What happened to the Traveller after exiting the Raiden Shogun's Palace?

What happened to the Traveller after exiting the Raiden Shogun's Palace?


The atmosphere changed due to raiden as she was already planning to kill us even after she told we could leave tenshukaku alive


Is like bloodthirst then, the traveler was already feeling what was coming.


If this was a fighting anime, it's definitely reminiscent of a character feeling overpowered by the "pressure" of an enemy's "killing intent". It certainly gave the impression that the Traveler was shaken and afraid...


Thats why i said it, inazuma has given me and i believe some other people anime vibes, mostly at the end with power of friendship shit; don't take me wrong, i love anime and i loved inazuma, just pointing shit out.


Mihoyo slogan is otaku save the world


Otaku indeed saved the world. The past 1 year had been absolutely boring and Genshin helped distracting me.


Wait...genshin didnt give you anime vibes before?


Not as much as it has been giving since i arrived on inazuma.


Yeah, the conflicts in Mondstadt and Liyue seemed somewhat reasonable so it didn't feel too absurd for the traveler to be part of the solution. In Inazuma though, Raiden goes from being significantly more powerful than everyone to getting defeated shortly after due to the power of friendship. There was just this huge disconnect between this scene mentioned in the OP to her getting defeated just a few minutes later.


Because of the dialogues we all get the impression it's BS "power of friendship" but what I saw back then exactly at the moment they showed the statue with implanted visions that started glowing one by one and it reminded me OSIAL fight and Traveler being the Canon they all loaded with their power ( Don't remember anyone crying about BS power up then ) and this time it was similar thing but Yae's plan was to use Traveller as the battery that can use the power hidden in visions taken from all those people. To me it was NOT the wishes of people but actuall power hidden in visions that empowered Traveller and allowed him to put up a fight.


That's what I thought too, just that while it wasn't the wishes itself that is the source of the power, the wishes are what allowed traveller to access the power in the visions. So, the same as how Kazuha did it.


It was not power of friendship per se, it was some Naruto lvl shit; let me explain myself on this, for those who have watched Naruto before, the fight against pain is indeed fucked up, but then Naruto goes and speak to pain and he went from "I am gonna show the world the meaning pain" to "ok dude I understand what you are saying, here let me resuscitate everyone i just killed in this invasion", they call it Naruto's justsu evangelization.


Psssst, Fairy Tail and Bleach last arc


Those are two different but common tropes, [The Power of Friendship](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ThePowerOfFriendship) (Traveler becoming significantly more powerful due to other people believing in him/her) and [Defeat Means Friendship](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DefeatMeansFriendship) (Raiden having a change of heart after being defeated).


Power of friendship? I mean its like what did you expect? Some fake ass battle where raiden dgaf about anything just because action is fun? Mihoyo already set the stage for us and Eis problems. Its like of course friendship, talking things out, and shaking her with a battle where you defend against her can solve the problem. Its like people dont even know the story, and just wanted some bloodthirsty killer, which is even more anime ridiculousness. Werent people paying attention?


I thought it was clear enough, but what I called "The Power of Friendship" is traveler pretty much getting a power up because people were cheering for him/her to be able to defeat Raiden. I fully expected Raiden to back down and for the conflict to be solved but the way that happened contradicts the power difference that was established on the previous cutscene, which is why I pointed out the huge "disconnect" between those scenes. A battle (either through cutscene or with Yae in the party, with her canonically being the one fighting) or longer conversation between Yae and Raiden convincing her to back down would've been plausible, but the traveler suddenly being able to defeat Raiden isn't. That was just the quicker and easier option which is why Mihoyo went with it, but I won't act like this is good writing.


I agree but I thought that it suited the mysteriousness of Yae and her powers, which is still unknown. We should not forget the item Yae gave us, which we'll get a deeper look into once her quests arrive. We know a lot about raiden, but yaes powers are still yet to be told


It was power of friendship, but it was nowhere near as badly executed as things like in fairy tail or other anime. And it was less friendship and more like yae mikos powers, the resistence, and getting into Eis mind. So not that forced.


Ichigo when he was fighting Kenpachi?


He was feeling spiritual pressure!!


Basically, my theory was that traveler was being affected by the inclimate weather caused by Raiden’s bloodlust, since we know Raiden affects the weather Inazuma based on her mood.


Still doesnt explain why it was business as usual for paimon tho.


Paimon is stupid as fuck, you could stab the traveler in front of her and just give her some food and she'll forget about it


Paimon is 2 levels above a mere archon




We did leave the tenshukaku alive, she kept her words. She didn't lie, she simply never said about what she'll do after you're leaving the tenshukaku alive.




exactly. just to honor the fight club rule. but after that MC is still in inazuma.


