Sussy 2nd weapon banner from NGA

Sussy 2nd weapon banner from NGA


3 sac weapons on top of 2 new wps, that is way too good wthh


Do weapon pity carry over? Never pulled but might spend 10 or 20 wishes in hope of some good weapons. Besides bows and catalysts, I'm badly in need of swords and polearms


Yes, pity carries over, but Fate points do not.


Fates are when yoy actually pull a 5star right? So no worry if I only drop 10 or so wishes?


Yup, if you just drop a couple of rolls and don’t get anything then you can save the hard pity for a future weapon banner


Wait till you get two summit sharper in your 10 pull. Then homa on the 80th.


Literally never worry about fate. It takes 210 wishes on an individual banner to matter


The weapon pity carries over, so if you have x amount of pulls without a 5 star you will keep that pity. If you lose the 75 percent, then the pity of guaranteed rateup weapon also carries over. However, the epitomized path pity, the one that can guarantee a specific weapon, does not carry over. So when the banner ends you lose the epitonized path, but not the pity or the rateup guarantee.


I actually didn’t know this since I never use that banner. What’s the “guaranteed rate up weapon” concept? Last time on Raiden weapon banner I got an off banner catalyst, it was neither of the featured ones. What does that mean for my next weapon banner pity?


If your last 5\* weapon was non-rateup, the next is guaranteed to be one of the two rateups. The epitome path still takes 2 losses to guarantee though regardless. (Don't forget to use it if you pull)


Your can't get an off banner weapon now . It's guaranteed one from the rate up


The pity does carry over banners but Fate points don't So If you get 2 Fate points, the next banner it will be reset


that one twitter person hoping for vortex vanquisher is punching air rn


Good to know we all love the guy. Mafuyu ftw.


I hope vortex vanquisher gets a rerun soon so we could see that person's expression when they finally get what they wanted. On another note, I really love watching the tweets of that person who's obsessed with an albedo rerun finally winning. Their dedication is commendable. Edit: So thank everyone for pointing it out. From now on, I'll use they/them when referring to an unknown person haha.


You don’t have to say guy/girl yknow. Person or even “dude” works fine lol


Person is S tier.


"that motherfucker" is S+ tier


What's their @? Not mafuyu I'm talking about the Albedo rerun guy.


I think its @Ei_en_Ni I would link it but Idk how to tho on reddit.


This would be the 3rd time we've seen Summit Shaper on a banner since the last Vortex Vanquisher. Spear is a myth.


Good, it's so bad. I hope Zhongli gets a good BiS in the future..


now he has a reason to spam those even more so I think he's relieved xD


Vortex Vanquisher with Itto’s weapon hopium


I guess they're gonna release the bow from this series


Watch it be Childe’s new bis. /s Childe mains gonna be broke with pulling for *all* of his bows (Skyward Harp ‘BiS’, Thundering Pulse ‘New BiS’, Polar Star ‘signature weapon and new BiS’)


I just use rust. Fits him visually.


omg I’m relating so much to this LOL


Kinda, tbh the total diference between then aint a big deal so if you already have one is quite stupid to pull for another


That sign can't stop me because I can't read lol But fr, we know that the difference is only minimal (usually 3-5%). But we pull for it anyway because he's our fave character, and the upcoming ones don't really entice me as much as a signature bow for Childe. I'm just a bit frustrated that we don't get roadmaps or at least a preview for what characters/weapons Mihoyo plans to release in the near future. If I knew a signature bow was underway, I wouldn't have wasted wishes on Thundering Pulse tbh.


> If I knew a signature bow was underway, I wouldn't have wasted wishes on Thundering Pulse tbh. this is actually exactly why mihoyo doesnt release their plans LOL


Exactly, which is why I found it to be scummy/frustrating since I would have spent these wishes anyway, but on other characters I also like but ended up skipping since Childe’s bow was simply higher priority for me. I probably would’ve spent the same amount of wishes and gotten Polar Star and Raiden, rather than getting Polar Star and a seldom used Pulse.


