#UPDATE Plusle has deleted the tweet on account that they may be wrong, until it’s clarified this post will stay up so users can take note of the corrected flair ___________ Source: [Plusle](https://twitter.com/Plusleleaks/status/1594001194686742535?s=20&t=az02YbDB59Zfr7RNuT43QA) Thank you OP for providing source _______ Please refer to Faruzan’s constellations for C4 energy recharge on [Ambr](https://ambr.top/en/archive/avatar/10000076/faruzan?mode=constellation) for context Thanks u/AarviArmani for the explanation: >For those who can't understand, basically he's saying that E doesn't generate particles on cast but on hit with CA like Sara, also her C6 generates 1-2 particles per collapse (3 sec) and it works with Faruzan's C4 which regenerates energy based on the amount of enemies hit by it. > >Oh and he says that even with C1, only the first CA generates particles.


For those who can't understand, basically he's saying that E doesn't generate particles on cast but on hit with CA like Sara, also her C6 generates 1-2 particles per collapse (3 sec) and it works with Faruzan's C4 which regenerates energy based on the amount of enemies hit by it. Oh and he says that even with C1, only the first CA generates particles.


Thank you for simplification, I’ll add it to the pinned comment. I was looking for the Ambr updates on the C4 to explain it but you laid it out better and faster.


He just deleted the tweet because he said he might be wrong - so idk if this is still relevant?


Thanks for the update, we’ll flair it accordingly


Here's betting it's the 10 billionth Faruzan nerf in a row and her C6 no longer generates energy miHoYo seems truly determined to reverse powercreep 4*s into mediocrity.


Wait, previously it was 2 particles every 6s. So if its 1.5 every 3, that means 6 collapse will generate 9 particles on average, which is actually a 50% buff to her energy generation? And does the particle from her CA collapse count as separate from the particle from her c6 collapse? Or if the c6 and charge shot share particle, or even share collapse?


If they share a cooldown that means C1 is still a buff. You'll just need to start and end your support skills with Faruzan so each shot is 3 seconds apart. If it's not.... C6 Faruzan havers winning?


Sounds like a disaster without C6. I don't like using CA with Sara that's why I never use her. I think I will need 250+ ER on her.


A disaster for mobile/controller too because aiming mode sucks. I play on PC but sometimes do dailies on phone and tbh I struggle even with Nahida's generous hold E, even though I can still play other FPS games like PUBG mobile well. They can't give us the same velocity on vertical and horizontal aim movement. You can get away with Sara C2 and Raiden's energy supply can even make Sara a burst bot without needing to use skill, but Faruzan without C6 sounds like no energy for you.


3s per collapse means no more 6s Icd on energy on C6 so in that case the energy is actually buffed in addition to C6 synergising with C4 which is nice confirmation.


So now I am basically obliged to do charged attacks if I want her burst up? Yeah, well, DOA for me then. Maybe a win for charged attack enjoyers.


whats DOA?


Dead On Arrival, ie, they're not planning to use her at all once she comes out.


Dead on arrival - basically it means she could as well not exist and wont find any use. Please note: This only refers to my account/ usage.


...... jesus fucking christ, they had no need to reduce her to such a worthless state.


How is she at all worthless?


Having to shoot your CA means you have to stay onfield to get the particles, otherwise you are a 80 burst character with 0 self particle generation. Calculations done based on C6 are and will be for a couple months unrelatable to most of the playerbase, there's people currently with C2 Raiden and >SaraC5, so I'm not taking into account her C6. A 35% Anemo bonus and shred is cool, but doesn't stand out as much as specialized units like Gorou and Sara, which have far more cohesive kits with less caveats. Sara usually goes with Raiden, so energy isn't an issue if you are gonna show how different they are in that particular sense. But a Jean C4, which some people have, equipped with NO can bring up more to the table than Faruzan, which competes with her and Zhongli and can't bring neither shielding nor healing while the others can bring an ATK buff through NO or TotM and an extra shred/healing. I'm actually happy that, even if an Anemo support, to me she looks like she's less obligatory than before. She's not a must, she's just a nice addition, but I was hoping for her to genuinely be a must.


