragon monster creature


They implied quite recently in an interview that they are working to add event stories permanently, iirc, or at least make some changes to the whole system.


they've been adding past time-limited events to their other game tears of themis (with less rewards compared to the original run) so I don't see why they can't do the same for genshin


how fuckin hard is it for them to just make the quests permanent? i mean they literally did this with an archon quest, made it an event but removed certain aspects of it for people that missed the event so that they didnt miss out on a whole ass interlude chapter. like, bro, fucking implement that into the game for all the quests already


It would be awesome amazing if they added a "special limited quests" thing, where you can consume a story key (the ones you get from doing dailies) to reactivate a quest from a past event as long as you never did it. The quest and storyline will be active, but the event stuff and activities wont. It would give a nice use to my always capped story keys. And it would let people experience past limited quests they missed!


Yet they don't wanna to add more new endgame because of FOMO....


What they really meant is that they're afraid an even harder "Floor 13" would turn people off from pulling for any unit other than the top-meta units, leading to less revenue. Current Floor 12 is hard enough to encourage you to pull for cons/weapons but not hard enough to prevent all units from having *some* sort of team comp that can beat it, at least with the right blessing. A super-hard Floor 13 that could only be beaten by Childe International/Raiden National/Nahida/Hu Tao/Ayaka teams would mean that no one pulls for the average units.


And yet they put geo wolflord on abyss or dendro hypo


They could have gone the MMO raid boss route tbh. Imagine 40 angry dudes just rush in and beat the shit out of that poor boss in this game.


You guys really need to consider that end game can be a lot more imaginative than "Abyss floor 13". Notice how they made the new weekly boss more about gameplay and less about DPS? New things can be done that doesn't involve killing X amount of enemies in X seconds.


I'm pretty sure Hoyo meant they didn't want to stress non-serious players about the _meta_, not FOMO. The "anxiety" they referred to was referring to needing to evaluate waifu vs meta, spending all their resin, farming artifacts, reading about ICD and elemental gauge theory, etc. Stuff that doesn't appeal to casual gamers, which make up the majority of the playerbase.


That's the part that pissed me off, they don't want to add new endgame because it could cause anxiety!? In a predatory Gacha game whose monetisation is entirely built on creating anxiety!?? Make every new character permanently have a banner then (For one easy example)


You just explained why they don’t want to add more endgame though? There already is anxiety on the basis of it being a gacha and they don’t want to increase that anxiety and potentially push casual players away (who are the vast majority of the playerbase) by focusing more on endgame


But they certainly don’t seem to mind increasing anxiety by hiding important lore bits behind limited-time events. I really don’t think HoYo cares much about how much anxiety it causes it’s players. There are other reasons for them not to want to add new floors to Abyss; if they added new floors with more rewards, players would be gaining primos faster than they were previously, and obviously HoYo doesn’t want to do that. If they added new floors and reduced the rewards of lower floors to keep the rate equivalent, players might have complaints that the characters they wished for and invested into are less valuable than they were portrayed as being when the player first wished for them (for a similar reason as why HoYo won’t censor limited character’s outfits). I’m honestly not even sure if most players care about Abyss at all.


Even if all characters have permanent banners you won’t have enough primogems to pull them….


Exactly! It's *entirely* built out of fomo and anxiety


IKR?? Like be consistent. No new endgame because FOMO for players who can't clear the content. But FOMO in limited time events with big lore drops?? Huh??


Not to mention the Kaeya lore dropped in hidden strife


I think the Kaeya lore pisses me off the most out of everything It was hidden in Diluc's event first and foremost. The event barely featured the characters, it was mostly combat. They hid the Kaeya and Khaenri'ah lore at the TOP of the Knights of Favonius building. Who tf is gonna look at the rooftop of the building??? They hid it behind a subtle rock too. Most people didn't even find the letters. And like...it was big lore. We got a name for the last king of Khaenri'ah, we finally found out who Kaeya's family are and their position in Khaenri'ah, some info about Kaeya's dad, and some hints about the significance of eyepatches like c'mooon bro. Khaenri'ah is the single most important region in the game tf


They figured lore sells too for favourite characters hence they now sell it in a manner that creates FOMO. Greedy business tactics. At least we can experience this second hand by getting the content up on socials.


