What's one thing you think the genshin community needs to know.

What's one thing you think the genshin community needs to know.


If spectres float too high for you to comfortably hit them, stop trying to chase them and back away. They'll use a ranged attack and then follow you, descending in altitude and making it easier to hit them.


Thank you. Helps alot


That’s basically what to do with any ranged AI in games especially Primal Assholes from Hollow Knight


Or just general advice, don't spend your stamina chasing after very mobile enemies. Just dodge and make them come to you(or until they stop teleporting around the field). You can recharge your stamina that way.


Rolling for a 4 star character on the event banner can actually be harder than the 5 star.


My primos for Thoma are shaking rn... but i’m willing to take the risk


that fact made me had the idea i am willing to save up for whoever 5star thoma is at just to be sure i would have at least 1 thoma


I agreed, i remember trying to pull for yanfei on zhongli banner, thinking eh, i have 70 pulls, i be dangerously close to pity but i will probably get yanfei. Nope, 120 pulls later and i got zhongli but no yanfei.


In Raiden Banner, I want Sara C6, but until now 130 pulls and counting... Got my Raiden, but not even 1 Sara... All Xiangling, Sucrose or Weapons...


don't forget to use parametric transformer


Damn. Every time...




This was funnier than it should be because I felt it it.


what does it do?


If you just put random bullshit in it it spits out some useful upgrade materials sometimes


I never forget cus i still enter my teapot from inventory, so i always see if the transformer is still in cooldown or nah.


Oh shit I forgot thank you


Ohhhh Havent used in quite a while 😬


Dang you just reminded me!!


"There is no Easter Bunny, there is no Tooth Fairy, and there is no... ELECTRO BUFF COMING"


Me: who still believes in the easter bunny and tooth fairy. Why must you hurt me this way


I am sorry little one...


But... in the joke you're quoting the third thing was a real thing so... you're saying there is an electro buff coming! Yay!


That Reddit is probably the last place you want to submit feedback to mihoyo


Also games like these spend a large amount of time and money to study human psychology. On how to manipulate our brains into spending more money *subtly*. Even if we try to keep it in mind, one slip up and it will get you. From the new weapon banner that seems to be "better" but plays HARD into the sunk cost fallacy, to the top up refreshing this update that got so many people to give up their f2p status. Gamble responsively guys its a slippery slope :)


but if you don’t have money to spend then you can’t get drawn in 🧠


As a uni student, can comfirm am f2p. *btw*


There no wrong way to play. If you enjoy what you're doing, that's all that matters.


Timmie's pigeons are the benchmark to judge the strength of a new character


Thats some good wisdom.


that's why kujou sara> meta


Just because someone's entered your world doesn't mean they've made it past the loading screen. Wait for them to start moving before entering the domain, or they might not get the invite.


Seelies are a good way to see if they loaded in, since they spawn when their loading screen is nearly done


How Mona’s burst works.


If you know please tell me how it works please?


Applies hydro and bubbles enemy. When the bubble pops(next attack) the enemy takes more damage for 5 seconds. The attack that pops the bubble also does bonus damage. HOWEVER if the character hit by mona's bubble had cryo applied, the bubble will freeze them, and while frozen the bubble won't pop if the attack doesn't remove freeze (claymore or pyro), thus extending the duration of the dmg buff. This is why ganyu+mona works.


Thank you!!! This is literally the first time I understood how to use Mona’s burst without having to break my brain.


Also it's possible to proc vaporize off of the "pop" by using the ult on an enemy that already has pyro on it, the initial application of hydro bubble clears the pyro with a vaporize reaction that does 0 damage. Now you can't proc vaporize twice within 2 seconds so after waiting, hiting the enemy with a pyro attack applies pyro immediately followed by the hydro damage from the ult "popping" and vaporizing for huge damage. There's videos of it if this doesn't make sense, almost every "3000000” damage Mona ult video uses this tech. Edit: there's a guy in the thread that explains it better with specific character setups.


Yeah you have to learn how ICDs work which explains why you can't immediately vape.