Would be funny Yanfei shows up out of nowhere and casually stops her because technically the area just outside of the gate is still the Tenshukaku according to the new Inazuma City Zoning Law chapter 3 section 2A.


I want miHoYo to hire you as a writer, because that would have been awesome.


Just stay in Tenshukaku 5head


That's why you can't control the Traveler in that sequence. MHY being 6head.


To be fair, she never did specified on how long we'll stay alive for


To be fair she said leave tenshukaku alive not stay alive out of it


Well she did let us leave. Just not for as long as we probably would have liked.


I thought Raiden like put herself inside of us like she does her Doll or something, cuz it seemed like she popped out of our head and tried to gankify us.




My interpretation is that the Traveler is basically having something close to a panic attack. Signora was a pretty powerful Harbinger, and the Raiden Shogun easily one-shot her. This scene for me means that the Traveler has pieced together their current situation; Yae Miko's plan involves fighting Ei/Raiden Shogun directly, and seeing what happened to Signora, they realize what an Archon can truly do, and how easily they can get killed if Ei decides to get serious about the fight. In the Traveler's mind, they're walking towards their probable death.


I think it’s that combined with some disorientation from being so close to the shogun’s finishing move, which must feel like being near a bomb that just went off. Traveler seemed like they were in physical shock as well as mental agony.


This is just being hopeful and dumb, but in my head, because this is the first time the traveler has witnessed such overwhelming power after coming to Teyvat, either: - Their old power is awakening somewhat, due to the fight or flight response. - They're somehow linking with their twin who has fallen to the dark side or smthn, which might explain the darkness and the like. Although the most logical explanation is that it's just the Shogun fucking with the atmospheric composition lmao.


I also like to imagine that it's a side effect of Musou no Hitotachi, the weather and atmosphere changed.


The scene clearly shows that Paimon wasnt affected at all though. Just the traveler. The contrast was there intentionally.


Perhaps it is to show Paimon is in fact much stronger than we are. ​ Paimon sus


Food can't feel. /s


tbf by the end Paimon says she's suffocating and wants to get out ASAP, so she's probably trying to piece back her thoughts (and with the traveller being (now canonically, uncharacteristically) silent, she was probably even more creeped out and tried to fill in the silence)


And she actually said something I really liked. The way she described Signora being bad but her going out like that was still a shock to her was a nice addition


Paimon speaking the whole time during that scene kinda killed it for me ngl. It was one of those scenes that could've been so powerful if Mihoyo trusted the audience to be able to read the atmosphere but nawww, Paimon had to handhold the player on what's happening.


To each their own, but seeing the replies even here before our eyes, I doubt that all players could understand without more context clues. Young people play this game too as well as adults who aren't 100% on the story, to no fault of their own because let's face it, some just aren't as immersed into the lore As you please more people, quality of pleasure for more specific people tend to go downward


when Paimon said "let's wait for a bit instead of doing Yae's plan right now" I did feel a bit of dread myself, as if I was cornered in such a hopeless situation.


Not to mention, that's not even "the archon". And when he fights the real one, he later found out she was fighting without a Gnosis. And he needed all the 100 extra visions to just barely made it through. Holy shett. As for right now, Traveller is no where of a place to challenge any prime Archon


That and Ei wasn't even trying to kill aether, just testing his resolve. Even with all the visions she could've still easily snapped him out of existence.


Yeah we are talking about a god who can split a whole island in half and leave radiation behind after hundreds of years after all.


Both weren't trying to kill, but Ei was sure as hell using full power. Not only did she use Musou Isshin instead of her normal polearm, she also used a Musou No Hitotachi much stronger than the one on Signora, judging by how it literally stopped time with a single slash. That was an attack in the boss fight. Ei couldn't even knock Traveler down with an attack that strong. Also, where did you get "testing his resolve"? Did she say that in one of her voicelines? Because as far as i know she literally stated she lost not only in the real fight, but also in sparring matches regularly.


Also, iirc Yae Miko told Ei she lost and Ei accepted the lost. I don’t think they were being figurative about it. I kind of blame Genshin for making the Archon feats of strength so fantastical only to make the scene where we finally go toe-to-toe with an Archon underwhelming in comparison. I mean to us the fight just looked like we playing normally and Ei as a boss in terms of gameplay was the same. I guess we have to imagine the fight with MC powered up by 99 visions and Ei basically looked like a DBZ fight.


she can literally think anyone out of existence? It's her mind space. At any point she could've just lucid dreamed the traveller out of existence. Why did you selectively forget about that specific part of Yae's explanation? Being in Musou Isshin state only means she's... in Musou Isshin state. Her pulling out her sword doesn't mean she's full power. She also killed Orobaxi with her spear. Her full power isn't tied to weapon. Musou no Hitotachi stops time for the target since in Signora fight you can see multiple simultaneous slashes on her followed by a bigass beam. Musou No Hitotachi seems to be time stop for the target while she Kuzu ryu sen's them. The follow up is her choice whether it be a beam or whatever. Her full power looks like her cleaving the country in two along with a bigass dragon. She did nothing like that during the fight. She was having a sparring match to see how far traveller would go. Going full power and losing looks like Signora sprawled out on the ground and then wobbling on her feet, not her goin "I guess I lost lul" and then being completely fine. It's Raiden Shogun that actually wants to kill the traveller, Ei at no point during the archon quest indicated she had killing intent, whether it's traveller or anyone else (unless they lost a duel before the throne or fucked with her tengu general, or both).


