the older your account is, the more power and readiness it has gained. Especially if you were the for the first one. Unfortunately, they can't balance the game around players who've been playing for 2 years, or else new players would be screwed. So the game is going to skew towards the easier side. Always.


But it's not a new problem. Difficulty settings have existed for a long time. There's also a newer solution in the form of automatic scaling based off the strength of your team/account. Why are we pretending that it's like a new unsolvable challenge hoyo are faced with?


I think most of us had finally accepted that endgame was only going to exist in the form of Hypostatic Symphony/Vagabond Sword events that came along maybe twice a year if we were lucky, but now we don't even get that. At this point they should just give us the option to remove combat from the game entirely after hitting AR55 since it no longer serves any purpose.




you wanted harder optional mode at no reward, that you got


That's the thing. We EXPECTED higher difficulty options with no rewards as par for the course this event, and plenty of people were excited for it. However, the maximum difficulty is watered down to the point where its a joke compared to what it used to be and is frankly a good bit easier than preexisting content.


So basically you're upset that the harder optional mode isn't hard enough. Should have specified exactly how much harder you want your harder optional mode to be I guess.


The natural assumption was that after every other event in this style had optional hard modes around the same difficulty, that this one would continue the trend. As far as expectations go, assuming they would just keep doing what they were doing was pretty much the bare minimum.


You're forgetting about power inflation proportional to time passed.


This sounds like you're just suggesting the optional content only *seems* easier because players just have more characters and better Artifacts. I can comfortably promise that anyone who attempted the max difficulties of the original event or of Vagabond Sword can tell you that's simply not the case. I strongly encourage you to look at max difficulty attempts of those events and compare it to this.


I played them, I don't need to go looking. How easy it is depends on how well geared someone is, which is directly related to how long they been playing. Simple as that. Also, "every other event in this style", what, all 3 of them? the original cube event, the vagabond event and the re-run of it. Because Hyakkunin Ikki and every other combat event were much more geared towards normal play. Your expectation that they would "keep doing" anything is rooted in the belief that you know better than they do.


>Your expectation that they would "keep doing" anything is rooted in the belief that you know better than they do. You don't have to believe you know better than someone or something to have expectations involving them. This is just not how expectations work. If you want to assert that you can't make expectations without knowing more than the party you're making expectations of, please note you have no reason to expect the next bag of chips/cereal/rice you buy will have even a passing resemblance to the previous one you had. After all, that expectation is rooted in the belief you know better than the company does, isn't it? If you want to argue that 3 events, one bearing the exact same name as this one, isn't a high enough sample size to justifiably assume the event would retain it's most defining feature, then that's a point where we can agree to disagree, but this statement about expectations is a little bold. ​ >How easy it is depends on how well geared someone is, which is directly related to how long they been playing. Simple as that. As far as gear making things easier and being correlated with play time goes, of course that's true. No one is arguing otherwise. However, you seem to have implied in the earlier post that this is what accounts for the lack of difficulty relative to past events like this one, which is a very different claim.


Your basis for "keep doing what they were doing" = good, relies on the assumption that you know "what they were doing = does not require change" and they are of the same mind. But that's clearly not the case, and so it relies on the assumption you know better than them. Because they tally the surveys and feedback, not you. Whatever near REM value of the playerbase cries on reddit about difficulty doesn't amount to anything as far as Mihoyo is concerned. You're also using false equivalency. A bag of rice is a bag of rice because there is a factual and universal standard of what each type of rice is, but there is no factual standard for "appropriate difficulty". And those 3 events you listed are just enough to make the informed decision on their part that the "hardest" form of the event needs to be dialed down. Which happened on the fourth iteration. It was in no way some long standing tradition of event that you could rely on. If you thought you could, that is just complacency.


>Your basis for "keep doing what they were doing" = good, relies on the assumption that you know "what they were doing = does not require change" and they are of the same mind. But that's clearly not the case, and so it relies on the assumption you know better than them. If I were claiming to *know* that they would keep doing what they were doing, then I would relying on the assumption I know better than them, but knowledge and expectations are different things. When someone expects something to happen, they aren't saying they're certain it will happen, but simply that they consider it statistically likely. Expectations are ultimately statements saying "With the knowledge I currently have, this seems like the most likely outcome." If you don't think 3 events following more or less the same formula to a T makes it more likely than not that the 4th one (which again, shares a name with one of these) will also follow that formula, or that its not enough data to bother doing any speculation with, then we can agree to disagree there. ​ >A bag of rice is a bag of rice because there is a factual and universal standard of what each type of rice is, but there is no factual standard for "appropriate difficulty". True, but that doesn't mean the rice itself can't be changed at all, just like with the cereal and chips in the example as well. Plenty of changes can be made to the product while still falling under the generally accepted label of rice, and just as there's no factual standard for "appropriately difficult," there's no factual standard for "appropriately tasty." If you think the rice example doesn't work because rice is too rigidly defined in you're free to just deem it a bad example and opt for cereal or chips example instead where it's much easier to imagine pretty big changes to the recipe with people still unanimously agreeing they're potato chips. (The specific example I had in mind with the previous post was potato chips becoming 4x saltier, which would easily ruin my enjoyment of the product while still unfortunately being a potato chip).