Agree. That actually pisses me off more than all the other stuff. If I didn’t look at Genshin social media, I would have never thought to check the top of the building lol


They really should add event lore to character sheets after the event. It's shitty for people that weren't even playing during those events to completely miss out on important lore information.


When we first discovered letters I was so glad that now people will drop all that “kaeya and Diluc hate each other and one would murder the other in their sleep if given the opportunity” bs but then I realised that majority didn’t even bother to check the letter that were in the winery not mentioning the rooftop ones like…????? Fandom is constantly mischaracterising characters shaping their personality in completely different direction from canon and all hyv do to prevent that is… gatekeeping lore behind a secret location in a time limited event


excuse me what? there was letter on the roof on a BUILDING?! Bruh ; Do you pls have a link for these letter?


[Here](https://jade-parcels.tumblr.com/post/691787470601338880/hidden-strife-all-letters) is everything from that event. What was on the roof includes the two letters from Diluc & the mysterious box.


thks a lot


That was just a deflection lol. They probably never had any intentions for endgame content and blamed it on "anxiety".


Yea for sure. That was such a politician-esque sort of answer. "We don't wanna cause anxiety to our players" MFS YOU'RE A GACHA GAME. The whole genre is built on FOMO and anxiety


Right? But oh well, nothing is ganna change until they see their sales go down and well, that's probably not going to happen...


> Albedo... He WHAT!? TIL


Right here people, this is the prime example of why it's stupid to put important lore pieces behind limited events.


Omg you missed the event?


I should've picked a different patch to start playing smh my head


Omg I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you watch playthroughs of the 2.3 Albedo event. It had so much valuable lore, and perhaps you may wanna catch up on it. Like some of the biggest lore bombs in the game


Was this the event where you also got Cinnabar Spindle from?


Yas. And RIP to those who pulled Albedo but can't get his BiS weapon because mihoyo is stingy


That really is some bullshit. There should be a special event once a year where you can get limited time items from past events. Some mysterious shop or something like the Black Emporium in Dragon Age. Can sell Dodoko Tales and Cinnabar Spindle or whatever bullshit was given out in the past but no longer is


I think hoyo will someday add a shop for past event weapons, because they did add a shop for past event gadgets like instruments. I got the harpastum harp from the treasure shop lady at mond, even though I never ever did the ludi harpastum event.


The classic mihoyo shenanigans Deep lore and stories? Locked behind Time Limited Events with no reruns and no logs to view previous lines during a dialogue. The archive tab also is barren as you cannot see previous events dialogues or even world quests Exploration? GAA is time limited and in both times not only you no longer can see how the islands change over time, experience old puzzles, but also you miss on some lore bits for the next regions (1.6 with inazuma and 2.8 with sumeru) No endgame due to anxiety? Sure let's make our game the most FOMO gacha game where 99% of new 5\* are limited and some don't even rerun for more than a year, events having 0 reruns, and most baffling at all, no skip function during dialogues. I had couple of my friend missed out rewards and exploration because the dialogues took way to much time and no skips


The deep lore stuff I think is just teasers to the future, where they will definitely mention it so I would not say it is just limited lore stuff (mostly). But it is sad that the character interactions and stuff are gone


missed all the lore and stories... but want to have skip dialogue button.. to skip all the lore and stories


I think the FOMO is the point, honestly. “Sign up now if you want to experience these very important lore beats! Sure you can look stuff up on YouTube but is that *really* the same thing?”


People vastly overestimate the importance these details have during the main storyline. Genshin does not actually require players to rely on event-only lore; when a detail becomes relevant to the main storyline, it will be brought up and explained in the main storyline as much as needed, with the rest being a bonus.