People worship no powercreep in this game. Hoyo has now delivered. Enjoy xiangling till the end of time /s


No /s, it's true though. Xiangling is as strong as she was day 1, stronger than fellow 5* Pyro dps even.


she got even stronger overtime with new weapons and artifacts lmao literally the most versatile polearm user


***Happy TenTen noises***


Wait so bc she’s not a must she’s “in a worthless state”. Feels like you skipped some tier there Doesnt stand out compared to sara and gorou? At c0 sara offers some atk and stacks for raiden while faruzan offers dmg bonus and res shred (and some amount of CC but not worth mentioning tbh). Not to mention her res shred is for an element lacking res shred sources. Not to mention her buff actually lasts a while at c2. Which is a pretty big deal especially for xiao who’s buffs expires after 10s


I said worthless state cause her pre nerf state and her current one are 2 different characters. She won't be worthless as in compared to the whole available roster, but she's been senselessly chopped. Which makes no sense. Xiao's state in meta is severely behind, and if they didn't want to make Scara dependant on her they should have given her a different kit.


in other words if you never knew how she was at the start of beta you would be saying its the best 4\* ever made for anemo dps when she launches at live


> She won't be worthless as in compared to the whole available roster, but she's been senselessly chopped. In other words, she was *not* reduced to a worthless state


Okay, pray forgive me for not being extremely specifical. She won't be reduced to a worthless state where she doesn't find a place in teamcomps, but she's reduced indeed to a worthless state when compared to her original draft we got from the early beta test.


Thats not exactly not being extremely specific, those are straight up two vastly different statements If someone asked you how is faruzan and you replied “she was reduced to a worthless state” that tells them not to even bother building her (unless waifu reasons ofc). The second statement isnt saying that at all


Ok, why she is "worthless" for me before C6. - She basically doesn't have energy, she needs between 250-300, closer to 250 if 2 fav weapons actually procs, 1 don't proc then you are closer to 300. Scara Doesn't burst at all then, he is closer to burst not even every second rotation, but 3. We had units with such a terrible energy economy - Sara BUT she is almost exclusively run with Raiden and electro resonance. The coolest part of her kit is is off field grouping IMO, locked behind C6(Also energy that comes from it). With is terrible - Both Sara and Gouro C6 was Crit DMG stuff and only Crit. Faruzan already have bigger uptime on buff that those 2, so only Crit would be fine. What would be great way to fix it? Dream scenario - Delete her A4 - it was already nerfed to the ground, to the point it's often even skipped in calculations, and move off field stuff from C6 to A4 (There was precedence for it already, Tighnari C6 in beta was moved to his base kit). More realistic - Make her C4 to A4, and move off field stuff from C6 to C4. With all of it Scara teams with Faruzan less then C6 are just worse than his driver role in Taser, Hyper bloom, something like Electro driver (Basically Taser, but drop XQ and put Bennett) + I personally have high aversion to character that can be "Great" in abyss but bad in Overworld were I spent like 95% of the game time, but that just my preference :P


so Xiao is gonna battery Faruzan, got it /s


C1 Xiao Stonks


Drop the /s, you know it's true 😭


xiao is one hell of a battery since i use a fav spear on him so it migbt as well be /srs


Bro’s batterying all of Mondstadt


Next survey: From Xianling to Xinyan, what is your level of satisfaction with the character: Faruzan


Tfw I forgot Xinyan exists…


Ah yes… I understand some of these words


The only thing crystal clear is "6 convex" (though I can usually only pull off 4 or 5 with most characters; 1 or 2 will be concave).


Whenever I see faruzan in the title of a post on this sub now I have a panic attack.




Faruzan cant catch a damn break, Hyv keeps murdering her with nerfs. At this point what even is Faruzan’s point as a support if she needs a support for her ER woes


yeah. just waste of slot


Damn hoyo what did Faruzan do to y'all


Have the potential to make Xiao do more damage. Can't have that, now can we?


The Cardinal sin, trying to make Xiao slightly better. That's a no no in hoyo's book.


Be a post 2.0 4 star


seems like I need to use Favonius codex on Scara to battery her lol


She actually gained a buff to her energy generation since the C6 has no 6s ICD anymore


ah yes... the con-locking. We all love that.


Same as Gorou and Sara sadly. Why does niche support 4\* need their C6? Mihoyo PLZ!


At this point we to go to anemo character trials and use all anemo units just so that farzuan can get her burst back


Source: [plusle](https://twitter.com/plusleleaks/status/1594001194686742535?s=61&t=gFI0832ULwnx7ONIMAVXPQ) I think it was 2-3 particle generation before, and now it’s 1-2 lol Ok apparently plusle deleted the tweet so it might be wrong let’s hope for the best


Please stop she's already dead


They actually gutted her Particle generation TWICE now. Couldn't they just lower her Burst cost instead, Sara has Raiden and Electro resonance to alleviate ER issues but Faruzan has no other way to save her ER problems except with Favonius and she also needs to battery Xiao, at this point the only character she can support properly is freaking Heizou who can also generate a respectable amount of Anemo particles himself.


Can someone explain to me how its gutted. It seems like they decreased the amount of gen per hit but reduced the ICD of the generation. Ie less energy per hit but more instances of energy generation (from 6s to 3s). Am i confused?


