I wouldn't expect a pirate from a Chinese-inspired nation to wear a western tricorne pirate hat, though with how interconnected Teyvat is, one could imagine Beidou getting one from Fontaine. Here's one illustration of a hat worn by a historical Chinese pirate, though it's low in detail and I'm not sure how accurate it is: https://www.vice.com/amp/en/article/598jwq/ching-shih-chinese-pirate-sex-worker


I actually thought about that, it was more something I made for the fandom I guess, as it was giving Yanfei pants for a lawyer vibe. But I didn't know about those hats in the link. I might take that into consideration in the future. Thanks :)


Have fun :) There's nothing wrong with cultural exchange. I see comments on the original art on Twitter saying this version feels more like a pirate. If they mean her being tanned and muscular, I agree - she definitely should have been. But if the hat plays a role in the judgment, that would seem to suggest a preference for the familiar western image of what a pirate should look like. I don't think that was your intent, but there is a danger of people seeing it that way. Something similar happened recently with Yunjin - reading that she was an "opera singer," people thought of western opera, and were surprised by the way she sang. But thankfully her performance was mostly well-received in the end. p.s. I've been waiting for Yanfei to get some warmer clothes ever since I cleared Dragonspine as a Yanfei main :P


Hey, what’s a pirate without the hat?


I wouldn't use Qing dynasty era as reference it can cause anger from some Chinese nationalists. It was ruled by the Manchu and the beginning of the century of humiliation.


Two thirds of the pirates listed here are from that three-century era, which also includes the west's golden age of piracy. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Chinese\_pirates](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Chinese_pirates) The article I linked above: >The following is an excerpt from the new book, *History Vs Women: The Defiant Lives That They Don't Want You to Know* Sounds like these nationalists are among the people who "don't want you to know" about these important figures in our history.


I’m sure the Chinese nationalists can deal with this the same way they deal with the dozens of Qing dynasty television and web dramas released each year.


Okay, I will probably get hate but- Yanfei fits but at the same time it's like "something" is missing even if it's probably me who's obsessed with decorations and textures. For Fischl the skirt its very beautiful, it looks like a magical girl, but the top part looks like a recolored maid dress. Beidou... that hairpin and pirate hair don't really go well together😕


I guess for Yanfei I just extended her shorts. Again, these were supposed to be simpler edits compared to the skins I usually draw - and I was sort of basing her pants in office pants a little, who at least from what I see tend to be plain. But I admit they might not fit Liyue's style very well >.< As for Beidou, yeah, the original fanart that inspired me for this edit solved the hairpin problem, but I was reluctant to change her hairstyle and was lazy. That's about it - really, check out the original art, you might like it better: https://twitter.com/goobshin/status/1477056691346759688


Yes, don't worry. The idea is super cute and yes, come on, without being conservative, there are some skins that would be even more good with one or few little additions ( Certainly not at the level of Rosaria, poor Rosaria 😢)


I've seen several people liking the new Rosarya skin, so good for them. It's a pity for the people in the chinese server, but for us, being free and optional, there will always be people liking everything - and genshin is not the most fanserviced gacha by far, but there are still people who would prefer some more conservative options. But yeah, that wasn't why I made these designs >.< Here I was just trying to make Yanfei more of a serious lawyer (and I saw many people before talking precisely about her lack of pants), Fischl more princess-like, and Beidou I guess became a bit too western but anyone can definitely recognize her pirate hat. But I guess after seeing the first too pics and in the light of the alternate skins we are getting now, some people jumped to the assumption that I was trying to censor the characters. Which they wouldn't have if they bothered to check some other skins in my collection: [https://twitter.com/Anilyan13/timelines/1421207307212533770](https://twitter.com/Anilyan13/timelines/1421207307212533770) Oh well...


Every time that skin come up to my eyes I can only think one thing: "White rectangleH!" Seriously, the shapes of the entire outfit are reminiscent of the petals and thorns of a rose, then there's that pesky, STRAIGHT white line For Yanfey... Even knowing 0 about editing or design I still want try to give a tip: could some flare fit? Maybe keeping the red and golden cloud pattern in the majority to call out the puffs of fire? And about the hat: it's a fantasy world, one of the most aesthetically beautiful things you have the chance to do is just to mix the various styles, I'm sure that keeping a certain balance you can create beautiful things. oh, and for the very last: I’ve seen some of your skins, my wallet thanks that they are not in the game and my heart cries at the same time


especially after the censorship incident people have been pretty tense about fanart that involves alternative styles/edits... some even go so far as to insult the artist or accuse them of supporting censorship when there's no such intent.


