Who's the person between scara's hands who's also falling? I've never seen that hat anywhere haha


I've been saving for scara and I have enough for guaranteed, but i also want alhaitham who's coming out soon. So I hope I get extremely good luck with scara so I can have leftover pulls for him :( And hopefully 3.4 gives a lot of primos..


Lucky to get Layla before Yae in 45 wish. I can now put the rest of my wish to Raiden C2 or wanderer if his playstyle is fun. Also got 3 Heizou, overall great wish experience this patch.


I just hammered out the Fungi event quests today, but I appear to be at the last stage called "Farewell, my shroom buddies" but I only ever caught 4 fungi and am missing the rest, so I'm unable to get a whole part of the event rewards for upgrading the rest. Is the event bricked? I only wanted to get the crown but now I can't seem to find a way to obtain the remaining shroom types.


You have to find the areas to catch other fungi on your world map


Anyone know whose character banner will run alongside Scara?




about Faruzan's dress......why the f does it have \*two\* small windows to \*that\* specific area?


I think there's "windows" all the way around. The art just draws your eye to those two.




Anyone else sorta surprised there wasn't more map content in this patch? I guess the TCG will take up a lot of our time, but I am worried now because I might not have enough Primogems to get Raiden or Ayato :(


not every update can have map updates. im just happy there are constant updates and not wait once a semester


I normally would agree, but two patches worth of no new area gaps haven't existed since version 1.3-1.5. All of 2.x had at most 1 patch without new areas, unless if you consider the 1.6 and 2.8 islands to be the same


TCG will give for 5 pulls worth of primos


Ngl if i knew hu tao would take over a year to get here i probably never would've started playing genshin impact but that's how they get you I guess.


same for me for shenhe but the again i play games for fun an entertainment not bc i cant have a character


It's been fun regardless but just a real kick in the nuts when so many other characters have had two banners in the mean time. On the flip side I now have enough intertwined fates saved to guarantee her C1 as well as wishing on other banners lol It's been very entertaining to make teams to compete with my friends from only 4 star characters.


i know the feeling wl. yoimiya and itto and xiao with multi then the ones we want going on a year ):


Oh man... First Layla and now Faruzan. I keep expecting deeper voices for these designs and then getting higher pitched ones. It's not that they're bad or I dislike the VAs, it's just not what I had envisioned


24 hours of time expiration for codes sucks, I didn't even know about the livestream and now the codes are gone.


24 hours? Hah, one of the last ones they expired in like 10. God forbid you go to sleep during the stream.


its a reward for watching the live stream so be grateful they let you redeem afterwards. it used to be 12hours that said, before every update they basically follow the same schedule so for the next 3 years you cant say you didnt know anymore


To be fair it was actually significantly less than 24 hours. Possibly not even 8 hours.


I didnt get to watch the livestream, but so did they verify if there is a pvp mode for tcg or only vs ai and friends?


Pvp but no leaderboards whatsoever. Just play with other players for fun.


Good enough for me. Lucky there is some form of matchmaking for me to kill time


4 times in a row I've missed the promo codes due to time zone differences, but I rarely play the game these days, so who cares. It just makes me want to launch the game less every time. It got so boring after Inazuma that I don't even bother following what's new and what's not any more. Damn shame.


It's ok if you prefer to play something else, but the general consensus is Sumeru is the best region by far. Promocodes are valid during 12 hours I think?




Expired too bad :((


The madmen straight up went and made Arkanoid.


Do we have any info on which 4 stars will be rerunning?


The only one we know will come for sure is Faruzan in the first half with Scara and Itto. Apart from that it‘s speculation, but this time the speculation is also pretty reliable. We know that Gorou always comes with Itto, so he most likely will be in the first phase to (99%). Then we know Sara is always with Raiden so she will come 99% in second phase. Many speculate that Yunjin will be run with ayato since they work well together and Yunjin hasn‘t had her rerun for a few banners. So basically Faruzan Gorou unknown in first half and sara, maybe yunjin unknown in second phase.


Scara can burn in hell for all I care. No, wait, that sounds like I have no interest. *SCARA SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BURN IN HELL FOREVER.* Anyway. I don't and never will play any male characters, so all that matters this time around is Raiden. It would be nice to get some constellations on my Raiden, since she's my main (and really my only) DPS, but I also want to save primos for an eventual Ayaka rerun. Arg.


