Source: Pengepul Teyvat For those unaware Pengepul are usually the first to show Abyss lineups


13 Geo dogs and a Terrorshroom, just kill me now


Just wait for a day or two after the abyss releases and you'll have a 4\* only team getting a 36\* clear on youtube pop up lol


I always take those with a grain of salt though. If they are all C6, with 5-star weapons and nutso artifacts, it's not exactly just "wow it's easy and can be cleared with 4-stars"


Some are doing 4 stars only with 3 star weapons. The problem is investing in many characters really, through time. The rest are trivial.


yup, especially on artifacts. I pulled 3 characters in a row and their artifacts are still WIP when my older characters are also WIP so I end up using my strongest and most convenient 2pc sets on most of my characters. At least I could still beat the Abyss with those placeholder artifacts lmao


The artifact system is honestly the worst I've seen in gaming throughout. The risk of absolutely zero progress after hours of game play is clinically insane game design. So much of the player's progress is being held behind an extremely unfair system.


It’s pretty RNG but definitely not up there with the worst of them. When I think of terrible gear progression I think of games like Black Desert and vanilla Diablo 2


I still don't get how some people got that good artifacts that fast in the first few months. even with resin refreshes. I'm playing for 2 years, not leveling chars too much, not doing extra bosses, just artifacts most of the time and my highest cv set is still a bit above 220. I have like 17-18 sets with 180-200 , but never above .


Those clears usually don't use 5-star weapons. However, their artifacts and talents/cons are hyperinvested compared to people vids are supposed to be helpful for (shoutout to Zajef's C6 Kayea 4-star showcases)


c6 kaeya is almost xl tier tbh . and fischl skyrocketed with dendro


There's this one guy who clears 36* with only 4 4-stars with 4-star weapons (two on each side of the abyss). It's actually insane.


4 star only is barely even a challenge though, there are some really good 4 star only teams. You really dont need 5 star weapons or insane artifacts to clear with them.


Lol facts. Honestly four star only comp clears aren’t that impressive to me. I’m more impressed by clears with off meta comps that include five stars.


There’s a guy that has been doing abyss with 4 star characters and 3 star weapons. The 4 stars are all C6, but still.


I think rotation/energy control and understand mechanic is more important, my national team and bad artifact 36 star even faster than my good built hutao team, their max dmg is not even 40k and hutao hit like 60k


I'm clearing my friend account in not so good artifacts. The important part is just have atleast 50% crit rate and high energy recharge for support and lv90 weapons 4*. Crit dmg i dont care much. Most are ranging 120-130% crit dmg. Some like bennett have only +16 arti. Also their characters talent are invested only on the important one. For example Xingqiu, on my account I'd lvl9/12 both the skill and burst. But on their I only level the burst. Take note, I'm not a very skillful abyss player. I just learn rotations like who goes first, who receives buff and who needs energy funneling. I learned by watching some abyss streamers before.


It is definitely possible with 4 star characters and weapons, but it definitely isnt as "easy" as those content creators make it out to be. Also, the four stars are usually the "god tier" ones: xingqiu, xiangling, bennet, sucrose. People who say the abyss is easy and clearable with something like a main DPS ningguang with a four star weapon and average artifacts are delusional.


true many cont creators forget that they have 2 year old accounts


I mean, this abyss I had to rely on a 4* only team (one side) because it was better suited than my five stars. No 5* weapons on them and not super invested artifacts. Abyss is about strategy more than hard core hyperinvesting (which it also can be if you choose to)


The Dendro Chicken melts like butter. Don't even consider it a boss.


Agreed, but not complaining. At least It's a unique model with unique attacks/animations/sounds/etc. Sometimes I forget that the Aeonblight Drake is even a boss. It looks and behaves so much like the other flying robot. And now that we've got through all 8 hypostasis elements, I hope we'll see even more unique bosses. Unless they decide to make 6 more Oceanid/Thunder Manifestations...


Just you wait, theyre gonna outdo the annoying Hydro Oceanid and introduce the Cryo Oceanid... in the same watery arena


No need for the arena. My Xingqiu and Barbara can freeze themselves very well already, thank you very much. Seriously though, I really like your idea of letting the arena play into the battles more. Maybe a future electro boss in a shallow water arena that will constantly electrocute your team. Or a pyro boss in a (regenerating?) grass field to constantly set you on fire? Or am I just thinking of new flavors of Corrosion?


You're just thinking of the new ways to torture me. This should be illegal.


