With the Aloy crossover, who would be your dream character for the next crossover?

With the Aloy crossover, who would be your dream character for the next crossover?


Vergil and his plastic chair


Am surprised to not see a string of comments about portal opening days, lol.


Players: can we get Vergil for Genshin? miHoYo: We have Vergil for Genshin. Vergil for Genshin: Ayaka + Xingqiu + Keqing Players: *Now we're motivaded*


A final fantasy character maybe Cloud as a Claymore user Anemo or Electro


WoL from Mobius Final Fantasy. The first FF dude that was censored because he was too sexy for the world


Lol im sure he'd fit in well given that mhy just loves dressing male characters in revealing outfits (benny, childe, gorou, baizhu, aether, etc.)


I've been a WoL main in Final Fantasy Dyssidia series and this is news to me. A damn good news at that.


I’m hoping this is the next collab since we already have some FF7 easter eggs in the game


Saber, Archer, Gilgamesh, or any other servant from Fate/Stay Night


Need some rin faces


Rin Tohsaka, Pyro catalyst user, 100% Maximum No Chill


This would be a weird one lol, especially since Yoimiya is already voiced by the same VA (Japanese)


Im convinced Jean’s character design was inspired by Saber :D


Nigel Thornberry, probably


demon slayer would be cool, having tanjirou as a hydro sword user


If we ever get dual element characters in the future, it would be so cool if tanjiro has a hydro skill and pyro elemental burst!


You need to start a petition for this crossover. I’m all for it


Persona would be my dream collaboration, any mc from 3, 4, 5 would do for me.


If one of their idle animations isnt specialist, im rioting


Just imagine p3.. Tabibito : "......" Door-kun : "......" Paimon : "That some heated conversation right here"


Just a Gojo Satoru …


Vergil, Dante, or Nero from Devil May Cry because they might as well add characters they took inspiration from




Took inspiration from?


Razor auto-attacks(Nero), Ayaka charged attacks(Virgil), maybe far-fetched Raiden Q(Virgil), Keqing Q (Virgil, Judgement Cut). Edit: Razor Q is very similar to Devil Trigger of Nero from DMC 4


Raiden’s entire backstory/personality straight up feels like a homage to Vergil


I've seen people provide shot for shot evidence that Razor's hold E is some move from Dante, too.


Me too buddy.


Definitely 2b or any nier cast


That one could actually happen, since it's a PlayStation exclusive >.>


I played Nier Automata on Xbox tho.


I thought Nier was a playstation exclusive? My mistake. It might have been a timed exclusive.


It depends on your definition of exclusive. It was released a month later on PC (piracy reasons or sth) and on Xbox a bit over one year later, because Xbox low sales in Japan. Now it is available in Game Pass.


Ikr since nier replicant remastered just got released a while ago really missed opportunity for them instead of hzd


I played nier recently and i think that she would be a pretty good fit, finding a good e and q skill is gonna be a challenge tho


Including potty mouth kaine?


Since I've given up hope of her being in Smash (we got Sephiroth too recently) having her in Genshin would be the next best thing :")


i mean if fall guys can get a crossover genshin should be able to lol


Sora from Kingdom Hearts


I remember seeing a joke on here about Link from LoZ being the character they’ll announce when the previously-announced Switch port is finally released (lol) and have not stopped thinking about it.


i was thinking of costumes when botw 2 releases (lumine gets zelda and aether link) it woukd be funny especially those who still hate on the game


"Best I can do is Wario." Nintendo guy.


Obviously it's gonna be Goku.


but can he beat the Traveler?


With your thing, it’s not like Geralt has never been in a crossover before, there was a crossover quest in Monster Hunter World. Personally I think the Doomslayer would be an awesome crossover. Yeah it’s a bit of a stretch, but would be fucking fun!


Would love like a Konosuba collab or any fantasy anime character crossover would be fun


Any character from Fire Emblem.


