The community


You tell anyone you play genshin. Boom you become a pedo who has never left his home


Yep, out of all the gacha games community I have been through, Genshin's the worst.


Attempting to conquer Dragonspine with Barbara as my only healer. ๐Ÿ’€


Thats just sad ๐Ÿฅธ


The time trial at dragonspire to open the barrier. I kept getting frozen and thrown in the water....to be frozen again.


This sub when theres drama is the worst experience with Genshin.


*Laughs in Twatter*


Genshin Twitter is why I added and deleted Twitter.


Missing story-relevant time limited events like Unreconciled Stars. These sort of events should at least leave the main quest in the game, even if the rewards are stripped away,


Remember the first Lantern Rite? Boring NPCs ranting for hours about nothing? I almost quit the game right there, rather than put up with it.


When I got C8 Mona but no Qi yet.


Bro i got c4 qiqi ๐Ÿค•๐Ÿค•๐Ÿค•


I have neither


fed a pretty good artifact since I thought getting er/def/critR/critD 4 liner piece, nothing could go wrong, def+++++++ rolls.


C1 Qiqi on kazuhas banner... After 2 months of farming no kazuha...


I even pre farm his ascension materials...


whenever my motion sickness is triggered while doing puzzles inside/amongst buildings or while farming for philanemo mushrooms


Losing my eighth 5050 in a row


I know there are people out there who have worse luck than me but I'm currently very salty about losing 50/50 on 4 out of 5 banners that I pull. I know this is a gacha game, I have played other gacha games and it happened before in other games as well, but the saline level is vastly different when it happened on Genshin. Maybe it is because the primogems are harder to come by and more expensive to buy compared to the other games.


Uploaded my wish history on paimon.moe. Iโ€™ve never won a 50/50. Iโ€™ve lost 5 of them and then got my guaranteed banner character after that. I just lost 50/50 today to Mona while wishing for Yoimiya. This is ridiculous.


Getting C4 Keqing instead of Yoimiya ๐Ÿ˜ฎโ€๐Ÿ’จ


Finding the Twitter page.


childes my favorite character and he reran around when i first started playing and i had no idea what the 50/50 was. i have never been more thrilled and then upset in my entire life


People treating you like the incarnation of evil that came right out of Satan's butthole just for trying to civilly discuss localization/translation/cultural differences when it comes to how people perceive kaeluc. I don't even ship them but the overly exaggerated discourse and harrassment around this pixellated fictional ship to the point that people are literally too scared to even bring up this topic online is downright infuriating to see and is the nr.1 thing that reminds me of how toxic the genshin community can be. If I get downvoted to oblivion here that would just prove my point.


kaeluc discouse is so weird because people who think kaeluc is incest typically also think all the short male characters are minors *and* get extremely catty about the existence of m/f ships and that rules out like, all of the characters diluc & kaeya canonically interact with so are they just stuck with their right hands for all of eternity or something


Genshin Co-op, especially in domains. Round 1: Host invites, defeat enemies, get rewards from the RNG god, EXITS Round 2: Host invites, host changes character (understandable) or host and other players does not change character (hmmm, ok?), defeat enemies, get rewards from RNG god, EXITS AGAIN Round 3: Host invites, everyone does not change characters, defeat enemjes, get rewards from RNG god, EXITS AGAIN Round 4: Host invites, everyone does not change characters, defeat enemjes, get rewards from RNG god, EXITS AGAIN SERIOUSLY, IF YOU ARE NOT GONNA CHANGE YOUR CHARACTERS OR ANYTHING DURING CO-OP DOMAIN, JUST CONTINUE THE DAMN DOMAIN CHALLENGE ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘


5 bells in a row


being lumped into a self-entitled and ruleless bunch because i play this game...


There not being a server for Australia and being forced to use that asian server ;-;


every time i share my opinion here i end up coughing up blood


I donโ€™t know I guess starting during Albedoโ€™s banner and not making it in time to finish the event. That or not playing the game when he made a return and I missed his Cinnabar Spindle oh well he still hits pretty good.


Genshin twitter. No context needed I'm sure you all know.


Content drought back in the days, the community a very close second. You know what, swap that.


Literally every time I pulled on the Weapon banner Getting Wolf's Gravestone instead of Homa on the first Homa banner Getting Aquila Favonius instead of Homa on the second Homa banner Getting Skyward Harp instead of Redhorn on the first Redhorn banner, then saying fuck it and spending more to just get Redhorn. And all four of those went up to soft pity or beyond. It will be a long time before I pull on a weapon banner again.


I fought a lv86 pyro slime with a lv5 Lisa once as a joke.


Discovering genshin community on reddit and twitter.... and Mona(C5)


Losing 5050 to the WORST standard banner characters (Qiqi, Diluc, Keqing)


No meaningful content in which to actually use the characters/weapons/artifacts that I invested time to acquire and upgrade.


During Yelan's weapon banner 6 Eye of Perception while they could have been Lithic Spear refinements (still magane to r5 Sacrificial Sword), even wasted my pity for an r2 Jade Spear


Cooping with someone who doesn't dodge, then blames the healer


Getting Unforged instead of Mistsplitter, basically wasting my guaranteed banner weapon, and then the next weapon banner both the banner weapons are good, so I could've pulled for that instead.


**In-game:** My first attempt in rolling for the Staff of Homa. This was before the epitomized path and I was actually ready to pay since I rarely did it then. An R5 WGS is great but it traumatizes me every time I see it. **Off-game:** Wondering what hoyo promised last year for the community to make such noise last anniversary. I genuinely still don't know and in my eyes it's just a bunch of people disappointed by the expectations they set themselves. **Honorable mention:** Jade Palace Interlude plus 2nd Lantern Rite combo. I'm really glad Enkanomiya was there to save 2.4.


Trying to get polar star cause I ~~simp for~~ really like Tartaglia's gameplay. Got the catalyst that's now rotting on the Ningguang I barely use. Worst thing is I'll probably try again once it gets a rerun.


Pulling wise, getting qiqi twice in one day; losing my 50/50 and getting her from the standard banner with the fates I got from the unit I actually wanted. Hoyoverse wise, telling us the next event is Xinyan focused with her being the free unit after the anniversary. Was disappointed in so many ways. Not that I hated Xinyan but because I was fed up with the state of the game I just took a hiatus.