I was actually surprised at how weak it was lol. It's almost as weak as the primo geovishap lmao, and that's shits basically a mob.


It's especially fun with Cyno. I vaporized that thing in one burst last time I fought it in the abyss.


The Terrorshoorm is literally one rotation for National (Raiden)Team But 13 Geo dogs shivers me as I have no build Geo character :(


It's easy with national, yes. But let's be real, it's not just one rotation lol. I mean, 2 million+ HP is one rot for your national?


It's not about the difficulty per se, it's about the annoying factor


Remember when 1 big dog is aggro like mad but the second one is afk on the other side after teleporting? Cannot wait


Use anemo CC for the small dogs to bring in the second wave sooner


What’s wrong with Terrorshroom? It seems to be a lot easier to me than thunder manifestation or golden wolf lord


Based honestly, I can deal with any of those enemies vs that annoying ass Aeonblight Drake


2nd half looks cancerous


What are other team options on how to deal with the wolflord if my only invested geo character is zhongli?


There are youtube guides on how to use Zhongli to trivialize the wolflord shield phase. The gist of it is use the tap pillar next to 1st head, (not directly on top of it since the pillar will get detroyed), move on to the next head, drop a meteor to 1 shot the 2nd head, move on to the 3rd, tap pillar again next to it. The pillar pulse will take care of the heads quickly. Ironic that the Wolflord's Corrosion mechanic is supposed to be anti-Zhongli but he's also the best unit in the game to deal with its shield phase (very low cooldown skill as long as you remember to not use the hold version).


Zhong Li is enough. Just use his pillar (tapE).


Yeah and his burst isn’t really that important anyway so you can also use his burst to instantly remove one of the skulls


Use a strong 3-character team and bring TTDS Ningguang in the flex slot. It’s ok if she’s not built.


Yun Jin can one shot the wolf heads with a charged E


I just used a level 1 Ningguang, and beat him with a 3 unit team. He actually has pretty low hp.


i'm biased with my hyperbloom team with Noelle as the driver, but honestly a hyperbloom team with ttds ning is enough


Am I remembering it wrong or did they replace triple magu kenki?


switched to flying snake wolf lord


Infinitely worse imo


Exactly. I'd rather fight 3 mango kinki than 3 wolf lord with same hp pool.


Besides the geo check, I don’t mind the geo wolf lord as much as serpent spine since it’s very predictable to attack (first phase to knock down -> 3 skulls -> attack stunned wolf). Meanwhile serpent spine is just random as fuck where its patterns can make a difference of like 45 seconds


Serpent spine, like the BP claymore? (Not trying to be rude, it just made me giggle heh)


guess they've been RUINED by the ruin serpent "I really don't want that serpent to ruin me" 😩


After sales service for scaramouche


Is it tho? Since you need Geo to knock it down and Scara hates Geo. I guess it's still service to people who have Zhongli too...


Scara hyper use Yunjin iirc.


And conveniently Yun Jin's the best character for breaking the skulls lol.


I’d argue Zhongli is arguably better with his tap E. If you stand in the right spot it takes out 2/3 of the skull’s health, then 1 pulse from the pillar takes it out by the time you run to the next skull. It takes a good amount of practice to do consistently, but it saves a lot of time.


She is???


Her hold skill can one shot the skulls


Waaaaait thats so op now i can 36 him Also does she buff raiden? Ayaka?


Best is arguable due to how long her e skill is even with c1


He's running alongside Itto, iirc. So this is an inducement to not just ignore the One and ~~Only~~ Oni the way we ignored Yomiya. Scaramouche is supposed to handle the first half - he can stay out of [the fungus chicken's] range and kite it while spamming neutral anemo attacks.


I’m guessing when they decided itto as the banner , they changed triple maguu to geo wolf


Triple kenki is infinitely better than the wolf.


Hyv really said "Bring up the wolf's head." ^*Grond* ^^*Grond* ^^^*Grond*




The pre-beta data was triple maguu kenki, but they changed it when the beta released


Is that... the Golden Bitchlord? :(


Yea seems like its him, due to Itto rerun hm.. my god what a bitch he is to take down. might not be able to 36star this time :l


Ningguang supremacy


Ning supremacy indeed. Slapped her in my Hyperbloom team just to destroy the turrets and the team absolutely destroys the Wolflord. Obviously the Abyss one is gonna have like x5 more health but I can see it working.