Maybe except seth


I don’t know why but my brain saw this and said ace attorney. Maybe I’ve been playing a bit too much of it. A full case of Yanfei VS Edgeworth, or something. That would be interesting.


Ciri from the Witcher


Ciri is such an easy crossover character too since she's literally a world hopper like traveler.


I want both Ciri and Geralt. Mechanic and lore wise Ciri would work better. Her superspeed transportation is totally doable in the Genshin engine. She'd probably be anemo I think, Mondstadt is definitely her. But Geralt is just cool. I wanna hear his voice in a game again x)


I'm genuinely considering just sitting down one day and daydreaming a bunch of crossover characters and their kits, but one in particular that comes to mind every time someone asks about crossover ideas... (Copy/pasting my response from another thread.) >[Raphtalia (Rising of the Shield Hero)](https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0095/6910/8015/products/61ceH5ymAWL._AC_SL1000.jpg?v=1624522593) >"Sword to the Shield" >Anemo Sword >Elemental Skill - Zweite Hide Mirage - Raphtalia leaves behind an illusion of herself that serves as a decoy then strikes an enemy from behind with a swift slash that deals Anemo damage. >Elemental Burst - Illusion Sword - Raphtalia unsheathes her magic sword that damages the mind rather than the body. Her attacks become infused with Anemo and can strike through shields for a period of time. >If we go with her adult appearance she could use the tall female model. The Rising of the Shield Hero lore already features multiple universes and traveling between them, so wouldn't be too difficult to explain how she wound up in Teyvat.


Raphtalia fam!


Gilgamesh from Fate Zero


Characters from Honkai Impact, 2B/A2, from final fantasy, from Kingdom Hearts...


Pre God of War (2018) Kratos: Guy who wants to kill Archons since Archons are similar to Gods Post God of War (2018) Kratos: Wants to better himself, thus decided to travel with the Traveler


What would Kratos' weapon be tho? His E deffinitely should be blades of chaos lol


Omfg Genshin needs to add axes in this game. Kratos switches from Frost Axe to Blades of Chaos, and vice versa using E. Frost Axe is slower attacks with higher damage, while Blades of Chaos have quicker attacks but lower damage. For every switch, for a short amount of time attacks will be imbued with Elemental energy (Frost Axe cryo, Blades of Chaos pyro). Kratos Burst will be his rage. For a certain amount of time (increases with number of attacks/damage received in a certain amount of time) and all attacks made while in rage will recover HP. Might need balancing, but I was a bit hyped as I remembered about his gameplay.


Thats just razor without the wolf oversoul. But now i want Kratos bashing some lavachurl.


Any of the Fire Emblem characters


For some reasons my dream crossover for Genshin are from Chinese danmei 😅 Hua Cheng from Heaven Offical's Blessing and Captain Li Jinglong from Legend of Exorcism 😬


Wasn’t wei wuxian already in some olympics stuff, maybe there’s a chance lol but yea hc’s burst could be gorgeous if they actually put a lot of work into the free collab characters


..... Maybe we should start suggesting this to miHoYo in the surveys 😅


Hua Cheng's burst would be bloody beautiful.


Imagine the silver butterflies creating Elemental DMG to enemies 🥲 and E'Ming flew on its own slashing here and there x)


I mean it would be super cool if the elemental attack could be an infused hit that also generated wraith butterflies that would stick to enemies and inflict DoT, and the burst would detonate them for massive PP numbers. Also there needs to be an umbrella somewhere in there.


Probably like Raiden, when Hua Cheng releases his Burst, those butterflies gonna fly out from his opened umbrella 😅


Kirito from SAO. If only just for a dualwield burst like Childe.


I know that another bow character would be annoying but I'd Love Atreus from God of War 2018. Also wouldn't mind if they added some kind of Avatar the last airbender easter egg since the game is about elements lol.


MegaMan Volnutt oh wait NVM he's still stuck on the moon


Is that where Mega Man is now?