Please for the love of god no. I have four 5* weapons and three of them are polearms. I don’t need another…


:) same


I'm in the same boat. Four 5\* weapons, 1 Mistsplitter, 3 Skyward Spines. End me :)


Damn… I at least have Spine, Homa, PJWS and then Lost Prayers. Feel bad for you man, wish you the best of weapon luck from this point forward!


If it wasn't Staff of Homa it would definitely be VV. I think two same 5 star weapon types can't coexist in a weapon banner, as far as I can remember.


Can confirm this has never happened before


I'm really disappointed myself. I know it's not meta or whatever, but I still want the VV to complement Zhongli's aesthetic.


Same here, I know Homa is broken and a better weapon for Zhongli as well (they put Homa in his story quest trial too apparently, F for VV), but I truly like it aestetically wise. Hopefully it will be in one of the next banners.


The biggest thing they did is not put VV on the weapon banner during the rerun for Zhongli. They put Summit Shaper and Memory of Dust. Lmao


This poor soul


I don't use Twitter and I want VV. I mean, it just looks good and I never gave Long Dong Zhong a break since I got his shield to ten. I mean, it just looks good. Aesthetic > Meta


Sorry for interrupting your comment but I suddenly decided to find what long dong would be in chinese so I can have longdongzhong somewhere in hieroglyphs as a pun. Found 龙洞 in the dictionary. It's "dragon cave" aka "stalactite cave" and I'm rolling on the floor rn like a 12-year old. Google pictures of the caves if you don't immediately understand what i mean. Also 龙洞钟 if anyone ever needs this.


I was legit hoping for it here lol


He’ll be busy pulling for Hu Tao


He's my kind of guy


Here i am coping to be getting homa and harp.


well hoping for amos but I wouldn't mind a 2nd harp. It'll give Ganyu/Yomiya one bow each.


Crying as I have 2 skyward harps with zero characters to use it on, besides Fischl. I'd give you my harp if I could.


The 4 stars are stacked AF though? No Bell or some other shit 4\* weapons? Fake! :P


Seems impossible, but if I'm not wrong, on Klee banner we had the whole sacrificial series with lost prayer ans WGS So it's possible it's true =p


Yeah klee banner had all the sac weapons + dragons bane


Love how the 4 stars have matching aesthetics


yeah for a second i thought the new polearm was a sacrificial polearm i was so confused lol


oh yeah wait does that not exist? I never thought about it. We don't have a sacrificial lance, that's kinda weird


Because we ain’t ready for two god of the stove


oh my god I've never needed anything more than an army of guobas


I mean, Kokomi can't have two jellyfish with sac fragments. So I doubt they'd let Xiangling have two Guoba with sac lance. Also, don't have Fischl so can't test. Can Fischl have two Oz with sacrificial?


A lore about something something polearm is lowlifes weapon in mondstadt so no sac polearm


Yeah the only exceptions being Rosaria, who doesn't care about anyone's opinions, and Thoma who left Mondstatd anyway.


Well, modern mondstadt doesn't have the same elitism anyways, but the sacrificial weapons wouldn't have a polearm version because they're official ceremonial weapons from back in the old days. Royal Polearm I believe was made in secret, separate from the rest of the royal weapons (because they had to write something to make the shop weapons make more sense lol)


It is interesting though, a weapon a nobleman practiced in secret to be able to use it for his power play while keeping beneath suspicion.


And yet we have a favonious lance ?


\>A spear of honor amongst the Knights of Favonius. It is used in a ceremonial role at parades and reviews, but it is also a keen and mortal foe of monsters. By studying the arbor that held firm in the wind, the craftsmen and scholars of Mondstadt would learn much of elemental affinities. <...> \>It was once required of all nobles to study the art of the sword, that they might grow in stature and wisdom. In those days, the art of the spear was reserved for foreign gladiators and traitors. But there was once a noble scion who wielded a spear. They said that Eberhart would enjoy the night breeze as he caught the first drops of dew with his spear tip. An illegitimate child, Eberhart dreamed of recapturing the glory and pride of ancient nobility. Yet, he needed greater power in order to destroy these rotten foundations. <...> \>"So what if those who came after should despise me? I will do anything to achieve my goals." Basically, it's all outdated aristocrat elitism from over 1000 years ago. Modern knights use any weapons


While someone already explained lore-wise why it doesn't make sense, here's the pragmatic explanation from MHY's POV: At launch, the only polearm character was XL. And Guoba's entire animation almost matches with his cooldown so, in terms of Sac Lance's proccing, they would have to either program 2 Guobas or make the Sac Lance proc only **after** Gouba vanishes which would save you like 2 seconds making it meh. And ZL, the next polearm user to be released after XL, needs constellation to have 2 Geo Pillars at the same time so a Sac Lance on him would be useless most of the time unless he has cons. And Hu Tao would end up being ***extremely*** broken if you could just spam her E non-stop.