Wait, do you Really want to place Ningguang and Nahida in One Team? Seriously?


for hyperbloom teams, there is always one slot for flex so why not ningguang, she is a good driver and good for single target which is what the op said they would use her for, a single target boss


Yoimiya with double geo supremasy


Ningguang national ftw Aka Ningguag just sit there and be pretty while national trio do all the work


Prototype Amber Ningguang moment.


i might try Ninguang as i did in fact built her pretty well but never played her after building..


Ningguang, Zhongli, Gorou, Bennett has been my daily driver recently. It's relaxing not having to worry about reactions or, in Itto's case, managing stacks of whatever. I don't even have to try hard to manage my energy with just basic 100% ER.


I want to pull for Gorou for Ningguang, but they keep slapping him on Itto banners.


Gorou's not really that good for Ning unless you get his C6, just the Geo Damage buff is not enough to justify him


I'd often switch between Itto and Ning when farming the Wolven Cucklord. It's fun to use her again, my OG main.


If you have Zhongli, you can use his Tap E (not Hold) to place pillars on the heads and you can break them in a decent amount of time.


Seems like the only fun way to deal with it without geo is to have a hyper offense team strong enough to kill it before the shield phase. Kind of hard to pull that off for the vast majority of teams though.


in the end, if not, its just 50 primogems anyway..


I brought my level 20 Ningguang before, it wasn't that bad


*3.3 introduces 2 new Anemo characters *3.3 Spiral Abyss has GEO attributed enemies ...bruh


Mhy is making us pay for all the good anemo units and VV set we have got by not letting them deal crazy damage as a carry.


It's because the anemo character they are selling is a duelist and his support. Pretty sure Scara can fist the first half while second half just geo meme for itto


Itto: "am I a joke to you?" ~~Yes, you are.~~


to the person who decides the line up .. sleep with one eye open


I hope both sides of their pillow are warm when they go to sleep


One side is warm, other side is wet, both sides stink, and their neck hurts in the morning.


Woah woah calm down there satan but i agree lol they honestly deserve it.


So…. Itto? Itto.


Itto Itto


Itto Titto




The one and oni


no no no, its itT0


the golden wolflord is gonna be a pain in the ass...


at least its not thundering manifestation ig


or ruin serpent..... I hate that boss inside abyss 😤


So Scara on first half then geo on 2nd half right?


floor 12 is just a dps check anyway, I'll do it if I feel like it


And RNG check and AI manipulation check depending on the mobs. Not worth the time and stress.


Enemy AI is such a bitch. Sometimes I come across those videos of people clearing a floor with ease because the boss just sits there eating all the damage instead of running around and teleporting all over the place or enemies grouping themselves nicely instead of all of them spreading out. Some know-it-all is going to say "learn to manipulate the ai" but it has nothing to do with that. You can't manipulate the boss to teleport less. And I don't get the enemy ai, like people sit at the key and the enemies rush them so that they group themselves but that never happens to me.


This abyss run, i noticed sometimes some of the wolf would teleport and go afk just outside the range of my attack. And then there's the flying electro bird that just teleport all over the place when I did it the first time and then during the second run, it basically offered itself to me.


AFK enemy is really a thing. I also saw one of the wolves just teleport away from me and sit and wait as I destroyed the other one. But it's the mushrooms who do this a lot more. You can even see that behaviour in domains. At least two fungi will literally just sit at spawn do absolutely nothing untill you kick their ass, it's weird as hell.


Same 😭😭 But I really need doze primos


The Yoimiya meta continues




And the Oni meta prevails




Fr, everyone be stressing out from the wolf and serpent meanwhile Yoimiya havers are mopping the floor with them


The annoying thing with this lineup is if you bring Yoimiya in the second half to deal with the Wolflord, she struggles with the other 2 chambers. You can adjust Yoimiya’s team a bit to account for mobs, but that’s a ton of little wolves in chamber 3.


This recent trend of mixing AoE and single target chamber is kinda annoying. Like the current floor 12 1st half have easy AoE for the first two chambers and a single target on the last one. I guess their idea of upping difficulty is having you swap things around and tweak teams for each chamber. I'm really liking Yae this abyss because she kinda has a mix of single target and AoE.


I recently pulled Yoi. I’m loving her and I’m fine with her limitations, but like you said, these mish mash of single target and aoe dps requirements is annoying to deal with.


Then beat abyss backwards. Start with the lineup you need to beat chamber 3 with 3 stars. Then adjust to beat chamber 2, then adjust for chamber 1. Really helps to do this when bosses are staggered like that.