Did Yae specifically say she can use lucid dream powers inside her realm? Or did she just say it's her mind space? It answers to her mood, yes, but nowhere does it say that she can literally go full on lucid dreaming. Why would she have a very impressive looking power up then before pulling out Musou Isshin? Why is her ingame ult followed by Musou Isshin? Why did she only pull out Musou Isshin when it's clear we got a massive power boost? Why does Musou Isshin use much stronger attacks than the Engulfing Lightning in the boss fight? Everything points towards Musou Isshin being her "serious" weapon. Like Childe. You don't say Childe's full power isn't tied to his weapon. Also, the Orobashi strike was using the Musou No Hitotachi, a sword art. Granted, she didn't even HAVE Musou Isshin at that time, but the Musou No Hitotachi utilizes her own Electro power, the weapon is just a catalyst. We could clearly see Signora still moving mid strike. Her cape was still flying ever so gracefully. Even if time was stopped only for her, that doesn't explain how her body still moves. And the one meant for our neck which Kazuha parried didn't stop time either (yes, that was MoH, read the Archive). How do you know the Traveler MoH she used wasn't stronger than the Orobashi MoH? I'd take stopping time using raw power as stronger than cleaving an island and a god in half (Venti literally cuts islands for fun, he's terraformed Mondstadt and cut like what, 3 mountains in half?) What people act like that when losing isn't bound to one character. Childe after using all his power and losing was like "damn boi, u strong as hecc lmao", the Abyss Herald realized it was losing and tried escaping, Hell, Traveler in the first fight just got knocked out for 10 seconds and was perfectly fine after. Also, Ei was on her knees and panting after the boss. I know she didn't have killing intent. But that doesn't mean she can't go all out. Childe went all out without any intent to kill. Traveler went all out without any intent to kill.


I mean, Yae literally said that's her mindspace and no one has ever seen it alive. It being someone's mindspace, it is common sense without Yae's explanation to assume you will be expeled/wiped if they wanted to. The rest of your post aside from Signora's cape waving are speculation with zero factual backing. I'll reassess my Moh = time stop theory based on what you said though. >I know she didn't have killing intent. But that doesn't mean she can't go all out. Childe went all out without any intent to kill. Traveler went all out without any intent to kill. Not having killing intent 100% means you are witholding full power, anyone who has sparred vs been in a real fight knows this. Childe was also 100% trying to kill the traveller when he went foul legacy. His literal voice line says so. Having killing intent is like using a nuke. You can't ever use half a nuke, when you nuke someone there's no way back.


Kazuha still tanked her one attack with one vision of his dead friend and he isn't some inter world Travelers who "witness the death and birth of stars" lol


Kazuha blocked an attack from the puppet which wasn't aimed at him. The vision dissipated after the second attack. The puppet is at most Scaramouche level. Traveler was fighting the real Shogun, Ei.


>!It's probably more likely that Scara is nearly puppet level considering his lore...!<


I think it was more about PTSD from khaen'riah. Gods blowing up everything to bits again


That's completely out of character for the game, so big doubt. What's more likely is... How do I put this? Remember in 2.0, Travelers reactions when we touched the statue? Yeah, that didn't just get dropped. It was a reoccurring theme in this arc: the weight of people's ambitions weighing on the Traveler.


Oh, you're right, that could also be a possible explanation. I based my interpretations on what happens during that cutscene, as Paimon keeps saying how powerful the Raiden Shogun and the Musou no Hitotachi are, how easily Signora was killed, and how Yae Miko's plan is all about fighting Ei directly. As for why they're panicking now of all times, I assumed it was because this is the first time they face a life-threatening situation completely alone (until the Resistance arrives, which could explain why they look better after seeing them arrive)


I dont think he's right at all. It could easily be a combination of the two. He basically took what you said but included peoples ambitions for reddit brownie points. Dont doubt yourself, your theory is a lot more substantial and makes things more "set up" with what we've recieved in the story. The peoples visions acting up out of nowhere would be more overly anime sudden solution than a situation where it was actually the traveler, yae miko, the resistence, kazuhas interference, etc all combined into one effective strategy to get into Ei.