It’s to produce FOMO so players don’t take as long of breaks as they would, otherwise they’d have downtimes of possibly months at a time until a character that piqued their interest popped up again




Kazuha’s story quest is the only permanent content that mentions/relates to parts of scara’s past so that makes sense


No suprise here. Probably we'll see flashback about raiden gokaden 🤔


During Kazuha’s story quest, Kazuha mentioned that he’s really drawn to people’s ambitions and I feel like we’re gonna see Scara get his vision in the interlude archon quest. Anyway I hope we get to see Kazuha in the archon quest because his story and hardships was really similar to Scaramouche’s, it’s just that they met different people along the way and that led to two completely different personalities.


Lol, at this point Kazuha's background and ancestry has gotten more story content than most other 5*.


Kazuha and Albedo competing for being the one with the most story content in Genshin


And yet, if you weren't there for the Irodori or GAA events, his family's backstory is only ever, and kind of vaguely, mentioned in his personal quest. This is what putting major character lore in temporary events leads to - for the people who did the event, the repetition of the same story beats feels tiresome and undue (Kazuha); for the people who weren't playing during the event, or couldn't do it for AR or archon quest restrictions, it feels like you barely know the character at all (Albedo).


mihoyo is so fcking stupid for this ill never NOT be mad abt kazuha's entire lore being limited quest locked while his story quest being only vaguely tied to it all HOW does that make sense? why isnt lore thats crucial for multiple characters PERMANENT CONTENT


I mean Albedo did it first, his main lore were stuck in limited events while you can't even play as him in his own story quest.


cries in Hu Tao


Aloy main here 😭


Bruh Aloy got two whole spinoff games, it's not fair!


in the words of her excellency, the almighty narukami ogosho, god of thunder… “who?”


I'm not touching Aloy until her constellations are unlockable. 😝


They really fucked up Aloy would’ve been nice to have a story quest introduction to who Aloy is and how she ended up in Teyvat.


Yet, most of it is limited to events...


except its all in limited events like irodori and GAA 2022 sigh


Feels like HYV really fleshes out their male characters when they do decide to spend time on them. Then there are the few 4 stars who barely get any focused airtime at all.


This is bit hopium but I hope this means they'll meet properly someday, especially since the parallels and contrasts between them are even stronger now. Scara's literally called wanderer 😭🙏


I think they meeting is basically a given at this point, didn't kazuha say at the end of the irodori festival that if the person who caused the incident ever showed up he would go after him


Yeah, and that if they were to cause any problem. He would not turn a blind eye to it


Kazuha really doesnt deserve all that shit... he made peace with his past, leave the guy alone.


Ah, Kazuha, the protagonist of genshin impact lmao


When doing story quests I often want to use Traveler to feel more "lore accurate", but my Traveler is weak af. . . So I use Kazuha instead lol.


I do the same! I’m Canadian so it makes sense to use Canadian Aether.




As a kazoo main I approve


He really is Canadian Aether


I'm getting bored of him ngl


Same, kinda. I don’t dislike him but he’s pretty boring to me just because most of his struggles happened before he met us. After fulfilling his friend’s wish he’s content with life and is just chilling, while the lore surrounding his family is more interesting than him.


I love him exactly for the fact for how chill he is now lmao


hey man, like you said hes just chillin. hes here for the ride with you, giving the lore spotlight to his ancestry lmao


Unfortunately that's the vast majority of Genshins cast, backload their story into walls of text and we meet them at the end of it all instead of during the middle or something.


His birthday message to us said he was hanging around Sumeru. I wonder if he'll get a cameo and not just a mention


It will probably not even be a meaningful mention, it's just to make sure you already know about kazuha's family/clan


Not really surprised since i feel like hoyoverse have been hinting at the foiling btw these two from the start




scaramouche and katsuragi lets go


Kaedehara Kazuha, the real tabibito.