Yup he's been there since forever ago, plans to rescue him were scrapped July 18th of 2011. This is why humanity deserves to burn u_u


That only for volnutt megaman which from game megaman legends 1 and 2. In 2 he got stuck in moon because of the cliffhanger ending and cancelled sequel.


Yeah but totally beats being deleted in the BN and SF series And forgotten in everything else


Kratos ...... I would like myself some dead gods


Kratos from God of War. He can change between elements like the traveler. Pyro for his greek version and cryo for his nordic one.


Its gotta be Link from Legend of Zelda


Link from Legen of Zelda BotW ;)




It could be Link, once the game is released on Switch, but theres no way Nintendo gonna let PC and PS players have it, so not him. I would say 2B or someone from a Koei Tecmo property, maybe a Dynasty Warrior character.


Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, they can add in his story that he got lost and arrived in Teyvat. He'll be the first triple sword user, and most likely will get anemo vision.


Kratos. All gods and even Celestia will tremble their knees before him LMAO Noctis from FFXV, maybe? Considering he literally got Isekai’d in one of his side quest in the game LOL




Kimtesu no Yaiba crossover.. wishful thinking, but I can see it working.. the art style, the combat, the skills etc.


How would you incorporate Tanjiro switching between Water Breathing and Hinokami Kagura? Stance change with E like Tartaglia, or temporary change with Q like Raiden Shogun?


I would absolutely love to have Tanjiro playable, but I think it's be best and easier if he was purely hydro. Having different elements seems challenging to make work and balance, plus we have a heavy shortage of hydro characters in the game. I can already see the burst (Water breathing 10th form) working similar to a Eula ult: built up momentum and damage by repeated normal attacks. Perhaps his skill could be similar to Diluc's. Incorporating some of the other water breathing forms like Surface slash and Waterwheel into the chain, just like Diluc's different E animations


Ash Ketchum


Delsin from infamous. I could give a shit less about him fitting or not. I just want to build hype for a new infamous game


I can see Video powers work, he will have opportunity to switch from catalyst to melee, similar to Childe, his "shift" will be angel wings, faster and can "hover" on the surface, his Q is karmic bomb. His skills may apply anemo. Also Video powers can kinda explain how he got there.


Kat or Raven from Gravity Rush


I bet kat and paimon would get along just fine


2B and 9S from "NieR: Automata" (For me they are of equal status as the protagonists of NieR), or Joker from Persona 5.


Lina Inverse from Slayers. Hey, they put her in GBF, it could happen.


No one ever.


Darth Vader 🙂


Faust or Dizzy from Guilty Gear.


I would love to see a character from dot hack GU. Likely would never happen but it would be amazing!!!!! Bring like gaseous with one of his forms (preferably scythe form)


Rimaru tempest


Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright because why not. Make a special event alongside Yan Fei and deal with the legal precussions of running li yue. He's a hydro support that gives you + crt rate when you're low on HP, he also gets angry whenever you do anything remotely illegal (so all the time.)


Noctis from ff15, he could use all weapon types😏


Warrior of Light from FFI, Kain or Cecil from FFIV, Link from Zelda.


If there's another Sony push in the future, just imagine the possibility of having a Wolverine crossover.


Any character from Hollow knight


Guilty Gear


Im gonna be generic and say Kevin from HI3 I'd love him to just go "hey fuck the system" and have a Cryo skill, and a Pyro burst


Lara Croft.


Monster Hunter collab. a hunter in an iconic armor set. it would probably be a rathalos set tbh


I would like a demon slyaer one with tanjirou


The colobaration only happened because sony wants to lure players to its platform. This also works with limited games. What Horizon Zero was like. So future colobarations will depend on the success of this one. If it fails, then we may not see the others at all. Maximum with honkai. I would like a colobaration with an Elden Ring. Hopium overdose.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Playing Genshin really makes me miss that game sometimes. Maybe Pyra can be a collab character. Wish Mythra could, too, but her element is Light in that game, and Genshin doesn't have that. :c


Kat from Gravity Rush would be amazing. Could have Kat get knocked out in some gravity storm and wake up in Teyvat or something


In-house crossover pls. I'd like Raven or Fu Hua to be on Genshin.