I get that archons are super powerful, but I’m not sure why the Traveler would be surprised. Sure, Venti made a terrible first impression and Zhongli “died”, but we’ve been hearing about nothing except how archons are literally about the most powerful beings there are. Also, Signora just got her ass kicked by us, went into a second form, then got her ass kicked again. She’s hardly in her prime by then, and even prior to the duel she’s only confident in her ability to defeat us and the fact that the Shogun won’t harm her, a “diplomat”, both of which end up letting her down.


They're not surprised, I never said that. They're coming to terms with the fact that the Raiden Shogun/Ei is super powerful, is able to kill strong people with no problem if she wants to, and they're about to face her in a serious battle. It's not that they just realized that she's strong, it's that, from their perspective, the reality that they're marching towards a battle where a very possible outcome is death just hit.


Yae summed it up pretty well: "If you get hit by the Musou no Hitotachi, that's it, it's game over." And then the traveller sees it first hand how she just one shots Signora.


Imo, this would be more believable if in the very next scene, Traveler didn’t (quite literally) flip a 180 and launch an Excalibur at Shogun’s face, in addition to the lore from Sword/Wings of Descension stating that the twins have witnessed countless destructions of entire worlds, including their own. What happened in Tenshukaku pales in comparison to their past experiences, and although Traveler at this stage is probably not powerful enough to defeat a powerful archon head-on, a sudden mental breakdown seems a little too out of character considering the way Traveler was acting just fine (and hyped to fight) both before and after that walking montage. Paimon mentioned feeling a sort of oppressive atmosphere in the air to the point she can’t breathe, and there’s a thunderstorm going on outside, so perhaps the scene is also showing a physical manifestation of Shogun’s killing intent in the area. Otherwise, the “shock” seems more like a reflection of what the player is feeling (which Paimon graciously spells out for us…) rather than the Traveler themselves.


Yeah to me the Paimon stuff was nice exposition, but somewhat unnecessary (and it would've been 100x better if it was the Traveler themselves saying all that) As for the reason why they did a 180 the second they left Tenshukaku and saw the Resistance there, part of me thinks this is because, unlike the rest of the crisis they have faced so far (or at least that I can remember), the Traveler is alone. They don't have Lisa, Kaeya, Jean, Venti, Zhongli, or anyone by their side to face this situation, so they feel hopeless. The second they saw Kazuha, Gorou and the Resistance there, that heavy feeling of being alone went away, only to be replaced by "Oh shit, these idiots are actually trying to attack the Shogun" Also yes, the atmosphere doesn't help to it at all, as Raiden is basically flexing all over the place and making the air really suffocating, which makes the whole situation even worse for the Traveler. As I've said in another comment, this is just my interpretation, not trying to say it's factual or anything.


Oh nah I 100% think you might be right in terms of what Mihoyo intended to convey, because some other parts of the Paimon dialogue made a big deal out of Signora’s death & the Musou no Hitotachi being too powerful. It’s just that I personally don’t think they did a very convincing job at showing why any of this would be as big a deal to the Traveler given their past, so I’ll just personally settle for the “almightiness presence” 😅


I don't mind the scene at all (in fact I love it) except the part where the Traveler does a 180 when seeing the Resistance arrive. Even with my possible explanation of feeling completely alone before they arrived, it still feels a biiiit forced. Without putting too much thought into it, this is what I would've written for the Resistance's arrival scene in order to fully drive home the fact that the Traveler is terrified of the Shogun's power. As the Resistance arrives, instead of feeling relieved, the Traveler inmediately tells them to back off, fearing they'll be in danger too. The Shogun appears right behind the Traveler just like in the original (which is my favourite shot in the whole Inazuma Chapter btw, it just looks so fucking good) The same thing with Kazuha plays out, as it was foreshadowed that he would be able to awaken his friend's Electro Vision. Upon seeing Kazuha risk it all to save them, the Traveler gets it together and charges at the Shogun, brushing away their fear in order to protect the Resistance.


The resistance could have earlier. Uber didn’t come on time.


*GPS image of the crux fleet in the middle of the ocean* Gorou: "Bro where the hell my uber driver going xD"


Kokomi was still waiting because she was pissed mihoyo didnt give her more screen time.


Basically it feels like a walk to their death sentence, which would make sense in a way


We basically just witnessed a death we never expected to happen on top of being way too close to the Musou no Hitotachi. At that point outside we were trying to come to terms with it but very much within the confines of an Archon's world and imminent death was coming.


This was one of my favorite scenes in the whole game. I just wish we heard a traveller's internal monolog instead of paimon rambling on


Yeah, the oppresssive atmosphere plus the fact that we weren't in control made it really memorable. Kinda wish there was more voice lines for the Traveller as well, although this seems to be changing? (seeing how they talked when defying Signora to a duel)


Traveler seems to give one line on every archon quest. Don't remember if we talked in mondstadt but in liyue we said "can you help put up some missing person poster?" And now in Inazuma "I challenge you to a duel before the throne" so it isn't really changing


Traveler said one and only one word in Mondstadt: "Venti!"