Omg do they become wanderer buddies?


Hell yeah, more maple samurai goodness But I also sympathize with people who are sick of seeing him lol


Its less hating him and more of wanting other characters aside from him to get appearances.


Okay I will say this once again that the character appearance in story event and so on depend on the character's original developers and designers. If some characters don't show up, please ask their developers and designers, don't blame it on other characters. Different characters have different devs so if some devs have quitted their job or moved to other departments or been busy, their characters won't show up. It is none of the active characters faults. In other games players already know this but I don't know why Genshin players still haven't figured this out yet so I have to repeat this a lot lately. Some characters even disappeared for 4 years because their devs have been sued and quitted their job in the company in other games but I've not seen other game's players questioning about this as hard as GI players. If you want every characters to appear equally, there is a very small chance that can happend because of the backstage work of the company. If you want a characters to appear so badly, please write it in survey hard enough for the company to make some adjustment otherwise they won't do it because contacting old employees who have moved out is a lot of work and there is credit issue as well. But they can still do it if the demand is high enough. And don't blame other characters or other people work because of it.


I dislike that he's everywhere and that he has no discernable flaws except his tragic backstory which really isn't a flaw ​ I also really liked his voice line about Sara before and it really irritates me that he went with "Oh she muuuuust have a reason for supporting what is essentially genocide, there's 2 sides to every coin" ​ "She defeated my friend in a duel before the throne, which I accept as proof of her great strength. But she uses that strength to serve as an oppressor's lackey, leading the Kujou Clan's troops to relentlessly seek out and confiscate Visions. This... I cannot forgive." Was a perfect voiceline but playable characters can't have strong opinions I guess ​ I understand that he's on his journey to forgiveness, but saying that she has her own ideals for the Vision Hunt Decree really feels they're trying to justify something that shouldn't be justified


Seems in general that the writers really want the Inazuma cast to let bygones be bygones. I only remember Gorou saying he wouldn’t forgive Raiden regardless of her reasoning. It’s a shame they don’t have too much interest in exploring an aftermath that involves non-npc characters being held accountable. I say this as someone who likes Sara and Ei, by the way. I just wish characters were allowed to have more complicated relationships over legitimate issues shown on screen.


I feel like this is a general problem with how Genshin writes its characters, they come up concepts that sound dark and edgy on paper but aren't willing to really lean into them. Kazuha is a great example; he was introduced as a mysterious wandering ronin, you'd expect him to be a shadowy character where you're never sure if he'll slit your throat at the right moment, and with all kinds of conflict over how he dishonored himself before and if he can ever redeem himself. Instead he's basically a chill druid guy who's one of the least threatening characters in the game, and touches way more on "harmony with nature" stuff than anything related to him being a samurai. We get the same thing with Itto, who I was expecting to actually be a terrifying demon who happens to actually be nice but can't convince anyone except kids and misfits, but instead he's just a lovable dimwit straight out of the gate. They do this practically every time someone has a concept that sounds like they're supposed to be a darker or more unusual character, and with the amount of money they make now I really wish they'd be willing to start taking more risks with the characters. One of the true strengths of gachas is that you can have a massive, crazy roster where you can play pretty much anything you'd imagine, they should take advantage of this


Yeah, even the image a lot of us had of Itto before actually meeting him was that of "cool silent, a bit arrogant, oni guy", a lot of fanarts from back then has him with this expression of arrogant strong guy with a mischievous smile. BUT INSTEAD HE IS THIS PRECIOUS GOOFBALL, I LOVE ACTUAL ITTO.


i think everyone likes him juts because he's a cool samurai guy. it's just that people hate those Kazuha elitists/gatekeepers lol


I like Kazuha but I'm also getting a little tired of seeing him everywhere tbh


I think I'm starting to hate kazhua cause of how perfect he is


Yep, he is too much Mary Sue to me


Honestly....Kazuha's entire story quest felt like it was Mihoyo teasing us Scara's lore. There were subtle hints Wait so Katsuragi will be in the Archon Quest then, right??? Right????