Did not realize the damage buff lasted for 5 seconds after the bubble popped, I thought it was only the hit that popped the bubble, which made me think she was bad. Now I’m going to run her and Ayaka


There's a lot to it and I need to learn it better. But if I understand it right, to get a "perfect vape combo" there's a precise setup. This is because you don't want to pop the Bubble early, you don't want the omen to go off unless the right elements are applied in the correct order, etc (to maximize damage). IIRC from the below site/video it's: 1. Apply Hydro 2. Swirl the Hydro with Venerers 3. If you swirl with sucrose, and she has TToDS, swap to Mona for the ATK% boost (iirc) 4. Apply Pyro (with Benny Q is suggested) 5. Mona Ult - a 0 damage vape occurs clearing the pyro 6. WAIT 2-3 seconds for the internal reaction cold down. 7. Use a Pyro attack to break the Bubble (Benny E, Diluc E but his Ult apparently won't apply things correctly, Amber charge shot, etc) 8. Big DPS Basically, this allows Mona's Ult (the "Bubble Pop Part") to trigger the Vape rather than, say, Diluc, because her ult has a huge multiplier. The Omen also improves damage from all sources, but it's the Bubble Pop that does some of the crazy numbers iirc. If you want a better understanding (and to make sure I'm not am misremembering something) please visit the below as that's where I learned it from (and they are much smarter than me). If I got something wrong please let me know and I'll update (or delete...) this comment as needed. I think another user mentioned how freeze comps make use of it (in short I recall that if the enemy is frozen BEFORE applying Mona Burst, then the Omen timer won't start until they unfreeze, giving you more omen damage buffs. Might be 100% wrong about that tho.) https://keqingmains.com/mona/#How_does_Monas_Elemental_Burst_Stellaris_Phantasm_work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNFszPcj7ZM


The one thing the community needs to know is to not listen to the community


Don't listen to ^ 😂


Don't listen to ^ 😂


wow this community!!!!! /s 😂😂


Don't listen to \^ 😂


Don't listen to ^ 😂


That judging a character day 1 is usually really dumb.


day 1: kazuha is trash, just an expensive sucrose end of banner: holy fuck kazuha is amazing i can't believe i skipped!!!!!


Seriously, you guys need to stop listening so much to Reddit. When Kazuha's banner was happening I still wasn't browsing reddit, and everything I heard about him was positive. People here only want to talk shit for no reason.


The majority of players on this sub don't know their PC has a calculator, let alone what to do with it. Most of their "knowledge" is regurgitated from what their favorite Youtuber told them. And if that source is unresponsive, they think with their emotions, which are hyperbolic and unreasonable as hell. Also, impatience is a driving motivator for a lot of their criticisms. Remember when every other post was complaining about handguard drop rates shortly after 2.0 released? I wouldn't take anything said here as fact until people have had a while to work with the new content. Even then, I'd urge the end user to experiment with the content themselves and come to their own conclusion as most advice falls into one of two camps - "Play what you like!" or "This is META. Play the META. Nothing else is worth your time or resources."


I think it's good they don't have a calculator. Alot of the times these guys do scuffed calculations way beforehand before actually trying the character. So on day one they say "X is worse than a 4 star, it's just math." While they're sitting in their account at level 20, 2,1,3 talents and black tassel equipped.


you are totally right. the genshin reddit become a awful place to discuss


I have no idea why people thought that. Even when I played him in trial I could see how useful that guy was.


I think initially people were mad because due to ambiguous wording on leaks, they thought his E would just straight up buff your entire team’s elemental damage (including his own anemo) rather than just the swirled elements. And then when we found out how it really worked, well you know how the most vocal part of this community gets when something isn’t over the top OP af or doesn’t work the busted way they imagined it would, they bump it straight to trash tier—despite the fact that Kazuha turned out to be OP af anyways once you actually build/play him…


This 100%. kazuha is so strong dude. Everything dies as soon as he comes out. And my ganyu is just standing there at the end of the rotation doing nothing. Cause everything's dead lol.


Those poor enemies who choose to sit around a campfire when Kazuha’s coming at them…


Those poor poor hillychurles...they get absolutely annihilated lol


Glad I knew since day one he was good then. I mean, EM, Elemental Infusion that applies reactions and increases elemental damage of the swirled element on top of VV? Sign me up! Unfortunately, by the end of the banner all I ended up with was a C1 Qiqi and 31 pulls into guaranteed pity.




That I already got all the fish in my world. Stop sending invites.


Have you tried putting that on the signature yet? Haven't gotten invites since


The meta vs waifu thing is very stupid. Everybody has different tastes so just let people play what they want. Meta cool, Waifu cool. Just call out the ones that is trashing either meta or waifu.


This man is the real mvp here, everyone give him a cookie


The fun thing is - most people are in the middle between there two camps. Like, they care for a couple of characters and just build the rest of the team around their fav. The ones who are screaming about meta and waifus are just very loud minority.