Also xiao would just have a free c1


kazuha can do that too with sac sword basically


> they would have to either program 2 Guobas actually they already programmed 2 Guobas, with the Gambler set, and one of the abyss buffs too theoretically I think you could actually have THREE Guobas out at a time


Thinking HT would be broken with Sacrificial Polearm is a fallacy, similar to thinking C6 Childe is a massive upgrade. You use downtime to swap to supports, so HT does not benefit much from increased uptime. She gains consistency at the cost of substantial damage over Dragon's Bane.


The animation stuff also doesn't really make sense - there's nothing particularly gamebreaking about having two guoba's at once, and if they didn't want to deal with that they could just make the first disappear when you cast the second one. They added Sac Bow without any issues, even though Fischl and Amber both have elemental skills that spawn a minion too.


and since Thoma is gonna be released soon. With a Sac Polearm, he could actually stack his Shield with his E alone, making it quite powerful. plus about the hu tao part, Hu tao's E doesn't dmg enemies, so It can proc the Sac Effect.


Blood blossom


I agree but disagree with the Hu Tao part, We already have Diluc or heck even Yoimiya to utilize Sacrificial. Are they extremely broken? No, sure it's great for basically almost 100% uptime but the lost in damage is quite noticeable.


Wouldn’t the sword be featured on albedos banner? The four star line up also looks too good to be true.


they already gonna give a sword for him for free so it is possible that "his" 5 star sword will be with homa.just like zhongli spear was not with him


Thats very possible. During the Zhongli rerun, the weapon banner was Summit Shaper and Memory of dust so Mihoyo could easily put VV during Albedo rerun


hmm so his weapon banner could be vortex vanquisher with amos/wgs


from the looks of it not pulling when Homa/WGS banner was a thing will forever be one of my greatest regrets in this game


I watched a video of tectone pulling on that banner and got like 8 WGS and no Homa so don’t regret it too much lol at least now you can guarantee a Homa even if the 2nd weapon is meh


even if I hadn't gotten Homa a WGS would still have been welcome because I was a Diluc main at the time and now I'm an Eula main who only has skyward pride :' ) I didn't pull at the time because I am mostly F2P but I think if there was ever 1 banner where an F2P should've spent their primos on it was this one


Skyward Pride is really good on Eula, I've both that and WGS and honestly prefer Skyward. On paper it does less damage than WGS, but practically it's good because the passive evens out her damage over the duration of her ult, and helps charge ult faster. WGS loads everything into the one ult nuke which is overkill more often than not anyway.


that's fair tbh! I do like Skyward Pride for the exact reason you mentioned but recently thanks to Raiden I don't really need the ER anymore :/ most of the characters I enjoy building are all batteries so aside from the damage/passive I get from it it feels kind of redundant to use, still better than anything else I have tho


Serpent spine does comparable damage to WGS so definitely consider that.


>from the looks of it not pulling when Homa/WGS banner was a thing will forever be one of my greatest regrets in this game Actually, that might have been the best thing that you ever did considering some whales needed $2000 to get their first Homa.


nah I’d be fine with WGS


God, fuck the whole Liyue weapon set, seriously


Eh, I was fine enough with Memory of Dust to risk it, and if you told me "Summit Shaper or Homa, pick one." I'd take Summit Shaper because Keqing is an eternal arms race of trying to make the best of a bad situation.


