Wait, so we increase friendship level via Stockholm syndrome?


Can confirm this is an effective method. I’ve been in the Crimson Witch domain for so long i’m pretty sure i’ve begun developing feelings for the pyro slimes.


The worst part is you can’t even use the character you’re building to farm for that character cause everything you have to fight is immune to their element. It sucks when you’re farming for your favorites or get a new character and have to bench them most of the time…


reminds me of when I started the game, Childe first banner, got him, had no other DPS had to farm Oceanid with Childe since he was my only dps, I'd just rely on his auto attacks, painful memories x) got really good at dodging tho


When I got Childe I was still started out (I started in ayakas first banner) and I fought oceanoids with Diluc and Barbara, it was HELL.


I remember i pre farmed the anemo cube for xiao according to old beta and then boom new world boss and xiao materials changed alongside with it so i had to farm it with my baby xiao , zhongli, albedo , and freshly built jean cuz i no longer need the material of the anemo cube By the time i made xiao to 90 i farmed the boss again for hu tao to 90 as well Needles to say the team had become one of my favorites to do everything in the game I recently found out it was actually popular team called Xiaogeo


What I only despise about the Primo Geovishap (Xiao/Hu Tao/Yanfei boss drop) is that the boss drops random ass gemstones. It's a good thing you actually farmed the Anemo cube since the gemstones would be the correct one, not needing Dust of Azoth. :v


I thought I was a boss when I shat on oceanid with Ninguangg and everybody else was suffering lol


When I started the game it was just Jean, Xiangling and Fishcl fighting the Oceanid so I could get materials for Barbara. It was actually not too bad! I guess having double healers helped as well. Having Fischl makes a huge difference for those that need to farm Oceanid in the early stages.


Honestly, even an underinvested Lisa works, if you’re willing to try and learn the aoe sparrow/frog timings. I think I was fighting the thing at lvl 70 with a lvl 40 Lisa and 60 Kaeya. Course, then I pulled geo daddy and never had to worry about the aoe ever again.


**Laughs in Oceanid and its Electro counterpart**


Use them and have someone preferably your friends to carry you


Bold of you to assume Genshin players have friends.


I prefer to play alone so I don't have friends :D I would play with my son but he has a gf now pffffttt darned girls lol


I do.


Itto is a 2-D char, not your friend :P Just kidding, I am sure you have lots of friends.


Ngl, that was a good one hahaha.


as ayato main i completely understand


hah, yeah. Though I'll use kokomi in some anti-hydro teams. Sure, she does no hydro damage, to most enemiee, but she does do physicalc(clam)! healing, applies Hydro, and of course trilling tales.


Me bringing Qiqi to farm Blizzard Strayer because nobody wants to heal


Man, I do that too, my only built healer is Qiqi, but damn she heals like a maniac, her E does like 6.7k per tick and 1.5k per normal attack and if you get a talisman on the enemy then I heal my party to full HP in 3 hits. Not to mention She's one of the only 2 characters who can revive the party if she's C6. How's yours ?


Only C0 but I have her built for DPS via Clam, she's got a 2300 attack lol


Ah, I built her as A healer with a bit of sub DPS, but tbh 2.3k atk on her is a bit low, I'm using 2 piece shimenawa and 2 piece gladiator with a healing bonus helmet on her and she heals like crazy


What weapon are you using?


R5 flute


Yeah, I mostly main koko in coop largely because nobody wants to heal.


Trying to farm thundering fury when your only built DPSers are cryo and electro is...painful


> The worst part is you can’t even use the character you’re building to farm for that character cause everything you have to fight is immune to their element. That's pretty common unfortunately. I remember in Granblue Fantasy the way you went about grinding was fight whatever is easiest raid with your current power level, get the rare weapon drops (or leech from existing raids, trying to contribute), then start grinding the element weak to the raid you were just doing. Then when you build up THAT element's grid, start grinding the raid weak to THAT element you were grinding. Rinse and repeat, until you are strong... enough to fight stronger versions of that raid. And the cycle continues.