Abusing VAs isn't a pro gamer move.


Hell, one would say that it’s not even a cash money move


There’s a ton of bad info here on Reddit in just about every area. Even the lore isn’t safe, so many popular theories just taken for fact on here.


Lol, remember these post about how they were "skipping" baal because they theorized miko whould be the real archon? yeah, there are a lot of flat earthers here.


I don't really follow lore theory but man that's kind of funny.




I’m 35 and I’m scared to go online and talk to random 13 year olds even though I enjoy helping people


Collect everything; that includes the apples, the sunsettias and sweetflowers etc. U never know when youll need them.


You don't have to 36 star in the abyss to enjoy the game


But 36-star-ing abyss as pure F2P felt so good, so satisfying. I literally screamed “F YEA!!!!”


Same!! I literally could not believe I did it, I felt like I was 10 again and just beat the champion in pokemon platinum lol


Floor 8-3 gang✋


So true, I haven't even done the abyss for months now, just not feeling it.


I just go as far as i can and where i end up is where i end up. If i fail to max star it ill try again in two weeks.


It’s ok to skip banners


If u feel like playing genshin is a chore just take a break


But I’ll miss out on primos ( f2p so freemogems are very important)


Play for 15 minutes, set your dailies to mondstadt, finish them daily and log off


It’s a game. Chill out


So cryo characters only, gotcha.


That playing videogames is meant to have fun.


Exactly why I quit for 3 weeks. Stopped having fun and came back strong with the inazuma update. Loving the game again.


Thats not just genshin thats just people in general.


Tbh that's the first community where i ever heard "I'm wasting my time on this game and devs won't appreciate this" (anniversary rewards hate train). Like it's work for them or something.


warframe players


That buffing a character is not just "give em more damage". See the electro buff. Yeah they buffed elemental mastery and that makes electro do more damage, but the problem is the overloaded knock back and some of the quirks of the currently available electro carries. So keep that in mind when you answer surveys and ask for buffs.


What electro buff? I only remember a swirl buff to make venti and kazuha more OP 🤡


Not every new character is a dps


Or that every new banner five star *needs* to be a dps. People hate on Kokomi because of her "stats" and stuff as if she won't be a healer who does dmg, aka jean, qiqi, bennett even diona and now sayu. I don't understand why is everyone so obsessed with having the strongest dps characters every release.


While this is mostly true, a small portion of those people are Kokomi stans, and they certainly dont "hate" it. From my perspective, yes, i agree, not every 5* should be a dps carry. However, i also want people to be able to *use* their favorite character. If your favorite is Hu tao, you have no problem slapping her at the front of a party, but if a Kokomi fan tried that at WL8, they would mostly be SoL. Even if that "dps capability (keyword capable, it doesnt mean it would be efficient, just possible)" is locked behind constellations (see Venti C1, Jean C1, etc) it should be there somehow. I like Jeans and Venti's cons a lot, because they make the character much better at their intended role but also make them viable as your party frontliner. A lot of the release 4* have this trend too (Sucrose, chongyun, xingqiu, xiangling, fischl, etc, most chars being "non-main dps" roles


5 stars need to have value. Kokomi is not going to get a lot of love. She wont be AS bad as people are saying. But where she fits will be extremely niche as a whole where other healers offer more in general.


Maybe it’s just my perception, but Xinyan seems criminally underrated in terms of personality. She’s adorable and everyone should know that.


That no one cares if your f2p. ^f2pbtw


For real. F2p btw:)


Gotta agree. (F2P btw)


Wait... Is 'F2P' the gamer version of being Vegan?


Well that's a valid way to define it xD (F2P BTW)


I don't care, butI Fish 2 Play too btw!


People are so ingrained into this "F2P BTW" that even some low-spender try to fit in, it's getting ridiculous. "I'm tooootally F2P, i'm just spending money on welking.... and Battle pass.... but other than that i'm 100% F2P". Like, dawg. No you aren't. F2P Mean you don't spend ANY money. And stop acting like spending is something to be ashamed of anyway.


You forgot to end that off with ‘F2p btw’


It's ironic really, BP and welkin are like a $15 a month, that's MMO subscription level. AND it gives you more than *double* what an F2P player gets. So it's faaaar from "almost f2p".