The gist of it is as follows: Her energy generation at C6 is OK, but sub-C6 it is objectively worse. If it is true her particle gen was reduced from 2-3 to 1-2, that's a 50% reduction in particle generation. For Xiao teams this is huge, as you only get 1 E per rotation for him, for Scara teams less so since you can get 2 Es, but it's still bad. At C6, her particle generation seems fine, but it seems like this character has mostly been nerfed to the point where C5 or lower she's mediocre, then C6 she's useful. She is better at base than Sara, but likely (and intentionally) is only a sidegrade to other support options sub C6 because of the maintenance required for her. Even if you have her C4, if you hit 1 enemy with her E it gives you 2 energy, which is 2.5% of her total burst cost. If you hit 5 enemies, you get 4 flat energy which is 5% of her total burst cost. This basically does nothing to alleviate her ER requirements. The discourse around this character needs to be clear when separating her C6 (which is harder to attain than a C2 5\* character) and C0. At C6 she's still quite good, but below that she is less and less useful each update. In the amount of primos it takes to get a C0R1 Scara + C6 Faruzan, you could have got a C2 Yelan or some other strong support unit instead. It's a massive opportunity cost that most people are not going to bother with. Even to this day, the vast majority of C2R1 Raiden owners don't own C6 Sara and can't run Raiden in her real hyper comps because of it. Because of this, I really wish more people were clear when talking about her power level at C0 vs C6.


Ohhh ok thank you. This made it a lot more clear!


Heizou makes a respectable amount of energy? Isn't his skill 10s cooldown and makes the usual 3 particles?


Going back to C4 Jean for Anemo Shred, then.


At this point I think I'm better off using Anemo traveler for Anemo shred, sheesh


I just want my xiao to have an awesome support. Ya know. Like how raiden has xiangling + bennett. Or hu tao has xingqiu. Actual Meta comps. Makes me appreciate that gorou wasn't beaten up by nerfs.


Seeing how much that other leak panned out, Xiao mains can just save our pulls until the 5 star version drops next region. I’ll sideline him now and when that unit comes, he’ll feel fresh again!


I usually just pair Xiao with XL + Bennett and call it a day lol


yeah I'm just gonna grab c0 scara and then I'm done with the 3.3 banners.


I’m going to need a battery for my battery.


dori moment


Qiqi moment*, dori’s energy management ain’t that bad since all you need to do on her is stack er and hp plus her A4.


Qiqi isn't a battery so she doesn't fit the "battery for a battery" thing.


Oh god no. Qiqi skill hits once per year. And I remember that guy who said qiqi was a battery for EULA lmao


I don't have enough favonius warbows to compensate for this.


Basically like Sara but less energy 💀


what the actual fuck ?


I’d like to return my ASIMON mats pls


Time to use them on Candace for meme builds


Do you have plan to pull for dehya? Asimon drops anemo and pyro gem, just in case dehya might use that later as mats since there is no pyro chara other than her rn ...


Give us a unit with potential and then nerf her into the ground….. great Hoyo despises Xiaomains.


mihoyo not ruining 4 star characters challenge (impossible)


Just gut her in an alley at this point and wait for the 5\* anemo support to release


hyv treat Faruzan nicely challenge! (impossible)


Neat, by the time I have a shot of C6ing her to make her good, they'll have powecrept her with a 5* version.


Damn, more Faruzan nerfs? Well, at least my Xiao has Zhongli..


Seriously. At this point, Jean and Raiden now still better for a Xiao/Zhongli/Albedo team. Will probably be skipping this banner now and saving for Haitham/Yelan/Dehya. Ah well.


What does this??? Even mean?????


E won't generate particles on cast, you need to do a Charge attack.


Oh my god WHY. As a mobile player that is my least favorite thing. (thanks for the explanation though.)


Isnt this intended already in the past. Her particle generation for her E skill was originally designed to be coming from the charged attack only( similar to Sara.) the change is that now only the first charged shot generates particles instead of 2 (if you have c1) Which is a massive nerf on her if you want to use sacrificial bow on her or use her as an on field dps. Initially i was planning to c6 her and pull polar star for her to be main dps but with all this adjustments might as well just slap her with favonious and call it a day. She is not as viable as main dps anymore if we compare here to her original kit.


Its been like this since the very 1st beta version according to leakers. Its just that the private server is bugged. She could only generate energy with charge shots like Sara. However, the difference here is, her damage Aoe is larger than Sara, and it has cc.




It seems that they changed her particle gen from [2 particles](https://old.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks/comments/ypiigb/nerf_on_faruzans_particle_generation/) to 1-2? Is there no ICD anymore on the particle gen? It used to be max 1-2 particles every 5.5 seconds. I don't know if it didn't before but it seems like they are also clarifying that her C4 also works for the c6 procs (which means 12-24 flat energy which is pretty substantial).


brub, i still gonna say the same thing. Just nerf her shread completely and release anemo version of deepwood. Don't tie anemo resistance with one single unit.