Yes, exactly what has been happening. They clearly haven't seen the rest of my collection, but I also decided at this point to stop posting on reddit if my next post also receives this amount of hate compared to the amount of support. I'm not going to create just one type of content nor cater specifically to people who are willing to shun me at every opportunity if I don't do something for their tastes. I like variety and art in all its forms, I always support small artists even if I don't exactly love their content, and I don't expect any return for that, but the least I expect is respect. If others don't respect me and are willing to make up accusations, I respect myself. I will leave before anyone tells me to.


The only one I like the idea of is Fischl and I do think the top looks a bit messy/too maid-like. And Beidou being darker skinned, although I don't like the hat. For Yanfei, if you want pants to feel "like a lawyer", I think you'd be better served going with something that still looks Chinese and not flat capris? Liyue has somewhere between a Qing and Republic era aesthetic, so pants with more bag and flair would look better.


For Fischl, I wanted something like goth lolita style, not really maid, and twitter like it enough but here more people seem to associate it with a maid style. I don't understand much about fashion, so I'm not going to question it. Beidou is not supposed to be dark-skinned. It's a tan from the sun, like the artist that inspired me to do this skin said: [https://twitter.com/goobshin/status/1477056691346759688](https://twitter.com/goobshin/status/1477056691346759688) But for Yanfei, good suggestion. Again, I don't understand too much about fashion and these were just supposed to be simpler edits so I pretty much just extended her shorts, kept the style of the hem and moved the skirt around for a better look, but I might look into what you said for a possible second version.


i like these but i feel like the pants on yanfei look really plain and too short at the bottom. fischls design is super cute however


Yeah maybe like a pattern as we seen in Ganyu's Mona's or Keqing's pants might make it look a bit more cool.


I really like what you did with Yanfei's top! Her pants look a bit too plain and a little too short. I'd love to see you do Sucrose with clothes better suited for someone in a labratory. I's bothered me how exposed her poor thighs are. Imagine spilling acid!


I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks poor Sucrose needs some leg protection. Give the girl an apron at least so her legs are a little protected.


This shows how insanely good mhy's artists are, any change (good or bad) breaks the balance of the character design


nobody can pull of a capri. either bring the pant to the ankle or throw it in the bin


yanfei looks cursed. sorry.


Yeah I agree, I don’t know why but even as a lawyer her outfit is so specifically her. think of it like, the new design is every pant suit public attorney ever, yanfei s outfit is the tv ambulance chasing lawyer that makes crazy claims but know the law. “Just because you did it, doesn’t mean your guilty!”


I still prefer the original designs much more but you definitely have editing talent


I mean this short collection one wasn't even to showcase my talent, for that I have my many more complex skins (all of them here on this twitter collection [https://twitter.com/Anilyan13/timelines/1421207307212533770](https://www.instagram.com/p/COHjMHglUpX/)). Thanks, of course, but I was trying to do these ones for specific people who have either been wanting Yanfei with pants and so on and apparently the post missed those people and attracted instead people who assumed they reflect my own tastes while ignoring the variety of skins I have created so far, or an attempt at censoring the characters.


These look amazing omg


Tanned Beidou is pretty bae though


why are people so rude in the comments?? this is obviously just edits for fun, sheesh. i like your designs OP, as someone who’s not creative at all i love what you’ve done!!


I'm still trying to understand that myself >.< My previous post with the genderbending stuff I expected to be polemic, but this one is a surprise, especially when I was trying to give people what many in the fandom always wanted (pants to take Yanfei as a lawyer more seriously, a more princess-like vibe for Fischl, and a pirate hat to Beidou). And if they bothered to check my full collection of skins - either on reddit or, the more complete version, on twitter (here in case you are interested [https://twitter.com/Anilyan13/timelines/1421207307212533770](https://twitter.com/Anilyan13/timelines/1421207307212533770)), they could have easily concluded I was not trying to censor anything. Anyway, thanks :) It's good to know some people like it even though the post seems to be receiving quite a number of downvotes




bruh those pants on Yanfei sent me (in a good way)! You made her slightly look like Sae Nijima with them


I like the original Yanfei more but the other 2 I think are an improvement. The hat on Bediou is especially amusing and I think the dress fits Fischl well. Does Bediou have a tan now too? Looks good.


Yes, it's a tan \^\^ As I said in the note though, Beidou's is referenced from a fanart, and most ideas are from there. It's worth checking out: https://twitter.com/goobshin/status/1477056691346759688


Oh interesting. Ty.