That's a full sentence!


This kind of sad realization, Instead of getting immersed by the MC's dialogues it seems more like an easter egg to get the cutscene where they actually talk


Yeah, we could be getting some epic scenes. In liyue it was just a funny remark and stuff but the challenge to a duel kind was sick as fuck, really wish they would just go with the voiced protagonist.


They had the opening monologue to Paimon if that counts


Completely forgot about that, only makes me want more lines


Go to their voice overs, literally line sup the wazoo


The most they have every talked, still has to recover from that.


We are on a run. 3 Archons, and we have had 3 lines so far. Damn fucking impressive if u ask me, thats some real progress.


When the Liyue line happened I set myself up for dissapointment, since I thought they would finally make Talking Traveler a thing...


The audio for the Inazuma line didn't even fire for me in the end, took me a second before I saw that I was actually the one meant to be talking


I had a good laugh when Paimon asked the Traveler why she was being so silent... Like really MHY ?? Are you making fun of us??


I mean, that was probably part of it, but story wise, it told us two things about Paimon: 1. She couldn't sense the elemental pressure bearing down on them. 2. She wasn't bothered at all by the elemental pressure bearing down on them. It could also just be the Traveler feeling a little traumatized, because this is the first time they're seeing someone actually *killed*. Up to this point, all human enemies have just been "defeated." The only prior example of the Traveler witnessing a dead human being an already dead guy with whom they had no relation.


I think you misinterpret how paimon felt. Through this scene I saw two characters panicking about what was gonna happen next. MC was quiet but physically seemed out of it as they walked out while paimon was more obviously freaking out as seen by her constant talking. Paimon definitely knew what was gonna happen and was panicking and thus began to talk almost nonstop in the hopes of distracting herself from her own thoughts. Just my two cents.


The Traveler acted on anger, but didn't meant to *really* kill Signora, or else they would have done so after their victory. Then the Shogun comes and obliterates her. One, the Traveler realized they didn't want Signora dead. Two, for the first time since the battle with the Unknown God, the Traveler witnessed the true power of an Archon. The Traveler hadn't seen Venti nor Zhongli do anything remotely similar. Three, the Traveler realized how screwed they were, as they hadn't found a way to defeat the Muso no Hitotachi. They knew they were dead meat as soon as they leave Tenshukaku, only got distracted by the arrival of the resistance, but got reminded *very* quickly of their fate.


Weren't we walking away and then inexplicably turned to go back and fight raiden *before* the resistance arrived.


Not sure if serious.


Yeah I know what you mean, it is probably something like that. But the irony of Paimon asking us WHY we weren't talking (when we never do because Paimon does all the talking in-game) was what made me laugh xD


Oh, I wouldn't put it past miHoYo to have written that line at least a bit tongue-in-cheek.


I guess they consider the occasional Dialogue Box "Talking"


No? Traveller is canonically talking all the time, just not voiced. Everytime you pick a dialogue option is traveller talking.


Paimon ruined the moment tbh


Not sure if I hated it or not. Have you ever been depressed or anxious but try to save face at a party or whatever? It kinda made me think of that, where everything feels like its falling apart for the traveler but to Paimon it was a shocking, but not distressing, event.


No not really. I don't really have any visible emotional expression in general.


I dont know about that. I have a friend who rarely expresses emotions too but he gets visibly shaken last time I got genuinely pissed and didnt give a f about punching the next annoying thing Sociopaths and the like are rarer than we think, even though its trendy to identify as one.


Hmm? I never said I identify as anything. I just have a flat affect and it's fine. I just don't care enough to try and hide it.


As usual.


Yep pretty much that. It'd be a better scene if we actually knew what the traveler was thinking instead of invisible paimon's omnipresent monologue


Shogun was releasing reiatsu to disorient the traveller to strike twice after he steps out of tenshukaku


strike him with shunpo in her bankai form after he steps out right?


Who in the what now?


Bleach references.


Bleach reference. The kind you watch or read. Not the kind you inject to cure the Covid.


haha bleach is so last year, 2021 is the year of chugging horse dewormer


Horse dewormer has a high likelihood to cause infertility in humans that consume it. So really, that's a victory as far as I'm concerned. They get to live to tell the tale of how their stupid decisions eliminated their ability to have children.


gooood, goooood. This past year really has been nature striking back and you know what, I'm all for it. Do your thing, selection.


It's her bloodlust, she said she'll allow us to leave the castle alive, while we were inside the place trying to get out she was looking at us with high bloodlust, archons rage can translate into the environment and you can see it happening there.