I agree that this would be the best option. Silly question, but is there geo resistance shred on any artifacts? If not, they should make both anemo and geo shred sets.


Yes but I don't think we gonna get anemo set anymore due to faruzan. GEO at least have GEO resonance that gives you -20% shred (+20 more with Zhongli which is good but not gamebreaking)


Im just wondering, if devs have no plans for endgame fighting content why do they care so much about making some units fucking bad instead of more or less equally good. What is really the purpose of making 1-2 particles instead of 2-3 like it was before ? Would it really make a difference in non rrelevant meta if all element dps teams would be treated equally in terms of power to let people enjoy for ex. anemo dps without struggling ? This is a fucking mess.


They gonna make a 5* with faruzan’s kit but better 💀


The day this happens my all Anemo comp is going brr tbh.


Yeah, maybe they intended to make Scara stronger by his own? They better compensate this to buff Scara kit by at least equal too. High ER COST but very low Particle even on C6 and you need to use her CA meaning longer rotation before use Scara. The fact that her Burst is one of her main kits as ANEMO support is just unbelievable. Anemo element already suffer enough unlike other element and this is what they do to our niche support.


It's All About the character's pull enticement. This leaves room for a Future 5* anemo support. Also, anime and manga culture is built upon power levels, comparison and VS discussion. Youecant take that away in an anime game if you want a good discussion to prosper.


I know they prob release anemo shenhe, my point is why the devs favorize some elements and units and make some bad intentionally when they clearly stated that they dont care about endgame meta, and want people to enjoy collecting units and only test them in abyss. Cryo enjoyers can have fun but anemo or even all male dps enjoyers cant because all the units are dragged back by stupid caveats then dont applay to others making teams and units harder to work well. Its just sad


Been wondering this for awhile and I found the answer yesterday while scrolling this sub. To put simply, it’s money. Faruzan was nerfed so that only her C6 was more valuable than Wanderer at C0. And we also saw Wanderer buffed to be more versatile instead of being more reliant on Faruzan. It makes sense profit-wise if they were aiming to capitalize on him for the next few years. Why make him reliant on a 4 star when you can just sell the 4 star as another add-on that can be accumulated down the line like his weapon.


If the reason was really money then they probably shouldn't have told us that the endgame combat will be piss easy for the foreseeable future


Nah, it does not matter. Nahida already made more than Raiden's rerun. Most people are not getting 36 stars in abyss let alone clearing it at all, so they still pull for meta. Sure, people who already do it with ease have no reason to spend, but they still will. I know it, they know it, and I think even you know it.


Surprisingly, appealing to casuals makes more money. Take a look at Honkai and see how well it does compared to Genshin. What Genshin does best is that they appeal to a broader audience. And when that happens, it becomes much harder please each and every single one of them. So it makes sense that they went all in on the casual route. And to say that it’s not for money is being incredibly naive. They didn’t make this game as a charity for us weebs lol. They saw something profitable and rolled with it. They have a dedicated team of analytics to show them what’s profitable and what isn’t. And they most likely came to the conclusion that Genshin should focus on character design and personalities along with exploration to maximize profits. These last 2 years have been a testament to that.


Has nothing to do with appealing to casuals. They could just add a secret boss with a shitton of HP for whales to test against that gives no rewards. They tried with Masanori but he's weak af. Or just a +10 enemy levels modifier for abyss that gives no rewards. Those wouldn't alienate casuals but they just don't do them for some reason. Yes obviously they have smarter people than me whom determine their monetization strategy, but I find it extremely hard to believe that having literally zero challenging content for whales is a good thing. You can't just compare the profits of Honkai and Genshin and act like that makes the point on its own, they're completely different games aside from the art style. Videogames are not substitutable products


Hell, at this point I'd take even a World Level 9 just to have some challenge back into the day-to-day gameplay experience


I’m comparing the profits of Honkai and Genshin while also looking at both games as a whole. Honkai has a small player base so they rely heavily on whales to keep the game running whereas Genshin has such a huge playerbase that they can generate a ton of revenue just from low spenders alone. Whales are just an added bonus for them. I think there’s some confusion here. When I say casuals, I’m not referring to only F2Ps, but am also including lowspenders and whales. And this game 100% appeals to casuals. The dailies take like 5-10 minutes per day to complete. The event primo rewards are so easily obtainable without putting much effort into them. Overall you can get the maximum primo rewards just by spending 1-2 hours a week without putting in too much effort. The abyss rewards aren’t that enticing enough for most people to want to complete it, but it’s easy enough that just playing the game casually can get you most of the rewards. They doubled down on no end game. They’re releasing a TCG card game that doesn’t seem to have much of a barrier-to-entry. That’s as casual as you can get for a game. And I agree with your sentiment. The combat system in this game is amazing and seriously deserves more than being a casual game.