I wanna see another evangelion crossover like in honkai.


What if crossover with Chainsaw Man or Slime Isekai?


When I saw that Aloy would be a crossover character, first thing that came to mind was: "Damn, mihoyo should make a Geralt crossover too!" , but thinking of implementation, gameplay (e skill, and burst, weapon type) makes me say no. I had the idea that he could use all signs as e. skill (rotating in a certain order), but that would be ultra-clunky, and op at the same time (cause he would be using igni=pyro, yrden=electro, quen=geo, aard=cryo/anemo). So, other characters I would like to see: 2B (NieR: Automata) Dante (Devil May Cry) Gilgamesh from Final Fantasy (he could be a char who can use any weapon lol) Garr Kelvin (Tales of Destiny) and of course Dunban (Xenoblade Chronicles)


I agree he would be clunky, but I don't mind. I will take Ciri as a consolation prize. She'd integrate fantastic in the Genshin engine.


That one bald guy with a cape


Noelle, Asta and Yuno


Bit of a stretch but the main characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I know that it’s a game from a whole different platform but the artstyles would not to be too jarring when converted into Genshin Impact’s style. Edelgard: Pyro/Claymore Dmitry: Cryo/Polearm Claude: Bow/Anemo Byleth: Tome/Geo


M4 from girls frontline. Or any GFL mainstory chara really


Mario from Super Mario


Sasuke from Naruto... He has rinnegann, which allows him to teleport between different dimensions


Okay honestly this would just be a fun one to see. He's definitely too OP for Genshin, but it would be fun.




Persona 5 or Nier Automata. I'd be rolling every primo if I had to. Though my F2P luck might not see me through... definitely can't be paying hundreds for a single character though lol


Chandra from MtG pyro catalyst user. The traveler is just a planeswalker from magic the gathering. They've also been expanding their crossover portfolio so it makes sense. They could make a Will/Rowan Kenrith skin for the twins too


One of my favourite characters in general, Goro Majima from Yakuza. It wouldn't make sense but I don't care, I just love him


Zelda as a physical catalyst (she shoots lasers because lasers are physical according to ruin machinery)


I want Juvia from Fairy Tail.


A kingdom hearts cross over would be amazing - Sora, Riku and Kairi 😁


anyone from nier would be cool


Claude from fire emblem he'd definitely be an anemo bow, it would never happen but I can dream ><


If crossovers going to be this hollow and bland I rather not have them in genshin.


2B or Asuka or Rimuru pls


Ishtar/Ereshkigal for sure


Majima EDIT: Now that I think better, Kasuga from the last Yakuza would fit perfectly, but I like crazy


