Does anyone else get annoyed at how much the Sumeru enemies are able to shove/knockback the player so much?

I've been slaving away at the Dendro artifact domain for a while now and I can't help but notice at how much those eremites can push me. When they charge at you, they really charge at you, you can be standing at the center of the domain and be shoved to the corner the next (even with shields, correct me if I'm wrong tho). Those fungi too, they can shove/knockback stagger you for like a full second (which feels like an eternity during fights) .

You only had to worry about those shield mitachurls before but now, it's as if almost every Sumeru enemy can shove you. Why does MHY keep making fucked up enemies? Inazuma enemies run, dash or jump away. Now, Sumeru enemies can stagger you so much. I just hope Fontaine enemies don't trap you in endless bubbles or whatever.


Try freeze teams for a change, what doesn't move can't shove you 😂


Or use shield.


I concur, make Ayato attack inside Venti's Cryo ult and everyone is dead


Of course, of course...let me just go back in time to drop a bunch of money so I can pull for both of them. A perfect solution! /j (this is a joke)[I am joking]


> /j (this is a joke)\[I am joking\] *panik*


At least you can pull for Venti next patch ? x)


Never really had a problem with Eremites, but yeah the fungi are kinda annoying and besides them I've also been bulldozed by the beasts here and there. But it doesn't really bother me *that* much. They should be allowed have this at the very least, since they have basically nothing else going for them in terms of difficulty/challenge.


> They should be allowed have this at the very least, since they have basically nothing else going for them in terms of difficulty/challenge. According to OP, that's a bad game design lol


Tbh i have more problems against the special eremites when i don't have a shield since you can't interrupt their elemental attacks and you get combo'ed to death. Also i find amusing how the answers are "bro, just have that one 5* team and is easy peasy"


>I just hope Fontaine enemies don't trap you in endless bubbles or whatever. Don't. Give. Them. Ideas.


Eremites, every single atk is a CC. One of the fungi has a chain CC.


What is really annoying is that if a skill tells you you get knockback resistance it means something different from Immunity like a Shield(Raiden) to a light wind (Ayato).


I bring kazuha and push them around. 😉


I honestly haven't even noticed since I've been running Noelle most of the time. I'll have to check the next time on a team without shields.


As long as they dont dash / run / teleport / fly away constantly im good!


Lmao the Eremites combo you so hard. I always bring Zhongli


The design is alright tho. It adds a little flavor in combat and not just ungga bunga them to oblivion. Combat is gonna go stale if we can just kill everything with just some button mashing.


I'm pretty sure high AR players can kill everything by just mashing buttons unless they use underleved/underequipped characters in the first place.


That is why the staggering enemies are kinda good, it still gives them a little bit of challenge if they dont dodge the staggering skill of the enemy.


Those big mushrooms have a ridiculous amount of super armor to them. The actual force required to stagger them is tiny, but a lot of the time, especially after first engagement and during their attacks, they are super armored and you need special parameter attacks like Jean Hold E to break their stance


People that play with Zhongli: "Yall getting knockbacked?"


Shields can still be pushed/shoved tho.


You're evidently wrong




If an enemy runs away too much: use ranged units. If an enemy staggers you too much when it attacks you: use a shield. I get that it's much easier to make a complaint post than to think out some counterplay but c'mon. Varied enemies ask for varied team setups.


thats not really the point here, what he means in particular is, that even with a shield the eremites are able to completely shove you away from your original position, that can be sometimes frustrating if positioning is key


Counterplay: don't use your "circle of invincibility" move until after the enemy uses their displacement move. That's what I do against Thunder Lawachurls. When faced with new challenges, it's usually better to look for solutions rather than complain that the the old tactics are no longer working.


oh im not complaining in the slightest, just wanted to clarify the issue. I for myself couldnt care less as im an eula main and it just plays right into my hands that they are constantly want to facetank me


This, I always stay behind the electro lawachurls spawn point on emblem domain so the big jump is a joke and I can just dodge or tank it with Zhongli and then I start dealing dmg without losing time running to them, man goes down pretty fast with pyro so no problem to my dear Klee hehe


The problem is that, even with a shield, the fuckers still physically push your character out of position. And I'm sorry but why? It's a barrier put up by the good of stone not enough to stop a fucking little dude from sliding me around the arena like a hockey puck? Same thing with the fat treasure hoarder with a damn boat oar or whatever he uses. He gets mad and can suddenly slide me 40feet away from any other targets. And truly the issue is this doesn't really make fights harder or require more strategy, it just wastes time. Same like invulnerable phases on bosses. MHY really hit on a good mechanic with the Fatui getting elemental shields and they haven't found a good trick again.