I've asked that question million times here on reddit and I always end up with negative -100+ review 😂 I'll say it again... let's see the negative feedbacks 😎 I to this day HAVE NO IDEA why Hoyoverse care so much about this stuff.... like u said no endgame, no PVP so why is it a BIG DEAL to give us a half ass decent character.... to me doesn't even make sense why they don't give us OP characters in first place... who cares if characters get power creep...this game has no PVP.....it's 99.9% single player.. People gonna play who they like... being strong or weak....


I was talking about it since xiao release that male dps and some elements in general in terms of dps are on purpose treated worst then others i was downvoted then but now since more male dps was released more people noticed that pattern, they made cyno dirty on purpose, they didnt even give xiao artifact set for 2 years. Itto, ayato are any competition for s tier dpses eather and im 100% sure that scara will be the same


I get your point, but we got Childe who is literally meta-defining to this day. Also, Ayato got a huge boost in usability with dendro, his hyperbloom teams are the most fun i've had in abyss in ages, they're relatively strong and don't feel absolutely dogshit to use (like xiao or cyno). I have most of the hydros except kokomi, and he is the one i prefer for hyper teams. You could theoretically use nahida to on-field instead, but considering the fact that she has super low def, low hp and non-existant poise during NAs i honestly don't like using her like that. Let's not forget nilou and yae, who are okayish but also have like cyno-level dogshit usability. I have used those 3 extensively and you wouldn't catch me dead using any of them on abyss anymore, even if i have cyno and nilou with their signatures, they feel awful. Not to mention yoimiya (and i guess klee? does she count?) who is about itto's level in my experience. Though itto scales very well with proper team mates while also having a lot more versatility, which might actually get him ahead. Though I don't necessarily disagree with you, it's certainly a pattern, and it makes me wonder why they do that to male main dps when we have pretty good and strong male supports and sub-dps (kazuha, zhongli, and venti, who is niche but extremely good on that niche). My guess is: make husbando collectors have to pull for high tier waifus, and make waifu collectors have to get high tier male supports. Anyway, my point was mostly that, although it's a real trend, we're not super terribly off in comparison.


Nilou is just a dendro support for bloom team. You just don't like bloom in general. Her rotations are hard to figure out( i am casual) so i looked kokomi clan nilou and damn his rotations are perfect and it made my clears better.


I have already lost my will to play the game anymore. I was so excited for Faruzan to be a dedicated support for Xiao but for some godforsaken reason they nerfed her to the ground.


They wont let you have fun with your fav unit. Only selected mains are priviliged to do so


To avoid pull anxiety.


Yeah this is the real question I get why Xiao players are upset but idc anymore about unit strength. Hoyo literally said the game will stay easy lol. Not sure why they feel the need to do all this ridiculously fine tuned balancing act when they already destroyed any incentive to pull for meta


Jesus fucking Christ they gutted everything now. Favonius is probably the ONLY weapon she'll have to use at this point, especially with Xiao.


Use Favonius Xiao to battery her easy peasy


Babe wake up, more faruzan nerfs


Its crazy how hoyo want to nerf faruzan so bad when she can only be used with scara and xiao. Atleast gorou and yunjin are amazing units despite being niche. Cant they make her amazing too? Maybe hyv is lurking in reddit leaks sub and saw comments saying ‘wow that looks so op’ when we first read her kit. so they nerf her lol like come on so far none of the sumeru 4 stars are amazing ://


She's....not even that great with Xiao at this point. Albedo and Zhongli will not be removed from the team. So that leaves either Raiden or Jean that Faruzon has to be better than, and that's extremely sus at this point.


False! Xiao’s new best team is Xiao, Bennet, Zhongli and Faruzan. Faruzan gives Xiao tons more damage than C4 Jean even in the current beta. I’m sorry they reduced her numbers a bit, but she’s still busted for Xiao.


Uh Perhaps in some situations? But Bennett is usually not super great for Xiao. His plunge knocks enemies out of Bennett's ult range all of the time.


can this team provide her with energy


If we go by the leaks from a few days ago, the real issue is that they thought she buffed Scara too much to the point where he is married to her, similar to how Itto is married to Gorou and Raiden is middling without C6 Sara even at C2. Nerfing her for Xiao is collateral damage as a result of that. It's somewhat understandable if you look at it from that angle, but it's infuriating, especially for Xiao players. They could just make her a better battery than Sucrose and it would be fine that they nerfed all her other numbers. But at this point, unless you get her C6 it seems like there's no point in running her with Xiao if you have C4 Jean/ZL. She *probably* still will be Xiao's best support at C0 or C2, but the value she provides is much less than alternatives compared to before. You can just use TTDS Sucrose and get 48% attack + a shitload of particles and enough res-shred with ZL that missing out on Faruzan's extra 30% doesn't matter that much, since you can build Xiao at lower ER. For Scara, there's likely no reason not to slot her into his teams at C0, but if you don't want to use her you can make use with using other supports now, since she doesn't provide so much value that you "have" to run the Scara-Faruzan shell. You can now just slot Scara into any generic template team (National, taser, aggravate, whatever) and he should be doing similar numbers to his C0 Faruzan teams.