Imagine shitting on Scara and maining Raiden on the same breath lmao


All the downvotes definitely coming from all the obsessed Scara fans. He has a HUGE fanbase and people are absolutely hyped for the boy


Actually, mine is for the irrational belief that the original commenter stated, about never playing male characters. Sounds like a misogynist or something. It's a typical behaviour of those who obsess over waifus.


Could you elaborate how mysoginists obsess over waifus? I didn‘t know about that


My bad. I forgot what misogynist meant. I don't know what the word is for people who oversexualize women to the point where they become their life. Talking the people who treat women like objects. Those people.


I see! That makes sense


There are plenty of people who pull only male characters. Downvoting for his preference makes you the bigot if anything.


Pulling for only male characters is bigoted too. Just using Genshin Impact as like, harem or whatever it's called where you enslave your sexual/romantic preference, is bigoted. I've no doubt people also only pull for lolis. It's not got a good reason and therefore is bigoted.


That's completely incomprehensible to me. Hopefully there will be absolutely zero required content involving him, because as far as I'm concerned he died falling out of his stupid mecha, and I never want to see him again.


And of course all the codes have expired AGAIN. As I said would happen, and got downvoted for saying.


They expire by design every single time, what kind of prediction is that?


One about how they expire before 99% of players even have a chance to use them.


I dont think you represent 99% of the playerbase. If you know that they will expire early, why the hell dont you just redeem them?


Because they only become available *while I'm at work* and expire before I get home. And if you bother to read this thread, you'll see many many dozens of people in the same situation, so I'm not just talking about myself.


So you dont have access to the internet via phone? Thats bad luck then and you have to live with it. Nothing will change no matter how often few people complain. At some point them might even make them only redeemable during the stream because thats the point of them anyway.


Maybe they are just sad they missed the codes again


I see Hoyo hasn't changed that ridiculously short time window to redeem codes.


There codes do not even last 9 hours. So if you have a busy day, responsibilities, or do not play it on mobile. Your completely out of luck. Most companies at least give you 24 hours. Some even given you up to 3 days. Which makes this games codes difficult to redeem.


I used to play a mobile game that would do codes during a similar patch video, and the codes would be cancelled basically the instant the video ended. If you didn't watch in realtime, no codes for you. That said, while it would be nice if they left the codes up longer, redeeming them can be done anywhere with a web browser. You just get the codes off this sub, and then redeem them on the Genshin website. Takes a minute or two and you never need to load up the game. You would have to find those few minutes though.


For the last point, you can redeem them on their website if you didn't know


yeah jfc less 18 hours? what kinda joke is that. some people have jobs.


Usual job excuse? Stop that shit, most people who play got jobs. If you cant find 2 minutes anywhere to redeem the codes then just accept it.


I had to spend my entire day working, then come home to install a washing machine. Fuck me for being busy on this particular day I guess.


Expired? After 6hrs?


Their stingyness with the amount of codes will prolly make me stop buying welkin too, some people have to work and cant be redeeming codes at the exact time of the stream. Annoying.


Man I just got off work I'm pretty cheesed. I got the same


The breakout mode actually looks fun with all the elemental interactions. The events tend to be easy so you probably wont have to go to deep into into but really want to try it now. And the first glimpse into the cardgame is very impressive. Gameplay we have to see but visually it doesnt look like a side part of the game. The background maybe is a bit bland but the card art and animations are beautiful


The funny thing is, this is something they could possibly release as a standalone mobile game if they wanted. Just something to kill a little time with. Obviously a standalone version wouldn't have the full characters or Genshin engine, but it wouldn't need any of that, you just put little cardboard cutouts behind the paddle, similar to the TCG.


They could if its somewhat fleshed out. On the other hand if the playerbase generally enjoys the mode, they now have a cool new reward they could put into chests or quest rewards in the overworld. Generally chests and rewards outside of events are super boring throwaway stuff you dont even look at but if you get some special cards that can even become a motivator.




Will we finally be able to spend sumeru tokens????


unfortunately no


So incredibly frustrating!


Shout out for (t)rap beats with traditional japanese instruments it is among my favorite rhythms


For christ's sake... Since I started the game I've been waiting for an ayato, raiden and/or itto rerun, and now we get them with scara, one of the characters I want most. I feel so bad about knowing I'll have to lose out on so many characters I like it's painful


You can probably ignore raiden. Archons get rerun very often.