We got Aloy because of the PS crosssave thing right? It feels inevitable that when we get a switch release, we're going to get Link. Maybe OoT or SS link so that he can have his own Paimon to speak for him in the form of Navi or Fi, instead of breaking lore and having link himself speak (I mean he's just straight up canonically mute in BotW) and also have the iconic green look. And I mean, dimension travelling does exist in Zelda too. In the more 'never going to happen' category...well, valve's got its own console coming out, right? A genshin release there could maybe be a thing. And for a crossover, well, valve doesn't have many Iconic games that would work with genshin. Chell is from a puzzle game, Gordon is probably too high tech and too gun focused to work, and csgo doesn't even have characters, but there's one other member of the orange box that already has a cell shaded art style and is wackier and definitely more verbal than the other three games. I am, of course, talking about everyone's favourite hat simulator team fortress 2. Now you're probably going "that's got too many guns they couldn't do that in a fantasy setting and also the character that's the main face of the game is so staunchly anti-communist that the CCP would *surely* object!" And well you'd be right...except for a certain few characters. There's already someone on the team who's got in depth experience with magic, wields a (talking!) sword, and has plenty of exposure through memes. It's everyone's favourite black Scottish cyclops, the demoman! Give him an electro vision (he's definitely a loner due to the entire cyclops and chronic alcoholism thing, and has a thing about trying to maintain his family's status quo as explosive Scottish nobility), the ability to charge into people with an infused sword, and maybe the ability to summon monoculus (that's the eyeball he's missing - it's a giant haunted eyeball that flies and shoots things) and you're golden! Or, alternatively, give him a catalyst and make him an electro Klee. Alternatively, the sniper or the medic or the pyro could work. The sniper already has a bow - you could make his jarate a throwable def lowering/crit boosting skill, and make his kit based around headshots. I guess he's be maybe a Geo or hydro vision? His character has a big thing about how *reliable* and *sane* he is as a *professional* which I think could go into either element. And while the medic obviously wouldn't have his gun of healing, you could give him a sword and have him stab people with it. He's a very stabby person. Have his skill/burst be like TToDS on steroids (though also applicable to himself) that also gives crits that scales off of HP. He's probably either have electro or dendro - electro because he's *definitely* a weird social pariah who's best friend is a bird, is effectively immortal, and has brought back people from the dead, or dendro because all the insane stuff he does like stealing someone's skeleton is all done in the name of *science!* and because he brought back said people from the dead using said science. He's essentially a less outright evil more fun version of docttore. And the pyro's kinda an obvious one - it's a pyro user with a catalyst. Maybe give them a Rosaria style skill and burst. Character wise it would be difficult since they don't actually speak, but you could have balloonicorn act as an Oz (except middle aged and divorced), translating all their muffled noises. Also, it would be great if they had a teen female body height (they are on the shorter side), but with the child animations.


Master Cheif Here is a meme Sir: Cheif what are you doing in genshin Master Cheif: decimating slimes sir


Kratos, coz fuck the gods.


Tower of God. Jue Viole Grace as dps hydro catalyst


Rita or HoS/fu hua from honkai


Donald duck from kh. Quaquaquaquack!!!!


Kratos next


I would say Bell Cranel from Danmachi but that might end up too similar to Bennett in looks, element, etc. I guess they could try making him a fire dps with movement and attack speed buffs.


The Hunter from Bloodborne Because who doesn’t want some good ole visceral beast slaying and some classic eldritch horror in a game with anime waifus? Also imagine Klee fighting with him… she would destroy Rom in 5 seconds!




Nier characters, as for which ones most of them would make me happy but I love A2 so I'd want her the most. Realistically we'd probably get either 2B or brother Nier tho, both of which would also be great.


Onikiri from Onmyoji as a electro sword user


Cyrus, octopath traveler. Just go nuts and give him a couple of elements.


This will never happen but I would love a League of Legends collab, especially looking back at Spirit Blossom and how well it would have fit in an Inazuman setting. Riven could have been a claymore character tainted by Tatarigami energy, and then League could have gotten Raiden as a new melee character. She would have fit well as an Ionian champion. In general, a mini collab could be Yae Miko getting an Ahri skin and vice versa, but I doubt it would ever happen 🤷‍♀️


Saber from Fate, I know it would NEVER happen. But just imagine her as a character. Excalibur as weapon and an Ult would be amazing.


Wukong would be awesome


Anyone from Honkai Impact


2B nier automata please




Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics! Oh wait….


Jeanne d'arc alter Pyro Polearm


Monster hunter. Could do greatsword, sword(and shield), bow, or spear(insect glave).


Someone’s asked this long before and I still think Rimuru from The Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime would be funny. Noctis from FF15 would also be cool but hard to make work.


Master Chief for the memes But as a serious response a character from Yakuza would be hot if that’s even possible


Virgil from DMC or maybe Kratos for fun That or Dante from DMC cause he's fucking cool as well Also Cloud fucking Strife from FF7, even if he doesn't have a bustersword, make him anemo and it's who I'm maining


I just want an anime style character, Aloy feels incredibly out of place for me.