The ultimate grind


Actually I use Hu Tao, Xinqui, Venti, and Zhongli. Venti + Xinqui for the slimes, Hu Tao + Xinqui for the ‘chirls, and then all four for the mages.




You can always run Lavawalker on your Cryo/Hydro DPS when doing Crimson Witch.


my c6 Noelle has been benched for a year now bcus of "great" artifact drops :')


i was building yanfei and had no other dps character that was built and it was such a pain :/


Craving for them pryo slussy


Never say that again


As someone who has been farming at wuwang for longer than an year. Pyro slussy. Mitachurl slussy. Pyro abyss mage slussy. In pairs. OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE DOMAIN PYRO AURA I ONLY HAVE ELECTRO AND PYRO DPS 30 SECOND CLEARS WITH ELECTRO AND PYRO DPS THIS DOMAIN BECOMES ME WE ARE ONE WUWANG IS MY HOME


Do you mean mitachussy and pyro abyss magussy?


I call each of them by name. Namussy


>abyss magussy I'm laughing so hard right now but still hate you so much for this.


I hate that "ussy" is now a whole ass suffix on its own... its hilarious and i hate it




Eh, I thought it was funny. Sorry your sense of humor is too high class. Must be rough having such a high standard for shitposts.


that again


Ah, so this is the arrogation of mankind.


If I was the Unknown God I'd want to destroy humanity too


What a bad day to be able to read


Ah, what a terrible, terrible day to be literate. Thank you, Reddit.


Every day we stray further from God's light


which god?


The fake one at Celestia, obviously.


blocking aint enough, i want them dead


I actually burst out laughing reading that. Take a well earned up vote.






tags: slime girl


Wow this explains signora’s domain perfectly


I've seen that Pixiv


Just remember to be careful with them & go slow, if too many sparks fly they'll get all jumpy toward you.


It's why I have Mona and Keqing in the dungeon.




I've been free range farming my companion exp


its a aot way yeah only ymir knows why tho


We don't, they are all already maxed


My Thoma, Qiqi and Ganyu: LET ME OUT!!! My Mona and Ayaka: LET ME IN!!! MY Kujou Sara: Eternity achieved, became the EVER-BRILLIANT BIRDMASK Edit: Switched a name to avoid confusion


Ganyu wants out but also wants in?


What lack of sleep does to a goat


it turns you into a cat?


Sara cant get her statue of Her Excellency, the Almighty Narukami Ogosho, God of Thunder added to her room though.


I have Sara and Ei in the same room. Maintenance may have been the greatest thing to ever happen to her.


Kujou Sara: …


strangely I have the exact same character situation xD I got mona from ayaka banner before ayaka xD thoma and sara got to friendship 10 a while ago though - it's yae, raiden and diluc that are locked into an eternal discussion over eternity. They have to watch me feed diluc spicy food for friendship. yes I know this isn't the most interesting comment, leave me alone :(


I switched realms to an old one where I still had characters in there so I could feed characters and found sucrose in a room full of pine folding screens lol. I completely forgot about my coin farming closet


I maxed out Friendship on every character that I have, thank god I still let my Xiao stay.


He doesn’t like universal peace or golden crab 🦀. He just refused to eat universal peace.


just give him almond tofu already


~~or thick snow~~


Or fish


i to have one, i was farming coins for sets primos and was gonna edit it later sadly the maintenance hit and the main house is full of random stuff i have noelle in there, i cannot go in there or she will fucking kill me now


Nah she would probably thank you for letting her clean for so long


she has been itching to clean that since weeks now sir


I think I have an island in the Liyue setting, my coin farming area where Kazuha is just being stared at by like 70 of those giant stone tiger statues... poor boy


Omg genius.


This might sound creepy but i think i have seen a similar comment in the past...


Jaja, I just put a bunch of fences


Same lmao


It’s weird to me that they put out a teapot event when you cant edit the teapot.