It will be weird if Katsurugi isn't in the Quest


Yea true. If we are gonna be going through his memories...Katsuragi was a big BIG part of his life. We should be able to see that


I hope we get a cutscene with him, and I hope he’s voiced by Mark Whitten using his Seteth voice. 🥺




Yea the whole time I was like "Mihoyo are trying to hint that the sword is Scara???"


Im only scared of him having generic npc face, he was gorgeous in the cutscene with a red streak. Meanwhile Kazuha great grandpa is just a yoinked npc from Ritou with a hat and no red streak 🙃


Not just Kazuha. Tighnari too.


omg kazu relevence


As if he isn't relevant every other patch.


And the main character of 2 limited time events


What was the second?


2.6 festival and 2.8 GAA adventure


I'm pretty sure Fischl was the main character of 2.8.


Technically all 4 (Mona, Kazuha, Xinyan, and Fischl) are the main characters, they each got their own sub arcs


Wish he was relevant more often.


AS Kazu fan i am still crying how Mihoyo butchered his role in inazuma archon quest


Ahh yes the *real* main character of Genshin


i’m thinking some thoughts rn


Oh... Okay. I'll just postpone Enkanomiya again. lmao Kazuha's quest tonight!


The devs love Kazuha and I'm all here for it.


we all love him


A very important info.. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING


I wonder if its to do with the new 4* sword or if we could possibly be getting an interaction between Kazuha and Wanderer... o.o


The new sword is related to the event though


No, it has to do with kazuha's ancestor who used to be Scaramouches BFF. The sword is for the event


Probably because of Tatarigami lore


If there would be a new sword, it must be another %atk substat sword, with the passive isnt relevant to any character whatsoever /s


We getting Kazuha and Itto content lesssgoooo


I'm coping that they'll add more refinements to kazuha's cursed sword


Hyv: How much screentime do you wanna have? Kazuha: **YES** No, seriously i if they talk about his clan story for the 4th time im gonna cry.


Our favorite samurai boy is getting some screen time


Ngl but I feel like kazuha should have gotten an inazuma interlude quest back then


right that wouldve been a perfect solution. if his personal lore is so relevant all the time, then why make it a limited event (or even TWO)?


Yeah it's a bit weird because unlike Ayaka and Ayato and Yae, the Raiden Gokaden incident is NEVER MENTIONED ANYWHERE in relation to Kazoo before Irodori. For the other characters I mentioned it's in their character stories. There's NO MENTION of any Kaedehara's before Irodori either. After his story quest the only evidence you can find is in the Kagotsurube description. Nowhere else. I wonder if they wanted to introduce a new character and then decided nah let's do Kazoo.


yea its weird bc i remember when kazuha came out, his character stories felt sort of empty, like he had no real past, i wonder if they came up with this particular plotline after he was released


Do we think this means that Kazuha is more likely to rerun sometime in the remaining 3.X patches before 4.0? I’m a F2P Kazuha main so I’d like to save for him if he’s gonna rerun


Man, I wish we’ll see kazuha. He was in sumeru on his birthday right? Holding on to the hope (very unlikely but please 🙏🏻)


thank god it's not nahida story quest as a prerequisite




"well well if isn't the floating cunt" - Kaedehara "didn't get the kill" Kazuha


If he forgave the mom, he can forgive the son


lol did you do the iradori festival unless Scara did something drastically bad again Kazuha said he won’t search for revenge on him


Holup. (Kazuha Teaser Music in bg) KAZUHA IS COMING IN SUMERU?!


Kazuha is finally being relevant in Scaramoussy's story arc??? Who could have thought /s


man, i really want kazuha and scara to interact. I want to see their reactions towards each other 😭❣️ my babiessss


Both the wanderers let's go!