>Keqing is an eternal arms race of trying to make the best of a bad situation. She is literally copium incarnate


Is it better than r5 lions roar? I wanted homa for tao but worst case summit for keq doesn't seem too bad. I already have an r5 road and r4 black sword though so idk


That, I can't say from experience. I've only got the one Lion's Roar and it's not developed, also no Summit Shaper of course. Thing about Summit Shaper is it relies on somebody other than its user to be effective, you need someone like Zhongli or Diona to keep it running at full click.


>Keqing is an eternal arms race of trying to make the best of a bad situation. I hate how true this is for me especially, since I only became a Keqing main after losing my 50/50 on Eula and at the point I just wanted a 5 star to build-


WGS is a myth


To be fair last time WGS was on the weapon banner was on Homa. I don't want more duplicates without getting the spear again...




I hope it is fake and we will get another 2nd weapon


I hope we get one of the perma bows instead. It's been a while since we had either Skyward Harp or Amos Bow, no ?


Same. If ever it's really gonna be summit shaper, it's really foreboding for me since I did get unforged and MoD and *I'm beginning to see a pattern I'm not sure I'll like*


Hey man let me congratulate you in advance for getting summit sharper lmao ✌✌


Welp, if it's good for ayaka, I guess it's a win lol


Yeah but I hope we get SoH tough lol


Why they can't put skyward harp?


They saving harp for a banner with a incredibly specific 5 star donut I mean weapon


Source: [https://ngabbs.com/read.php?tid=29049925](https://ngabbs.com/read.php?tid=29049925)


I mean its still weird because the history says it should be a claymore and there's no reason to drop albedo weapon before Albedo banner


Logic and mihoyo are archnemeses, need I remind you


Someone mentioned that there may be a free event weapon that suits Albedo so maybe that's why. Perhaps it'll actually be a DEF weapon.


Guess albedo's 5 star tailored weapon will be on his 2nd rerun then just like Childe.


Or he might not get one (or not on the second rerun anyway. Going forward weapon is likely how Mihoyo will induce powercreep into the game, rather than characters). Klee's official themed 5* is the Dodoco Tales, and her "tailored" 5* that came out with her is the Lost Prayer.


If it existed, it would be in the current beta.


I'd like more Sacrificial Sword plz Mihoyo.


Btw who is the person that leak this ? Are they credible ? Albedo is in 2.3 it'll be weird to drop Summit shaper on 2.2 with homa. Should be claymore right ?


All the geo weapons in the last and current banners were weird


Mihoyo just became unpredictable when they reran Childe for the 3rd time, so it's not really weird for Mihoyo to drop some shit like this lol


The Childe rerun is also an ayaka rerun without the ayaka.


First 2nd rerun, first banner where all the 4 stars are the same as another banner, first rerun banner with a new BiS. Rerun archon indeed.


The only thing that holds this leak back for me is that almost all other character weapon banner reruns had the same 5 star weapon class as the original one. All of Tartaglia's weapon banners had a bow and a catalist. Both of Venti's had a bow and a sword Both of Klee's had a catalist and a claymore The only exception so far has been the banner on Zhongli's second weapon banner, which didn't share any weapons with the original one.


At least the sword is somewhat usable 👍 Not a totally worthless banner


I’d take it for Ayaka tbh, better than Black Sword I’m sure.


Of course. Black sword can boost AA infusion but not actually needed, and you're likely to overdose on CR. This thing is 2nd bis from what i have heard


Definitely 2nd best for dmg after Mistsplitter. Jade Cutter has too much effective crit rate for usual permafreeze Ayaka, and Aquila Favonia is gimped by physical% dmg secondary.


Definitely. People really undervalue the liyue weapons.


I god I hope it's fake as fuck


There goes my plans of rolling on it then. Can't they do a banner with a 2nd decent weapon for once again?


I doubt after epitomized path we'll ever get banners like PJWS+Jade cutter and Homa+WGS, nothing can top those banners.


god i wish i rolled in the jade spear and cutter banner


i did and i got skyward pride 🙃


Same. Hindsight....


Yes considering you dont have decent sword. Its a good sword if you are running ayaka with diona (more likely running with moryana team) so its a win win. For you either you got 1 homa or summitshaper


I admit I'm not into meta, but isn't summit sharper decent enough for 5*? Or any weapons not BiS are shit weapons now?