Yeah, for some reason, MHY is trying to gimp characters like Benny or Jean with stationery bursts. Like, why? It's like giving enemies corrosion to gimp shield users.


Aside from raising friendship, I want to be able to use the characters I want to use instead of being forced to use certain characters. Plus, what will you say to people who need to switch characters because of a puzzle? "Oh look, an electro puzzle but I don't have any electro in my team." "Instead of making a complaint post, why not just switch teams/characters?" Serioulsy.


>Plus, what will you say to people who need to switch characters because of a puzzle? The same thing that I would say to you. And the same thing that I'd say to someone complaining that their Xiangling can't beat the Pyro Hypostasis.


Phys XL users: but she can tho 🗿


What a genius. Finally someone with a brain who knows to use the right things in the right situations and doesn't complain like a little child because they can't use only one character all the time in every situation. Truly glad that there are still humans out there with an actual brain. <3 Thanks you brightened up my day again.


I wouldn't know, having too much fun with beidou's counter.


No. None of the enemies are remotely challenging in over world and artifact/mat domains.


I'm a Zhongli main while exploring Sumeru


Try a cc team? Anemo characters like Sucrose if you don’t have Kazuha or Venti. Or else a basic freeze comp will work.


We're almost halfway through the Archon Quest. About time the fodder kicked things up a notch, really...


Lvl 100 enemies on open world when? Hehe


"Doktor, turn off my World Level inhibitors!" \*Activates WL9\*


"But sir, the abyss ptsd" "Just do it!"


I would need around WL60 or so that I could even end one rotation before the enemies are dead. That's the sad reality of long term GI players.


If they took that route to solve shit, it'd just create an inflation problem. No, whatever solution must be implemented must be mechanic, not numeric.


No -me who usually uses Shields, try giving some attention to your Noelle/Diona(Zhongli if possible) sometimes :)


Having been through the environmentals of Mond domains or the Inazuma charging samurais and flying corrosion dogs, Sumeru is a cakewalk to me.




Is that a problem? I hear one word and i don't have to move -Solidify!


No please no, no more nerfs. This game is too easy already.


Not for little children it seems. I mean my 8 year old cousine says it's way too easy but ofc I assume there are still younger kids here too who don't know how to use the right characters in the right situations.


Yep, incredibly annoying along with their interuption resistance. I got so fed up trying to do the new artifact domain with a Dendro team, it was taking me 1-2 minutes with all the shoving etc. I had enough so changed my team to Itto, Albedo, Gorou (with flex spot Kuki) and my first clear was literally 10 seconds. Haven't looked back since....


i'd say, interruption resistance is the most annoying part - once they start doing their attacks it's almost impossible to pull them in with any of the CC skills. clearwater is the worst offender because she just cartwheels around the whole arena and it's very hard to catch her. my runs are just venti spam and i always bring him to coop (sucrose and kazuha are not enough from my experience).


I haven't noticed as those 3 die in an average of 35s.


All i do is venti burst with raiden and the domain just ends. xD


For those who are ready to complain they dont have Venti 1. He is getting a rerun 2. Even anemo MC does what he does in a lower scale


Not that annoyed. I'm more inclined to regard it as more challenging. More story progress should mean stronger and more challenging enemies as it is now. Another aspect to add more spice in game play.


Not really, that domain has been a cakewalk for me. Either I I use my freeze team, in which case they don't ever get to do anything. Or I use my Tighnari team and rain arrows and lightning down on them while they swing at nothing due to his taunt. I imagine other characters with taunt skills would be similarly effective in that regard.




Yeah they become vulnerable too after some time. There are strengths and weaknesses. This makes the difference


Please don't complain nooo. Kairagis were already nerfed, those husks were nerfed in beta, at this rate we're going to not have any challenging enemies.


Please don't be so selfish, little kids also want to play the game and it's way too much trouble teaching some year old brats that their exist characters for specific scenarios and the didge button. /s There will never be any content that is challenging in GI and it will only get nerfed due to such people even more although we are already at the bottom line or actually below. That's the sad reality...