Genuine question because I don’t know the full details of Wanderer’s particle gen: is it possible Wanderer produces plenty of energy which is why they’re reducing how much Faruzan produces?


I hope so on Monday update. Her Burst giving a lot of debuff and buff but they reduce her to oblivion. They better buff Scara on equal state if they want Scara to not be very dependent on her.


These nerfs to her and buffs to Scara are actually making surely she's not on dependent on her. This way Scara's teams are more versatile now instead of his hypercarry team with her. I do like it like this as a Scara simp. It's Xiao that took a hit.


Yeah, as a Scara simp too, I can focus on his weap instead her C6 but I'm afraid if the buff is not equal enough to Scara Kit because her Burst do a lot of debuff and buff. I still want Scara has his "own" dmg instead full of his sub-dps team mate DMG on his diverse teamcomp based on his Passive 1.


So that post about Scara integrating some of Faruzan's kit into his baseline is actually true?


Alright so what buff did they give to Scara with this another nerf? That buff better be worth it. 80 ER, and low particle regeneration even on C6 while she intended to be used on every rotation because her Burst give a ton of debuff and buff.


all they did was “buff” his NA by like 5% ;-;


That's what I said. Nerfing her even when she's already has hard times to fulfill her Burst when her Burst is her most important aspect but didn't BUFF scar enough like seriously? Even gorou can Buff from E and he doesn't do any DMG like Faruzan but he's working much better as SUPPORT instead this messy kit. Mihoyo seems really put Male DPS on lowest expectations.


right?? I’m just hoping they make some changes before beta ends so team rotations would be smooth :( so much people have been looking forward to scara dps and faruzan support


Why are you doing this hoyo?


She gonna need more ER than my raiden at this point, and I have 290%.


Mihoyo making sure not to make another good 4 star after people got used to Xinqiu and Bennett. If it's even remotely decent, they'd still find a way to nerf to make it below average.


I dont know if they dont realise that by creating these niche ass 4* characters, they further strengthen the older 1.0 4* characters like benny, xingqiu, xiangling and fischl because why spend pulls on that upcoming new 4* character, when they still arent even close to the older ones power level even at c6. The characters I mentioned are universal. You can slap them on every team and they will do great. Faruzan being a dedicated support for an element means she is locked to anemo dps teams, which only consist of Xiao and Heizou and Scara when he arrives lmaoo


If they made everything cracked, people would be more willing to spend on everything….not less Meta matters, esp in China


Except cracked 4\*s don't pull in spend on their own. They're more like a value add for the 5\* banner. Look at the reactions when, for example, we got the leak that Mihoyo moved Layla from the first phase Kusanali/Yoimiya banner to the second phase. Very few, if any, people reacted with "cool, well now I'm going to spend twice as much money to get Nahida and Layla". Mostly, you had people either being happy because they were rolling on the second phase banners anyways, and now those banners had better value, or people planning on reducing spend on the first phase banners, because C0 was good enough until they had a banner with more value. Given that the 5*s are still the main source of income, if you make your value adds too good, that could cannibalize sales of your main product, and reduce sales overall. As far as the original 4*s being too good, that doesn't really matter sales wise. Most of your veteran players have already C6ed the old characters that they really need.


Really the only reasoning that makes sense is that there really could be a 5 star anemo support in the works. Otherwise its just bad logic like you laid out.


I think that sus leak is actually true we should wait for last week of beta


That's right, this week alone has changes outside of schedule. 3.3 Livestream is next week so tomorrow's changes might be significant.


So if a heavy attack generates 2 heavy attacks, and those 2 heavy attacks will each generate 2 heavy attacks, Farzan does infinity damage! Idk about you guys but I think she might be a bit strong for a 4 star.


Ok how many more nerfs until Faru becomes not even worth running in Scara teams? Are we already there? I was planning on C6 ing her but at this point I might just run Scara with 3 generic supports cuz this shit is getting stupid


Next nerf she'll start stealing energy from the team and she'll buff the enemies Anemo resistance XD I agree with the generic support route. I'm sure he can help 36\* abyss in Taser or National just fine, assuming you have a good team on the other half.