I like the original designs. The yanfei one is too close to what the CCP would want and i hate any type of censorship. Even tho im sure your view is different for what you created and not related to any type of censorship(i think). It feels too censored imo. Samw with fischal. Its not a huge change but enough to make me notice. Genshin is the least fanserviced gacha game out rn or at least one of them. So id rather not see any sort of censorship no matter what the original focus is.


I do indeed agree that they kind of align with the new alternate skins resulting from the censorship, but I had thought about these skins before all that, partly because of what many people have been saying: wanting a lawyer in pants to be taken more seriously. With Fischl is just to make her more princess like, and in her case I guess personal preference since as far as I know she is pretty young and I prefer the sexy characters to be older. I'm aware that genshin is not that fanserviced, and if it was I wouldn't necessarily try to battle it - just keep away if it was too much for me. If there were a lore explanation for, say, Shenhe feeling less of a need for clothes because she grew up among adepti away from other humans, I wouldn't particularly care. This is just to provide something for the people who have been wanting alternatives.


Yea i kinda guessed your original focus wasn’t censoring of any kind but rather something different. Its just the cause and effect from that made this and thus gave me the expression for an opinion on the matter. Completely understand your focus was different and makes sense. And its also understandable some will like this change and some wont. Simple as that.


That yanfei skin is very good


I love them, the Yanfei one is especially cute but I feel like the pants are a little plain. Some more detail around the hem or up the side seams would make it fit her overall theme a bit more while keeping to the professional feel you wanted Fischl is perfectly gothy princessy and I love it. And the pirate hat on Beidou is wonderful.


I tried to give the pants the same hem that in her original shorts, though they are less visible, but other than that I just extended them - these were supposed to be just simple edits, though more people apparently also feel like a pattern is missing. Perhaps I will make a second version in the future :)


I wonder if you could just add some dark decorated tights with some gold accents under her existing shorts? To me, I think what bothers me about yanfei's design, outside of basically wearing a bikini to work as a lawyer, is just how much skin is exposed between her top and bottom. Design-wise, it feels TOO balanced. Like, they made her asymmetrical in terms of her decorations on the right and left side but the amount of skin shown up top matches the amount of skin shown on the bottom.


I hope you keep posting edits, they're really nicely done.


Thanks :) I have other edits by the way, my full collection here in case you're interested: https://twitter.com/Anilyan13/timelines/1421207307212533770


I actually really like the Yanfei design. It keeps most of the same energy but makes her feel a lot more professional just with a slight shift of focus


Same, as a Yanfei main, I've been advocating for a proper/professional looking lawyer outfit, cuz her current one, while cute, just looks ridiculous for a lawyer, at least give her friggin pants mihoyo


Holy crap, why i never thought the idea of tanned beidou? How am i this uncultured?


Really like the changes in Yanfei's design, she look just more professional as a lawyer.


I love Yanfei's design!


As a leg man, I say no to the first one. The others are cool though.


I'm a leg person myself. I just don't draw skins only for me and I knew many people who wanted Yanfei with Yanfei. Apparently this post missed them and attract instead several people who think these - that are only a fraction of my varied skin collection - reflect my preferences or an attempt to censor the characters


I love the outfits!!! Good job 👍 👏


Big fan of the Yanfei Edit: I love how toxic and horny this community is


Yanfei with pants honestly works with her character and personality! Could probably use some embroidery, but all in all, good edit.


The drawing in these edits is phenomenal! Are you sure you're not part of Mihoyo's design team? Everything fits so... well. The shading and everything. Very. well. done.


I always try to make them blend well with the official style, and I have quite the collection already, in case you want to check them out :) https://twitter.com/Anilyan13/timelines/1421207307212533770


Bem haja!


yanfei's looks great, but i think a reason why a lot of people in the comments don't like her pants is because they lack the "poofyness" that her shorts had. i really liked @/pcktedknife on instagram's redesign for this exact reason :) edit: found a link of it! (https://www.instagram.com/pcktedknife/p/COHjMHglUpX/?utm_medium=copy_link)


oooh this one? [https://www.instagram.com/p/COHjMHglUpX/](https://www.instagram.com/p/COHjMHglUpX/) And I'm going to follow the artist as well. Looks great, thanks for the suggestion. I might make a second version in the future. But I will probably just post it on twitter, since here some people (not the ones that criticized the style of the pants but others) can't seem to make peace with the idea that I was trying to give her lawyer-like vibes instead of censoring her.