I cant even take advantage of the friendship experience. All my companions in the teapot are at max.


I barely got access to the teapot FINALLY after clearing quests that had literally nothing to do with it, and I can't do a damn thing but make stuff from the BPs


A bit insensitive joke, but they are also on lockdown 🥲


Then delay the event like they did 2.7? That would make more sense than releasing an event that requires a function that isn’t excactly functioning. Majority of the community has been very understanding of the situation and would have also likely understood delaying this event to a time when it could be fully enjoyed.


This. I genuinely can't understand why they didn't just delay the event as well. It seems bizarre that they release the event but you still can't place companions. Do they expect us to just craft the spices and be done with it?


I can think of two reasons. One: If they delayed the event, there would be less content and they'd rather have a janky event for now than a drop in concurrent players for lack of content. Two: They're on lockdown and don't have the proper time/resources to delay the event. They can extend the timer on a banner and update text, but we don't know how the events roll out, moving them may not be such as an easy task.


They can also do it because it will be deleted by 2.7 patch anyway (and there is no 'room' to run it in 2.7)


They did delay it. ~~If the leaks turn out to be true.~~ Remember that in the 2.6 livestream they showed the event was during that patch. This event was supposed be run way back


It's not even leaks. It was part of the 2.6 livestream and then didn't appear in the "proper" part of 2.6 because of the extended maintenance.


Completely forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder!


I guess HYV brought it back because its assets are already on everyone’s hard drives.


Jokes on you my teapot was in mantenience since i unlocked it


Same :( I have so many things built that can be placed but I cant place them. I even hit trust rank 10




That's a good one


HAHAHAH and they feed them like this too


I'm actually wondering why they decided to put the teapot on maintenance knowing that they have an event coming for it.


They didnt plan the lockdown. 🫤


They weren’t exactly expecting a Covid outbreak


That’s true but the Teapot has been locked for a month and a half now, it’s not like it happened right before the event was scheduled to start. I agree it’s odd that they didn’t delay it without knowing there was an end in sight


But they did delay it.


IT MAKES ME SO MAD BRO i have jean barbra razor and diona in the tea pot and theyve been in there for like so long i just want to switch


It’s frustrating this event didn’t get delayed as well. Half of my current chars are maxed lol


My poor diluc noelle kokomi and Raiden just stuck with each other till I can edit the pot again and move them around, while also adding some stuff for them, except noelle cus I might just take her out of it


At this point, Diluc is teaching Noelle how to make various beverages and Kokomi and Raiden finally coming peacefully into terms. (I kinda wanna see a comic like that haha)


After maintenance, Noelle can leave, I’ll give Diluc an actual room, on one of the other islands (I’ve got the floating isles realm) I’m making a grand Narukami shrine like place for Ei, and her doll, and I’ll put some fish ponds in my backyard and put kokomi there, and venti can just chill in the front yard ig. Kazhua can join Venti afterward and they can chat about poetry


You could put Venti and Kazuha with the big free harp given to all players, since they're like the music people haha.


Oooh fair I took that thing down tbh, but I might put it up if I can find a place for it around my house, and put venti next to it. Kazhua joins him when I get Kazhua


Everyone banging on the door, demanding the Traveler to let them out. They can feel their sanity slipping away with each passing day. They go from being friends with the Traveler to screaming incoherent words at them with crazed expressions. ​ After being locked up for 1 and a half month, the Traveler has started to see Gorou as his pet dog. After being locked up for 3 months, the last of Gorou's sanity breaks and he believes himself to be a real dog. By then, the lockdown is over and the Traveler releases him, but it's too late, the damage has been done and the last of his sanity is completely gone.


Damn, even Yae would be disgusted by this.


At this note I will mention that I have Yae and Gouro locked together in my summoning room. Poor Yae gets to witness the horror


More likely Yae IS the cause of the horror




I'm big mad about the audacity that you need to use teapot but you cannot change who is there.