Now that I think of it, it is incredibly reminiscent of extreme shock or stress. I remember after something happened in my life two or so years ago caused me so much shock and stress that my head also started to 'stir', my eyesight went hazy and I 'heard' a vibration inside my ears/temple area. If only at the time I could spam SpaceBar to relieve the stress lol.


Should have teleport to Mondstat




Nah, teleport to liyue and form a contract with Zhongli to protect you using childe's money.


That was Shogun’s Almightyness acting over the Traveler. God’s have a presence to them that can be overwhelming to be around. Atsuko (the inazuman that moved to Liyue) talked about the suffocating atmosphere that Inazuma has due to the Shoguns ruling presence over it. That power was at its peak after Shoguns performance of Musou no Hitotatchi. We also have another example of that in Osials battle where some soldiers couldn’t even hold on to their weapons after standing in front the presence of a God.


Makes me sad we haven't gotten the chance to see Morax's true godly power in game 😣


At least you can go to Guyun Stone Forest to get an idea.


1. Overwhelmed by how powerful Musou no Hitotachi is. 2. Overwhelmed by the fact that he only survive because of Baal's mercy 3. Witnessing the the death of a powerful adversary. 4. Subconsciously felt the killing intent of Baal, as she's literally waiting for him to take one step outside of tenshukaku. Basically, he's in shock.


I also like to think that the electrical charge in the air was so thick and so intense that it was literally starting to disrupt the electrical signals in the traveler’s brain.


Paimon specifically said Electro, and it's implied in many places in-game that high amounts of elemental energy are harmful, so that's also a possibility


That sounds about right. But what about the scene in the Delusion Factory then? I'm fairly sure I saw the same visual effect (right before the Traveller faints)


He's literally getting drained/hurt by whatever the heck is in the factory, so his mental state was definitely stressed out. I dont think they're similar though, the two effects use. The echo in Paimon's voice, the slow motion and all that weren't present in the factory scene


Scaramouch point out that the fog in from a god and it sucks any form of anger and hatred if I'm not mistaken. Thats why he tried to anger us so much.


add the archon residue they absorbed in the domain with scaramouche, I think some of it was lingering and that's the cause of the headache


I'd like to imagine it was something beyond the immediate situation. Especially with all the headaches.


I assumed that Raiden’s presence was following him out hence why she appeared at the entrance, and traveler might’ve known he was being followed but couldn’t shake the feeling either way As for the ominous aura i think it was raiden’s intent to kill, i don’t think traveler would be overwhelmed purely by the fact that he witnessed an archon’s power considering who he’s met, what they’ve told him, and what he’s already experienced in the intro to the game


I found the whole thing to be needed. I needed the breath to take in all that just happened.


According to the ingame dialoge piamon states that the atmosphere is heavy from the almightiness of the raiden shogun. The electro current in the air made it hard to breathe


my take on this is increased electro concentration around the tenshukaku, since as you mentioned, there is a thunderstorm around


I think part of it was internal - Whilst Paimon does mention how there's electro in the air, obviously her reactions don't particularly convey what we saw. I think a lot of it was the shock of seeing the Musou no Hitotachi, the unbelievable gap in power between them. The traveller just fought Signora and likely had a good grasp of her power, and the Raiden Shogun killed her in a single attack, without barely any effort, and right in front of them. Yes, the traveller has heard stories, from Kazuha, and teppei, but actually seeing it right in front of them. I think they were likely having a panic attack, perhaps even feeling the Raiden Shogun's eyes on them waiting for the moment they would step out of Tenshukaku.


The enemy stand was following behind the Traveller, waiting for them to step outside the palace for the Stand ability to activate.


is that a jojo reference 😩


Idk about you, but I get headaches when the atmosphere changes on a dime. With the Raiden Shogun basically summoning this storm around, I felt like I was seeing the Traveler experience this but tendfold.


I think is the godly power of an Archon. Like she/he feels the "presure" of such power. And the imminent attack of the puppet. She's like a Terminator basically, will not let them scape.


Traveler having some shock after witnessing Signora’s demise and like Paimon said, the atmosphere becomes very dense due to Shogun’s almightiness to drive traveler out.


After reading through the comments, and a bit of testing out, i would say it feels weird how most of the comments are thinking like traveler is weak or something. (He/She is the most op in game lore fyi) Tbf it I am not a lore expert or anything, and I might have missed something, but isint it like the first character to die on screen. Personally i feel it's more like traveler just hates the Fatui but would like to let them live. Seems to be like he feeling helpless and not being able to save our 3rd favourite woman from Russia. (Nadia is first and mirror maiden second). And Paimon's dialog being her trying to console us. Then again i can be wrong.