Give me Keqing from Honkai impact pls


Honkai characters! My favourites will forever be the Olenyeva twins


The donkey from Shrek.


Maybe a Demon Slayer crossover. Breaths are pretty similar to visions, and pretty much all genshin players are weebs.


Riven from lol. She can complete WGS with her burst and i wanna see it.


Just for fun, I already been thinking about this (its never gonna happen ik) but Luffy as a physical catalyst lol. Catalyst would be his Straw Hat or smth, AA would be standard fare punches, charged atk is Gum Gum Gattling. His hold E a boost in Atk, movement/atk speed and dmg (i.e. second gear) for 8 seconds at the cost of ~10 energy and his press E a big fist with a much larger boost in dmg with two charges (like Sucrose) but slower than AA, and his Burst Fourth Gear which is basically a combination of his Hold E and Press E (atk and movement speed from E, and multipliers from press E) for 10 seconds with a ~25s cooldown. First and standard passive would add a fire infused punch on 4th/5th hit during hold E AA chain. Second passive adds 2 particles on crit hit, third passive removes food consumption limit, but all cooked dishes are sus. Special dish is steak. Constellation 1 could be Haki, increasing phys dmg bonus by ~30% and adding black coating to E and charged attack for aesthetics, C2 adds 1 charge to press E, C4 conquer’s Haki, reduces enemy atk and atk/movement speed when using elemental skill and Burst, C6 Gives Burst 50% more range, and both E and Q can now home in on enemies (a la G4 snakeman).


Joseph Joestar


i know is impossible but... Giovanni from pokemon


I can rather easily imagine Kazuma fitting into genshin impact, though if they were fine with adding a multi-element character, Kazuma could be a very weak unit with horrible base stats and seemingly useless skills that can really shine when a player with enough cunning and smarts plays around with them (mixing dirt and wind to blind opponents or dousing harmless water on the ground and freezing it later on in the fight)


Just my thoughts on Kirito's moveset that I thought of in the shower Kirito- sword Element:? NA: Can combo up to five strikes with a sword. CA: Brings sword up to perform the Sword Skill 'Vorpal Strike' attack. Pauses for a moment afterwards 'E' skill: Performs the 'Vertical Square' Sword Skill. Boosts attack for 8 secs, CT 12 secs 'Q' skill: Bringing out his second blade, he activates his 'Dual Blades' extra skill. For 15 secs, his attack speed is greatly increased and all attacks will be imbued with ? elemental energy, which cannot be overridden by any other skill. All of his attacks will change and thus effect wears off when he leaves the field. CT 10 secs Energy 80 'Dual Blades' NA: Slashes repeatedly with twin blades. CA: Performs the Sword Skill 'Cross Slash'. Deals AoE damage and boosts Crit Rate by 10%. 'E' skill: Uses 'Starburst Stream', dealing AoE damage 'Q' skill: Unleashes 'The Eclipse', dealing huge AoE damage if used while dual-wielding. Boosts all party members damage by 30%.


Raiden from metal gear revengence so we can finally have a decent electro sword user


Been saying this since the first day but Blade Nia from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, easy Hydro Sword healer and a unique design thats more than enough to fit in the world of Genshin, also hopefully they let her keep her Welsh accent If not then i just hope Persona 5 crosses over into this game too lol but instead of Joker I wanna see Panther using Pyro Catalyst but also uses her own whip in combat, just like how Klee uses her own homemade bombs and Ningguang’s normal attacks don’t even show the catalyst, and her Elemental Skill can be Carmen that shows up for a second and casts Agidyne or something lol Edit: Or May from Guilty Gear as a Hydro Catalyst with Totsugeki as normals




Aether or lumine from the hit 2020 game “genshin impact”


Reina. PR. search it


Kratos... nuff said...