Feels bad that the usual Yoimiya AoE patcher (Beidou) can't be used but Mono Pyro with Yunjin instead of Kazuha will still be good against the Doggos, though Xiangling/Yoimiya will have to be tweaked for less EM and More damage which may be a problem for some, but overall still a chamber she shouldn't have a issue with


Yoimiya can slap Beidou + Fischl on the team to deal with waves of enemies. The damage loss from no vape hardly matters when Beidou burst is dealing 20K+ per bounce.


Is she ok at dealing with the 9 small dogs? Because as long as you have a decent geo option for his shield, the Wolford isn't really a problem to most teams, so she could be more useful against the 1st half with more ST chambers


World needs to recognise boss-heavy Yoimiya supremacy Abyss is here to stay.


Would’ve been even better if they swapped 12-2-1 and 12-2-2


Just complete chamber 1 then swap the teams for chamber 2 and then do it again for chamber 3


And that’s precisely the annoyance that we shouldn’t have to deal with if the floors were planned cohesively. It’s fine if they want to make certain characters excel mostly in single target damage, but then they pull shit like this.


Hating this trend as well. Thinking I'll use ayaka freeze for 12-1-2 and 12-3-2, then go back for 12-2-2 with zhongli, yoimiya, yelan, and yunjin - it may not be that difficult, but it sure is unnecessarily annoying


Not the Wolflord... I hate that thing...


No Monday beta changes?


I don't think there was a patch as one came out on Thursday


Ikr? It's taking it's good time


My geo team will shine


I want their HP


These mfs are doing this again. Mixing AoE and single target on different halves on different floors. Dick move, hoyo.


I think golden wolflord is the one enemy that can stop me from 36 stars


sigh *unzips c6 noelle*


created problem (wolf lord) and sell solution ( itto)


this does not spark joy..


Golden Wolflord is such a horrible fit for the abyss. There's a world of difference between rewarding players who adjust their teams to get an edge/advantage over certain enemies and forcing a player to run one specific element otherwise it's impossible to clear. It is such bad design (in the abyss) imo... ASIMON at least is able to be beaten if you don't want to run quicken against it, GW isn't.


Dendro Hypostasis forcing Dendro damage while being immune to it is on a whole other level. You either bring a Dendro character or make Blooms with Hydro desperately hoping one of them hits a pith. Even against the wolf, each application helps a bit. Not against Dendro Hypostasis.


it's f11 though, you've got like 5 minutes against much lower hp enemies and collei utterly trivialize the last phase since you can just stand and charge shoot.


11-3 is still 3 minutes for 3 star. And nothing is stopping hoyo from eventually putting this boss in floor 12.


Yep, just like that thunder oceanid who moved up to f12, it took a year since it got introduced if i remember correctly


I wasn't talking specifically about the current 11-3. Though I'm pretty sure it's still 3 minutes since it's the last chamber. 11-3 wasn't hard, but Dendro Hypostasis is literally the first boss that specifically requires Dendro/Hydro and nothing else will ever work. I almost had to reset Floor 11 because I didn't check the last chamber and brought Hu Tao double Hydro to it. Thankfully, one of the cores was able to hit a pith by sheer luck on my second try and I didn't have to reset it completely.


GW is also possible to be beaten without geo, you can one rotate or bring a catalyst user with high application One rotating it dmg wise is very easy as it has way lower HP then the other bosses


I hope Itto gets the hutao treatment after this rerun. If he's gonna bring these annoying things whenever he comes back, it's a needed sacrifice.


This is his third go-around already and a relatively quick turn around after his 2.7 rerun, so hopefully he'll be on ice for a while now.


He appeared 3 times between Hu Tao's and Eula's banners.


theyre splitting the bosses again, just put it on one side!


Always have been


Geo mains, we rise! 💪


Zhong li: RISE


I need to recap puplord combat pattern before heading in first.


Wolf enters Wolf rises and performs drive-by 2 or 3 times Wolf becomes immune if brought below around 70% Use Geo and bring wolf down for damage Repeat


I'd take the forced geo character boss over the trash manifestation at F12 tbh. Can't wait to be in 3.3


People forgot how squishy abyss wolflord is huh?


Ningguanational, reporting for duty!


pls fuck no! pls! nooooooooooooooooooo! fucking pls! not the wolves!