Yeah, that seems alot more accurate. Traveler is literally older than Suns, I really doubt All other takes in here. Plus its far from the only time we've seen Gods kicking ass ingame.


they were processing the shock and rage of realizing they'll never be able to pull for signora to add to the waifu pool


I'm pretty sure we were traumatized after signoras death


what I want to know is why Signora yelled out "filthy rats....all of you!", what did she mean by that (besides the obvious that we're all rats in her eyes) and what did she actually say in the japanese/chinese dub (since the english dub has a habit of putting words in people's mouths). Cause yelling that in her last ditch effort doesn't really make sense in context


Isn't the same that she said to Venti? I think it means, as she felt helpless in the presence of the Shogun, she reacted with the same anger that she had against Venti. In her eyes, Barbatos is a filthy rat because he didn't protect his lover, and now that no one is going to protect her, she reflected this sentiment on all Archons, probably even the Tsaritsa. She tried the same technique she used on Venti, I guess she tried to take Raiden's Gnosis by force as a last-ditch attempt to survive.


KR: Signora's last words "You and all of you... how can I..." Way toned down compared to EN. I'm curious about CN and JP too.


Whatever it was it gave me ddlc vibes ☹️


I think it's similar to what happened to Yashiori Island, but on a smaller scale. The balethunder from Raiden's Musou no Hitotachi caused guards to faint, and traveler to have a buzzing headache.


The guards were defeated by Sara when she went into Tenshukaku; they were on the ground before.


Others have done a good job summarizing what's going on, but mostly it is shock. I think everything got real very quickly for the Traveler - had they lost the duel then they would have been in Signora's place. We are on this journey to reunite with our sibling, and its the harsh moment we realize we might not make it to the end.


It is exactly the same phenomenon as what happened in the delusion factory- you are facing the full power and influence of a literal god.


I am not sure but I want much less Paimon, more MC voice lines.


>!Little Nightmares happened!<


Literally the manifestation of impending doom, a god’s presence can overwhelm people to weaken or scare them, and Traveller was in shock that an actual Harbinger died in front of their eyes. It worked to catch us off guard. What came next however was a bitch ass move on Shogun’s part and I was **not** fucking amused.


>Listen, and understand. The Shogunator is out there, it can't be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop... EVER, until you are dead!


That's what it means to be a god. They don't need to care a single whit about the opinions and values of lesser beings. Just like we don't care about a bug's feelings if/when we squish them. She had previously decided she would cut Traveler down already and if it wasn't for her code of honor towards duels she would have done so right then and there instead. The shogun went to finish an action they had already started, much like a human slapping a mosquito that bit their arm.


I think travellers are just dreaming all along and we are stuck inside the cubes of unknown god simulations.


My interpretation is that this is the first time you see someone actually die, and not just a pacific death, you saw her combust and turn into ashes, my theory is that you actually haven’t killed anyone, all enemies just banish for the rest of the day and are all ok by next, same way when you lose you do the same. Hence when you find that beach in inazuma with all those hilichurs just lying there dead, feels heavy. So after watching someone die in such horrible way and feeling the heavy stare from the slayer. That’s why you leave so heart heavy from the castle.


Considering the twins’ past before they came to Teyvat, this is absolutely not the first time they’ve witnessed a violent death. Check Sword/Wings of Descension lore.


Yeah, idk where all the other people are getting their takes from. Makes no sense in character.


Wasn’t there a line by paimon that said it was Raiden exerting her pressure?


Did anyone let the "brain hurt" bar stay depleted for a while? I assume nothin happens but I didn't try just letting it sit there.


The area was steeped in the Archons electro, Paimon comments about how she can barely breathe as well. Kinda like what happens in Tatarasuma but in story rather than a dot mechanic


Maybe a change is coming over Traveller that the sibling talks about. Our sibling says you will realize the true evil of the Gods. Maybe we are going thru the same thing as our sibling and realizing. OR. Maybe we are doing it right (being the mc). Maybe where on every stage the sibling fell, we are getting over our doubts about the Gods being how we initially think they are and then forming the correct opinion after seeing/hearing their tragic pasts


i thought it was her going inside us? like yae


He died


Get matpat on it


I think that the MC inadvertently absorbed too much god power without trying and was having issues. We can simply touch a statue and gain powers, but we were just next to raiden unleashing her strongest attack and then a magic infused invito me y when we walked out.


That's the moment when the traveller was made painfully aware of how serious their current situation is. They might've known beforehand that they have to somehow beat the Raiden Shogun in a duel but they might've never realized what comes with that right up until seeing a fatui harbinger getting killed so effortlessly right in front of them. They know what's waiting for them when they finally leave Tenshukaku, they're possibly still in shock after what just happened and throughout the whole walk they're reminded of the Raiden Shogun by the electro in the air, or maybe even feel her presence/intentions


if you have Ei you will notice the same thing happens in her mousou isshin state. Not sure but i also think the more resolve stacks u have, the stronger the glitch effect is. Traveller even says in the dialogue during that part that the Shoguns might is suffocating the air, probs Ei's will conflicting with the Shogun's commands


I noticed that paimon wasn't affected by that only traveller. Which brings us on how powerful is paimon to deflect that thing. mc is archon level and still affected by that disorientation which probably no single human can endure. Or it is possible that it is targeted to mc only


Has anyone fucked up the qte? What happens if you do? Does she just jump out and kill you?