Patience is Success. Gacha games can be incredibly fun if you teach yourself self control, as they all allow you to get what you want *if you commit to your patience*. Spending is okay but **never** spend over a budget that you made for yourself. If your budget is "welkin + BP"? That is it. Going over it means you failed. And it's how they get you. They want you to think "Yeah but spending 100 dollars once is okay" and then you'll do it every month before you know it. And you could argue that welkin is the exact same thing for lower budgets, too. Don't fall for the "If I spend 10 more dollars, I can get this now" trap. Don't fall for the "if I just roll again, I might get what I want" trap. Only spend your primos on guarantees and never spend on a character you don't actually want. There is a reasonable assumption that every character will eventually come to you with time, so don't spend if they are not on the banner. An attempt to get a different character will likely result in you getting your other desired character on the way and most 4 stars make it into the monthly shop eventually, so even those are somewhat guaranteed. The exceptions to this being 5 Stars. And here is where you need to compromise. Don't run after every new shiny new character. Always ask yourself "Do I really want this, or will I regret spending when something else *might* come along". Building pity is a lie. You run the risk of ruining your pity. Save your primos. Grow your hoard. Become a dragon, hoarding primogems. Primogem hands. Only let that one special character near it. No one else. Never let yourself think "It has been so long, I can afford to spend". What if they release a *really really really* desirable character next? Your "hoard" will be tiny. And it'll be your fault. Oh yeah, also weapon banners are straight up scams because you need 3 pities for a guarantee. Commit to your patience. Become dragon.


this is great, best advice for the financial side of this game


Quitting is an option, they don't need to stay and suffer


Before you quit, please let me fish in your world


Seriously. This game in no way demands your time. There is no “being behind” in Genshin Impact you compete only against yourself and even then only if you want to.


There's going behind in primogems. If you want to have enough wishes to get a chance for a 5* on a banner you like, you have to save up for about a month if you're f2p. You could just not play the game until another update with some nice content in it, but then you'll get practically no chance of getting the character you like.


I mean, theres this "being behind" thing but lore wise, if you take too long to do the new archon quest will be really hard to avoid spoilers ngl. Imagine who is starting today.


And if you don’t want to quit, it’s ok to take time off if its feeling like a chore! Just come back for events that feel fun and story updates. The dailies aren’t worth it if you’re not enjoying yourself, and you don’t actually have to spend all your resin every day.


That the news flair should be used for news not your gacha pulls, unofficial announcements, how your day is going, and etc. And also use a spoiler tag for spoiler related posts.


To add, don't put the spoiler in the title. Having the spoiler tag does nothing if the title itself is a spoiler


this \^ it's so dumb to be like "zhongli is the dead dragon??? (spoiler)" and then mark the post as spoiler. you're doing nothing to stop spoiling people from the story and it's just counterproductive.


Don't listen to genshin Youtubers.


Some are OK. But if they don't back up what they are doing with numbers and realistic showcases, it means nothing. Even worse if they're a whale justifying a unit. But none should be treated as law. Everyone has their bias's.


The real anniversary rewards was the friends we made along the way.


Damn I guess I'll have no rewards *because I have no friends*


Both my kids play Genshin; sometimes you have to literally make friends to play with.


Dr Frankenstein: *“I can do that”*


Brb adopting some kids


That ranting on Reddit to MHY devs does nothing productive.


Read less comments, live a few more years


It costs about 292 Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwiches on average to c6 a limited 5 star character


Holy shit i did the math and your actually right congrats stranger.


that's allota sandwiches


You're not forced to stay in the game if you don't like it, you have every right and freedom to leave the game if you're constantly being disappointed with how the game operates.


Judging a character based on leaks is questionable even if you do all the math.


Bigger budget ≠ higher quality. It's doesn't matter how much money a game project makes, because you have to take time and other things into account such as the six-week update schedule, management, meddling executives, etc. Plus, using that money to hire more people could make things worse because of Brooks's law. In addition, game developers aren't lazy, programming is just cursed. Changes that seem easy to implement could actually break the game in uncomprehensible ways. Simple little things that feel like they would take a programmer less than a day to fix can turn into months. So if they haven't implemented the change you wanted, it could be because it's not as easy as it looks.


This isn't just a Genshin thing, I think everyone who plays any games needs to realize this.


It's great when people say if it were them, they could have done it in no time. Especially when they then follow-up with their own years of programming experience. That's when you ask them how they would do it.