I’m OOTL but I’m so disappointed that this really great looking character seems to be getting butchered and nerfed every little update here. At this point I dont even think she’s worth investing in anymore lol.


Well, at C6 she still buffs more than C4 Jean and (allegedly) C2 Shenhe, so she's still very strong for anemo, just annoying to use /sigh


Jesus...I once took a tour through a Slaughter house...and not even there did I see someone get so brutally cut down like this...


I don't understand these, but lemme put on my clown makeup anyways


Mihoyo what did Faruzan even do for you to make her like this. 😭


Faruzan was good for Xiao. That's what. MHY wants to stay true to canon lore by making Xiao suffer


Some energy maths for C6: \> 200% er Faruzan \> 6 collapses while burst active \> Every collapse will give faruzan 2-4 energy (12-24), lets take it as minimum - 12 (one enemy getting hit), 12\*200% = 24 energy \>Every collapse will create 1-2 particles (6-12), 9avg, Faruzan is offield so she will get 9\*1.8\*200%er = 32.4 energy \> 24 + 32.4 = 56.4 energy from C6 only, you will also get 5.4(offield)-9(on field)avg energy from E shot (60+energy in total) + energy from dead enemies or Favonius should be enough for 80 energy burst Buuuuuuut it is C6, without C6 or at least C4 it looks really terrible ​ Btw maybe C1 second shot gives energy but testers did it in this 3s cd and if you shot 2nd time after this 3s it will give particles?


> Every collapse will give faruzan 2-4 energy (12-24), lets take it as minimum - 12 (one enemy getting hit), 12*200% = 24 energy Just a note, usually unless otherwise specified flat energy generation is not affected by ER.


>Just a note, usually unless otherwise specified flat energy generation is not affected by ER. Well, it means it is even worse now -\_-


This mysterious future 5 star anemo support better be a tall husbando if they’re gutting Faruzan like this


im not gonna hold on to that might take a year. and ugh i dont want another niche 5star support like shenhe


If it’s a 5 star husband that meshes well with my other 5 star husbands, I’ll take it. I love Itto Mono Geo


The only element I'd make an exception for though is anemo. Just cause I'm a Xiao and soon Wanderer main. I was plenty happy with original Faruzan though.


They better make Wanderer, Xiao, Heizou, and even Kazuha into abyss destroyers Why’d they have to do my girl like that. They are disrespecting their own girl too, Miku’s “Mi” is the inspiration for “Mi”hoyo


Yeah, I was p disappointed that they wasted their Miku inspo on a side character. I was hoping they would save it for someone more important like an archon or, idk, someone actually in the archon quest, or even a 5 star.


So basically the 5* anemo support Fontaine thingy is true, hence why they had to power her down alot


You'd think that mihoyo would treat their Miku look-a-like nicely but NOPE


People defending the nerfs be like🙃: It's not sooo bad after all ok.... She gives plenty of buffs.... Just run fav weapons and 200+ er on everyone, even xiao and scara 5head


Guessing Heavy Attack means Charged Attack? And Convex means Constellations? It would probably be best if someone just made a post with it written out in proper English/Terms....


Stop she's already dead


rip hatsune miku. Im so excited for you and your design but its all now ruined.


I'm gonna build her with Elegy and ER sands and 2pc ER set. Her buff is based on base atk anyways xD


Nerfed even more? Damn, it looks like my decision to skip her constellations for Scara's weapon was the right one


So... nerfs or buffs?


It's an energy nerf. She went from CA produces 3 particles to 2 particles, to 50/50 chance of 1 or 2 particles and her second charged attack from her C1 no longer produces particles.


But didnt they change it from generating particles every 6s to now every collpase which is 3s. Its less gen per hit but more frequent hits. Or am i misunderstanding?


Man they really fears her


Who knows. Im pessimistic. Watching them gut faruzan every week has been painful


Fuck another nerf, she might not be even viable till c6 just like sara, also that CA skill mechanic to generate particle really putting me off just to play her




Stop stop she's already dead


Do I even wanna pull her anymore? ;-;


Nerf after nerf, along with Scara using the same old teams as Raiden (National, etc) and Scara having almost no good f2p weapon options (unlike Tighnari, Cyno, and Nahida who had even had THREE STAR options) means I have gone from a must pull (due to also being a Xiao main) to a probable skip to save for Yelan (and maybe Haitham if they don't ruin him too)


I’ll still main her no matter what nerfs she gets at this point 🫡


Sunchildren: I was burned alive Ruu: I was human sacrificed for thousands of years /u/SeaCollide: Amateurs /u/SeaCollide: I was a Faruzan main


This comment wins the earth ☝️ ( u/SeaCollides: Amateurs u/SeaCollides: I’m also a Xinyan and Kaeya triple-crowned main )


god bless your soul.