Meanwhile, my teapot is completely devoid of any furniture or characters because I came back after a long break and didn’t have the teapot when I left. It’s so…empty :(


“Man, I’m surprised that the Fatui haven’t caught their runaway harbinger yet. Don’t they have someone looking for him?” “Traveler. Please. I really can’t eat anymore rice balls…”


My Ganyu and Keqing are in same room for 2 months :)


Lore wise all these characters can leave anytime because they have the sigil pass


i think they are fine


Your gorou is lucky. Mine is a room with itto and a single seat mat


I’m sorry Gorou; Teapot broke, I’m not even sure how I’m getting out myself


Out of all the characters I have placed their only 2 are now left to be maxed friendship. Also I literally put Barbara and Rosaria in same room lol.


Same, Xiao and Sucrose are getting all the snacks


My Thoma has been left in the kitchen so he's happy to try out new dishes Yae and Kokomi are together in one room so they are probably just reading light novels together Xiao is standing amongst some crystal flies outside Yanfei and Sara are standing near a bookshelf so they are probably talking about Kuki Shenhe is left in the bedroom :) My teapot companions be pretty happy ngl Besides Gorou who wants to be near Kokomi but is scared of Yae so is just staring at the same plant forever


What happens in teapot, stays in teapot 😈


Her excellency (the almighty narukami ogosho god of thunder) needs me. Looks like he has switched sides


Apparently the player is a kokomi main who has discovered and punished him


Wait you guys give your characters rooms?


I do, to some of them. Gorou is in the study, Xinyan is in the small concert hall, Beidou is in the guest room, Thoma tends the bar in the main hall and others chill in the corridor.


I made Yanfei a law office and Bennett is in a kitchen ...after doing his hangout I should keep him far from any cooking


My Yoimiya has been standing alone in the hotsprings for about 6 months now lol


It’s both funny and sad. Since I can’t edit my teapot, I have characters in there who thankfully aren’t max friendship. But the longer they stay in there they get closer and closer to max friendship. For me I’ve got Eula,Diluc,Lisa,Albedo,Chongyun,Tartaglia and Ningguang. Unfortunately for me I have Diluc and Childe as neighbors, while Albedo and Chongyun are camping outside. The others are inside, Lisa in a library style room, and Ningguang in a office style room. Eula is in the only bedroom, with two beds next to each other.


I don't have anyone outside the teapot who needs friendship, so it doesn't bother me that much (though both Inazuman generals maxed their friendship and want out). I did want to see more reactions to food though, so hopefully maintenance ends before the event does.


Is there a book shelf in front of the door? Lol.


It’s a door that looked better in my head 😅


People used to make secret doors with that locking cats to make sure mama jean does healing.


Oh yeah... ahh, the early teapot days with folding screen mining farms and cat torture chambers


It does feel like that. And trust me Gooru, you don't have to worry about her. She in the room across of you.


This post had me DYING lmao, this is exactly what it must feel like for my poor yunjin, xianling and razor being trapped in my teapot with max friendship


Oh i left all the kids in a room and i havent been on for almost a year...its ok, jean and diluc are there too


Aloy has a nice warm place underneath my staircase


My Gorou is currently standing by the entrance of his lesbian cottage-core cottage, complete with flowers and benches, waiting for Kazuha to come join him there :)


I’m very sad I can’t feed venti, since I haven’t gotten to put him in my realm , I really want to raise his friendship level. I wish there was a way for them to just unlock the placing character feature


Is it just me or this event is about MSG?


That’ll do, Traveler. That’ll do.


Well….wasn’t expecting that. Now I kinda feel bad about leaving them in there for like 7 months


In mine, Kokomi and Mona are together overseeing my large pond. Ei is trying to cook with Sara watching over her. Beidou is chilling nearby laughing at her attempts. I forget where the other one is atm.


Unfortunately for me, I finished companionship with all my characters just before The Great Teapot Freeze and removed them from my teapot so I don't think I can do this portion of the event.


Not totally inaccurate to what Hoyoverse is currently experiencing, unfortunately.