I am currently taking a course where I am taught C# for coding in Unity, and had to code a game for my semester end project. Despite the huge gap in complexity between the mess I made and Genshin, it was still hell, especially with a 4-week time limit ~~and subpar teammates~~. I cannot imagine the number of factors you would need to consider in a game with WAAAYYY more lines of code. I know they would have a much bigger team but having to do all that in just 6 weeks would be challenging for even industry professionals. The course was somewhat of an eye opener tbh. Since I am still just a student, I cannot give accurate judgment on the manner, though at least I am aware that simple changes may not be so simple.


Now imagine you put the game on the app store because the school covered all of the expenses involved in publishing the game, and a year later some popular streamer decides to do a let's-play and you suddenly find yourself getting notifications that you just hit a million downloads and a bunch of your players request features that would be cool. Good thing that you also tossed in banner ads cause you just made a cool 50 grand from the sheer volume of views. Your random project that you did in class suddenly has the opportunity to make a lot of money, and so you pull up your source code (assuming it still exists, thankfully it's on github) and then proceed to add new stuff, hoping it will lead to more monetization opportunities. You code up a new feature, test it, but then find it conflicts with some other piece of code written a year ago...written by someone else! So now you have to figure out what they did, why they did that, and how it interacts with the rest of the codebase. Hopefully there's documentation, otherwise you have to basically reverse engineer your own project because you don't remember half the decisions made a year ago, and many of those decisions were pretty terrible as well now that you look at your own code that you wrote as a newbie. Worst case, everything appears to work, until your players report some obscure bug that you never thought of and have to scramble to fix otherwise they all go to reddit and talk about how trash it is and that you have no idea what you're doing.


Dev out in industry here (only 2 years so far, so not much farther out than you) But your experience tracks pretty well. Even if what you are working on in industry is narrower is scope -working on one room vs the whole level (I'm an environment artist)- you work on it to a much greater depth. and it kinda balances out to me running into the same amount of bugs. Things will always be breaking or needing fixes no matter how big the team gets. Compound onto that the general complexity of a non-project game, 5 people all working in the same space (for example: me, a designer, a lighting artist and a vfx artist) trying desperately not to break each others work, tech problems that can just happen, and any myriad other things can make even quick fixes take maybe a week to get into a visible build. Sure I may have fixed that clipping bug 15 minutes after I was notified of it, but the fix still needs to propagate to a live build


Reminds me how the devs talked about Childe, they guy said a joke about "Oh Tartaglia's cape got bugged again, we have n't already fixed". The dev said in the interview (Azdaha designing video I thinkg) that Tartaglia was one of the most challenging coding characters because his stance mechanic and the cloak turning ethereal, as a Childe main I felt acomplished because I know their hydro weapons are n't fully solid, you can't farm wood and certain interactions are limited like the infamous plunge attack.


Oof, now *this* is something I really wish more people in the community realises.


To add onto this people don't realize just _how fast budget can vanish_. Advertising and VO work are massive money sinks. A lot of companies also put a ton of money into extras or "wasteful" things people will complain about because it's all you can really do with it. There's only so much money you can actually throw at development itself before you begin to hurt the product more than help it.


Yeah I think this is the biggest failing of reddit gaming communities is what they desire trumps the logistics behind implementation. We can sit here and say what we wish was in the game, but the question is always *why* isn't it in the game and if we don't understand the problem then whining about why they aren't fixing it just sounds silly.


Enjoy every character with their pros/cons


I agree but some character cons can ruin the enjoyment for the overall character for some people.


Zhongli is not broke.


Be nice to people, in the end, it’s a game.


Don't rely too much on content creators.


Ganyu was not thicc when she was swallowed by the sea monster, she was literally just chubby


That they're the reason we can't have nice things.


You ain't required to do big pp dmg. Play whoever you want, be it meta or low dmg characters


A person can have a team of whoever they like. If people want to go full DPS, let them. If people want to go full healer, let them. If people want to go full healer DPS, fear them.


I fear people who have DPS Barbara, like damn!


Theres a difference between spreading negativity and giving feedback. Don't mix up the two. Giving feedback is something along the lines of "I think miHoYo can do better in terms of character balance". Bonus points if you can back it up with numbers. Being negative is just unchalantly shouting and being unneccessarily aggressive over one topic and berating everyone that disagrees with you.


This tread is already way past mixing feedback and negativity:)


The update live streams are scripted so don't abuse the VA's if you don't like their banter. The topics and cues are given to them by mihoyo.


I fully agree with you.