I have a feeling they have detailed analytics on what characters players are likely to want based on other favorites and try to run them as close together as possible for maximum $$$


I had to skip ayato for itto and I've been waiting on scaramouche for over two years... just hoping I manifest the most insane luck possible


I pray for a back to back to pull for you sir / ma’am.


In the same boat…my main dps is Diluc on two accounts. Hard to be a low spender sometimes, you have to really think about who you want to pull for.


I've splurged a little recently, and actually having too many characters isn't great either, because you simply don't have time to play them all equally.


Or build them, honestly. As someone who has very little characters they play with, I already struggle to ascend them/farm their artifacts. The only character I've ever pre-farmed for a little bit is yae


After you spend some time in the game, like 1 year or so, it becomes pretty easy to build new units. I now ascend all brand-new characters to level 90 just because.


I dont know why but I kinda dislike that it seems Scaramouches character has not changed much. I would have loved if he was a cheeky brat but also a nice person now. From the trailer he still seemed to be a selfabsorbed douchbag.


I think it would be lazy writing to totally change him, although I wish I liked his character in the first place. I really dislike him but his kit looks wildly fun to play.


Isnt that one of the most overused tropes in anime game history? Why cant an obviously bad character remain bad? In what world do they get defeated and become instantly nice?


So I cant have my own likes and dislikes ? crazy how I need to justify myself \^\^


Many people haven’t taken the time to read the guidelines for the like / dislike button and confuse it for “I disagree with you”.


I dont care about internet points \^\^ Also I think the only sub that doesnt really do this is r/unpopularopinion


That may be true but you agreed to a code of conduct when you created your account, so consider whether you want to be the sort of person that honors their agreements or not. It’s important to know who we are and what we stand for.


Getting downvoted for having a disagreeable opinion happens on many subs. GI leaks just happens to be a particularly notable example The good thing is they also do heavy upvoting as well, so just think of people’s thoughts conveyed through karma system as more exaggerated here


It was not about me getting -karma I couldnt care less about inet points. Its more the ammount of people berrating me for dislikeing that he still acts (atleast it seems like it) the same way as he did before. Making him seem like he hasnt progressed in the time with Nahida or that the fall that he had had no impact on his memory. It feels like they want me to justify my opinion \^\^ Well anyways have a good day.


It’s not that they need justification, they just don’t agree with what you gave. I for instance think that simply turning Scaramouche into a nicer individual overnight doesn’t make it truly feel like he’s the same character, which is kinda important because his personality is quite unique amongst the Genshin roster. Plus, he HAS gotten nicer to an extent- he just adds a layer of toxicity whenever he does something nice. Like >!ordering the Traveler to wash the dishes after eating his specialty.!< Most of the people in this comment section aren’t exactly berating you either, it’s just a select few of them who are a little on edge about it and then a bunch of others who simply share the same beliefs. I think that’s enough of me talking for now, so you take care as well.


I upvoted you to get you back to 0 ;-)


It’s fine you didn’t need to, but thanks


I mean most scara fans like his personality so they would have been pretty upset if his whole character was changed overnight, me included


If redemption happened overnight, it would be nothing more than a deus ex machina. It's bad writing. The fact that the trailer shows he hasn't changed entirely his ways is a good thing in fact.


You gotta let character redemptions simmer. He's gonna take time and it'll be better for it.


That's just who the character is. It's part of why I don't like him.


Man, mixed feelings on Faruzan. On one hand, I have zero interest in her, character design- or lore-wise. On the other hand, Horie Yui has always been one of my favorite seiyuu. Kinda feel like a waste to put such a huge name on a somewhat-forgettable 4 star. Idk. I guess I won't pull for her specifically, but I'll take whatever copies I can get if I end up pulling for Wanderer.


Don't pull on her first and maybe one day she will grow on you, and you might be interested later. The game has many years left.


She is not released yet so we don't know her story.


The livestream went into her backstory, so while we don't know the whole picture, we know more about her than we know about a lot of characters in the game (if you don't deep dive into their lore).


ahhh i cant wait for him, i actually hated him at first but now i want him really bad 😤


Same though, like to me he was just some dude with a big hat before but now with his redesign and all I just have to pull for him


Did something happen to zach and corina? Or they just wanted to change it up?


Zach's busy with something else, idk about Cor


It's just a loop of Wanderer's theme from the trailer, but figured someone else might want it like I did: https://youtu.be/AM02nNiiJ9k


**Quick Links** * https://genshin.hoyoverse.com/en/gift?code=8ARAU6FNBNPV * https://genshin.hoyoverse.com/en/gift?code=NS8BD6EPS77Z * https://genshin.hoyoverse.com/en/gift?code=ET9SUPENB765


Already Expired. Damn.