I couldn't even fully clear standard so I have no idea what the people who crave harder content even want at this point tbh.


They want harder content but their teams are so well tuned that any “hard” content is going to be pitifully easy for them. This is because Genshin devs are going to tune the difficulty so that a majority of players are going to be able to beat it, otherwise they will complain in the surveys that it was too hard (though the complaining will be reduced by there not being rewards) and the event will either not return or they will nerf the difficulty even more. The only other way to get around this is to make it so that players _have_ to farm the really strong artifacts to beat the difficult content.


As a new (couple of months) player I have no way to finish the standard fire hypostasis because I have no water nor ice character leveled up.


I actually like it A LOT more this way.


Tbh it was already baby's first event back then, people were just low AR and had no idea of what they were doing, no gear, etc I was already high AR with a decently strong ganyu so the event was about as easy as this one is now, I even had to carry friends who weren't high AR yet since the event didn't scale to match their level without significantly reducing points It was INTERESTING because it gave new movesets to the bosses, but compared to vagabond sword which came later it was very much on the easy side


>I dont think hoyo can get any lower. Ye of little faith


this has happened to almost every event on their re-run so the people complaining about the difficulty must far outweigh the people praising it everyone that wants added difficulty need to make sure their event surveys have those boxes checked


They don't even have those boxes anymore outside of the "Other" one. If you rate an event low, they ask if it was too hard, but not if it was too easy.


The extreme mode is pretty tough. Or do you not count that since there's no reward?


The extreme mode is barely different than the previous one, I was one cycling with yoimiya and the only reason I filled the sheer cold bar is because I couldn't be bothered to try and aim to avoid the ice shields which made me realize the sheer cold hits lower than the one in dragonspine. I went in with C0 R1 Yoimiya c5 Bennet C0 kazuha and C0 shieldbot Zhongli saw the absolute joke of a battle it was and went in with a yoimiya nahida burn team to have fun and still with no shields managed to kill it in 3 mins without using the gimmick... I feel I could solo it with Xinyan and that's sad.


Isn't it pretty clear to you the playerbase is mostly casual. Lmao. Why you expect it to be harder.


Because a lot of people haven’t played it. You expect everyone to enjoy a hard event and want to continue playing events like that? Did you all enjoy spending your resin to get rewards after getting your asses kicked?


Agreege. No highest difficulty level in any event should be one-cyclable by an f2p character on a 4 star weapon. If only Hoyo cared more about the part of their playerbase that enjoyed the game for it's beautiful elemental combat system.


You want it to be more challenging?


On par (at least) with the first one ? At that time most players were new, there wasn't such strong characters in game, and the customization of the challenge was big. This time, you clear waves as if it was a daily quest, happen to find the boss, one shot it to unlock the other modes, skip everything and just go to the "hardest" available, kill it fast and go into fearless which ... is true to it's name. There was no fear to be had. I can understand new players now will still have a difficult time on fearless (but it gives nothing ?). However older players ... if you're AR60, you clearly played and wished enough to not struggle (at least the chance of that is very low). If you're past 50 you should definitly still be fine. Basically, it's not the 2 or 3 lines of buff/debuffs on the boss or your team that will make this challenge a real fight. And the mechanic with a special buff that you can activate ... honestly I pressed randomly at the first stages, felt like it did nothing, never bothered again. And before anyone assumes wrong things. I aint a whale. I aint using C6 characters. C0 all the way.


Unfortunately I haven't played the first event so can't compare. Yeah I can say even in fearless, you just needed some tanky shield unit and a little dodge works wonder. Dps wise it wasn't that big of an issue as it was staying alive with sheer cold effect. But yeah it can skip that attack increasing per level and start with 5-7 and it will be good enough I feel.


https://genshin.hoyoverse.com/m/en/news/detail/8004 You can clearly see the type of customization I'm talking about. This time we're just playing with what the devs decided to add to the bosses and ... well yea it's just a basic cube with more hp and growing damages ?


Ohh got it. The same type modifications as of energy amplifier event. Yeah that would be better for endgame players surely. I faced that as an AR35 player and it was a nightmare. So maybe they wanted new players to have it a bit easier.


But isn't fearless supposed to be a mode made to test your skill/strength ? Anyway, this is just going to be the same issue raised about abyss or even recent reruned events by veteran players. They're all getting easier and easier. I can understand you wanna make everything doable by all the playerbase, however if you just aim to make things easier, anyone who wished and farmed artifacts enough will finish those things in no time and never have a feeling of accomplishment, which can lead to a loss of interest. But it's ok. I'll take the downvotes, since people don't like when you want things to have some challenge to it.


No. Given that mode doesn't have any rewards, your point of view is absolutely valid. We are doing that for a sense of accomplishment anyways so rather give us options to play around with more.


I cant agree with this statement, u see easy event means easy freemogems. Think man. Think.


Primogems are worthless at this point. This is the one time our primogems are suppose to do something and they don't even matter.