Source : https://twitter.com/Hoyoverse_Leak/status/1595417133835784193?t=dewEZOtipXtlZgZaiLPEjQ&s=19


Well I do hope we get to see Kazuha and Scara actually interact, but knowing Hoyo Kazu and his clan will probably just be mentioned instead.


I Hope thé next limited 5 star that gets a skin is kazu then we see him so much time for new clothes 🥴


When kazhua heard there was another wanderer. Its wandering time


Does that mean more Kazuha? Awesome! I'm curious to know what part he'll play in all this, if he's involved


I always did wonder whether they were gonna tie the Inazuma cast back into Scara Here's hoping to the Kamisato siblings or Ei/Yae as well, since they also have a history Scara


Traveler x Canadian Traveler x Wanderer


Too bad new players don’t get to play Kazuha‘s real/better story quest.


More Kazuha story? I feel like we've gotten more Kazuha back story than anyone else


Finally. More kazuha (stuffs face in kazuha content) i dont think ill ever get tired of genshin men


Weeee, looking forward to see Kazuha's backstory for the 4th time again. haha.. haha...


So basically no requirement since everyone loves kazuha lol


Tbh as much as i like him i didn't really like his permanent story quest. It was sad that he had a 10 times better "story" quest about his life in a temporary event at the same time.


I think his story quest is just a building up for something greater (i.e this upcoming interlude archon quest). Like how everyone didn’t like Raiden story quest 1 but suddenly everything made sense when her story quest 2 came out.


I just liked getting that free 4-star sword lol, it's been pretty handy on my Ayato


Me who didn't do Kazuha's quest specifically because I was waiting for Scara's release:


I mean I'm doing them all because primos anyway and I can afford the.. like three keys every 80 days


I love everything about Kazuha but hanging out with him isn't the most fun, I have to say for me personally...


Nah I haven't done it yet and didn't plan on doing it any time soon but I guess I'll have to now


Same. Not too excited about this tbh. I have zero motivation to do it as I don't particularly like the character but at the same time I don't wanna just skip through it.


You say that but my backlog of story quests says otherwise. But this is why I am here. Now I know what story quest to prioritize next


Havent done it


Ooh. 🍵 I don't remember what was in Kazuha's quest because of the events he appeared in after...


Nothing important, he just chases a sword


heck, i gotta do kazuha's quest now


Well Kazuha appear on the interlude quest?


Hopefully kazuha rerun too


This shit is an Archon quest? damn, i was hoping i can just skip it. Oh well bout to play it on mute while watching something else


I still can't finish current Archon quest because all npcs are locked in tighnari and nilou quest >_>


Okay I will say this once again that the character appearance in story event and so on depend on the character's original developers and designers. If some characters don't show up, please ask their developers and designers, don't blame it on other characters. Different characters have different devs so if some devs have quitted their job or moved to other departments or been busy, their characters won't show up. It is none of the active characters faults. In other games players already know this but I don't know why Genshin players still haven't figured this out yet so I have to repeat this a lot lately. Some characters even disappeared for 4 years because their devs have been sued and quitted their job in the company in other games but I've not seen other game's players questioning about this as hard as GI players. If you want every characters to appear equally, there is a very small chance that can happend because of the backstage work of the company. If you want a characters to appear so badly, please write it in survey hard enough for the company to make some adjustment otherwise they won't do it because contacting old employees who have moved out is a lot of work and there is credit issue as well. But they can still do it if the demand is high enough. And don't blame other characters or other people work because of it.


so kazuha rerun?




kazuha yes!Kazuha yes!


Nooooo. I would like another kazhua re run rn. Are the 3.3 banners confirmed?


Raiden, scara, itto are basically confirmed through livestream, random leaks and abyss rotation. Ayato is the most likely in the fourth slot but hu tao/eula have been mentioned too


Kazuha rerun soon(sniffs copium hard)


Zzzzz Zzzzz At this point just erase/kill Venti and make Kazuha as Anemo Archon. Fucker is getting so much spotlight compared to other 5stars