Really stupid that they do that. It's only been twelve hours.


I was hoping someone did this! Much easier to redeem while I'm on mobile. :) Thanks!!!!!


Still working huh? Around this time in recent livestreams, people would be whining right about now not getting primos.


Thank you!!


The hero we needed but don't deserve




best person ever thank youuuuu 💕💕


You're the best, this was the easiest way of dealing with these codes on mobile


Me watching the event: They should bring back hide and seek Genshin: Windtrace is back! Me: Wow that was fast




As always happy for new version. Milady Faruzan please come home. Sad still no Hangout :(




KR Dub Broadcast PV: https://youtu.be/NBfJFUG9dSY




C3 is just meme damage for Ushi, you should pull Scara instead unless you're going for C6 Itto. \--signed, someone with C2 Itto who pulled on Itto's previous rerun for Gorou cons and accidentally ended up with C3 Itto.




I wish you could take my Gorou luck. I got him C6 purely from banners where he isn’t featured/standard banner (besides my first copy when I pulled for Itto) and I really needed other characters at the time.


youre living my dream. I want itto for mono geo. I want ayato and raiden as well because i don’t have her. I’m stuck between all three of them


If you don't want Scaramouche, I'd go for Itto first, that way you at least have a chance at the others. Also, Itto having Gorou on his banner is nice since your team is basically all set up at that point (especially if you have Zhongli or Albedo, but even Ningguang or Geo Traveler can make do)


To be fair Raiden doesn't need C2 in rational. A lot of the teams damage comes from xiangling. It really only makes a big difference in Raiden hyper carry.


Yay two of my favourite events are back 🥳 (Windtrace and Misty Dungeon)


oooh, block breaker. Oooooh, I LOVE this game


so mechanically, Faruzan feels very similar to Sara


Bow supports specialized for a single element? Yeah, sounds about right.


they fly now? They fly now!


Mihoyo will literally put anything in the game aside from engaging repeatable combat focused content in the game. Wake me up when they add "Teyvat Royale".


It's never going to happen. Even in Honkai which is a much higher intensity action game, half of the events are stuff like Plants vs Zombies knockoff, Dicey Dungeons knockoff, Fall Guys knockoff. Genshin has nowhere near the same level of hardcore attention so it's going to get even less in terms of content. Hoyoverse just likes throwing random quirky shit in their games.


>It's never going to happen. Even in Honkai which is a much higher intensity action game, half of the events are stuff like Plants vs Zombies knockoff, Dicey Dungeons knockoff, Fall Guys knockoff. Difference is that Honkai actually have 3 modes you can consider End Game in Abyss, MA and ER. And they dont shy to put Badges on the events that actually shows your high score. So having Side stories and wacky event modes is perfectly fine on HI3rd. Genshin has its flimsy Abyss and nothing more, so it become really annoying to not only get scraps of combat events once every blue moon, but also have the difficulty of said rare events disappear. Just look at the current event, is a joke difficulty wise, nothing like the original.


Yeah the original hypostasis event made me struggle and I couldn't get the namecard. Now this event is so much easier and doesn't even have a namecard.


I only played Honkai for a few months, but each of their “abyss” content having unique feels was nice. A boss rush, a rogue lite, and a more traditional abyss. Not to mention that shit reset once (or twice) a week.


Good. If it's repeatable it's prone to be boring after a while


In 2030 I'm hoping for a target lock on feature so I can use a controller and not feel like a bat trying to fuck a fire truck.


Teyvat beer pong


Oh my god. This new anemo set. It's, it's.... it's PERFECT for dps anemo characters. It's perfect for Jean, it's perfect for Heizou, and I'm assuming it's perfect for Scara and Faruzan. My dream is finally coming true. DPS melee Jean will be miiiine!


Did they annunce engulfing lightning or are we only stuck with the umbrella?