It's Inazuma all over again. The elites are really obnoxious. If you get hit at all, you get comboed. Without a shield it could mean 3 seconds of constant stagger. It doesn't really matter to players with fully built teams, but it will matter to players who don't grind artifacts every day for a year. I assume they will be nerfed, just like every Inazuma enemy got nerfed over time. I'm not really happy about it, because I want enemies to be more challenging. But Hoyo seems to want players of any level to be able to face tank all attacks with no consequences.


i mean, have you seen those muscles and abs? i too would love to get knocked back by an eremite daythunder 😳


No..they should atleast do that much to be a threat lol. If you don't want to get knockback, dodge. Shield only block damage and prevent you from being interrupted.


Threat? Try annoying. That's what they said about the ruin serpent too. It needs to have invul phases to be a threat. That's just bad gameplay design. If MHY wants to make enemies a threat, then make them hit harder. I'll rather that than stagger.


Annoying/Artificial difficulty, etc call it whatever you want, it won't make any difference because they are still weak af. The knockback is there to make you pay if ur careless. Making them hit harder is useless unless it can get through Zhongli shield but then again players like you will complain that ur getting one shot lol. Also, who said adding invul phase will make enemy a threat? lol Well, it's a threat if the enemy has relatively low HP and has a few moves that can ohko you


Bad gameplay design. Call it what it is.


Sure. Whatever you say lol


So according to him, enemies should not only be easy but should also stand up in place taking whatever you throw at them, not dashing, moving out the way nor stagger you, annoying? Sure but there are counters for that, some of them include skill, at least there is enemy variety, instead they could simply make all enemies do the same but have different stats, now thats what I call artifitial difficulty


Okay? I don't know why ur telling me that but just to make it clear. I don't agree with what he said. I just don't have it in me to continue arguing with him.


I was just agreeing with you actually but whatever...


Oh okay, cool.




Are you implying that that isn't always the case? Should we forget how people are complaining about the inclusion of the ruin serpent in the abyss or the tons of posts here talking about the issues of the game? Honestly, you people really are something.


Higher hp/damage isn't harder. We still do the exact same thing, just instead of 10 seconds in takes 20 to kill enemies. This is harder, we have to think, create teams, and play around their mechanic, instead of unga bunga and do the same thing every time you fight.


No venti?




Use CC, they are better than those damned coward samurai.


It’s quite annoying when they interrupt me, it also feels like they’re quite tanky and have a lot of health than usual enemies


They are elite enemies so of course they have more hp


Nope because I cc and destroy them immediately. They can’t knock anything around while being caught in the absolute supercell thunderstorm that is kazuha’s burst swirling hydro with yae and raiden running amok inside.


Unless you're using Mona/Ayaka try dodging , those enemies aren't hard/annoying at all


Just use venti idk


? So much? Just dash (or i-frame it);if the enemie makes a move that would shove or knockback you. I seriously appreciate that they make such enemies it makes you press different buttons and use at least the tiniest brain in combat. (Ofc end game players in GI don't cincern themself with it anyway since the enemies are already dead befire they make a move)


Good lord people want really stale, boring, and easy combat... Like this isn't even hard... just dodge and position well...


You don't get knocked back with shields unless your shield is broken though. You can get frozen or trapped in those abyss mage bubbles but that's about it.


Full shield support Zhongli with 53 k hp and off we go buddy!


One thing that annoys me more in dendro domain is getting like 4 energy particles per clear. Single ruin guard is 10 times weaker and drops more energy...


Learn to dodge /j


The most annoying thing with enemies in sumeru so far is that i feel like they’re just fucking everywhere, even more so than in inazuma. I feel like I can’t walk 5 feet without hilichurls or fungi popping out of the ground or see a massive enemy camp around every bend. Like damn sometimes I just wanna walk around and pick berries n shit 😭


I guess I wasn’t the only one who got combo locked to death, these guys have seemingly slow attacks but causes a really long stagger. I’m sitting here pressing my Q or character switch key nonstop and the game just doesn’t respond if I got hit. Ofc it also doesn’t help that their attacks have a super wide range…I don’t really notice them pushing me though since I tend to run away as far as I can when I’m not attacking so I don’t get caught in their attacks.


Black hole go brrrrrrrrrrrr


Not the same but the dendro ones are super annoying, dendro reactions are op


Fucking beyblade mushrooms, female bandits can self infuse and pull zhongli m8 on us, on top of that most pairs infuse with hydro and cryo. Holly shit


I more annoyed with farming mats there


I don't mind tuff enemies but for me there but between fucking annoying enemies that jump around, fly, back away and push you around. It's like spiral abyss, they purposely use enemies to stagger and waste your time versus one that wouldn't. It really is annoying because once one of those buff bastards hit you another one comes to interrupt you and you end of dieing.