Every journey has its final day, don't rush - zhongli


Instructions unclear 100% both new islands and did all the new quests in the first 2 weeks


*2 days. I've seen some YouTube posts of 100% exploration in 2 days after the update was released


Not every new character needs to shake the meta the second they're introduced-




Genshin makes lots and lots of Translation errors


God so many grammatical errors and even chinese characters during the first days of Inazuma it was insane.


Playing for the meta is fun.


Don't demonize players that like to minmax characters for their own enjoyment


optimization is not required to clear and get full rewards on events and abyss


Being f2p is not a personality trait.




That meticulously building characters and trying to get the most out of them is genuinely fun to many people. Assuming that any theorycrafting or meta is anti-fun is a very toxic mentality that presumes playing casually is the only way to have fun, which is completely wrong.


That particular issue has plenty of people on both sides who are defending their way of having fun by simultaneously promoting their preferences while downplaying the other side's preferences. Fun is subjective. Just enjoy what you find fun.


This is one of the reasons I love Pokémon. Tbh I don’t even battle competitively anymore but trying to breed perfect Pokémon and raise them is fun to me.


It's like people forgot that what people find fun is subjective lmao


KFC glider Switch release We shall not forget.


That they need to grow a brain before they spread their unreasoned opinions/ spread hate.


Don't C6 Bennett.


Perfect balance is impossible. There will always be characters better than others.


that kazuha is hot (if you don't already know this im not sure if there's any hope for you though)




Probably, but... Kaeya is the hottest!


If you want to play based on the meta, min-max the build on your characters and teams, that’s totally valid. If you’re just wanting to roll and play your waifus and husbandos, that’s also totally valid. It’s ok to have concerns about how new characters’ kits are developed. It’s also just ok to chill and just enjoy how pretty the game is. This is a PVE game with minimal co-op. The only right way to play the game is however it makes you happy. And the worst thing to do, is to force others to think/play the same way you do, and/or insult them if they don’t.


That disagreeing with a person's opinion doesn't immediately make them white knighting MHY


Just coz someone likes a kid doesnt mean he/she is a pedo, love comes in many ways. Some people act like they never see a kid in their lifes. Sometimes, I'm most afraid of people that always say that when the topic at hand doesnt even come close. I mean, how did YOU view that?


Don't complain when you're "building pity" on a banner you don't want the five star of and ended up getting that five star when you're going for a future five star.


This might or might not be related to the question, but the tutorial at the very start of the game is there to make people, especially beginners in playing games to familiarize with the mechanic. I saw some people (especially old time gamers) got mad at the fact that on the very first tutorial on Mondstadt (the long quest) the game tells us every basic thing there is to the game. It's there so that people won't be confused going on. Ok, some people might be able to familiarize directly with the mechanic because they're an old time gamers, but Mihoyo as a company will obviously wants the game to be played by as many people as possible. I just saw people complained about this recently on the Internet and I think I want to emphasize this point.


Stop harassing leakers


No characters have canon ages and likely never will have canon ages.


Most of the Genshin community doesn’t even use the words hopium or copium correctly and it’s extremely overused. Talk about a cringe fest.


All translated text may be incorrect. Read Chinese when doing researches.


There's no such thing as semi-f2p. Either you paid for something in this game or you haven't. Buying a Welkin is still paying for something.


Your favorite characters don't have feelings. Yup. They are just pixels. They don't feel bad about getting a clunky kit, they don't hear your most-hated streamer's insults, nor can they read comments made against them. Ayaka won't feel insulted if people make fun of her wet socks. Don't be obliged to feel bad on her behalf too.


Your favorite characters will also be eventually be replaced by another character, as is the nature of gacha games.


Amber mains HATE this guy


Doing a "f2p character showcase" where the team consists in X c0 character and 3 c6 supports isnt a real showcase.


Many day 1 players have a few 4* at c6 or higher cons, I still think they’re f2p friendly, but for early day players


I was talking about one certain youtuber that keeps using his c6 Klee and saying that it is a f2p showcase. Ofc, everybody has a c2 Klee with 25% def shred.


Ohhh I get what you mean, read it wrong my fault but I totally understand, some specify that they’re 5 star supports are constellated while others don’t


The word "Worst" and "Weakest" is used for scaling and not for determining their number Idfc if your barbara can do 20k charged


Don't spend money on this game if you don't like the direction that it is going for


Its already way to late for some people.


Don't listen to whale youtubers


The age of consent is 18