Traveler got hit with the Shard of Euthymia on the way out most likely, hence why Raiden was able to teleport behind them after the resistance showed up.


My brain is connecting it to what scaramouche did to us, aka he basically gassed us, he mentioned how the wrath of the gods had something to do with it and we never really got an explanation for what that really be did. So I'm thinking that that we are still being affected by what that stuff was and it might come more into play during the sumaru quests.


My personal theory is that the Traveler was panicked or in a state of shock after seeing Signora die. There is no evidence to this theory just loved how the effects reminded me of horror game mechanics.


You smoked 10 packs of Naku Weed.


You are seriously asking this?? Paimon already said that something about the air at that time Inazuma'e weather is directly linked to Shogun's state of mind


Well, since Paimon was talking and not directly the Traveller, I thought there was something more. Turns out I my hunch was incorrect though


I think it’s because the raiden shogun casted her electro eye as a curse so that she can kill the traveler the moment she stepped outside. Once the raiden teleported it disappeared, thus the traveler was able to return to normal


My theory is that Paimon was messing with our mind. She's slowly showing her godly capabilities lmao


My geek mind's said ground level ozone affecting him.


Didn't you read the text?


I did, but since it was Paimon that was talking and not directly the Traveller, I thought there may be more to it


Ah ok, didn't think about that. Makes sense👍


Because Raiden used her Haoshoku Haku aka the color of the Supreme King Haki if you read one piece you will know 🤷‍♂️


The way I interpreted it was that when Raiden killed Signora a lot of power filled the room (1, because of the badass, cruel attack thingy, and also because of Signora's powers too since she was a harbringer) and when the traveller left the room he was still kinda "drunk" on the power because he could feel it due that he can control the elements without a vision. Hope it makes sense. xd


Wow guess I am alone on this one. I thought it was a simulation glitching aka that they are in a simulated world. Which would fit with what Balladeer said about the sky not being real. Also fits the intro cinematic when they get caught in the pixel cube by the unknown entity. Since it looks like something that isn't part of the world.


A moment that doesn't represent what's happening at all. Anyone else read Fist of the North Star? Or any number of shonen classed material? Stuff like this showing a person towering over the other is used to represent killing intent or making them seem like bigger threats or blowhards than their actual physical measurements would make them. I say just chalk it up to Mihoyo trying to be dramatic and nothing else.


...I miss dainsleif...


Impending doom approaches.


if traveler didn't leave the palace he wouldn't get killed by shogun :)


Gave me literal horror story vibes


Final Fantasy 4 like scene, MC was probably the bad dude, had amnesia and Zhongli didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth.


I mean paimon says that the atmosphere is due to Raiden's "Almightyness" . I mean she just killed Signora in 1 shot what do you expect . The traveller knew he was gonna die . Thus the fear/headache. As for the ending if kazuha with 2 visions could at least go head on even for a while the Traveller with a lot more than just 2 visions not practically but in mind trusted to him by a lot of people ofcourse he would be overpowered tho I don't think they will do this way too often . Regardless this is was deeper than what most ppl think ig




To find it who did that look into the the genshin impact reddit page icon who do you see👀🔥👀


I could be way off the mark here. But Inazuma is set in a Japanese like landscape. Where there's ronin, samurai, and even ninjas. A while back I read a book pertaining to "the way of the sword". My Japanese was a lot better back then than it is now as it's not my first or second language. The book was called "shimmering sword-a samurai's tale" by Shisuke Tadahara. I think that's who it was from. I can't remember. Anyways he wrote about how samurai in particular could give off their "killing intent" during or at the beginning of battle. Shisuke wrote about this in terms of a battle of wills. Where if the opponent gives off enough "killer intent" it could make you waver and doubt your convictions so to speak. And it was often portrayed as the person with the weaker will "succumbing to the terror of defeat". He wrote that they would sweat a lot, become fearful, hyperventilate. Some would even panick. But I think this is what this whole scene was going for. Notice paimon was really fearful and anxious.Like she knew something was going to happen. Same as the traveler. Idk, I'm probably wrong but with the setting being where it is and the whole Raiden shogun being a peerless swordmaster, it just fits the bill from what I've read. It's hard to tell if the author was going for his take on a realistic approach to "killer intent" or whether it was an exaggerated take on a fictional idea. Either way it was an absolute pleasure to read. Just my 2cents.