These are definitely some well done edits I do think a couple points worth mentioning is the pants the yanfei do come across as little empty or “bland”. I don’t think the hat really fits with beidou’s overall aesthetic as she’s still more Chinese inspired than a regular pirate. But again overall well made, I’m personally not quite a fan of the Fischl one but that’s just more due to personal taste.


nice try xi jinping


I am sorry but they look very awful


Just put em in damn hijabs already and be done with it


I like how yanfei looks with pants, BUT WHT DID YOU MAKE HER SHOES SMALLER IT LOOKS SO WEIRD


I like how yanfei looks with pants, BUT WHT DID YOU MAKE HER SHOES SMALLER IT LOOKS SO WEIRD


Love the Yanfei this makes her outfit seem less bizarre and gives her more of a professional vibe.


In my opinion her current outfit isn't too appropriate for her profession. I like the redesign better. It's not exactly how i pictured it, but almost Other than that, nice edit Edit: i'm talking about yanfei


i puked


Yanfei looks like she’s wearing Yoga Pants


I dont want fucking no sense censure in this game thanks


No one is trying to censor anything. In my twitter post I literally say I have nothing against sexy characters, and here I say it's to fit the role better. Many people who like Yanfei don't think that a lawyer without pants makes sense - that's it. And Fischl is more princess-like now. If say, Shenhe, had grown up in an environment where clothes don't make sense because adepti didn't care and she grew up away from the human society, as far as I care she could be naked.




Bro, these designs aren't canon. I get it you think more with what's in your pants than what you think with in your head, but Mihoyo's not going to see this and go "This artist might be onto something" That's not gonna happen. There's countless lewd depictions of characters that you might like but God forbid someone throws a pair of pants on Yanfei and all of you guys start foaming at the mouth. For a group of people that don't like things getting cancelled/censored, you guys did a good job cancelling/censoring that one artist that threw a skirt on Shenhe, and it didn't even look that bad.


This exactly, just came from a post where this artist decided to leave this community due to toxicity. I hate censoring myself, and I can’t believe others with the same opinion as me are now censoring artists who make arts with a different vision. It’s a shame


All look awesome, but dont give Mhy ideas,


The hat design on Beidou looks nice.


Personally. Yanfei still don’t look like a lawyer. And I like the original Fischi and Beidou outfit more. (Fischi grow up could be a massive improvement.)


I have made a grown up Noelle before (https://twitter.com/Anilyan13/status/1425558527700054023), and I intend to do it for some other characters, Fischl included. But I think I was just trying to give her a more princess/goth lolita vibe, that people liked on twitter but here apparently not as much.


Good job. The short hair one match her better since as maid you really shouldn’t have so long hair lol.


I like how yanfei looks with pants, BUT WHT DID YOU MAKE HER SHOES SMALLER IT LOOKS SO WEIRD


I like these LOADS better than the official ones! Seems like we have similar tastes. What they wear in game always looks stupidly uncomfy and not practical, and your adjustments help with some of that while still not changing the overall design into something different.


I do like them as alternative skins , but I don't think it fits the role of the character especially Yanfei. There's some stuff in her character voice which makes me think that is her outfit alright. (Though I do like your fischl design, it's like a design that she would do on her first try then try to mature on to her original design.)


They look really nice!


Rallye good job, but...don't even lift a finger on her!!


Completely in love with the edit to Yanfei's hair.


Fischl is an easy case, her design is baseline good, but almost every possible redesign idea is just a better execution of original due to the heavily fanservice-y front part. Mainly love the gold accents and better use of colors you made. Yanfei is a very conflicting case, and I don't expect a official redesign of her to be well recieved. Make the skirt longer?, well thats the problem, the rig of the clothing gets messed up Pants look good, and fits her better, but her skirt is the equivalent of Mona's leothards+ V shape, just iconic of the character, the other reasonable idea would be a dress skirt. I've seen that Beidou redesign, while I like that, is flawed: 1- The tan could be interpreted as blackwashing, since audience is way too used to see her with a white skin tone. 2-The hat doesn't fit because the hat has a heavily european style that clashes with everything else, even if Genshin designs are a bit skimpy they certainly respect the origin region and clothing style, on top of being an overkill with how she already has a hairpin. Personally my favorite beidou redesigns are the ones with bloomer pants, you could use Itto and Gorou as a basis, only major drawback being losing the boots.


I like how yanfei looks with pants, BUT WHT DID YOU MAKE HER SHOES SMALLER IT LOOKS SO WEIRD


I like how yanfei looks with pants, BUT WHT DID YOU MAKE HER SHOES SMALLER IT LOOKS SO WEIRD


All your Yanfei edit needs is a Blunderbuss on her torso and she's now Jack Sparrow


pants yanfei feels liek a pirate


I like tanned Beidou and I like what you did to her hair. The whole design is nice. A hat would be fitting since she's probably out in the sun a lot.