I totally understood everything that was just said here


May I ask? How good was Faruzan before she got nerfed ? I only read the kit once and next thing I know u guys are saying she’s getting nerfed to oblivion Complete details are welcome


She got her Anemo DMG bonus nerfed from 42.7% to 32.4% (talent level 10 values), and the Anemo RES shred nerfed from 40% to 30% (level 10 values). The multipliers of his Burst got increased from 384.5% to 679.7% (level 10). This is a nerf overall, but won’t impact much Xiao’s team damage, nor Scaramouche’s damage. Apparently people on NGA have been complaining all the time about Scaramouche being too dependant on Faruzan, this might be the reason why he got a little buff while Faruzan got a little nerf. Anyway, luckily, Faruzan is still by far the BiS Anemo support for Xiao and she is part of Scaramouche’s best teams. She is much better than Jean C4 at buffing their damage, and her buffs also cover a much larger area. She is also still a better support for Xiao/Scaramouche than the other dedicated supports are for the characters they buff. Without her C6 she doesn’t produce many energy particles and will need a massive amount of ER for her 80 Energy cost Burst, this is what most people are dissatisfied about. People are also dissatisfied about her having ATK% ascension while we cannot build her for damage because of the Energy cost.


Gorou is still arguable better at buffing since he is buffing the damage of his whole team, because of synergy. You won't be playing Faruzan in an Anemo only comp, but Gorou basically does all his buffs 2x, since you'll be playing Itto and Albedo. I mean lets compare all the buffs of a Mono Geo Team to a Xiao/Scara team with Faruzan and you'll see that Gorou does a better job, because of synergy. Here are the full buffs of an Mono Geo Team, if I'm not mistaken: Geo Reso: 15% flat dmg increase 20% Geo Res shred Zhongli: 20% Res Shred Gorou: remember he buffs Itto and Albedo, so 2x. Def Bonus 371>740 overall Geo Dmg Bonus 15%->30% overall 25% Def extra because of A4->50% overall C4 basically Bennett heal C6:40% GEo Crit Dmg->80% overall and almost everything on a damn E. Dedicated artifact set on your main ego dps, look those buffs up yourself. There isn't remotely an artifact set, that comes even near that for Anemo. 2-Piece: 30% Def, 4-Piece: 24% extra DEF and 24% Geo dmg Bonus, Now please come up with a Scara/Xiao team, that even remotely buffs them the same way. Its like people are looking at Faruzan as if you play Genshin in duos....You play 4 characters, you always have to look at a characters kit in a way as what does that character bring to the table for the whole team, not just a single character.


That's a very unfair assesment by just crunching numbers without looking into practical usage. Faruzan technically still has better buffs than Gorou at C6 just on paper alone and has actual CC and rainbow utility. Do note that Gorou himself is the reason why Geo is locked as a mono comp. Which isn't an entirely good thing. Zhongli and Gorou himself also deal relatively little damage, making his team-wide buffs a bit moot. Even Albedo won't do as much damage as Itto. Anemo offers much more flexibilty. Those last 2 slots can be any element and any character in the game and can swirl into more offensive reactions. They have the luxury of running more broken characters like Yelan and Bennett AND future release characters. Faruzan herself can hold VV for the sub-dps. In contrast, Geo has to run at least 3 Geos and the 4th will almost always be Zhongli just to have a meaningful amount of shred. There's also nothing stopping people from running a third Anemo. Both Venti and Jean offer high utility and damage. I mean, Gorou is really good. But moreso that mono Geo is by far one of the most complete team comps in the game. You're also factoring in Artifacts and Resonance which are both outside of what Gorou brings to the team.


Stop, she's already dead


Don’t worry Xiao mains, even at the current beta she is busted for Xiao. Granted BEFORE she hits C6 you could argue she doesn’t add enough damage to justify building her. Still, even before C6 she buffs Xiao’s damage a ton. And at C6 she is undeniably his best in slot support. Let’s just hope Mihoyo doesn’t touch her numbers anymore


they dont want anemo dpses to thrive CONFIRMED


Yes kings, give her a high burst and give her almost no energy gen at all so your depressed, God complex manlet has nice sales. I hope his banner turns into the next Keqing just because we can't have a general use 4* that's actually usable and not a niche filler


Honestly, why bothering with Faruzan when Jean exists ?


At this rate , yunjin is better than faruzan lol


Nerf her more and she'll be badder than Xinyan


don't wanna be that guy but it's "worse" not "badder"


Thank you for the correction, but I was worried that I'd get it confused between worst and worse


Razor language please…?


Just regular English would do lmao


and I literally just finished farming her artifacts with 300% ER :(( guess even that wont be enough


Istg she's just here for emotional support now