Make sure he don't starve


I put Razor in for PrimoGems, nothing against him, it just took a very long time for C0 an I've got plenty of other electro units now, temporarily removing Ayaka, he's friendship 6 now... please let Ayaka back in.... Bright side is i got Mona in there, unfortunately i was mid changing a room for her, so her spot was out the way under some stairs....


I have a question, does the frienship level count for the event if the character is already at 10 frienship? Cuz all my characters in the teapot are at 10 frienship and I want the moras from gaining frienship points by giving the special dishes


Yes, I've fed my 10 friendship characters for the voice lines and it counted


I haven't played the game for a while. Can anybody fill me in on what's going on in this event?


You mix some spices (basically the cooking mini-game but with several ingredients), and then you can use the spices on the food and get characters in your teapot to taste it, getting reactions out of them. Only the teapot is under maintenance right now, so you can't change the characters - you're stuck with the ones you put there a month and a half ago.


Everyone lament the lack of characters in the map. Bruh of course they wouldn't appear if you kidnap them.




Nope, I’m unfamiliar with it


Can't even let him out even if I want to...


is that dog door? LOL! I get it now !!




My sara who's with Raiden: this is the best


All my husbandos are out in the open sorrounded by dogs and crystalflies, i think they're fine.


My Raiden in the teapot: Oh I thought you hate eternity?


I am sorry that it reminded me of 315187


Do not search it up, I was expecting a cursed Gorou puppy doujin but got a cursed loli catgirl rape doujin instead smh. Dogs > Cats


none of those words are in the bible


This is not a sentence I expected to have to read when I woke up today ☹️


Every day we stray further and further from God




Lockdown in real life, lockdown in game


I can’t let out Xinyan but she seems to like it in my Teapot with Yun Jin so, shes fine


What really is so funny and so sad at the same time, is that they don't even open the door to see him or let him get some breath of fresh air. No. They just open this tiny ass small pet's door and give to him, shadily, without shame, some food. lmao


You're delusional Goru, we don't have the Sangonomiya, we have Mona in the other room remember?


They are just in lockdown gosh we were in lockdown in Melbourne Australia for longer gorou sook


Doubt does the companionship exp increase chances from event stack? Like i didn't use it yesterday so i was wondering if i could save it till the teapot is fixed and add in my non fl 10 chars


Pretty sure they can leave and return to the realm to chill out since there is a dialog where u invite them to chill out here. Atleast in my world , i gave surcose a lab, yunjin&xinyan a stage to practise, Xingqiu a library of books to read, Klee hangs out with paimon and Noelle by the pool and a view of the sea, Sayu a place to hangout without any job, Raiden to continue search for eternity in her own room. So they don't get bored.


Had a great laugh here. Reminds me of the situation in Shanghai where everybody is on lock down


My characters knowing that my serenitea pot is just a house with nothing in it: Thank goodness we aren't stuck there.




this event really came out at a bad time, considering some people cant really use the friendship exp boost. i wanted to put my yun jin and ayato in there and kick out kaeya but i cant. and my american account is new so i only recently aquired a teapot and literally cant do anything with it, farming friendship there for diluc is tedious lol


I grinded for Kazuha and i accidentally made a pretty nice team Xiao, Bennett, Thoma and Jean. It's pretty good on abyss too 😩


Her excellency is just in the other room.


The event with teapot characters when you can't place any teapot character. I love it. Can't do anything.


Feeding the prisoner.... Sameee I had childe caged and its been a month now 😭😭😭😭


I could literally cry, cause one day before tea pot maintainence started I moved out lot of carry’s and wanted to start over next day. Now I’m stuck without any friends there :-( so sad…all friendship EXP from event wasted as well. Thx MiHoyo


They really made an event to raise friendship when everyone kept complaining their characters are maxed lmao


My Childe and Zhongli are stuck in one of my rooms. Honestly it was pure accident, but now I'm not even complaining nor are they...


I just started playing and just reached ar40... The pyro slimes in crimson witch domain look cute now