Just watching the Japanese version now, and the VAs are hamming it up big time, it's great


Scara/Wanderer's banner name being "From Ashes Reborn" made me snort-laugh. I mean, thematically it's perfect for him, but...sorry, Signora fans, that's a hit below the belt. Ugh, it's so hard to wait for hiiim. Why is it that it was easy when he was just a nebulous idea, but now that he's just two weeks away, I can't stand the anticipation? (I know why, that's rhetorical. But still.) This patch is *stacked*. Archon interlude with Scaramouche, which speaks for itself and looks like it'll be spectacular; Halloween is my favorite holiday so the Test of Courage is awesome (yes, I know it's not a Halloween thing, but it's got the same vibe); and asdfgh *TCG!!!* I've known about it for a long time, but I'm still super-stoked because in games with TCG minigames, I always get stuck playing them for *ages*. <3 (Also, Genius Invokation TCG was already totally Yugioh, but now it's *double* totally Yugioh. That story Lumine told had me laughing so hard I had to replay it a few times because I kept missing what she was saying.) And the minor events too! Windtrace is one of my favorite game events, that Brick Break game looks amazing, the balloon chase is...eh but still looks kind of fun, Misty Dungeon is always good...am I forgetting anything? The only way it could be better is if Labyrinth Warriors was finally having a rerun too. Best. Patch. Ever. I am excited for literally *everything* they talked about here. <3


It fits him well but that’s literally the perfect banner name for Signora.


Ah, but you see, there's a problem with that name - she never rose


Agreed. Though, if she ever does become playable in the distant future, there's still "Like a Phoenix"...or something like that, IDK, I can't name things.


> Scara/Wanderer's banner name being "From Ashes Reborn" made me snort-laugh. I mean, thematically it's perfect for him, but...sorry, Signora fans, that's a hit below the belt. God, I snickered at this and I shouldn't have.


Yeah, I was laughing and cringing at myself for laughing at the same time.












Wow holy shit I actually entered the codes before they expired this time lol


How long does it take before I see the rewards in my account? I redeemed all codes but I still don't see them in-game


It should be near instantly tbh. You'll get a notification in your inbox whether the code you input was valid or not.


Make sure you redeemed them to correct account/server because its instant


Usually i get them immediately, like within seconds. So no ingame mail yet for you?


I figured out the issue hehe! I'm a bit dumb sometimes


Any ETA when this releases?


Dec 7


Where does the “Genius Invocation” name come from? On a Genshin wiki, other languages’ name for the TCG involve seven saints or sages. At least those make cultural sense. But the English name looks like that episode of some adult cartoon that fun of a different adult cartoon by implying that the latter picks random words out of a pool and writes episodes around those.


It comes from their ass just like most of the EN localization whenever it deviates from either the lit. CN or JP version.


Yeah I'm not entirely sure if deviation but the whole recent arc seems to have mistranslated or misinterpreted "wisdom" entirely. Maybe the CN concept is different and wisdom was a poor word choice? Or maybe in CN there is no discintion between wisdom/intelligence/knowledge? It baffled me that almost everything they were saying about wisdom was just base knowledge in all the quests and intelligence at best in thinking moments.


Another patch, another Hu Taoless behavior.


Especially for a ghost and haunting based patch too.


Genius Invocation TCG subreddit when?


Already up r/GeniusInvokationTCG


New to Genshin. How do I redeem codes?


https://genshin.hoyoverse.com/m/en/gift You go to Mihoyo’s website. login to your Genshin account. Select your server and enter the code. These codes expire quickly


Settings -> Account


Redeem it here after you log in: [https://genshin.hoyoverse.com/en/gift](https://genshin.hoyoverse.com/en/gift) Or redeem it in game in the settings.


don't forget to redeem the codes, guys, they're limited


Yup, and as lots of people learned recently, not just time-limited, but redemption count-limited as well.


How is dottore going to redeem himself to be playable is anybody’s guess now.


Why should he redeem himself though? As far as things go, Scaramouche is very likely an outlier. Childe is still a Harbinger, no redemption anywhere in sight. Him being friendly to the traveler because of his weirdly placed affection is certainly no redemption lol


Okay then how is traveler going to accept him into the party if his loyalty is still to the tsaritsa and pierro’s best right hand man?


Care to remind me where or when Childe swore loyalty to the traveler? Or any character for that matter. We're in good terms with some, friends with others and yes loyalty is technically part of friendship but... If it were to come between loyalty to someone higher than them (everyone working under say Ningguang) or to their country/people (see Kokomi) and the traveler, how many would pick the traveler? It doesn't mean that their friendship isn't genuine but some loyalties matter more than others. And, as far as we're aware, the traveler is loyal to one person only: their sibling. Story wise, there is no need to have something stronger than Childe's supposed affection towards the traveler to justify having a playable villain being in our party. As a plot point, since this the lowest among accepted and credible reasons, it could be a truce called in order to stop the Abyss scheming in any of the past or future regions left. No more than that. It wouldn't be weird, at all, given the way Childe - despite still being a Harbinger and a menace in general - is already justified by a pseudo one-sided friendship with the traveler.