All of the shield weapons are very good, if you have a strong shielder. Only gripe about them is that passive requires you to get 5 stacks that lasts for 8s, making them less optimal or clunky to use in quickswap team. Otherwise they are good for on-field carries like Eula, Ayaka, Hu tao, etc


It’s the second best in slot for nearly all sword dps users assuming you have a shielder it gives a straight 90% attack bonus at max stacks which is insane. In nearly every scenario it’s stronger than Jade Cutter with properly distributed stats. People wave it off as bad because it doesn’t allow for the glamorous 80/240 or 50/280 builds with Jade/Mist which looks strong but when plugged into a calculator aren’t even optimized.


From my perspective, as a low spender, if I'm going to be spending primos on the weapons banner (which is notoriously bad for FTP/low spenders), it should be their BiS. I'd rather save up for a new character and use a 4* weapon than blow rolls on a slightly less optimal weapon. That being said, I still haven't pulled on the weapons banner regardless. Summit Shaper with Homa isn't terrible imo, but I think that's why a lot of people were willing to go for Homa/WGS than Homa/Summit Shaper if this leak is real.


Its how MHY roll lmao I'd just save my primos than risk em.... Wait I don't have a decent sword on Ayaka is this weapon good on her??


It's her second BiS assuming you are running her with Diona.


Which is gonna be annoying for me because the amenoma looks way better on her


if its really summit shaper i might just fucking cry. god i just want to get a good weapon for my mains without some ugly piss colored weapon on the side


seriously. i cant take it anymore.


That's a bit harsh. The aesthetics on the Liyue weapon series isn't that bad in my opinion. It's also a good sword for shield type team comp.


its a decent sword all in all, but honestly i dislike the reliance on shields and stacks to get the best out of it. also atk% is hardly the most desirable stat since its pretty easy to get from many outside sources (ttds, bennett, sara, yoimiyas passive, pyro resonance, noblesse, millelith, etc...) so i prefer crit weapons.


Wasn't it supposed to be a Claymore? Ouch.


I am hoping for bow...harp, amos oe eldy...or wgs..if it's one of those i won't regret to go all out on this banner..


homa + harp hopium plsplspls


Hope the sac sword rate on is real


Somehow the weapon banner is decided before the Character banner...?


That's a pretty stacked 4\* roster.


If summit shaper is here, then what are they going to run with albedo? I know it’s not good on him, but it was run with him last time. There are no leaks for a 5 star albedo signature, so this makes me think this banner is wrong.


They might pull a Zhongli and make his second weapon banner completely different from the first one.


True, the only options left for a sword are Skyward Blade (4 banners ago) and Aquila (last run was in 1.5). Thing is that neither of them make sense with him. Or they'll just ignore it and not put a sword in his weapon banner.


Apparently I’m the only person here that is super stoked about this banner, Summit Shaper would be amazing for my Ayaka since I run her in a perma freeze team with Diona and Staff of Homa is well Staff of Homa. It would be a great upgrade for my Xiangling or Raiden. Not to mention the four stars look pretty good as well, hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some more sacrificial swords for my Xingqiu and Kazuha.


Please be staff of homa + broken pines 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


As someone who wants any 5-star stat stick for my Ayaka and Bennett, I'll take it.


Our Ayaka comrade!


At least... is not Song of Broken Pines... I can relax now


Homa and Wolf’s Gravestone would be an awesome weapon banner


No god please no! Not that sword


It's honestly better than I expected.


Man ANYTHING but that sword




oh god


The sword users I use: xingqiu, bennett, jean i really want homa, do you think it's worth to try my luck?


If you’re using them all as support… Sacrificial sword is almost BIS (only one beating it is jade cutter) for Xingqiu Summit shaper is great on Jean (high attack, atk%) for both dps and support roles. Summit shaper allows you to build ER, anemo damage, and crit stats without sacrificing healing ability. It’s a great banner for you considering Homa is on it as well.