Fucking wolflord. Typical gacha dev "create the problem, sell the solution" bullshit.


not the bleeding dog boss...


looks more fun for my teams than the current abyss... pretty clear cut aggravate yae first half and monopyro klee second half. i had to restart so much to make my healer-less and shielder-less yae team work in the first half of the current abyss.


My Cyno and Itto are absolutely THRIVING.


Bruh where are the kenki trio, it would've been the perfect place to test Xiao with Faruzan


First half looks good for Cyno teams, right?


Looks like it... I'm planning to pull Itto(and hopefully Gorou?) on the new banners, and this does not discourage me lol. Just gotta gather materials/mora for them. First half hyperbloom/aggravate: Jean/XQ/Nahida/Cyno Second half monogeo: Zhongli/Albedo/Gorou/Itto


My geo bois are back 😭 latest floor 12 is challenging for me


guess im putting my bitch boy to work as soon as i get him <3


god fucking damnit i hate these people, telling us they dont care about combat and then making the hardest fucking abysses possible.


So 1st half Cyno Aggravate then 2nd half I just bullsh*t my way through


That chicken fungi gonna get it's ass whooped when I build my Scara and his team (⁠ ⁠´⁠◡⁠‿⁠ゝ⁠◡⁠`⁠)


Dude wtf is this pls switch 12-2 so that we can just play one side aoe and other single target. Wtf are you thinking dude come on. Fuck you hoyoverse. I hate this kind of mixed abysses.


Itto rerun then. Scara should be good dealing with PMA right?


>Scara should be good dealing with PMA right? Honestly most characters are. It's not really a difficult or targeted boss like the Wolflord.


PMA is rather simple, just bring single target team and go to pound town


Quite frankly this looks like the most overtuned Abyss as of late. The second half is especially problematic because you need massive single target DPS to kill Wolflord in any sort of sensible timeframe, but then you need big AoE for the dog horde in 12-3. Can't use Yoimiya because you'll eat shit against the dogs, Hu Tao will likely get wrecked by corrosion, can't use Freeze or Dendro teams because these teams don't run Geo to deal with Wolflord, Noelle can handle the dog pile but doesn't have the single target DPS to deal with Wolflord, so like...What do you do if you either don't have Itto, or some hyper invested team to do the shield skip on Wolflord? Then 12-3 is made worse by the fact that you got a boss on the first half, so it's not like you can take your sweet time with the dog horde. If this releases as it is without changes, I predict it will likely be the single hardest rotation since 1.0.


Aggravate and spread will be fine on the wolflords. Their popular teams run Zhongli, and Nahida can be use as AOE.


1st time I 36 starred abyss was against the Wolflord using Melt Ganyu which should be able to take care of it again, so just need to probably use a Hyperbloom or Aggravate team on the second side.


This would've been the perfect Floor 12, if not for the Doggos of Doom in the second half. Ah well, time to bust out all the healers.


Oh noes the bitchwolf is back ..screw that wolf , I'd rather fight two terrorchickens than that.


Laughs in Ningguang


is that the flying poop again? who keeps telling them thats a good idea?




aight time to dust off my ningguang


Pffft...you really think you can force me into pulling geo with just this abyss? Screw that I gonna use lvl50 Ning for 12-2-2 then reset. What a pathetic attempt to sell the most boring element in this game.


This is such a walk in the park compared to the current abyss. Black nights with the thunder manifestation is just straight up annoying


First half: Aggravate Keqing second half: Noelle


Hmmmm, So International on FIrst half and Nahida Hyperbloom on second for me.. POG


whoever had the idea to replace the triple kenki with the wolf I wish you step on a very sharp lego.


all my homies hate repulsors 😑


lol yeah. I can probably squeeze at least 100 gems.


I was not planning to pair Scara with electro but I guess I'll need to for second chamber


The wolves again. Fuckme.


Queen Ningguang in the first half and Princess Noelle in the 2nd half 💛💛💛


Are we gonna get a new area in 3.3? I kinda wanna be done with dendroculi and tree of dreams already...


wtf I never even noticed those triangle mob have different models lmao


golden wolflord i did not miss you


Ez claps for Noelle


Would hyperbloom work against the big dog? (I’m trying to be go different team comps instead of just monogeo and rational)


they called me stupid for running Hyperbloom/aggravate driver noelle, hah


Noelle isn't driving anything on that team. Do you just mean on-fielding?


Tell me there's an Itto rerun without telling me there's an Itto rerun:


Alright Noelle, it's your time to shine!


Ugh I don’t want to see Itto’s face until Natlan. F*** the Golden Wolf Lord.