Though given his personality, dottore would want to travel with the traveler? Strange. Anyways I guess I’m not a big fan of that guy and all his experiments on people (esp collei) don’t say different segments of his life. Because all segments of his life, he is the same person. (Time in teyvat is not linear, dottore is dottore for all of his life segments)


Nobody denied Dottore being a jerk and a special kind of monster. Which is exactly why I like the character. You're very much free to not like him, it's just that canon has only two people travelling together: Paimon and the traveler themselves. Technically, the party of four is only for the gameplay, in game events (limited or permanent alike) only have certain characters as canonical members of the traveler's party only when specified (hangout events/trial characters in their story quests, special modes like Nilou in Archon quest). The rest is justified, but never canonically addressed, by gameplay. And with the lowest mark being Childe like I said, technically, any Harbinger could join the party for whatever reason. Notably because Childe being the first of the Harbingers to join players' party without justification other than his perceived friendship with the traveler and more importantly *without redemption arc* (unlike Scaramouche), there is a precedent that bad guys with a plausible enough reason can join our party and thus be playable (which is why people mocking Signora wanters and making them seem like delusional always made me laugh) even if they remain people of the worst kind.


Yeah, a lot of people seem to forget that canon wise, the Traveler and Paimon travel by themselves most of the time. The exception being when characters are specifically with the Traveler during Archon/Story quests. Also, in the recent Archon Quest, they finally >!showed other character perspectives when the Traveler wasn't actually in the area, and was locked in the prison cell. If they continue using this, we might be able to see character stories and such in the future without the Traveler directly involved and present.!<


Thank you. F that guy after his genocide attempt on liyue.


Ikr? F Zhongli as well for allowing it.


Hey, he waved goodbye at us. Good in my book


Why he has to redeem himself? Tartaglia didn't, he is just nice to us. Dottore could be neutral to us to gain some data or other shit for being helpful for us. The posibilities are many, characters aren't bad or good only.


Nahida flat out said that >!he rivals her in terms of strength and would have won their fight if they'd had one, which they didn't because he chose to bargain!< He's the chivalrous villain. Cunning, in control, and polite, all towards ruthlessly evil ends.


Very popular in chinese media (I think it may actually be one of those weird laws) where villains aren't playable in any way. They almost always have to have some level of good morals to be playable. Tartaglia is very much morally gray, having involvement with the Fatui, but he's also got a heart of gold when it comes to friends and family and he's hardly malicious. He's simply a pawn and the grand majority of his bad side are for the better good of his family.


I'm curious about that. I recall in Honkai Impact 3, the Herrscher of the Void is playable, and right up until her very end she wanted to wipe out all of humanity. (And she would have gone through with it too, if she'd won.) The most she has for her is a tragic backstory, but no redemption.


Yeah it is not popular doesn't mean it does not exist at all. Most of characters are good and are that way, that doesn't mean there won't be 1 or 2 more other. And Tartaglia is still villain. Having family or smiling doesn't put him on protagonist side. "Bad" people are still people, they eat, they drink, they poo, they have a family. Things aren't binary in world and in good written stories too.


Childe is totally having a long redeeming ark. His quests make an impression he kinda wants to quit, but he is balls deep in all of this to make a move.


No he doesn't want to quit, he is just nice for us because we are good warriors and been nice to his brother lol. He is literally wolf in sheep clothing and this is his description in profile. He literally praises the Tsaritsa as he has a chance, but fandom is making him poor used boy. No he is not. He is fatui, he is villain. He just love his family but he gains from being Fatui. And loving his family doesn't make his attempt to drown all Liyuen (kids and elders too) good. He likes us because we are strong, same as he adores Varka for example. And it doesn't make him want to be favonious knight.


The problem is we never know if CCP allow them to have playable villan.


If you mean it's China thing to not having villain as playable so what about Honkai?


Are flamechasers villan? They are morally grey right?


You just answered the question about playable Fatui youself. Being villain doesn't make you morally bad. You can say same thing to Fatui.


He doesn’t need to be redeemed. There just needs to be an excuse for him and Traveler to have a truce. Like Traveler helps Dottore with some errands in exchange for intel on the Fatui & Khaen’riah.


Playable Dottore could be a new segment.