WGS??!?!?? When?


when ayaka and hutao haver




I was just thinking that we haven’t seen The Summit Shaper in a while, but wouldn’t it make more sense for it to appear alongside Albedo’s rerun? Yes I know about Cinnabar Spindle, but weapon banners *usually* feature a weapon to go along with the featured limited five star character.


the gacha gods didnt give me space ishtar, i hope they give me both weapons in one 10 roll


That sword was released with Albedo and so far there aren't leaks of any new 5 star sword appearing (iirc) and Albedo is in 2.3... It'd be quite awkward to have the sword in this banner and then albedo without a "signature" weapon (although it very clearly isn't).


Would be just like zhongli rerun


Sounds feasible too. Place an average one alongside HOMA (which people will pull). Then put VV alongside WGS in Albedo's banner because there no real 5\* that fit him (except PJC?) anyway.


Makes sense TBH. I reckon they'll run Vortex Vanquisher + a good BiS weapon (WGS) during Albedo's banner. I doubt they'll repeat the Skyward Series without doing WGS first.


However he got his signature at 2.3 too, but its 4*


Fucking give us VV already, Mihoyo


Just to add some salt to my wound, every leak under the questionable falir in this sub has come true. This might be another one.


if i get hu tao early i would def pull on this banner tbh i want a staff of homa so bad


The problem is that miHoYo made Staff of Homa too good and broken, many players will take the bait and be disappointed not pulling it, others will get it in early pulls thus perpetuating the gacha luck illusion. It is tempting, but I won't fall for the bait and keep my wishes for future reruns.


Amos bow rerun when? Ganyu needs it badly lol




Damn it, wish it was broken pines instead.


Semi-new to the game: what is that second weapon and what makes it hot garbage?


The 2nd weapon is the sword Summit Shaper. Its ascension stat is atk%, and its passive provides atk% as well thats doubled when the character equipping the sword is shielded. Its just a very niche weapon imo, and with the existence of jade cutter/mistsplitter, its a subpar limited weapon to pull on


Well, it's still better than Aquila Favonia on my Ayaka so I'll take it.... But i'll be more happy to get SoH though lol


Yeah, I'll probably be pulling anyways too cause I really want SoH. If I end up getting Summit Shaper, I'll just stick it on my Bennet for the added atk I guess lol


Does the effect of Summit Shaper trigger even if the character is not on field? For example, if I equip it to Xinqiu, I use Zhongli Shield, I switch to Xinqiu and use his Burst, and then switch to Hu Tao, do Xinqiu's sword hits trigger Summit's passive?


From what I understand, Summit Shaper (SS) doesn't get stacks while the character equipping it is off-field. On the keqingmains website, on their guide for Beidou, they mention that she usually isn't able to get max stacks on the Unforged (same weapon series/passive as SS) by the time she ults. So no, I don't think XQ rain swords will get him stacks if he's not on field :/


Xingqiu's rainswords don't snapshot so no.


Summit sharper- its a sword, kinda good one when you have shield on


Ahh okay so like a sword version of The Unforged. Got it.




Not that hot garbage but it requires having a shield on your character for full potential. It's called summit shaper.


It's good for Ayaka in Perma freeze teams (Diona). And it's good for Bennett if you don't have Alley Flash or any other 5-star stat stick. It's not bad per se but it's not BiS for anyone.


Keep the 4 star weapons, but get that gross sword out of here, i hope this doesn't come true.


Based on how miHoYo is handling things, it sounds very plausible. They are trying to add more dependencies and affinities between characters and weapons, but spreading them on subsequent banners (see Albedo and then Itto). "Oh, Itto is hype, I want him. But to be near optimal and enjoy him I also need Albedo, so I have to pull him too. But Albedo works well with an affinity sword that works with shields, so I have to pull one on the weapon banner. Oh? There is Staff of Homa on that banner too? Say no more, take my wallet miHoYo!"


This is the worst possible outcome for me.


If summit shaper is the second banner what will Albedo’s banner be if he’s the rerun for 2.3, he doesn’t really have a signature weapon.


I already have The Unforged and Memory of Dust. Can't wait to put my hands on Summit Shaper because I'm sure I can't get Homa


That’s a lot of blue I’m seeing. Seems too good to be true


Summit Shaper kinda meh, but at least I can finally try again at getting the Sac Sword. 1 year and still no Sac Sword.


> 1 year and still no Sac Sword. WTF. Here's a bro hug.